On April 6, the cast from American Pie will reunite for their 10th high school reunion in East Great Falls, Michigan, and so much has changed. Or not at all.

The new American Reunion trailer below shows Seann William Scott in all his glory as the sex-crazed, pot-stirring Stifler, while Jason Biggs' Jim is married with a kid.

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Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush are back together? Please. That rumor is so last week.

The latest issue of In Touch Weekly takes this chatter one... hundred steps further by claiming Kim and Reggie are making "secret plans to elope." So secret, apparently, that they're the topic of this tabloid's cover story:

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Can you tell if a woman has ever flashed someone just by looking at her?

Not a question we pondered before today, admittedly, but Jimmy Kimmel got us thinking about it. The late night host interviewed people on the street and asked them that very question, then polled the audience to see if they could guess right.

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