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We all know how easy it is to get into the pants of Lindsay Lohan.

For one Internet hacker, reportedly, it's also a breeze to get into her Gmail, BlackBerry and MySpace accounts.

Wasted Out of Her Mind

According to reports, someone has invaded the privacy of Lohan and released various, hilarious emails between her and other troubled celebrities. For example, there's the following email exchange with Shanna Moakler:

It's nice to see the two pals bonding over Travis Barker updates.

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In the new issue of Time Out New York, Kevin Connolly - who plays Eric on the HBO hit series Entourage - dishes on what it was like to date Nicky Hilton, rumors that he's now with Haylie Duff, and other matters.

Nicky Hilton Picture

Here are some excerpts:

Time Out: You directed some episodes of Unhappily Ever After. How did directing a puppet compare with directing Lukas Haas?

Kevin Connolly: "[Laughs] Lukas Haas is great. He's a great friend. The puppet, that was weird because it was Bobcat Goldthwait and he had stolen my girlfriend [Nikki Cox]."

Time Out: Wow. How did it feel to lose a girl to Bobcat Goldthwait?

Kevin Connolly: [Sarcastic] "It felt great. Would it have been better if she'd left me for Brad Pitt? That's what my mom said to me when all that happened. It's an interesting point, right?"

Time Out: It's like if someone cheats on you, would you rather it be with someone of the same sex or someone of a different sex?

Kevin Connolly
: "Would you consider Bobcat someone of a different sex? Probably."

Time Out: He's someone of a different species. What was it like going out with Nicky Hilton?

Kevin Connolly: "It was a pretty normal relationship. I mean, look, there's a public end of it that can be annoying because people are in your business and that can be a pain in the ass, but that's just kind of the territory."

Time Out: Are you single now?

Kevin Connolly: "Yes, I am - contrary to what people may think, I really am single."

Time Out: Is Haylie Duff going with you to [the premiere of Gardener of Eden]?

Kevin Connolly: "No! Haylie Duff and I are really good friends. But I'm single."

Time Out: See, I'm doing the same thing, trying to stay single for a while. I'm afraid of blinking and waking up in a relationship I don't want to be in.

THG NOTE: In other words, Kevin Connolly is not going to be paying tuition at the Britney Spears School of Dating.

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When Billy Ray Cyrus gets voted off Dancing with the Stars shortly, it will be especially humiliating.

How come?

A Happy Pair

Because the ousting will ensure that his daughter, Miley Cyrus, remains a bigger name across the country.

As the star of Disney Channel smash, Hannah Montana, Miley returns on April 23 as a high school freshman on the show about a pop star posing as a typical teen.

Offscreen, though, she's pulling a Heidi Montag and recording her own album to go along with the program's success.

Hitting the stores on June 26, the solo double disc album will be called "The Best of Both Worlds" and Cyrus is "stoked," but not in a Kate Moss sort of way.

"It's more personal. It's introducing you to Miley Cyrus, the girl underneath the wig," the actress/singer said, already perfecting the celebrity use of the third person.

All she needs to do now is charge money simply for attending a party - like Kristin Cavallari - and Cyrus will have all the habits of a famous person down pat.

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Actress Amanda Peet, who welcomed her first child, daughter Frances Pen (named for her mom, Penny) in February, is feeling the rigors of new parenthood.

But she says it's worth it.

"I'm very busy with my baby - I have to get back to my projectile-vomiting baby," Peet, 35, told People at Wednesday's Oscar de la Renta boutique opening in West Hollywood benefiting the Women's Cancer Research Fund.

"In the beginning, it's very, very hard because you're so sleep-deprived. But she just started smiling three days ago, so I'm on cloud nine right now."

THG NOTE: You know who's been smiling a lot lately? Britney Spears. We think she's on massive amounts of anti-depressants. Moving on.

And Amanda Peet and screenwriter husband David Benioff are already thinking about adding to their family. "I think we want more [kids]," she said. "He wants three, but I'm old, I'm an old lady. Two is enough!"

Asked who has been giving her child-rearing advice, Peet said:

"My mom has been fantastic."

David Benioff also has been doing his part.

"Changing diapers. He's actually doing the night-feeding," Peet said. "He's letting me sleep right now. The hardest part is being so monumentally sleep-deprived."

Benioff and Peet dated for four years before tying the knot in September at Peet's prep school alma mater, Friends Seminary, in New York City.

Peet, like Salma Hayek, Keri Russell, Tobey Maguire's surprisingly average-looking fiance, Jennifer Meyer, and a host of other celebrities, got knocked up before tying the knot. It's the in thing to do.

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As always, a new employee for Donald Trump will emerge from this Sunday's season finale of The Apprentice.

Not as typical, however? The fact that one of the ousted contestants from this season will be appearing in the pages of Playboy in June.

Indeed, fans of the show will be seeing a nude Kristine Lefebvre, as the lawyer brings new meaning to the term "legal briefs."

The wife of celebrity chef Ludovic Lefebvre, why is Kristine joining the ranks of Holly Madison and other Playboy bunnies? We're told that this beautiful legal mind is a cancer survivor and is aiming to use such a spread to send messages of support to other inflicted with the disease.

It's hard to find fault with that. Maybe Kim Kardashian could learn the lesson that going nude in order to inspire others is a better idea than baring it all just to get Ray J off.

Meanwhile, you can follow this link to read a full Kristine Lefebvre bio ...

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The big news on American Idol last night wasn't that Sanjaya Malakar was finally shown the door.

It was the confiding whisper that Ryan Seacrest passed along to Melinda Doolittle while cameras were rolling. Did you miss it?


Apparently, Ryan was afraid that Mindy Doo wasn't an avid reader of The Hollywood Gossip and missed the day when Shana Wall insisted that the American Idol host was heterosexual. So Seacrest felt the need to remind the singing sensation last night.

No offense to Doolittle, but we're a little surprised Ryan didn't make this declaration to past contestants such as Alaina Alexander or Antonella Barba. They lacked Melinda's vocal talent, but made up for it in other, nude ways.

Anyway, we're gonna consult with Neil Patrick Harris to see if his gaydar detects whether or not Seacrest is lying here. We'll get back to you.

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Holy crap.

That's all we can say after an enraged Alec Baldwin apparently unleashed a tirade of threats, insults and unrelenting rage against on his 11-year-old daughter, Ireland, a quote-unquote "little pig" who has "insulted [him] for the last time."

Alec Baldwin Photograph

Ireland failed to answer her father's scheduled call from New York April 11, causing Alec Baldwin to lose his freaking $h!t on her voicemail.

"Once again, I have made an ass of myself trying to get to a phone," the 30 Rock star seethed, before going off on a lengthy rant against his ex-wife and Ireland's mother, Kim Basinger.

"I don't give a damn that you're 12 years old or 11 years old, or a child, or that your mother is a thoughtless pain in the ass who doesn't care about what you do... You've make me feel like sh!t."

"This crap you pull on me with this godd@mn phone situation that you would never dream of doing to your mother," Baldwin, who has been called a tyrant bastard, continues, "... and you do it to me constantly over and over again."

CLICK HERE to hear the audio clip, obtained exclusively by TMZ.

This is disturbing stuff. All we can say is that this is one screwed up family... one that makes the family of Lindsay Lohan seem normal. Well, sort of. Okay, not really.

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Sorry, Sienna Miller.

It look like Jude Law has a new girlfriend: the horny actor is dating Kim Hersov, an American-born mother of two who works in London as the editor-at-large for Britain's Harper's Bazaar; People magazine says the two have now jetted off to India for a vacation together.

"They met a couple of months ago and the relationship has been developing slowly," a friend of the actor said.

Fortunately for Miller, she's already dealt with the Law break-up by flashing her boobs everywhere and dating lots of guys.

Hersov, meanwhile, hails from San Francisco and previously worked for Vogue in New York City. She's been described by Britain's The Times as "extremely glamorous" and by The Sunday Times as "ultra-chic." In other words: the opposite of Nicole Richie.

Britain's News of the World first reported in late February that Law had been hagging this editor, while The Sun says she looks eerily like Miller. You can decide for yourself in the photo we've attached.

Jude divorced from actress wife Sadie Frost in 2003. He then became engaged to Miller in late 2004 - but slept with their nanny and sort of put a damper on that relationship.

It was a move almost as low as the insults Heidi Montag regularly hurls at Lauren Conrad.

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Just kidding! Well, he surely does, on a regular basis. But it's not the coked-up model that Babyshambles singer and legendary junkie Pete Doherty decided to soak in this picture. 

It's a paparazzi dude… and it looks like Pete's efforts were successful. Last night, he kindly offered some water to a photographer lurking outside the bachelorette pad of girlfriend Kate Moss. What a true gentleman.

The lesson is clear: Mess with PeteMoss and you get drenched. Pete wasn't finished, though. He resumed his nice treatment of the press (Justin Timberlake would be proud) the next day by offering the paparazzi some ketchup! 

Apparently that's all that the often-nude Kate Moss has in her apartment - water and condiments. That and lots and lots of drugs.

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Jason Wahler likes to act like a badass.

Maybe he's just compensating for something, if you know what we're talking about. We're saying he's got no game in the sack.

Lauren Conrad Cosmopolitan Cover

According to a new TMZ report, a porn company has put the brakes on the alleged Lauren Conrad sex tape featuring America's sweetheart and her fellow Laguna Beach alum.

The reason for the plug getting pulled on the sale of the tape of him and Lauren Conrad? The wannabe bad boy's "severely disappointing" behavior… and that the content is weak. 

The alleged sex tape, which was first reported by Perez Hilton, is "very vanilla" with "no hard core sex." The source adds that Lauren Conrad, now the star of MTV's The Hills, and Jason Wahler are basically "just messing around."

In other words, it's the complete opposite of the Olivia Mojica sex tape.

SugarDVD tells TMZ that it is retracting its previous offer of $500,000 for the tape, because of Wahler's recent arrest in Seattle (not to be confused with his recent arrests in L.A., New York or North Carolina) stating:

"We refuse to support any person who feels that it is in any way acceptable to rattle off racial slurs and slanderous language about African-Americans, homosexuals and the police."

Yes. This is a sex tape company with integrity.

Not only is SugarDVD pulling the offer, but they are reaching out to discourage anyone from participating in a deal for this alleged tape. Which we still say doesn't exist.

Lauren Conrad herself has said as much, and has pointed the finger at her ex-BFF, Heidi Montag, and her boyfriend, Spencer Pratt. Both Montag and Spencer Pratt (that weasel) have claimed her obligations are bogus.

Click here for more on the subject in an interview with Spencer Pratt …

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