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Teen queen Miley Cyrus is seen here posing for celebrity gossip photographers. It's the typical price one must pay for such extreme fame.


Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus

Might this not even be a real Miley Cyrus picture? Various wax statues of the actress have been carved around the country. Could this be one of them?

You decide in this edition of Real or Wax …

Follow this article's jump now to learn the answer...

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Former neighbors and current pals Britney Spears and Mel Gibson spend some more time together Tuesday - at an exclusive Beverly Hills cigar club.

The singer and the actor-filmmaker met in what was considered more of an ongoing guidance session than a business meeting, sources say.

Dress Her Up

Mel Gibson and his wife Robin have taken Britney Spears under their wing since her meltdowns earlier this year, meeting with her regularly.

At the posh Havana Club, a tired-looking Spears arrived with her personal assistant, Brett and a bodyguard to meet Mel around 7:30.

"She looked pretty in her new Capri jeans a blue blouse, white shoes and a brown bag," said a celebrity gossip photographer on the scene.

Troubled stars Britney Spears and Mel Gibson have forged a friendship.

Britney was described as quiet and serious - by contrast, an upbeat Mel Gibson walked in holding a bag up to his face and saying "okay, you got me" as celebrity news photographers crowded around to snap his picture.

Once neighbors in Malibu (Spears now lives in Studio City), Britney and Mel began spending time together in March. In May, Gibson and his wife, and Britney and her dad, Jamie Spears, vacationed together in Costa Rica.

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Ali Lohan might not believe this, but there was a time when wanna-be celebrities couldn't just appear on a reality show or make a sex tape and earn instant fame.

Hopeful actors had to - gasp! - work for their success. The most popular forum in which future stars built their careers? The soap opera. Here's a look at a few big names that weren't always on the big screen marquee.

For years, they were simply hopping from daytime bed to daytime bed...

  • Hayden Panettiere - One Life to Live (1994-97); Guiding Light (1996-2000)
  • Snoop Dogg - Remixed One Life to Live theme; Guest-starred, May 2008

The new Dogg pound: Snoop on the set of One Life to Live.

  • Demi Moore - General Hospital (1982-83)
  • Tori Spelling - Beverly Hills, 90210 (perpetually)
  • Marisa Tomei - As the World Turns (1983-1985)
  • Meg Ryan - As the World Turns (1982-84)

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Don't worry, Miley Cyrus fans, here's exciting news about your favorite singer that has nothing at all to do with inappropriate pictures.

The teen sensation - along with BFF Mandy Jiroux - has enlisted the help of a few celebrities for her latest video. The clip is a response to the ACDC dance crew's April 10 call for the "biggest online dance battle in YouTube history."

She Can't Be Tamed

It is so on.

Cameos in the following video include Emmanuelle Chriqui, Joey Fatone, illusionist David Blaine and Ryan Seacrest. They ain't messing around...


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The Hollywood Gossip staff does our best to verify every rumor and story we publish.

When we get it wrong, however, we aren't above an apology and a retraction. (Turns out Miley Cyrus was never pregnant. Our bad!)

Angelina Jolie on Nightline

The same can't be said for Entertainment Tonight. The supposedly venerable celebrity gossip show still won't face the facts when it comes to Angelina Jolie giving birth; or NOT giving birth, to be precise.

Angelina Jolie is still pregnant. Please, someone tell Mary Hart.

"We still don't know if she's had those babies or not and until we do we won't retract our story. I don't know yet that we've made a mistake," host Mary Hart recently said.

Hart makes this statement despite the fact that Brad Pitt was in a different country from Jolie when she supposedly gave birth to twins; and that Brangelina's publicist has denied the report.

"I hope that the babies were born when we said they were and that we had our facts straight. I have never retracted a story in 26 years, but all I can do now is wait and see," Hart said.

It's a genius move by Hart. She'll wait, she'll see that the babies are eventually born and - presto! - Entertainment Tonight's report will be verified.

This is the best plan since Linda Hogan decided to date 19-year Charlie Hill as vengeance for being cheated on.

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Minka Kelly is a celebrity who can make any hairstyle work.

The Friday Night Lights actress is such a natural beauty, she's never going to go wrong. One has little trouble seeing why Derek Jeter might desire her.

As celebrity hairstyles go, however, we still prefer Minka Kelly's traditional long, straight locks to her occasional wavy mini-braids. Do you? See below ...

  • Minka Kelly in West Hollywood
  • Minka Kelly Fashion

Which hairstyle do you think looks best on Minka Kelly, one of our favorite celebs?

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She was one of our biggest stories in two years covering celebrity gossip, but Ashley Alexandra Dupre faded into the woodwork pretty quickly.

Save for the occasional legal sparring with Joe Francis, things have been quiet for her. That is, until she was spotted at the beach this weekend!

Ashley Dupre From Behind

Yup, our favorite Jersey girl turned teenage runaway turned underage Girls Gone Wild star turned high-priced call girl of former N.Y. Gov. Eliot Spitzer (and aspiring singer) was seen donning a black bikini and frolicking by the ocean.

Here's Ashley Alexandra Dupre (in more clothing than usual) ...

Okay, so Ashley Dupre has a nice body. But $4,000-an-hour nice?

Ashley and her mom, 46-year-old Carolyn Capalbo, were spotted at Sea Girt Beach on the New Jersey Shore on Sunday by The New York Daily News.

Click here for more fairly sexy bikini pictures of America's favorite call girl, Ashley Dupre - along with the MILF who spawned her.

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Timbaland and Monique Idlett, his longtime girlfriend, publicist and baby mama, have gotten married, according to his publicist (which is her)!

The two wed â€" in sweatpants - in Virginia Tuesday, with family pastor officiating the ceremony. Gotta hand it to them for being low-key!

Timbaland Image

That was just to make it legal in the U.S., however. Timbaland and Monique Idlett are getting hitched in a formal ceremony in Aruba June 22.

Monique Idlett is now Mrs. Timbaland!

The couple lives in Miami and just welcomed a baby girl last year.

Timbaland, who also has a son from a previous relationship, popped the question at Monique Idlett's baby shower.

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Referring to it as "the scariest thing I have ever done," David Cook sang the national anthem before Game 3 of the NBA Finals next season.

"The nerves are way worse [than on American Idol]," Cook told reporters moments before his Tuesday night rendition of the Star Spangled Banner. "It's the one song you don't want to mess up. I'm going to try not to notice Jack Nicholson sitting in the front row and think about the lyrics."

Awesome Trio

Cook, of course, succeeded with that goal, performing a rendition of our nation's song better than the Celtics performed on defense in the game's final minute. (Seriously, who leaves Ray Allen one-on-one to guard Kobe Bryant?!?)

Despite his trepidation, the American Idol champion - who was joined in the stands by girlfriend Kimberly Caldwell - was able to make a joke prior to the contest:

"No matter what I do, I don't have Simon Cowell telling me how dreadful it was."

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The Hills drama certainly wasn't scripted this time!

When Lauren Conrad came home one day last week, what did she find? A celebrity gossip magazine doing a photo shoot ... with Audrina.

As we know, Audrina Patridge lives - at least for now - in the guest house of Lauren's Hollywood villa. She invited OK! to take some pics.

Lauren Conrad? Far from pleased.

Apparently LC threw a fit (actual, physical stomping) because she had already promised exclusive pics to another celebrity news mag!

In Audrina Patridge's defense, she had already gotten the OK (no pun intended) from Lauren Conrad's reps, who forget to clue their client in.

She hurried through the shoot and got the heck outta there.

"Lauren was very, very, very mad," explained Audrina later.

"[Lauren] said it's her house, which is true. But this is my room. I said, ‘We're not taking pictures of your house â€" don't be rude.' It just adds to the tension. Now she thinks I'm sneaky and shady for doing this photo shoot, yet she and her team knew about it. She won't let it go."

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