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You have to love a story like this. Not only is she in the dark in the figurative sense, as she is thoroughly devoid of brain cells, but the electricity in Anna Nicole Smith's house has actually been shut off.

Playboy Bunny

Sorry, we're still not over it.

Apparently Anna Nicole has lost her appeal (again, literally, not in terms of her sexiness or other redeeming qualities) and the power company that has left her in the dark is content to keep it that way. And God bless them for it.

As first reported Monday by TMZ, Ben Thompson, Anna's former fling who owns the home where she's living, turned off the power after Anna and her huge breasts refused to pay for staying there. Smith's lawyers proceeded to go ape$h!t and the power company quickly gave her a reprieve.

But Ben meant business and the lights are now officially off.

The mother of Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern is still inside the house, which ironically has worked to her benefit. The police showed up yesterday to serve her with a second eviction notice -- and couldn't get in because the electric gate wouldn't budge!

You know what they say: Every dark cloud has its silver lining. And you know what else they say: Every love triangle with Larry Birkhead and Howard K. Stern has its bastard love child and coincides with the death of the woman's 20-year-old son.

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What does a fiery crotch do when it's used up every guy on the planet? Turn to the fairer gender, of course.

It was only a matter of time before Lindsay Lohan realized she could lock lips - and other body part - with women. Run and hide now, ladies - there's no way fashion designer Donna Karan is the final female to experience Lindsay's skanky wrath.

LiLo and SamRo

Lohan is probably more desperate than ever now that news is surfacing of ex-boyfriend Harry Morton spending a night with her sworn enemy. No, not self-respect.

We're talking about Paris Hilton.

If this pair really is knocking boots, we almost feel bad for Lindsay. And for Nicky Hilton. As the ultimate act of vengence, Paris' sister is probably next on Lohan's lesbian tour.

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Yes, apparently they need to buy some calendars with their dueling $150M fortunes. Halloween's over, losers! In this picture, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are dressing for success... either in the underworld, or some lame party somewhere.

Perhaps they're just trying to put a scare into Paris and Nicky Hilton, who seem intent on screwing their ex-boyfriends. Regardless, these would make some scary ass Halloween costumes. Hopefully they save them 'til next year. We are seriously creeped out. Not as much as when we see Nicole Richie, but close. Check it out:

Nate Lowman Picture

So who's who? If you must know, Mary-Kate Olsen is the Red Devil, while Ashley is Black Death. At least that's what we're calling those crazy, possibly satanic Olsen twins. They sure look ready to suck. Blood, that is.

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By now, you've probably heard about the Dustin Diamond sex tape. Details aren't pretty. Evidently, they aren't healthy, either.

After all, the man who played Screech for about three dozen years is leading an washed up all-star cast of stars in the latest season of Celebrity Fit Club, a reality show on VH-1. The network's website describes the series as follows:

Eight overweight stars are divided into two teams and challenged to get fit and lose weight over a 14 week period.

Joining Diamond this season will be former American Idol contestant, Kimberley Locke, along with Warren G, Maureen McCormick and Da Brat. Previous editions have included Daniel Baldwin, the car-stealing brother of Alec and Stephen.

Rumors are swirling that the next reality series for the channel will be Celebrity Fat Club.

It will star Nicole Richie, Kelly Ripa and Kate Bosworth and a newborn baby. Participants will be judged on who weighs the most after a set period of time. Peter Sarsgaard will judge.

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She may have almost 40,000 pals on her official MySpace page, but one person who doesn't make the virtual cut on Britney Spears' list is her former life partner: Kevin Federline.

At Da Club

Not that we're surprised.

Sometime on Monday night, Britney logged onto MySpace and replaced Kevin Federline with her record label, Jive Records, on her buddy list. Clearly, Britney finally figured out who's really paying the bills. Her record label. Not her husband. The guy was a deadbeat mooch, making the Spears-Federline divorce (and MySpace diss) inevitable.

A quick cyber-sojourn over to Jive's MySpace page reveals a shocking twist on the story of Britney and K-Fed's breakup: Seductively perched right next to Britney in Jive's top 12 is none other than Britney Spears' sexy ex-ex, Justin Timberlake.

OMG. Could Britney and Justin be getting back together -- in the studio, at least?

After lashing out a few years ago through his music, Justin has been more supportive of his first love lately, offering kind words and support. Britney has nothing but good things to say about JT's work. Besides, she's all about bringing SexyBack herself!

So perhaps a reunion of sorts is in order... provided this alleged Britney Spears sex tape is just that. Alleged. As in, not actually in existance.

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America may not love Mario Lopez as much as Emmitt Smith, but that hasn't stopped the former Saved by the Bell star from lending a helping hand.

Despite bitter feelings from being robbed on Dancing with the Stars, Lopez spent time at the Ronald McDonald House this week. We can only imagine the nuggets of wisdom he shared with youngsters such as the smiling kid below:

Mario Lopez Shirtless

Make friends with Eva Longoria ... avoid detention with Mr. Belding ... don't do drugs ... don't watch the Screech sex tape ... treat women with respect ...

Is it any wonder why Karina Smirnoff developed a crush on her dancing partner?

We certainly would. The guy oozes sex appeal AND a good heart. That's difficult to find.

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If Whitney Houston can't come up with $1 million in unpaid back taxes by January 4, her New Jersey home will be sold in a sheriff's auction.

Really. According to the Morris County Daily Record, Houston has to pay off the home mortgage and back taxes on a portion of her $6 million estate in New Jersey's Mendham Township, or risk foreclosure.

Whitney Houston Red Carpet Pic

This is the second case of celebrity foreclosure that THG has covered since its inception earlier this year. The first concerned Dustin Diamond, the comedian and former Saved By The Bell star who was having money problems before he made a lewd sex tape that somehow made its way into the hands of legendary porn broker David Hans Schmidt. That guy is sick.

Houston's publicist, Nancy Seltzer, told the paper through a secretary that Houston's property was not in foreclosure. So it appears Whitney, whose recent divorce still lingers, has representation, if not taxation. So to speak.

We know Bobby Brown won't be helping her out, that's for damn sure. That jackass makes Kevin Federline look like a good husband. Bobby not only cheated on Whitney and did a $h!tload of drugs, but he can't even take a break from banging Karrine Steffans long enough to pay child support!

For those concerned about Houston's well-being, please note: the money is owed on only a small portion of Houston's sprawling, 10-acre estate, and that the singer also owns several dwellings in other states.

On top of that, she spends most of her time in L.A., leaving the New Jersey home for friends and relatives. Like the one who took pictures from inside one of Houston's residences and sent them in The National Enquirer, calling it a "crack house."

That's just wrong. It's a crack mansion, bitches.

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What's Sacha Baron Cohen to do? Is it his fault his alter ego, Borat, doesn't grasp American customs?

According to an etiquette teacher who appears in Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan, someone must pay for the faux journalist's hijinks. She's filed a complaint claiming she was fooled into appearing in the film.

Yellow Suspenders

In the movie, Cindy Streit, who owns the Birmingham, Ala.-based Etiquette Training Services, appears in a dinner party with Borat; at one point, he hands her a plastic bag supposedly filled with feces.

Streit says she was contacted by a production company about filming a segment with an "international guest from Belarus Television."

She said she arranged for Borat to attend a dinner party with her friends, which went smoothly until he asked to use the bathroom.

"I had taught him to excuse himself. He did that correctly and went upstairs," Streit said. "The next thing that happened is that he came down the stairs holding this plastic bag with whatever was in it."

It could be worse, Cindy. You could look like Owen Wilson.

Streit, who has hired Amber Frey attorney Gloria Allred, said she filed a complaint Thursday with California Attorney General Bill Lockyer, requesting an investigation into possible violations of the California Unfair Trade Practices Act.

This suit sounds like it has as much merit as the existence of a Britney Spears sex tape. Sorry, David Hans Schmidt.

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The show is called Grey's Anatomy.

Based on Us Weekly's Hot Bodies Poll, however, perhaps it should be called Izzie's Anatomy instead.

Katherine Heigl at New Year's Even Premiere

How come? Because actress Katherine Heigl - who portrays Izzie Stevens on the ABC hit - possesses one of the best bodies in Hollywood, according to the poll's rating system. She earned a stellar 6.8.

In comparison, Scarlett Johansson could only muster a 5.8

Other females that apparently know how to work what God gave them include Tyra Banks (6.2) and former Friends star, Jennifer Aniston (6.9). We have no idea what the numbers are based on ... but ranking people is fun!

Meanwhile, men have sexy bods, too. And none more than Aniston's ex, according to Us. Brad Pitt scored a 6.6.

Finally, it appears as though tattoos and body piercings don't make for a beautiful physique: Dave Navarro is stuck with a 4.4.

Of course, he's had a lot of sex with Carmen Electra. So it's possible these rankings are meaningless.

Or Navarro just has a winning personality.

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Shanna Moakler is just trying to help.

The Dancing with the Stars and former flame of Travis Barker doesn't get along too well with a certain spoiled, slutty, drag on society and antithesis of all that's right in the world person.


Nevertheless, Moakler is mature enough to still offer Paris Hilton some advice. That's why she reacted positively earlier this week when asked if she had anything to say to her rival.

Shanna said Paris should "take her Valtrex," a reference to the anti-herpes medication that can ease the pain of those suffering from such an itchy STD. And to think, people accuse these two of not getting along!

Fueling those rumors, of course, was a September incident in which Paris was caught playing tongue wars with Barker.

Then, a month ago, Hilton and Shanna each filed police reports against the other following a scuffle over Barker at Hyde nightclub.

Paris claimed that Moakler punched her in the face, while Moakler contended that Paris's ex, Stavros Niarchos, pushed her down a flight of stairs.

So it's been a rough few weeks for this pair. That's why it's nice to see Shanna offering Hilton herpes helping words of wisdom. We can only hope Kevin Federline and Britney Spears show the same type of concern for one another throughout their feud.

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