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Sources connected with the custody battle between Britney Spears and Kevin Federline tell TMZ that at the heart of the tussle over the kids is nothin' but cold, hard cash.

K-Fed is going back to court asking for more custody of the kids. Federline just agreed to a 50/50 split, then turned around almost immediately and filed papers asking for 70/30.


Why the sudden change of heart?

It's puzzling that Kevin is now so alarmed, given that he's had zero contact with Spears for three months.

In fact, Britney Spears has been begging him to communicate because of parenting issues and he reportedly won't agree.

Which brings us to the legal paperwork Kevin Federline recently filed.

Sources say there are declarations from Kevin, both of his lawyers, Kevin's nanny and a nanny who interviewed with Britney in October, 2006, before the couple separated.

In the papers, Federline's lawyer also included various celebrity news articles about Britney. Legal experts say good luck getting that into evidence.

As we talked about earlier, Alli Sims, Britney's cousin, got served this weekend.

Kevin's lawyer wants to take her deposition. But here's what's telling - K-Fed's lawyer also wants to take Britney Spears' deposition, but a source close to Alli Sims says the deposition notice Brit received is all financial - the references are all about money, not the kids.

So does K-Fed want more custody of Sean Preston and Jayden James just so he can get more cash? A Federline source says it's all about the kids and not money. Kevin wants Britney under oath talking about whether she drinks and how she raises the kids.

Oh, and one last thing. FedEx's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, is asking that Britney pay his legal fees for the hearing and preparation. And that means six figures.

We assume "six figures" refers to the sum of money at stake, rather than the number of "figures" Britney has slept with since filing for divorce from Kevin.

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Colin Farrell's rep is denying reports that he's expecting a child with his girlfriend, 22-year-old medical student Muireann McDonnell.

"She is not pregnant," Colin's rep, Danica Smith, tells Us Weekly.

Stopping in the Street

Yeah, right. You can't fool this celebrity gossip site. We all know that his touching of her abdominal region indicates that she's knocked up. It's iron-clad proof.

That's Muireann McDonnell. Colin Farrell's girlfriend. Weird.

The 31-year-old actor already has a three-year-old son, James, with model Kim Bordenave. Colin Farrell has also been linked to several hundred actresses and other D-list stars, such as Britney Spears. Although not as much since he quit boozing.

Farrell also bears a striking resemblance to Laguna Beach bad boy Jason Wahler - who, it turns out, has been seen at clubs with Playboy model Nicole Narain, none other than the co-star of the infamous Colin Farrell sex tape.

Colin Farrell can be seen with Edward Norton and another former girlfriend, Lake Bell, in the film Pride and Glory. Muireann McDonnell will probably never be seen again.

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Paris Hilton may be getting it on with Adrian Grenier.

But this socialite's best friend has just shoved Paris' possible affair out of the celebrity news headlines.

And how has Caroline D'Amore accomplished such a feat? She got herself engaged to boyfriend Matthew Ross.

"He just got on his knee, the crazy bastard," People magazine reports D'Amore romantically said about the big question.

The socialite - who may have less of a defined job that Nicole Richie - added that she was completely taken by surprise.

"I didn't think he was going to do it for a couple of years, for sure, because I'm not only young in general but young at heart and young in mind, so I just didn't think that he would think that I was ready, but he just kind of popped it on me. And I said yes."

Paulina James knows all about being popped on. But we may digress.

Ross and D'Amore have been together for about a year after meeting at a hip Hollywood hangout where Ross was in L.A. casting an upcoming film project. They join Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller has a recently engaged couple.

Previously best known as a core member of Hilton's pre-jail party posse and a sometimes club DJ, D'Amore is branching out into acting with a leading role in the forthcoming film Pizza With Bullets opposite Talia Shire of Rocky fame.

Caroline also recently launched her own bikini line. She ought to ask Hayden Panettiere or Kristin Cavallari to model for it.

D'Amore got very profound when talking about the 80-year old family heirloom of an engagement ring she was given:

"I've seen some women look down at it â€" like 'Oh, it's not some big rock from Tiffany but guess what? There's not a 100 million of these cut out every day, ready for the next wealthy guy. This is something really special â€" he couldn't have given this to any girl in the past â€" and he'll never be able to give it to anyone else again! â€" so it's just so much more meaningful. That's why we connect."

Got that, critics? They connect because he gave her an engagement ring! Now lay off the backs of Caroline D'Amore and Matthew Ross.

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Keira Knightley is not exactly famous for her hourglass figure.

But her latest role - which sees her posing virtually naked to advertise a perfume - makes her look subtly different. Despite the unfortunate presence of a hat, the 22-year-old actress appears to be a tiny bit curvier. Check out the ad below … 

Scarlett Johansson Nude Photo

There she is in all her glory. What do you think? Is a nude Keira Knightley hot stuff? Or do anorexic, Kate Bosworth types just not do it for you?

It's certainly a different image from that presented in such hit films as Love Actually, Pride and Prejudice and the Pirates Of The Caribbean.

Ever since she appeared in a sports bra as a 17-year-old in Bend It Like Beckham, the waif has done nothing to disguise her lack of cleavage.

Keira, who is rumored to be in a nude scene in her new film, Atonement, once spoke of her chest, saying: "I don't have any t!ts, so I can't show cleavage."

That's not always something the Hollywood marketing machine (or, possibly, Rupert Friend) has been happy about. While British posters for her 2004 film, King Arthur, displayed her natural, boyish look, the American ones were a different story.

"Those things certainly weren't mine," she told a U.S. magazine.

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Amy Alexandra didn't last very long on Big Brother 8 this year. She was booted off the British version of this reality show in just two weeks.

Following in the naked footsteps of countrywoman Keeley Hazell nude, however, Alexandra simply has more time to promote her sex tape now. And she isn't shying away from doing so.

News of the World has posted an extensive article detailing the video this former Big Brother contestant has released. Far from a rumored sexual romp - such as the rumbling of a Lauren Conrad sex tape - this footage is quite real.

On camera, Alexadra is as open as other British babes, such as Lucy Pinder and Gemma Atkinson. She talks about how she:

  • CRAVES wild sex outdoors and in unusual locations.
  • DEVOURS men in her kitchen as she cooks dinner for them.
  • LOVES hosting LESBIAN slumber parties at her house.
  • SHOWERS with "guests" in her plush wood-lined bathroom at home.

Just 21, Amy appears to have more of a sexual appetite than Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton combined.

"I've had sex on the top of a multi-storey car park, but I'm hoping to add quite a few more to that list of strangest places I've done it," she says. "I do love a good hot steamy shower with a guy. So I think my ideal fantasy would be to get hot and steamy in an amazing waterfall somewhere in the rain forest, surrounded by all the flowers and animals."

Amy Alexandra: The latest reality star with a sex tape.

Alexandra also makes it clear that she doesn't reserve her giant boobs (30DD) solely for men. When her girlfriends come over: "We get really dressed up - make sure we're looking sexy - and we go out for a night on the town.

"Occasionally a bit of fun happens when we get back. But that's for us to know and you to wonder about."

Sounds to us like the sexual gauntlet has been laid down to other reality TV contestants that have put out sex tapes. Hear that, Jennifer Toof? Your escapades sound almost harmless now compared to all Amy Alexadra admits to.

Same for you, Olivia Mojica. You're gonna have to get seriously hardcore in order to earn the title of Raunchiest Reality Star.

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Hey, The Hills returns tonight. Maybe you heard.

We're not unexcited, but just to prove that our crush on Lauren Conrad has not completely blinded us to other worthy celebrities and shows, it's time we paid a little attention to Weeds.

Mary-Louise Photo

Any show with an advertisement featuring a nude Mary-Louise Parker is at least worthy of the occasional celebrity news story. Right? Right.

On Weeds, which returns at 10 pm tonight on Showtime, Nancy Botwin knows the everyday annoyances of modern life. Like an anemic cellphone signal when she needs to make a call.

But Nancy also faces less routine challenges: She and her phone are sharing the same room with five gangsters, each armed with a gun he's pointing at her head.

Worse: Nancy's hefty stash of marijuana - the central object of everyone's concern (and of the hit series) - is mysteriously missing.

That was the scene when the offbeat Showtime comedy starring Mary-Louise Parker ended its second season last fall. Now, with its return tonight, Nancy is right where viewers left her: under the gun. Literally!

"It was a bit tricky to find the mood again," says Parker of picking up the same scene that ended Season Two. "I had to work myself up into that same kind of froth."

The remarkable thing about Weeds is how funny it makes its premise - one that could and should be a real buzzkill: A newly widowed mother of two who starts selling weed to maintain her family's comfortable suburban lifestyle.

But that lifestyle is becoming a cover for a life increasingly committed to crime for the soccer mom from picture-perfect Agrestic, Calif.

"Nancy is a crook," says Parker of her character, surveying the season ahead. "She's a gangsta!"

Witty writing (and an unforgiving eye for middle-class hypocrisies) deliver plenty of laughs. So does the series' primo supporting cast, which includes Elizabeth Perkins, Kevin Nealon, Justin Kirk, Romany Malco and Matthew Modine.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, a former memorable Grey's Anatomy guest star who also dated Parker in real life, plays her deceased husband in flashbacks.

But Weeds is rooted in Parker's performance as Nancy, who, in her hands, is an anxious blend of boldness and delusion. Nancy stands up to the perils she has brought on herself, while going to great lengths to pretend they aren't there.

"I think her narcissism is offset by her naivete, to make her more palatable than she might otherwise be," Mary-Louise Parker muses.

"She's kind of a less ruthless version of Scarlett O'Hara: She's gonna survive no matter what, she's gonna make it work, she's gonna put on that red dress - you know, Scarlett puts it on and goes to the ball."

Follow the link to continue reading this article about Weeds ...

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When Perez Hilton comes out swinging against Lauren Conrad, it's easy to take the side of that innocent star of The Hills.

But when there's a feud between two equally nauseating personalities, it can be difficult to distinguish right from wrong.

In the most recent spat between Paula Abdul and Rosie O'Donnell, however, there's little doubt that the former co-host of The View has - one again - gone too far.

In Rosie's recent immature blog, she discusses with a fan the idea that Abdul is suffering from Parkinson's Disease. And it's not the first time the well-known liberal has gone off on the American Idol judge, previously referring to her as "desperate, raw, vulnerable" and "so needy for love."

While we don't doubt Paula is spoiled and most likely insane, we're a celebrity gossip blog. We're allowed to make baseless accusations. But doesn't O'Donnell have a responsibility to not wildly speculate about such a serious disease?

Abdul's rep, Jeff Ballard, thinks so. He recently released the following statement to Extra:

"This is absolutely ridiculous and untrue that Paula has Parkinson's. Rosie's been the object of rumors herself and I would think she would be more responsible about starting them herself.

Paula considers Rosie a friend. She's been to Paula's house. They've had dinner, and personally I think Rosie should mind her own business."

We agree. And can't imagine Whoopi Goldberg expressing herself in such a juvenile manner.

Disagree with Elisabeth Hasselbeck all you want, people, but you don't see her writing like a fourth grader on any Rosie-like blog, desperate to stay in the news, making gross assumptions about celebrities, generalizations about terrorist attacks.

She simply expresses a political point of view.

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Note to guys: Wanna date a hottie? Run through an an electric fence with that system's specialized dog collar around your neck.

Or maybe just crash your skateboard often.

Kate Hudson, Hairstyle

Basically, just follow the lead of the former stars of Jackass - since they seem to be doing pretty well for themselves with the ladies.

Awhile ago, for example, Bam Margera admitted to having sex with Jessica Simpson. And this was back when she was really, really good looking.

Now, reports indicate that things are heating up between Dax Shepard and Kate Hudson. To what extent? The New York Post claims these two might as well be living together.

"Dax is basically living at her house right now," said the newspaper's source.

We'd expect such a big step from couples that have dated awhile - such as Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo, who moved in together months ago - but Hudson and Shepard? Seems a bit fast to us. Didnt she's just break-up with Owen Wilson?

Even so, we wish these kids the best. Hopefully, they're as happy as another twosome taking this next serious course of action: America Ferrera and Ryan Piers Williams.

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One is essentially a child.

The other is a star on the soap opera All My Children.

The Tis and The Hudge

So it seems appropriate that Vanessa Hudgens would square off against Leven Rambin in a face-off of fashion.

Wearing the same dress, albeit in different colors, these two beauties each look fabulous. But does the adorable girlfriend of Zac Efron outshine the woman that acts alongside daytime legend Susan Lucci on a daily basis?

Only you can decide.

It's Vanessa Hudgens. It's Leven Rambin. It's a fashion face-off!

Those that favor Ashley Tisdale over Hudgens in any High School Musical match-up probably already know which actress they think looks better. But we can all agree on the following:

Both of these young stars look better than Britney Spears in her new music video. Who ever thought we'd say that?

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At 2:30 a.m. on Sunday, Britney Spears' longtime pal, Alli Sims, was served with legal papers concerning the custody battle between Spears and her ex-husband, Kevin Federline.

Allison Sims

Leaving a hot party at a private home in the Hollywood Hills, Sims got served by Aaron Cohen of IMS-Security.

"Alli was really shocked and covered her face," an observer tells People. "[She was] really distraught and said 'Oh my God.'"

No word on if Sims or anyone else then busted out any memorable quotes from the 2004 dance-off classic You Got Served.

We're guessing not, unfortunately.

Britney Spears, who was also at the party, did not witness the serving of the papers, according to the observer.

The papers are a deposition subpoena sent by Kevin Federline's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, compelling Sims to testify about Spears's parenting skills.

Sims, who has known Spears since childhood and is regularly at her side partying in Los Angeles, recently told People:

"[Britney] is a wonderful mom and she is so hands-on... Britney loves those babies to death. And they adore her."

Oh come on. The only thing she's got her hands on is Matt Encinias.

On Wednesday, Kevin Federline filed for primary custody of the couple's two sons, Sean Preston, 22 months, and Jayden James, 10 months.

A source close to Federline said recently that the would-be rapper has been worried about Spears's behavior and thinks she may be exposing the boys to "unnecessary risk."

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