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First, it was her ill-fated marriage to Kevin Federline.

Then, if only for a night, it was that greaseball J.R. Rotem.

Britney Spears, Family

Now, Britney Spears has moved on to new and improved (well, probably not) mystery man - one that appears to fit the same dirtbag mould. The amazing pop singer and mother of two spent a weekend of wearing those big sunglasses, boatin', smokin' and getting wasted with this scruffy, as-yet-unnamed individual.

Pictures courtesy of and All Over Press:

As expected, given Brit's taste in men, he looks like a real winner. At least Britney received some good news. Yesterday, we talked about how she might get docked her appearance fee for getting wasted and passing out at Pure nightclub in Las Vegas.

Well, any publicity is good publicity, and at least while she was awake, she and the rest of the party-goers were having a blast. See Britney Spears pictures taken that night. A club spokesman confirms that Brit will be paid, as was originally planned, stating:

"The crowd LOVED Britney and they cheered her on everywhere she went... She is always welcome at PURE."

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We talk a lot about the crotch of Paris Hilton.

Actually, the focus is often on Paris Hilton's pussy.

L. Lohan Pic

Either way, Paris' private parts are often on display. In fact, you can find out just how they're groomed by clicking here. But the hotel heiress and useless human being made real news a few months ago when she helped coin a certain phrase for another girl's romantic region:

Indeed, Hilton labeled Lindsay Lohan as "Firecrotch."

It's not difficult to understand why, as every other male on the planet can probably attest to. But we don't need Stavros Niarchos to inform us that Paris has being a major hypocrite this entire time.

Just check out this photo. Zero in on Hilton's crotch. This spoiled waif has been fanning her own female flames for some time now!

So beware of that offer, Justin Timberlake. Looks like Paris is burning.

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Beautiful rocker, Gwen Stefani, recently sat down with Elle magazine. Here are a few excerpts from the interview:

On Madonna:
"It's weird that we have all these similarities. Madonna's had us over to dinner and stuff. She's always been very nice to me…I remember telling Madonna I was going to do an 80s dance record and she rolled her eyes, because I think when you've lived through it like she did, she's like ‘Whatever.' But a lot of my influence came from her early work, like directly, like a Xerox."

Gwen Stefani Photograph

On her middle class upbringing:
"The hotel maid walked by today, and she's really pretty and she probably comes from Poland. And here I am about to spend a lot of money on room service and I was thinking, I could have been a maid."

On what her fans say:
"People always say the same things. That I'm smaller than they expected and that I look better in real life. Which is kind of a back-handed compliment."

On her marriage:
"I mean, of course me and Gavin have problems, sometimes. Everyone does. We've been together for over 10 years. This is, like, the real deal."

* The Hollywood Gossip note: This is about nine years and 51 weeks longer than Aaron Carter has been with Kaci Brown.

On 8-month-old son Kingston:
"He's pretty rad…Kingston is so chill. He goes with me everywhere, 'cause I'm still nursing. He's been to every studio in L.A., New York, London. He lives up to his name â€" total Rasta boy. He gives me real balance. You can go 100 miles an hour, but you have to stop to hang out with him."

On her difficult pregnancy:
"I thought I was going to be one of those Mother Nature girls. I figured, I'll just squeeze it out, 'cause I'm really strong and I work out and stuff.

[However] I would be seriously crying before I went onstage. I didn't know how I was going to get through the tour, putting on nine costume changes on a stage in front of 12,000 people every night. And I didn't want people to know [I was pregnant]. I didn't want it to become the Gwen Circus Freak Show â€" ‘Watch it grow onstage.'"

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And the Pope is Catholic.

And Rachel Bilson is not unattractive.

We know, this isn't exactly breaking news.

But it's still news.

As she dries out in rehab, Tara Conner continues to make headlines. No, she hasn't been having cyber sex with Katie Rees.

We don't think.

But the beauty queen's famously supercharged hormones were reportedly on display at a cover photo shoot for New York Dog magazine prior to the unveiling of other raunchy behavior.

(Yes, apparently there's a New York Dog magazine. No, we don't think the cover girl is Heather Mills).

Conner was reportedly "ridiculously flirtatious" with male photo assistants at the session, according to The New York Post.

In the end, Tara was not included because she couldn't do the interview.

Maybe the publication could consider an ethical pageant beauty, such as Helen Salas, in the future.

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A recent poll conducted by In Touch Magazine named the lovely Rachel Bilson the best-dressed star in Hollywood. That's all the reason and more for The Hollywood Gossip staff to pay tribute to the star of The OC on this Tuesday morning.

Just because. Any girl who can still look cute while wearing half a sweater gets full marks from us. We're particularly big fans of these outfits below:

Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson

Truth be told, there are no bad Rachel Bilson pictures. But we found a few that we thought were worth sharing. Cute, funny and talented, and perhaps best of all, great looking without being anemically thin, Rachel is one of our all-time faves. Another is Jennifer Garner!

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This is the question, readers.

Let's forget about nude Hilary Swank pictures at the moment and focus our eyes on this Oscar winner's hair. It looks confused.

No, not as confused as the ever-changing looks of The Olsen Twins, but Swank appears to have jumped on the bang-wagon. And The Hollywood Gossip wants to know which style you prefer.

Take your time. Go compare Cameron Diaz manes if that'll help. But let us know soon. Very little is at stake if you don't.

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Thanks to People magazine for collecting the following quotes ...

• Who cares what Simon Cowell has to say?"
â€" Former American Idol contestant Jennifer Hudson, as she accepted the New York Critics Circle Award for best supporting actress in Dreamgirls

Obsessed Star

• "All of us felt like we were really acting."
â€" Beyoncé, on the emotional scene she had with Hudson in Dreamgirls

• "Always, of course. We'll let you know when we get there."
â€" Brad Pitt, when asked by if he and Angelina Jolie had plans for more children

• "Behind every decision I have made in my public life there always seems to be an apparent contradiction. I have come to terms with that, which is why I usually don't pay much attention to it."
â€" Britney Spears, in a message to her fans posted on her website, regarding the media's focus on her recent behavior

• "It's a circus ... but a big fun circus."
â€" Randy Jackson, on enjoying being reunited with his fellow American Idol judges for the new season

• "It was just (being) lazy. The truth is I just want it to be habit because I don't want to think about it."
â€" Renee Zellweger, on why she continued speaking in her British accent even while off the set during filming of the biopic Miss Potter

• "The 'F' word is 'fat.' It's not the real 'F' word."
â€" Rosie O'Donnell, explaining on The View what the "F" word means in her house after relaying her 7-year-old son's reaction to Donald Trump calling his mom a "fat pig."

• "It is so warm today, right now I'm sweating like a guy who crossed Rosie O'Donnell."
â€" David Letterman

• "When you're young and kissing, you don't know what you're doing. It's a lot of saliva and gum and lip-gloss, basically."
â€" Rachel Bilson, who still thinks kissing is "fun"

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Kylie Minogue has topped UK Glamour's annual list of best dressed female celebrities. It's quite a triumph after her battle with cancer.

Last year's winner, Kate Moss, finished fourth. This may be due to the fact that she rarely wears a shirt anymore.

Kate Moss Pregnant?

Minogue, on the comeback trail since undergoing breast cancer surgery in May 2005, was praised for her understated look. It differs greatly from that of Keira Knightley, whose understated look applies to her layers of skin.

"We've seen a newer, softer-looking Kylie emerge this year - she's still sexy, but she's not flaunting that side of herself in gold hotpants any more," said Jo Elvin, editor of Glamour.

Minogue jumped from No. 26 on the list in 2006, while Moss slipped to fourth this year from first in 2006 - while her British rocker, drug-riddled boyfriend Pete Doherty was named one of the worst dressed males.

In second place was Victoria Beckham. The former member of the Spice Girls wears tight shirts to accentuate her giant boobs. She's also married to David Beckham, the magazine's best dressed male.

U.S. socialite, vicotin user and all around waif, Nicole Richie, somehow came in third place; while British actress and dietary expert, Sienna Miller, rounded off the top five in fifth.

Who was the biggest gainer of the year? Another rail-thin star, Kate Hudson. Owen Wilson's ex jumped 41 places to ninth. The list that will be published in the February edition of Glamour UK.

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It looks like J.R. Rotem is at it again.

The quote-unquote music producer, best known as Britney Spears' first fling since ridding herself of FedEx, is on the prowl again.

Cameras spotted Rotem leaving a hot party at Paris Hilton's Hollywood Hills home with once-hot R & B singer Mýa this weekend. Rotem even made sure to open the car door for her. He really is a gentleman - something we remember from the good old days when he and Britney were seen together!

Also at Paris' place that night: Cuba Gooding, Jr., sister Nicky Hilton, buddy Brandon Davis a.k.a. Greasy Bear, Cris Judd and Kim Kardashian.

Wow. Inviting J.R. Rotem and not her former BFF, Britney? Ouch, Paris. That hurts. And who invites Cris Judd to anything?

Rotem, who has enough oil in his hair to join OPEC, has also been spotted with cuties such as Bai Ling and Hayden Panettiere since bidding farewell to Brit.

As for Britney, she doesn't appear to be losing much sleep over breaking things off with J.R. (really, though, who would), and was most recently spotted hooking up with Arizona Cardinals quarterback Matt Leinart at a club.

That guy gets around, and we're not talking about the pocket.

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We don't have to tell you that Mario Lopez has experienced a career revival in the past several months. And unlike a fellow Saved By the Bell cohort, his comeback doesn't involve him starring in a graphic sex video that may or may not involve a "body double." We can't wait for that Dustin Diamond sex tape to hit stores.

Actually, we can. But that's neither here nor there. The subject of this post is Lopez, who rose from obscurity to win the most recent season of Dancing With the Stars - and the heart of his dashing partner, Karina Smirnoff.

Mario Lopez Pic

Moreover, he was romantically linked to Eva Longoria and Britney Spears. While none of those stories held water, when you're rumored to be hooking up with Britney Spears, you've hit the big time (even if you haven't hit that).

Now, as he gets ready to host the Miss America pageant, he's one of the biggest stars out there - and judging by his face in this picture with one of The Incredibles, he knows it:

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