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And now for your obligatory Lauren Conrad love life update!

The New York Post is reporting that The Hills star was seen "holding hands and making out with" Sean Zastoupil (pictured), a wannabe actor and backup dancer.

LC at Lunch

Not so, says Sean Zastoupil himself. The young stud denies the claims, posting the following message on his official MySpace blog:

"Well, once again I am getting messages asking if I am dating certain people. First it was Lindsay Lohan (Intriguing girl, one of my favorite celebs But have never met her!)

Now people are asking if I am currently Dating Lauren Conrad from the Hills (MTV) I met her one time at a Fashion show a couple years back but haven't talked to her since! I heard from someone that the story was being leaked to a magazine and possibly sold.

People crack me up. It is never good to talk about people falsely but that is the way of Hollywood. I guess if it is a story you want to hear then what you pick and choose to hear from the story is what you will tell..."

Profound, Sean. Profound. This guy may not have a firm grasp on the proper use of capital letters, but he's adamant that he never hooked up with Lauren Conrad.

Do you believe him? We're not sure. One would think a man with a last name like Zastoupil would own up to it if he were trying to get famous, but maybe he's just a gentleman.

Sean Zastoupil joins an illustrious, growing group (which includes NBA draft pick Josh McRoberts) as possible, unconfirmed hookups of LC this summer.

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Male readers have been clamoring for more pics of Megan Fox nude.

We're working on that.

Esquire Spread

For now, just feast your eyes on this partially clothed, gorgeous actress and be thankful it isn't another photo of Jason Davis or Janice Dickinson.

Thank you, Megan Fox. We now return your regularly scheduled celebrity gossip...

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At least we don't have to see Janice Dickinson naked in the photo below.

But we do need to put up with more nonsense from people who think getting naked in the name of animal protection is the best way to spend their time. (No offense, Holly Madison nude. You're the exception.)

Janice Dickinson for PETA

Other celebrities that have contributed to this fight include Pamela Anderson and Famke Janssen. But we're most bothered by Dickinson and the underwear-clad male models seen here, rallying on behalf of PETA's "We'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur" campaign.

Aren't there better causes to protest? Like the Iraq war, where actual human beings are dying? Or Michael Vick and dogfighting, if they wish to remain topical?

Phew. We can focus our eye balls on the Mary-Louise Parker nude billboard behind these idiots campaigning on behalf of PETA.

"By showing some of our skin, we hope to help save animals' skins," the crazy, former model said.

Give Dickinson credit on that: if she ever threatened to take it all off, we probably would give in to all demands. No horny cops will be asking for nude photos of her any time soon.

In the end, we're not anti-animals by any means. We just have our priorities straight. Let's focus on people living in poverty and Britney Spears receiving professional help before we care about the occasional minx being killed.

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For Lauren Conrad, it's apparently tough to find a BFF and roommate with a boyfriend who doesn't suck. And turn her into a mother hen, of sorts.

The beautiful star of The Hills found herself in a somewhat familiar area Monday night, playing the third wheel as her roommate dated a new "hot" guy.

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag at Area

Only this time it's not Heidi Montag, but new BFF, Audrina Patridge, and on-again boyfriend, Justin... whose friends, of course, call him Bobby. Thus, Justin-Bobby.

What's J-B's actual name? We have no idea. Nor would we care, except that Audrina Patridge is apparently too clueless to give this assbag the boot.

After a standoffish meeting with Lauren - the guy showcased his belching skillz and displayed the maturity of an eight-year-old in an upscale eatery (no joke) - Conrad will likely have less-nice, more descriptive nicknames for Justin-Bobby.

Mumbling, hiding under a hood and telling Lauren Conrad bluntly that he doesn't care about her opinion, Justin-Bobby is shaping up to be a worthy competitor for Spencer.

The scheming Spencer Pratt does a much better job of making himself compelling to watch, though - even the haters have to give him that.

Despite a desire not to hurt Lauren, who told her she should pull the plug, Audrina nonetheless found herself back with the motorcycle-riding bad boy by the episode's end.

As Lauren Conrad herself knows, sometimes the bad boys are the hardest to let go of. But will LC give Audrina flak for giving Justin-Bobby this second chance?

In other dysfunctional relationship news, the newly engaged Heidi Montag showed off her fake engagement ring at work, then struggled to set the ground rules for cohabitation. Her methods of choice were passive-agressive - and entertaining!

After Spencer Pratt "surprised" his lovely lover with vintage '80s arcade games and a graffiti-splashed living room wall, and didn't listen to her pleas for even a little input as to home decor, Heidi gave him a taste of his own medicine.

Spencer came home to find Heidi paint-rolling over his "artwork," offering him his very own "surprise" - a clean, plain, off-white wall!

Pratt fumed as Montag explained that if they plan to make this "engagement thing" work, they're going to have to make decisions together. Spencer was seething as he agreed as he stared forlornly at his once glorious wall. In a moment, though, he picked up a roller and finished off Heidi's project.

Is Spencer now thinking pal Brody Jenner may have been right when he said marriage was just an institution for dumb guys who can't get otherwise laid?

Who knows. But next week on The Hills, Spencer ditches a Brody BBQ to meet Heidi's parents in Colorado, while Brody and LC commiserate over their lost friendships. Meanwhile, Audrina encounters drama with Justin-Bobby - drama everyone in America saw coming but her!

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The day we have been anticipating for so long has finally arrived. The amazing Hayden Panettiere is 18 years young today! Happy birthday, Hayden!

You all know what this milestone means. Hayden Panettiere can now register to vote and, next year, elect a presidential candidate who will continue the abominable Iraq war and send her away to risk her life pointlessly in a hostile, foreign land.

Sorry, Henry Hager, for that political diatribe. That was a cheap shot against your future father-in-law. It won't be the last, however.

Let's just focus on Hayden. The Heroes star and object of many adolescent male fantasies today becomes a legal adult... with all the benefits (heh, heh) therein.

Happy birthday, Hayden Panettiere, you cutie.

While there's no doubt Hayden's boyfriend, Stephen Colletti, is breathing a little easier (or heavier, if you will) on this day, it really doesn't change much for us.

Our point? Don't expect to be seeing Hayden Panettiere nude in magazines or movies anytime soon. This is actually an actress with her head on straight.

And whether she's 17 or 18, you're still 35, and dirty for thinking about it.

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 We don't really care what forces were behind the recent Keira Knightley nude photo spread for Chanel. But the actress is gonna tell us anyway.

"Somebody goes, ‘Gosh, you're pretty,' " Knightley said to the UK's Radio Times. "Thanks. I've got good genes!

Scarlett Johansson Nude Photo

More than just thanking her family, the lovely Brit also gives props to the advertising experts that know how to touch up a picture. She said:

"OK, I'm on the cover of a magazine but somebody else does the hair, and the makeup, and airbrushes the fâ€" out of me â€" it's not me, it's something other people have created."

We're not sure why The Pirates of the Caribbean star â€" who replaced Kate Moss as the face of Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle fragrance â€" is so defensive about her looks.

We just think you're very pretty, Keira.

Of course, this isn't the first time the actress has taken issue with how she's portrayed in the media. In January, she successfully sued Britain's Daily Mail for suggesting she had an eating disorder. (Somehow, she must have missed all The Hollywood Gossip articles pretty much claiming the same thing.)

"You couldn't say anything more horrendous," Knightley said of the newspaper's claims about her thin looks. "So yes, I did take a hard line, and I would take that line again."

Fortunately, that disgustingly gaunt Jenna Jameson is taking no such line with us and other celebrity news outlets for commenting on her weight.

Finally, Knightley says - in a sexy, sexy accent - that "when I was 16, 17, I felt incredibly awkward about the way I looked."

We'd imagine this is the same for most girls. Except Hayden Panettiere, of course. That Heroes star turns 18 today. Time to embrace her beauty!

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A month after saying he looked forward to clearing his name, Michael Vick now acknowledges the heinous acts associated with his name are true.

The Atlanta Falcons quarterback said through his lawyer that he will plead guilty to federal dogfighting charges, an admission that likely will mean prison time.

For now, hopes of salvaging his NFL career are secondary to his impending confinement. And any criticism we ever had of Alex Rodriguez seems like a complete joke.

"His focus is on his family, his focus is on answering to this judge," said Michael Vick's lead defense attorney, Billy Martin, after announcing the plea.

"Mr. Vick has agreed to enter a plea of guilty to the charges against him and to accept full responsibility for his actions and the mistakes he has made. Michael wishes to apologize again to everyone who has been hurt by this matter."

U.S. District Judge Henry Hudson can sentence Michael Vick to up to five years in prison and fine him $250,000, although federal sentencing guidelines call for less.

A government official, speaking on condition of anonymity because the terms are not final, told the AP that prosecutors will recommend a sentence of 12 to 18 months.

The sentence will be more than usually recommended for first-time offenders, as the U.S. government strives to show animal abusers they'll get more than a slap on the wrist.

Vick will return Monday to the same courthouse where he pleaded not guilty and resolved to prove his innocence just 25 days ago. This time he will plead guilty.

The NFL, in a statement, noted that Michael Vick's admission wasn't in line with what he told commissioner Roger Goodell after being charged:

"We are aware of Michael Vick's decision to enter a guilty plea to the federal charges against him and accept responsibility for his conduct. We totally condemn the conduct outlined in the charges, which is inconsistent with what Michael Vick previously told both our office and the Falcons. We will conclude our own review under the league's personal conduct policy as soon as possible."

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We'd rather look at Heidi Klum nude, too.

But it's always fun to have readers chime on on matching outfits, so we've set up another celebrity fashion face-off below.

Kylie Jenner Fashion

It may not be a fair fight, however, considering Salma Hayek looks larger than most Hollywood mansions right now. Does she ever plan on giving birth? The public is more tuned in to this suspense than it was for High School Musical.

Still, the fiancee of Francois Henri-Pinault looks mighty fine for someone possibly carrying around a litter. But you tell us, fans:

Which of these famous females wears the dress better?

Hopefully, we can see Salma Hayek nude one of these days and then have a true match-up between her and the bare body of Klum.

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Despite recent reports to the contrary, it doesn't appear that Adam Levine has seen Maria Sharapova nude.

A representative for the Maroon 5 frontman and man-whore denies that he recently dissed the tennis star's lovemaking skills.

Naked for Cancer

The rumors are "absolutely not true," says a rep for Adam Levine, who is said to have slept with Jessica Simpson, Natalie Portman, Lindsay Lohan and countless others.

This month, the Moscow newspaper The Exile said that Levine called 20-year-old Wimbledon champ - who he has been romantically linked with - a dead frog in the sack.

Adam Levine. Maria Sharapova. Hot.

"She wouldn't make any noise during sex," Adam Levine is reported to have said of Sharapova. "I can't even tell you how disappointed I was. I really thought, like a lot of guys, that she'd be the loud screaming type."

"She just lay there like a dead frog. She even got angry if I started to moan, said it ruined her concentration. It was so disillusioning that I went on Paxil for a month afterwards. Really, it was much more of a shock than when I found out there's no such thing as the Easter Bunny."

Levine's rep confirms that the interview never took place. Us Weekly says the story was intended as a satire. Maria Sharapova is still hot, however.

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Kevin Federline has put down the smokes and booze long enough to land a guest-starring role on the CW's One Tree Hill, numerous sources report.

In the multi-episode arc, the would-be rapper will play Jason, "the cocky, enigmatic frontman" for No Means Yes, a rock band in the show's fictional setting of Tree Hill, N.C., according to the network.

"Kevin came in and (auditioned) and he did a great job," Mark Schwahn, the creator of One Tree Hill, said.

"He really seemed like a sweet guy and I just felt that he would be great in that."

Schwahn acknowledges "people will say this smells of stunt casting" because of Kevin Federline's "really high public persona right now."

"I have to honestly say he was a good fit for the character," Schwahn said. "I don't know a thing about the kid but he seemed sweet and very sincere about working hard and embracing the opportunity. It's just about being good in the role."

Last year, FedEx guest-starred on an episode of CSI as a young street thug named Cole Tritt. He was also reported to be guesting on Entourage.

For the role on CSI, Federline donned a pig mask - and was a part of the episode that scored CSI an Emmy nomination for outstanding makeup. A legend in the making!

Of course, in 2005, Federline and wife Britney Spears appeared on the UPN reality show, Britney & Kevin: Chaotic, which documented their early relationship.

And Federline is perhaps best known for having made fun of himself, playing a fry cook who dreams of stardom in a Super Bowl ad for Nationwide Insurance.

Meanwhile, Federline's former flame, Shar Jackson, with whom he has two kids, is also doing a guest appearance on a CW show, Everybody Hates Chris, this fall.

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