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That stint in rehab was time and money well spent.

Cameras caught Lindsay Lohan taking a swig out of a bottle of what several sources later confirmed was champagne on New Year's Eve in Italy...

Lindsay Lohan Lingerie Photo

Recovering alcoholic Lindsay Lohan relapses ... on tape!

Blair Berk, Lindsay's lawyer, told TMZ: "The good news was that Lindsay stopped herself that night, called her sponsor, and got herself immediately back on track. There is no magic cure here. The most unfortunate part of this is that Lindsay has to share her 'one day at a time' with the entire world."

At least LiLo can find comfort in her AA sponsor ... and in sex with Eduardo Costa, or Dario Faiella, and/or Alessandro Di Nunzio. And hey, if she has to go back to rehab, there's always a chance she'll meet Riley Giles 2.0 there!

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Sadly, Tony Romo appears to have had enough of Sophia Bush.

Celebrity gossip fans, however, yearn for more of the One Tree Hill star.

Kylie Jenner Fashion

At least they should. Sophia Bush is a real cutie - and proved it twice over the New Year's holiday by dazzling in both a little black dress and a little white dress on successive nights! See Sophia Bush in both below ...

Tell us, which dress do you like better on Sophia Bush?

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You may have no clue who Kelly Brook is, but if we let that stop us, we may never have brought you not, sometimes nude pics of Katie and Sophie Price, Michelle Marsh, Gemma Atkinson, Keeley Hazell and other busty British babes.

Sometimes you need to broaden your horizons a bit. With that in mind, we present bikini pics of a new broad from across the Atlantic, Kelly Brook.

The 29-year-old model and swimwear designer isn't an unknown to all, having topped the FHM 100 Sexiest Women in the World 2005 list, which was said to have polled over 15 million people. Grazia magazine even said she had the best body in Britain - a bold claim Lucy Pinder might take issue with.

But you be the judge. Here are some Kelly Brook bikini photos ...

Sadly, you guys, Kelly Brook is presently attached - to Billy Zane. The bald actor of Titanic fame is the only one who sees Kelly Brook naked for now...

... Or is he? Follow the jump for a pic we just found of Kelly Brook nude ...

Continue Reading...

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Yeah we know. We reported this, then recanted it, twice before.

But new evidence suggests the end may still be in sight for Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon - which would stun celebrity news observers everywhere.

Pamela Photo

After they married in October and Anderson filed for divorce from the Paris Hilton sex tape star in mid-December, and then said they were "working things out," her attorney filed a proof of service of summons December 28.

This proves Rick Salomon was served with divorce papers on December 15. He has 30 days to file a response to her divorce claim.

"I would think this means the divorce is going ahead," says L.A. family law attorney Lynn Soodik. "But this filing is just a procedural thing."

On New Year's, Pamela Anderson, 40, acknowledged that her struggles with Rick Salomon were continuing but that she was trying her best to move on.

"Oh there's plenty," of problems, she said en route to Las Vegas to ring in 2008. "What can you do? We're all human. We're all trying."

In a posting on her official site Thursday, Anderson says she is enjoying some family time, but does not mention Rick Salomon:

"My kids and I had a great new years in Vegas! They loved the fireworks and hot chocolate at midnight. Mommy made it home by 1:30 am. Nice! Now on family vacation in the snow. We are doing great. Getting rest, planning new year."

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Hillary Clinton has Barbra Streisand. Mike Huckabee has Chuck Norris (and maybe Jamie Lynn Spears). Barack Obama has Oprah, former stars of The OC, and most Democratic voters under 30... including Scarlett Johansson!

After partying with beau Ryan Reynolds for New Year's, the actress surfaced at the Iowa Caucuses on Thursday to support the Democratic contender.

A Scarlett Johansson Pic

A Barack Obama press rep reports that Scarlett Johansson, the 23-year-old Lost in Translation star showed up to support her candidate of choice at two of his final Iowa campaign events - in Des Moines and Coralville.

Could Scarlett be the new Obama girl? Watch out, Amber Lee Ettinger!

So how did her man do? Barack Obama surprised everyone with a victory over both Hillary Clinton and John Edwards last night. We can only imagine which celebrities will jump aboard this bandwagon for change next.

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Here's a slight American Idol spoiler for this season:

Leona Lewis - winner of Great Britain's X Factor - will perform on the show.

Idols Giving Back

"We always like to invite established guests onto the show to give the contestants an idea of the level they need to reach. Leona, with her incredible voice, fits the bill perfectly," said a source.

Leona Lewis is already a hit in England. Will that success translate to the States?

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It was quite the scene in Century City, Calif., today as Britney Spears arrived for her mandatory court deposition - then bolted very shortly after.

Why the rush, Britney?

K-Fed's attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan, explained that the deposition in her custody case was originally scheduled to go from 9:45 to 11:45 a.m.

It poses a bit of a problem, of course, when the person being deposed shows up almost two hours late. Kaplan says the proceedings started around 11:32 a.m. when Britney finally rolled in, leaving him time to fire off only a few questions before ending at the regularly scheduled time - 13 minutes later.

Two hours late!? Hey, at least Britney Spears showed up this time!

Why was the train wreck so tardy? Mark Vincent Kaplan wouldn't say. But he did say another deposition has been scheduled. As for seeking new sanctions against Spears - who continues to disobey court orders and make his job damn near impossible - Kaplan says he hasn't decided whether to go there.

But he might, he says, if he decides Britney Spears - whose own lawyers quit today - caused his client, Kevin Federline - any "undue hardship."

Like the last year and a half?

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Amy Fisher once shot her lover's wife in the face. No one saw that coming.

However, anyone who wants to fork over enough cash can see her coming as of tomorrow night! DJ Amy Fisher will be laying it down at the club Retox on 28th Street in New York City at the release party for her very own sex tape!

A promotional ad for the Amy Fisher sex tape release party.

The press release for the much-anticipated event states: "Amy Fisher, dubbed the Long Island Lolita by the press, is an American woman convicted of the 1992 shooting of the wife of her lover, (Joseph "Joey" Buttafuoco) with whom she began an affair as a 16 year-old student at Kennedy High School in Bellmore, New York. Fisher served seven years in prison for aggravated assault and was released in 1999. The case drew a great deal of media attention and still continues 'til this day. Now shes back in the news and DJing..."

Only in America, people. Heidi Montag has someone to truly aspire to. Although she's got a hell of a long way to go to match the skankiness of Amy Fisher nude.

We suspect Mary Jo Buttafuoco - Amy's shooting victim - will sit this one out tomorrow night. But who knows, maybe she's secretly into this kinky stuff.

The revelation that an Amy Fisher sex tape would hit the celebrity porn market was met with great excitement late last year... at least among some people.

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