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Could it be that Sean Stewart nude photos are NOT the most disturbing news of Rod's spoiled son from the last few weeks?

TMZ has learned that one of the Sons of Hollywood is under investigation for assault with a deadly weapon.

Sean, the brother of Kimberly Stewart, along with two other males, went to a private home in Hollywood last Saturday night, where a large party was in full swing.

Sources were informed that the trio was told they were not welcome - and, shockingly, this didn't go over too well.

According to witnesses, around 4 a.m., Stewart and his buddies - none of whom included Sons of Hollywood pals, Randy Spelling or David Weintraub - began throwing bricks, rocks, a mailbox and a trash can at a Ford F150. Witnesses say Stewart then tried opened the truck door, and that Stewart and two other men started punching a husband and wife who were seated inside.

This is the sort of action that would make Jason Wahler proud. And no one else.

TMZ spoke with the man inside the truck, who claims his wife suffered "massive lacerations to her legs" from windshield glass. He says that after the alleged attack, he took her to Cedars Sinai Hospital where she was treated.

The LAPD confirms Hollywood detectives are investigating the incident.

If it's true, you can bet Alec Baldwin will soon be sending Stewart a box of chocolate for taking the World's Biggest Jerk title away from him for at least a day.

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One would think that with tens of millions of dollars and little else to do, Britney Spears could hire someone to buy some freaking clothes for her.

Yet when it comes to fashion, Cue Ball is a total misfit.

Britney Spears and Demi Lovato X Factor Introduction

As the pictures below clearly show, the girl just can't give up her cowboy hat... much like her boots, or the curtains she thinks constitute suitable outfits.

At least the nude pictures from last winter were raw and uncensored. This is just hard on the eyes, any way you look at it. Britney, you need help, girl.

While it's true she could afford to hire someone to buy her clothes, so she could improve her public image, but she's too busy firing Larry Rudolph and everyone else around her that could help her make good choices.

Even Jamie Spears has called out his daughter on this one. If her clothes are a reflection of how Britney Spears feels about herself these days... well, then she must be really messed up in the brain. Clearly, rehab didn't do the trick.

So much so that we're starting to think Kevin Federline is a normal dude. And that's a frightening, frightening thought.

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Alec Baldwin is taking legal action to find out who leaked the insane voicemail tirade he left for his 11-year-old daughter to celebrity gossip site TMZ.

Baldwin has formally filed Order To Show Cause papers in Los Angeles Superior Court to find out why his ex-wife Kim Basinger and her lawyers should not be held in contempt over the tape's release.

Baldwin, Alec

The court papers, filed by Alec Baldwin's lawyer Vicki Greene, state:

"Petitioner (Kim Basinger) is the only parent with custody, possession and control of the minor child's telephone voicemail message that was dissemination to Harvey Levin and

"I do not know how Mr. Levin received any information about the court proceeding that was closed to the public, but again, it had to come from someone connected to the proceeding, and it was not me."

TMZ is refusing comment on how it obtained the recording, in which Alec Baldwin verbally chastises his daughter and calls Basinger "a thoughtless pain in the a$$."

Baldwin, who has fought bitterly with Basinger since their separation in 2000, saw visitation rights for his daughter temporarily suspended by a California judge last week, after a judge heard the recording.

Meanwhile in other news the actor has posted an apology online, explaining that his leaked answer machine rant was the result of being "driven to the edge" by his bitter custody battle with ex-wife Kim Basinger.

The star of The Departed was reported to be taking legal action on Saturday to find out who was responsibly for the leaked three-minute recording to TMZ, in which he verbally chastised his 11-year-old daughter Ireland.

But on his official site, Baldwin blames the L.A. Confidential star for "alienating" him from young Ireland, which propelled him to lose his temper.

"Although I have been told by numerous people not to worry too much, as all parents lose their patience with their kids, I am most saddened that this was released to the media because of what it does to a child. I'm sorry, as everyone who knows me is aware, for losing my temper with my child. I have been driven to the edge by parental alienation for many years now... I am sorry for what happened. But I am equally sorry that a court order was violated, which had deliberately been put under seal in this case."

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Paris Hilton and Kevin Federline.

Together in Las Vegas, Nevada.


What could be more perfect?

Plenty of things. Namely Kristin Cavallari in a wet t-shirt... but that's a subject for another time. When spotted the great FedEx and Paris Hilton partying together at Tao in Vegas on Friday night, posing for photos at a birthday celebration for the club's co-owner, Jason Strauss, it certainly seemed appropriate.

After all, both have seen Britney Spears' crotch up close. No word on what K-Fed's "W" sign in the pic below is meant to represent. We're guessing it is a shout out to a certain "wigger." 

We're sad to report that Federline, who is rumored to have tapped the booty of Lindsay Lohan lately, did not get busy with Paris. Hilton's boyfriend, Josh Henderson, was with her at the party.

The former Mr. Britney Spears did enjoy the company of a bevy of blondes at the Bare Pool Lounge over the weekend, though (see above). K-Fed hit up the topless sunbathing paradise - and quickly got his drink on.

Just who is watching Sean Preston and Jayden James is what we would like to know. At least if K-Fed has a mental meltdown, he's already got the shaved head thing over with.

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L.A. nightspot Les Deux should have posted a "Slippery When Wet" sign on Friday night, according to Us Weekly club spies who were on the scene.

Leading the sex-crazed pack was Lauren Conrad, who got her groove on with an unidentified man (possibly Chris Richardson)... a mere three feet from her ex-boyfriend, Brody Jenner.

LC, aka Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad reportedly pranced into the club close to midnight, wearing a turquoise dress with her hair down in soft, delicate waves.

She sat at a table with other reality TV show stars Frankie Delgado (from MTV's Twenty-four-Seven) and Shaunte & Anthony (from MTV's Maui Fever).

The star of MTV's The Hills was careful not to make eye contact with Brody Jenner, of course. Oh, but don't think she didn't know he was there!

Meanwhile, a really lame singer by the name of Jesse McCartney slithered his way over to LC's table where he made out with some chick who totally looked like she could be his twin sister.

Then there's seductive, underage girl-on-girl action hero Hayden Panettierre, who held a personal tongue wrestling match with VJ boyfriend Stephen Colletti (a talented young man who once two-timed LC and Kristin Cavallari - he's a player).

Hayden and Stephen Colletti got their freak on while sitting at a table with another reality star, Dieter Schmitz (also from Laguna Beach) and Rumer Willis, who should have her own reality show at this stage.

Later, Brody Jenner apparently wasn't fazed by LC's flirty display, as he was seen hanging out with a gaggle of girls (including a USC blond) and recent Paris Hilton victim James Blunt.

Just another hot night on the club scene. Imagine what must have gone down at Hyde.

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Should Karina Smirnoff be jealous?

While she's busy dancing it up with stars, the Hollywood hunk Karina has been rumored to be dating is getting friendly with a beautiful reality show star. We can only guess what Mario Lopez thinking here?

Kristin Cavallari and Mark Ballas

Maybe if I show her the Dustin Diamond sex tape, she'll want me to show her just what sort of lessons in love they taught us at Bayside High School ...

We're not sure if Kristin Cavallari would be game for such naked exploits, but the former Laguna Beach star must be yearning to get back in the spotlight.

After all, she basically paved the way for current OC-elebrities such as Lauren Conrad and Audrina Patridge. But now those beauties are receiving all the attention. Talk about unfair!

In all honesty, The Hollywood Gossip staff doesn't know if Kristin and Mario are getting it on or not. They could just be friends. But if these hotties do wish to get back onto the front pages of celebrity gossip rags around the nation, there's an easy solution.

And let's just say Olivia Mojica has it all figured out.

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It's a great big Spice World out there.

At least it felt that way at a London church Saturday, when 11-month-old Bluebell Madonna, the daughter of Geri Haliwell, got a hand from her hot godmother, Victoria Beckham, at her christening.

Victoria Beckham Out and About

The event marked a near-complete Spice Girls reunion: Posh Spice made the ceremony along with Emma Bunton (Baby Spice) and Melanie Chisholm (Sporty Spice).

The only no-show on this day was Melanie Brown (a.k.a. Scary Spice and possible Eddie Murphy baby mama), who was unable to attend after just giving birth.

A source close to the pop pals told People, "It was a special Spice day."

For all the talk about Victoria Beckham's large breasts and the general absurdity surrounding her and her husband, David Beckham, there is little doubt that the girls had a lovely time Sunday.

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It's a battle of Hollywood vs. Bollywood!

While most readers are familiar with the pair known as "Brangelina" in the States, a contender is emerging from abroad for the title of Hottest, Coolest Couple on the Planet. And no, it isn't David and Victoria Beckham.

Much Worse

Over the weekend, Bollywood stars Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan finally tied the knot after months of hype.

And while Bachchan didn't cheat on Jennifer Aniston during his courtship of the former Miss World, the love birds are still being compared to a certain powerful pair of actors in America.

Does Angelina Jolie have the strength to compete with Aishwarya after months spent adopting another child and not eating? And can Brad Pitt stave off the popularity of Abhishek? Or is the Hollywood hunk too busy playing the role of cute father to Shiloh Nouvel?

Only time will tell. In the meantime, Katie Price, her huge boobs and her husband, Peter Andre, will be doing all they can to make a similarly big name for themselves across the world.

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Call Heidi Montag anything you'd like to (seriously, go ahead) - but you've gotta at least label the star of The Hills as honest. She's been nothing but open about her recent boob job.

Meanwhile, Paris Hilton can certainly relate to the skanky side of Heidi, but the spoiled snob has yet to admit to any enhanced chest work. Based on the photos here, though, it's hard to believe the heiress hasn't boosted her bust size.


These puppies make the Kellie Pickler breast changes look tiny by comparison.

And that's okay. We just want an admission. After all, if Paris Hilton's pussy can be honest about how it's feeling, can't her boobs speak up?

We'll still admire them. As Kristine Lefebvre is proving, you can be both nude and respected at the same time. Then again, that train passed by Hilton's station a long time ago.

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Now that the Sanjaya Malakar dismissal from American Idol has had time to sink in, how does Sanjaya's most vocal critic feel about it?

"I was on a very happy plane last night. I miss him probably in the same way I miss my favorite horror movie. And I don't mean that nastily. I like horror movies," Simon Cowell said via satellite during an appearance on Thursday's The Oprah Winfrey Show. "A very sweet guy. Quite entertaining but a horrible singer. That was the problem."

Season 10 Idol Finalists

During Idol's sixth season, Cowell had made little secret of the fact that he didn't exactly see a singing future for Malakar.

He criticized the 17-year-old's vocal ability almost as much as most guys complimented the legs on Haley Scarnato.

On Thursday, he also felt the need to reiterate his previous comments that he planned on quitting as a judge of the competition depending on how far Malakar made it.

"If he made it to the top three, I'm gone," Cowell told Oprah.

"But they wouldn't let me."

Considering the fact that he was far from a "Fanjaya," who is Simon now pulling for on American Idol? A couple talents came to mind.

"I have a soft spot for [Melinda Doolittle]. Very sweet girl. I like her," said Cowell. "Jordin was sensational this week. Chris I like because he's contemporary. But I'm a little bit worried about singing through the nose... My Top 3 or Top 2 would be Melinda, Jordin and I'm not writing off Lakisha."

In addition to having to suffer through several-too-many Malakar performances than he would have liked, Cowell said there's another aspect of Idol's sixth season that's been bugging him.

"I'm a little bit frustrated. I haven't had enough, 'Oh my God!' moments. I want to see a few more," he told Oprah, adding he thinks fellow judge Paula Abdul has become too sensible. "I love when she talks complete and utter rubbish. We haven't had enough of that the past few weeks."

We don't know about Simon, but seeing Sanjaya hanging out with Petra Nemcova was cause for an 'Oh my God' moment.

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