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She looks sexier than ever in her recent photo shoot for the new GQ, but that doesn't mean Hayden Panettiere isn't looking for a gentleman. Applications, guys?

In this behind-the-scenes look at Hayden's shoot for the men's magazine, the petite Heroes stunner, 18, poses rather seductively in various outfits and offers her take on the photos, as well as what she finds attractive in a man.

Brunette Hayden


Hayden Panettiere: Posing for hot pictures, not exactly unattractive.

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As news spreads that Linda Hogan has asked her soon-to-be former husband for half his estate, Hulk Hogan has released the following statement:

"Please respect my family's privacy at this time with all that we have been through. I care for my wife and my children are my world and I just hope this all works out."

Hulk Hogan used to defeat every opponent inside a WWE ring. Now? The wrestler feels defeated by his ongoing divorce case.

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Brad Womack really should send flowers to Mary Delgado.

While this season's Bachelor is still receiving plenty of flak for dissing both Jenni Croft and Deanna Pappas, Delgado has helped take some attention away from him by bloodying the lip of a past Bachelor star.

Meanwhile, the details have now emerged about just what led Mary Delgado to punching out Byron Velvick:

The couple were at a friends' condominium last Tuesday night when an argument ensued between the pals they were visiting. Byron Velvick wanted to leave. But Pinellas County Sheriff's Office spokesman Sgt Jim Bordner told The Tampa Tribune that Mary Delgado wanted to stay.

Mary Delgado Picture

After Mary and Byron got into Velvick's truck they "became involved in an argument which turned physical," the officer said.

"[Velvick] told deputies she started striking him in the chest [while] he pushed her to her side of the truck," Bordner added.

Delgado, a 40-year-old Tampa resident, then struck Velvick's mouth, causing the upper left side of his lip to split.

The former Bachelor went back inside the condominium to clean up while Delgado waited in the truck, which is when Velvick called the police and celebrity gossip blogs shouted with glee over the story.

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No, we didn't photoshop this. Details magazine has released its "Power 50 list" in its latest issue, featuring the most influential peeps under age 45.

Taking the top spots on this very scientific list were a group of youngans such as  Zac Efron, Shia LaBoeuf, Miley Cyrus, Hilary Duff, the former Mrs. Kevin Federline and current train wreck herself, Britney Spears, and other celebrities.

Lineup is Ready

Kevin Federline, labeled a "Good Father" alongside Larry Birkhead, ranked No. 7 but took the cover of the Power issue, on newsstands December 4.

Respect for Details magazine? Greatly diminished.

Kevin Federline is somehow one of the most influential men out there, Details says. This can only be because he has custody over Britney Spears' l'il mistakes.

Influential or not, the fertile aspiring rapper and actor is featured prominently in this new edition of the men's magazine. Some excerpts from K-Fed's interview:

On the direction of his acting career: "At some point I'd actually like to play somebody other than a bad guy or an ass."

On fatherhood:
"To be a father is everything. It shows me how little I am."

On what is playing on his TV these days:
"My TVs are pretty much G-rated right now. Anything from SpongeBob to Finding Nemo, and you know, I'm still trying to decide which one of those I like more."

How cute. Updating a story from earlier today, Britney Spears will now get custody of Sean Preston and Jayden James on Christmas morning, since the FedEx man spent Thanksgiving with them. We're sorry, Sean and Jayden.

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Once-rumored couple Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo reportedly spent a lot of time together over this past week - including a visit by the Dallas Cowboys quarterback to Simpson's relatives on the Friday after Thanksgiving!

Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson were spotted late Thursday after he quarterbacked America's Team to a thrashing of the Jets. Then on Friday, the couple went to Jessica's grandparents new home in Waco, Texas, In Touch Weekly says.

Tony Romo got a hero's welcome from Crazy Joe Simpson and Tina Simpson (her parents) as well as from Jessica's grandparents, an onlooker reports.

Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson: Hittin' it for real this time?

While Tony Romo previously denied that he is dating Jessica Simpson, insiders say the pair is definitely involved ... and are getting more serious.

Another report: Simpson showed up to watch him at his game Thanksgiving Day and referred to him as "my man" to friends, a source tells Us Weekly.

Earlier this year, Romo was linked to country star Carrie Underwood. More recently, he has supposedly been dating One Tree Hill star Sophia Bush.

Carrie has reportedly moved on to Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford - a Dallas native - but how does Sophia Bush feel about the Romo-Simpson rumor?

Stay tuned.

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Might the pepper spray used in the Ingrid Marie Rivera case be as real as the boobs on Heidi Montag?

NBC News reports that police are now said to be investigating just how Miss Puerto Rico was able to stop crying between camera appearances at Saturday's pageant, if her gown and makeup had been sabotaged with the spray, as she claims.

Should we check the pants of Ingrid Marie Rivera? Might they be on fire?

The questions about Rivera prompted Today show host Meredith Vieira to inquire on yesterday's broadcast whether or not crime-scene investigators believe the pepper-spray claim may have been imaginary.

Vieira asked reporter Kerry Sanders if authorities were now unsure about Rivera's assertions of being poisoned. She replied: "They're looking into it. They're curious."

Rivera remained sure of herself - and her story - in front of reporters at a Sunday news conference, saying: "It was a lot of sacrifice, and my tears were genuine.

"At one point, I asked, 'Am I a masochist?' But I said regardless of the results, this is my goal. The more rocks there are in my path, the more thanks I will give to God for sustaining me."

It's all rather intriguing. Sort of makes the Amy Polumbo beauty pageant scandal seem innocuous by comparison.

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There was some big-time drama for both Audrina Partridge and Lauren Conrad on last night's all-new episode of The Hills. Let's get right down to it.

First, there was the introduction of Stephanie Pratt (yes, she's the "She-Pratt"), a girl who you can immediately tell is related to the great Spencer Pratt.

Heidi Montag Pratt Picture

Not only does the sister of the show's villain talk like he does, they sort of look the same! Stephanie might even be a little cute if she weren't a Pratt.

Anyway. Stephanie Pratt confronted Lauren Conrad at the hot L.A. club Opera while LC was out with her pals. The she-Pratt and LC started she-bickering and Conrad pal Brody Jenner found himself in the middle of it as well.

"When you hate my brother, it makes me hate you," a drunk Stephanie Pratt hissed at Lauren Conrad, before redirecting her wrath at Brody Jenner, who told her to back the hell off. Damn straight, bitch. Take your catfight elsewhere!

Later, upon hearing his sister's recollection of the night's events, the male Pratt and his faux fiancee, Heidi Montag, weighed in on the situation at home.

"I could never be friends with someone who's [friends with Lauren]" said smarmy Spencer Pratt, reiterating his intense dislike for his ex-BFF Brody Jenner.

Audrina Patridge, Lauren Conrad and Brody Jenner were all under the gun last night, facing off with foes old and new - Justin-Bobby Brescia and Stephanie Pratt.

Meanwhile, during the same crazy night at the Opera, Audrina was thrown for a major loop when Justin Brescia - a.k.a. Justin Bobby - was busted making out with some redhead ... then laughing about it as Audrina confronted him.

Seriously folks. We love to rip on Spencer Pratt at The Hollywood Gossip, but even he has nowhere near the ass bag qualities of Justin-Bobby Brescia.

Fortunately, Audrina Patridge ended up giving Justin Brescia the heave-ho, but it was not easy. The weasel tried his best to hang on, and darn near talked himself into yet another chance. Good to see Audrina hold strong at the end.

As Audrina reflected upon how her life had been effectively ruined by this waste of space for months now, she decided that despite her attraction to him, she had to send Justin-Bobby heading for The Hills (so to speak) forever.

"It's hopeless," she said. "We should just be friends."

Way to go, girl. Way to go.

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Lawyers for Britney Spears and Kevin Federline faced off and hammered out a holiday visitation schedule for their kids, Sean Preston and Jayden James.

Currently, Spears only has twice-weekly access to her sons, Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1, including an overnight visit. No details of the visitation schedule for the upcoming holidays have been revealed to the celebrity news media.

The Circus Main Event

During Thanksgiving Day, Britney Spears took Sean and Jayden to the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills for a brunch of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

The alleged singer dropped the mistakes off at FedEx's home later that afternoon. She then went shopping with Sam Lutfi, naturally. What else is a girl to do.

Also at issue in the courtroom Monday was the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services' request for access to the former couple's case file - in particular documents, which have been redacted.

A lawyer for the county was present, and requested that media be removed before he addressed the court. Neither Spears nor K-Fed was present.

Lawyers Anne Kiley and Mark Vincent Kaplan ran the show in their absence. The couple's next scheduled hearing is set for January 23.

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Sean Taylor, the former University of Miami star and Pro Bowl NFL safety with the Washington Redskins who was shot early Monday at his Miami home, has died of a gunshot wound, according to a family friend. He was only 24.

After an intruder entered his home, Taylor was shot and absorbed a bullet to his upper leg. The shot severely damaged a major artery, causing the football star serious blood loss and the loss of consciousness.

According to his former lawyer, Richard Sharpstein, Sean Taylor seemed to show signs of recovery when he squeezed a nurse's hand late Monday night, following surgery, but never regained consciousness thereafter.

"This is just such a tragic, horrible, unnecessary death - another example of the incessant violence in this city and this country," Sharpstein said.

Sean Taylor starred at the University of Miami and with the NFL's Redskins.

Miami-Dade Police are investigating the attack. The police are considering it a possible burglary as Sean Taylor's home was also burglarized eight days prior to the fatal night. A knife was left on the player's bed during that break-in.

Miami-Dade patrol officers first received the call that Sean Taylor had been shot in his house about 1:45 a.m. Monday morning.

Taylor and his girlfriend were startled awake by noises inside his home. Taylor grabbed a machete from underneath his bed and went to investigate.

He didn't get far. An armed intruder fired at least one shot, possibly two. Sean Taylor tumbled back into the bedroom, severely wounded in the groin.

Sharpstein said the couple's baby daughter was also in the bedroom and slept through the shooting. The gunman fled immediately after firing.

"Nothing was stolen. They shot at him and fled," Sharpstein said.

The attorney said phone lines to the home had been cut and that Taylor's girlfriend had to call 911 on a cellphone.

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Emma Bunton, Melanie Chisholm, Victoria Beckham and Geri Halliwell reunited last night at the Dancing with the Stars season finale.

They turned up to cheer on fellow Melanie Brown, who's probably considered the favorite heading into tonight's two-hour broadcast. Check out her routine below:

Gilles Marini and Cheryl Burke Photo


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