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As eagerly anticipated by all of us at T.H. Gossip, Kevin Federline capped off the 8th Annual Teen Choice Awards on Sunday with the worst performance in music history. One would think K-Fed could not possibly sink below the rock-bottom expectations we had for him, but he managed to accomplish that feat and then some.

Kevin Federline Black Card

In an effort to establish his own career and remove himself from the shadow of wife Britney Spears, Federline made his rap debut after being introduced by... Britney Spears! The pregnant pop princess wore a cleavage-baring dress, chewing her gum obnoxiously and introducing her deadbeat spouse hubby to the audience.

"This show has been very good to me and my career over the years. And I'm hoping that it will be as good to our next performer," she said.

In a white Dodgers hat and trademark clothes 10 sizes too large, Federline prowled and jumped around the stage, surrounded by young dancers. Isn't K-Fed supposed to be a dancer himself?

NOTE TO SELF: When embarking on my own music career, distract the audience from my utter lack of talent with some flashy lighting and a pack of crazy break dancers.

"I ain't here to brag," he rapped in a tough-guy style.

That's good, because there was certainly nothing to brag about, with the possible exception of having married Britney Spears and knocked her up twice, virtually assuring himself of millions.

The tabloid-popular couple have an infant son, Sean Preston, and they are expecting their second child next month. Federline is expected to release his debut album, Playing With Fire, in August. Last night he performed its first single, "Lose Control."

We almost did -- of our dinner.

With celebrities sweltering in the late summer heat, the overall mood at the Teen Choice Awards was light, and the clothing sparse.

Jessica Simpson and Dane Cook hosted the award show, in which votes are cast by fans on various online sites for the top celebrities in TV, music, fashion, sports and film.

Reese Witherspoon, who won best actress in a drama for her role in Walk the Line, said backstage that her surfboard-shaped green and yellow award was going to her daughter.

"I love the younger fans," said Witherspoon, who spent the summer hanging out with her kids.

Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock, who won for best movie liplock for their long smooch in The Lake House, joked about their first respective kisses.

"I started out young. I was making out at 9 years old like a bandit... I didn't like being a teenager at all," Bullock said.

Girlish screams welcomed the handsome duo of Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp, who each snagged an award for their swashbuckling parts in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, which picked up seven honors.

Even potentially uncomfortable moments were smudged with humor.

"I just want to start off by saying... awkward, a little bit," said Nick Lachey, who won choice love song for "What's Left of Me," his top-selling number that re-creates his publicized breakup with Simpson.

Performers other than Federline included breakout female musician winner Rihanna and V Cast Music winner Nelly Furtado, who donned snug-fitting jeans and a spangly black top to sing her hit song "Promiscuous" with producer Timbaland. Suffice it to say, it was an MVP-like performance, not unlike Steve Nash.

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We understand that once you've dated Kristin Cavallari, there's nowhere to go but down. But it appears that Brody Jenner has sunk to ridiculous depths. The son of the former Olympian was spotted with the revolting lovely Nicole Richie. Which is no small feat, given that she's practically two-dimensional. You all know what we're talking about. Just look at the results of our poll, people.

Nicole Richie And Brody Jenner Photo

At least B.J. was smart enough to meet her at an espresso bar. That stuff's like liquid crack, which Nicole probably prefers to actual food! Yes. We went there!

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It wasn't enough that David Charvet and Brooke Burke had to make the committment that Jennifer Anistion and Vince Vaughn seem incapable of.

They had to get pregnant at the same time.

Brooke Burke and David Charvet

Indeed, the former Baywatch star and current host of Rock Star: Supernova are engaged AND expecting their first child together. Charvet proposed during a "summertime party" he threw on Saturday night, Burke told People magazine.

"It was a total surprise," she says. "It was all very romantic."

Charvet, whom Burke refers to as her "best friend," gave his new fiancée an eternity band engagement ring because "it's forever," explains Burke, adding that the two of them (who are both 34) have known each other for years ��" but started dating last year, during Rock Star: Inxs.

But, wait, marriage is "forever?" No one told Heather Mills this!

At the time, Burke had just split from husband Garth Fisher, a plastic surgeon featured on ABC's Extreme Makeover. She and Garth have two daughters ��" Neriah, 6, and Sierra, 4. Burke says her two kids love Charvet and the older one "knows we're happy."

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As frightening as it must've been for Joe Dimaggio to hear that Tom Cruise was stalking him, the Yankee Clipper is probably looking down from heaven now and thinking:

At least it wasn't Osama bin Laden.

Good Morning America Goner

Unfortunately for Whitney Houston, she can't say the same thing. According to Osama Bin Laden's concubine - yes, you read that correctly - the world's most wanted man has had a long-time fixation on Houston. He was willing to go to great lengths to win her heart.

Fortunately, Kevin Costner stepped in and protected his employer. Just kidding.

However, Kola Boof, a Sudanese poet and novelist, is dead serious in her book, "Diary of a Lost Girl." She said that Bin Laden deemed Houston "the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen." The terroist mastermind also agreed that Paris Hilton was the most overrated.

But, seriously, folks, Osama said "he wanted to give [her] a mansion that he owned in a suburb of Khartoum" and that to nab the diva, "he would be willing to break his color rule and make her one of his wives."

Take notes from bin Laden, fellas: love is all about compromise.

Whitney's husband, Bobby Brown, better watch his back, though. Boof says Osama believed that Whitney had been "brainwashed by American culture and by her husband." She said bin Laden wanted to have Brown killed.

Don't go thinking you're all special, though, Bobby. The same is pretty much true for 250 million other Americans.

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As she begins her music career, Brooke Hogan has multiple options of which she wishes to be known as: the daughter of Hulk Hogan? A worse singer than Paris Hilton? Faker looking than Ashlee Simpson?

It looks to be a tough road ahead. Before setting off on it, however, Brooke sat down with IGN Music to see whether or not this Hogan actually knows best ...

Pole Dancer

IGN Music: Now what about the other guests on the album? It's a rather eclectic list featuring Nelly Furtado, Beenie Man, Cam'ron.
Brooke Hogan: Yeah, we have some crazy people on there. It's really amazing 'cause Nelly Furtado wrote one of the songs. Beenie Man's on there. Paul Wall, of course. Then I have some SoBe artists, the company that I'm signed to. I have some of their artist on there, Stax and Knox. So I have a pretty crazy album. It's awesome.

IGN Music: I've heard the single, "About Us." Compared to the last song you released, "Everything To Me," there's a huge difference.
Brooke Hogan: Yeah, there is.

IGN Music: Specifically in terms of style and what not. What can we expect on the album? Is the overall vibe more like "About Us", you know with a decidedly more urban flair?
Brooke Hogan: Stuff is gonna be more like "About Us." "Everything To Me" was a song that I did with the first record label I was with and you know, it was good for me when I was young but now that I'm 18, I love a different style of music now, you know? So I've kind of changed paths.

IGN Music: Now if we can go back to that time before you were 18 -and I'm talkin' way back - it's my understanding that you started playing piano around the age of five…
Brooke Hogan: Yeah, I started playing piano around the age of five and, you know, I fell in love with music.

IGN Music: Did your mom and dad force you into taking piano lessons?
Brooke Hogan: When I was younger, yes. Because even though I didn't know I was gonna be into music they were like 'You need to have a musical background. Our whole family pays piano, so Brooke you need to.' My grandpa and my grandma play it, it just goes way back in our family.

IGN Music: If you can remember back this far, what was the first song you learned to play on the piano?
Brooke Hogan: It would probably be either "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" or probably … I'm trying to remember what it was called, but it was this Indian drum beat song thing [laughs]. I don't know!

IGN Music: Did your parents ever make you dress up in fancy clothes and play the piano for house guests?
Brooke Hogan: All the time! And I'd have piano recitals and stuff and every single time I had a recital I'd mess up [laughs]. I'd end up going off and crying. It was good for me, though, 'cause that nervousness I'd have was so addicting. That's why I love it now.

IGN Music: At what point in time did you yourself realize 'This is what I want to do for a living'? I know you've done a little modeling and a little acting and I can only assume that growing up with Hulk Hogan as your father that there was a little pressure to get in the ring…
Brooke Hogan: There actually wasn't pressure to get in the ring. I think it would have been totally cool and I could've taken everybody in the business, but I just love music and I had to stick with my heart.

IGN Music: So what was the turning point where you said 'This is what I want to do for a career'?
Brooke Hogan: Well I had been taking piano lessons and singing lessons for so long and I started falling in love with the music. Then I saw other people doing it and making it and I said 'That's exactly what I want to do. Oh my God! I have to do this.' So I slammed the phone book down in front of my parents [laughs] and I said 'Call somebody, I don't even care. Call the local modeling agencies or somebody.' So that's what we did.

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At least it's not a sex tape.

That's about the only positive spin we can put on the latest Heather Mills news. Reports state that the former Mrs. McCartney has been filming a video diary of events surrounding her divorce from Sir Paul.

Heather Mills Pucker Up

That's just weird. Friend and fellow fur enemy, Paris Hilton, must've given Mills such advice. She knows a lot about making home movies.

According to The Daily Mail, Heather is typically behind the camera, recording the media interest in her life, but at other times one of her assistants takes her place to film key moments, such as when Mills was locked out of Paul's London home; or when she found out their joint bank account had been frozen.

It's the sort of coverage you can entertain dinner guests with for years to come.

A source close to Mills told the newspaper:

"Heather feels that her life has become a bit of a pantomime circus since the split. She is being hounded by paparazzi and has no privacy anymore. Originally she set out to film the photographers at work, to prove what a nuisance they are. Now things have moved on and it's turned into a diary of what happens to her every day."

The same source said the former call girl considers herself "something of a documentary film maker." Kevin Federline also considers himself something of a rapper.

McCartney, however, is worried Mills will use the material to help sway public opinion in her favor.

"Paul was initially happy about Heather filming. His only concern was that she shouldn't film little Beatrice. But now the gloves are off, Paul is worried the filming might be used as just another weapon in Heather's armory," a friend said.

What do you think of the latest from this saga? Whose side are you on?

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First Lil Wayne and now Busta Rhymes? This recent spat of rapper arrests is causing The Gossip to wonder just who can be trusted in this day and age.

Busta Rhymes Photo

What's next, Barry Bonds takes steroids?!?

Mr. Rhymes was arrested on assault charges last night after a concert on New York City's Randalls Island. The 34-year-old artist, whose real name is Trevor Smith, was being investigated by police for allegedly assaulting a fan who may have spat on his car after his performance at a music festival in New York last week.

Details of the incident were not immediately available, but a police officer cited by the Associated Press said that it took place about six days ago. There may be more to it, however.

The arrest may also have given police the opportunity to interview Rhymes about the February shooting death of his bodyguard, Israel Ramirez, 29, during a video shoot in Brooklyn. No arrest has been made in the case, and the rapper is not considered a suspect, though New York City Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly has publicly criticized Rhymes for not cooperating with the investigation.

It's all very troubling. Sounds like Busta could use some career and life counseling. We hope he has the phone number for the white Oprah.

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A bootylicious battle between two of Hollywood's most beautiful babes? You'd think Beyonce would have this in the bag, right? She did create that term, after all.

But Jessica Simpson and her backside won't go down without a fight (seriously, ask Nick Lachey). We'll leave it to you, the readers and fans. Which singer and occasional actress has the most appealing ass-et?

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