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The tight pair of buns below - covered by the shortest of short shorts - belongs to everyone's favorite TV cheerleader, Heroes' Hayden Panettiere. Yowza.

We have no comment you haven't heard some version of before, or that doesn't make us incredibly dirty, so we'll just shut up and let you enjoy the pic ...

Curly-Haired Hayden

Hayden, who was recently presented a gold ring - a belated birthday present from "friend" and Heroes co-star Milo Ventimiglia - might want to pawn it and buy some jeans. Otherwise, not a lot of work is gonna get done around here.

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Don't worry, Steve Carell still works in The Office.

But the actor is expanding beyond the mere pushing of paper products in the new movie, Dan in Real Life.

Carell pushes advice in the comedy, starring as a widowed columnist who can't figure out how to control his own family. The movie does co-star Dane Cook, we're sorry to report, but it still looks funny.

Here's a look at Carell promoting it on Total Request Live this week:

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We have visual evidence that Heidi Klum nude photos are attractive.

But the super model would probably tell you they're nothing compared to the sight of her husband in the buff.

Heidi Klum Nude Ad

"I met him in a hotel lobby in New York City and he came in just from the gym and I was sitting there and I was, like, wow," Klum told Oprah Winfrey during a recent appearance on her talk show, as reported by People magazine.

And why, exactly, did she have such a reaction?

"I pretty much saw everything," Klum said. "The whole package."

There you have it, guys. Wanna land a hottie such as Heidi? Show off your goods.

Looks like Cisco Adler had it right all along.

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He's from Texas and she's from Oklahoma, so it's no wonder Chace Crawford and Carrie Underwood opted for some Southern Hospitality - as in Justin Timberlake's restaurant in New York City - on their latest date!

The American Idol winner and star country singer, 24, has been spotted going on a series of dates with the Gossip Girl actor, 22, and we just have to say that we're nuts about this adorable new celebrity couple.

Carrie Underwood at the ACMs

Chace Crawford and Carrie Underwood stopped at restaurant Destino earlier in the night before following that up with more food, drinks and dessert at the pop star's restaurant, which opened this year.

The pair dined on BBQ wings, Justin Timberlake's "Grannie's Pecan Pie" (which uses a real recipe from Justin's grandma) and looked "pretty lovey dovey," according to an observer at the hip new eatery.

Carrie Underwood and Chace Crawford were spotted again on Wednesday, as he watched her - during her press tour to promote her new album, Carnival Ride - perform on Live with Regis and Kelly. As usual, she was great!

One person surprised to see Chace Crawford backstage at the talk show? His own Gossip Girl co-star, Blake Lively, who was also a guest!

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Britney Spears and Kevin Federline had their first court-ordered Parenting Without Conflict session Wednesday at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

The session, which lasted over an hour, ended around 2 p.m., and Britney Spears left the hotel shortly thereafter, Us Weekly reports.

Before the meeting, a source close to the pop star said: "Britney actually is really excited about seeing Kevin. She sees this as the first step in them really getting along for the sake of [Sean Preston and Jayden James]."

Right. And Riley Giles has never been arrested before.

In other news, Britney Spears is on drugs.

No, not crystal meth and coke. Maybe. Celebrity news photographers snapped a container of Provigil, a prescription drug used to treat daytime sleepiness (and narcolepsy), in Spears' open purse as she made her way to parenting class.

"Unlike a traditional stimulant which has side effects such as hyperactivity and inattentiveness, the primary effect of this medication is only to help keep you from falling asleep," says Dr. Mark Milstein, a New York neurologist.

"Somebody who is living a celebrity lifestyle, who frequently is up early one day and very late the next, could easily develop very disordered sleep patterns."

That and someone who gets absolutely hammered in public most nights of the week and flashes their hairless vagina to all nearby onlookers?

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Comedian George Carlin and actress Jamie Lee Curtis both suggested that the devastating wildfires raging in Southern California shouldn't come as a surprise.

Offering his provocative opinion on The View Wednesday morning, George Carlin paraphrased an old rant of his, and characterized the fires - which threaten many celebrities' homes as well as millions of others - as payback from Earth.

"People are selfish," he said. "These people with the fires, floods and everything, they overbuild, they put nature to the test, and they get what's coming to them."

Joy Behar replied, "That's a little harsh, George."

But the 70-year-old comic continued:

"People think nature is outside them. They don't take into [themselves] the idea that nature is a part of them." Pointing to his chest, he said, "Nature is in here, and if you're in tune with it, like the Indians, the balance of life, the harmony of nature, if you understand that, you don't overbuild, you don't do moron stuff."

Well, then. Al Gore, he's certainly not. But what we think he's getting at is that environmental conservation should be higher on some people's priority lists.

Jamie Lee Curtis gave a similarly grim assessment of the situation, suggesting people are in "ultimate denial" about what they're doing to the planet.

"Global warming, combined with people building houses in places they shouldn't, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera," she said.

"It just compounds to become, as they call it, a perfect storm experience here. It's not by accident. It isn't an act of God. It is an act of man."

Except for the fact that similar fires have taken place for eons and a natural disaster is only termed as such when people happen to live nearby.

Perhaps Curtis feels that everyone of Southern California, Florida, Louisiana and should relocate? Well-intentioned as they might be, this pair should leave the political analysis to Barack Obama and focus on their careers.

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The following is a newly released video of Anna Nicole Smith.

The late actress appears far from mentally stable, with a nine-year old girl (daughter of Ford Shelley, whose father-in-law's home Anna was staying in) begging the cameraman to stop footage because the pregnant Smith is obviously in need of help.

Playboy Bunny

And the identity of that cameraman? Who Shelley's daughter also said she saw slip Anna something from a white bottle before she turned all loopy and catatonic? Howard K. Stern.


At one point, Stern says: "This footage is worth money."

The man is absolutely sick.

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As his one-year wedding anniversary approaches, Tom Cruise is jumping on couches looking back with joy on the day he married Katie Holmes.

Asked what stands out in his memory about the wedding in a castle in Italy last November, Cruise said watching Katie Holmes become a bride.

Open Doors

"I think every person has it when they look at their bride," the actor told Entertainment Tonight on Tuesday at the Rome premiere of his new film Lions for Lambs. "That's something that I'll never forget."

And, despite the frenzy of fans and media surrounding the wedding, which took place at Odescalchi Castle in Lake Bracciano, Italy, Cruise said the day managed to remain "personal" for TomKat.

"It was very beautiful," he said. "As big as it was from the outside, it was a very personal experience and something obviously I'll never forget."

Tom also gave an update on the couple's 18-month-old daughter, Suri Cruise, saying, "She's just a real light and very happy, a very joyous child."

We do love that celebrity baby, and whether we fully understand Scientology or not, you can't deny that Tom and Katie have been good parents so far.

As for his love of Italy - particularly the cuisine - Cruise joked that his favorite Italian phrase is, "More pasta, more pasta, preferably with truffles."

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When a teenage Britney Spears was burped into the limelight way back in 1998, you could tell from the start she knew exactly what she was after.

Now 25, she can no longer stomach the level of fame she's attained. But can Britney Spears, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, resurrect her career?

Sean P. is Huge

That's the question appropriately asked by The Boston Phoenix, which notes that Americans love comeback queens almost as much as they love train wrecks.

Can Britney Spears rise from the ashes of her own self-destruction?

"Everybody is really attuned to showing what a manic-depressive, bipolar, poor-mother mess this girl is," says Kelly Cutrone, former publicist and the founder and CEO of People's Revolution PR in New York City.

"Everybody's building on it, stalking her, and running around getting pictures of Britney Spears, just waiting for ‘the moment' to line up."

Yet despite her penchant for irresponsible partying, her astoundingly bad VMA performance, a poor driving record and â€" rock bottom â€" the loss of custody of her sons to ex-husband Kevin Federline, Spears' new single "Gimme More" may still hit pop pay dirt and Blackout drops October 30. So there is hope.

Most Americans get off on a good redemption story, and Britney Spears would make a darling poster girl â€" but can she just stop parading that naked vagina around like a beauty-queen's crown long enough to turn things around?

It's the question of our time. In a show of encouragement to the Louisiana lush, The Phoenix came up with a field guide to celebrity comebacks. The pop princess is a Category One at the moment. Follow the jump to continue.

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