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Ashley Tisdale is a wanted woman. And we don't just mean by boyfriend Jared Murillo!

The High School Musical star is currently shooting the third installment of that wildly popular franchise, but she already has another movie deal signed, as Ashley will be starring in They Came From Upstairs.

Now, The Hollywood Reporter states that Tisdale is in negotiations to star in a remake of the 1989 movie Teen Witch. She'd play Louise Miller in the flick, which is about an unpopular girl who discovers that she's a descendant of witches.

Lastly, like costar Vanessa Hudgens, Tisdale is also currently working on her second album. When do these young stars have time to sleep?!?

Can you picture Ashley Tisdale as a witch?

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A series of mediocre performances finally caught up to Kristy Lee Cook last night, as the pretty American Idol contestant with a disdain for Simon Cowell was voted off the show.

Cowell was a constant thorn in Cook's side, telling her on Tuesday night "you didn't give me chills," but "you managed with what you could."

Viewers agreed with the judge, as they included Kristy Lee in the bottom three last night, along with Syesha Mercado and Brooke White. When she heard the news, Cook cried bit, only for the equine enthusiast to buck up, thank America for voting and ask:"Can I go ride my horse now?"

Yes, Kristy Lee. Go ride away the pain.

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This just in: the parents of Jessica Gibson are on her side!

"I was shocked when I heard about everything [and] I worry about her capability to cope with things," Jessica Gibson's father Jim told People Magazine.

The situation being referred to, of course, is the fact that Jim's daughter has accused former employer Rob Lowe of exposing his penis to her on multiple occasions. Sorry. We're just reporting the facts.

Meanwhile, Eileen Gibson finds it "absurd to say she tried to extort from the family. She is very compassionate, very caring and honest. She has a gift for working with kids. She loves them. She's very gentle and kind and values her family very much."

Also on Jessica's side? Her older sister, Kelly Gibson:

"She was always the babysitter growing up. She's Auntie Jessie to my daughter Alicia. I always told her she would be the best mother and wife."

Now, according to Lowe, Jessica Gibson is simply the best liar.

Do you believe her?

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Well, first, she'll have to bring sanity back. As for bringing sexy back, that may be a lost cause, although some celeb gossip sites have been helping her out by using older, hotter Britney Spears pictures from 2003-2004 on their covers.

Bad jokes aside, the embattled pop princess may get a chance to return to more normal patterns of visitation with her sons Jayden James and Sean Preston.

The troubled star will appear before L.A. County Superior Court Commissioner Scott Gordon on May 6 - that is, unless she bails at the last second as usual - to plead for restoration of overnight visits with her two little boys.

Britney will be accompanied by her dad and lawyers, however, so as long as Jamie Spears does his customary underwear check, she should be good.

DRIVING MISS CRAZY: Will Britney Spears see the kiddies more often?

According to a source, Spears - who was hospitalized twice earlier this year after psychotic meldowns - may get one sleepover a week if things go well:

"Britney wants Sean Preston and Jayden James back and she will do everything in her power to make that goal a reality," said the insider.

It is widely believed that while he is worried about Spears' stability, her ex, Kevin Federline, is not trying to stop her from visitation or custody out of spite. In fact, he would welcome it - so long as Britney is deemed capable.

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Remember Justin-Bobby, the brooding dirtbag who made a run at Spencer Pratt's title of most hated villain on The Hills last year? Two pieces of news:

  • He returns to The Hills next week.
  • He is apparently a fashion model now.

Yes, according to E! Online, Justin-Bobby (real name Justin Brescia) has been up to more than mumbling incoherently, not showering, riding his motorcycle and breaking Audrina Patridge's poor heart. He's been modeling.

Lauren Conrad Hairstyle

The shaggy-haired reality TV star recently re-surfaced in a modeling book for Orthodox, a menswear label represented by People's Revolution. Check it out...

You can't quite absorb his full dirtbag aura from these Justin-Bobby modeling photos alone, but we sense Mr. Brescia will remind us of that soon enough.

People's Revolution, ironically, is the same PR agency Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port are currently working for. An E! insider swears it's a coincidence:

"The designer just so happens to be friends with Justin," the source says. "There is no People's Revolution connection or to The Hills."

As for whether Justin-Bobby Brescia is still seeing Audrina Patridge nude? That we will have to wait for next week's episode to figure out. Unlike Lauren, Heidi and even Whitney, Justin-Bobby has remained out of the public eye for months.

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It's hard to blame a man for ogling.

After all, when you sit courtside at an NBA game, the simple fact is that there are gonna be buns. Tight ones. In your face. At very close range.

Beckham Loves Basketball

But if you're David Beckham, and you're one of the most scrutinized peeps in Hollywood, if not the world, you may want to be a little subtle.

Or take a picture, as it will last longer...

GREAT SEAT: David Beckham closely inspects a hot cheerleader and reacts as many males would at the Los Angeles Lakers-Sacramento Kings game last night.

Let's hope for David's sake that Victoria Beckham doesn't see this pic ...

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Vanessa Hudgens is photographed and interviewed in the latest issues of Details.

In it, the High School Musical star sounds incredibly mature and grounded about the current era of celebrity gossip, accepting it as part of a successful career.

"If you have paparazzi, you know you've gotten somewhere," Hudgens said.

As for a certain nude photo scandal that broke last year, Vanessa shrugged it off, as well, chalking the incident up as a road block in life:

"Honestly, you have your ups and downs. But it's over with and it's done."

Meanwhile, Vanessa and the gang (including boyfriend Zac Efron) are currently at a top secret location in Utah shooting the feature film High School Musical 3.

It's due out in October.

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Rachael Ray isn't getting riled up about Cindy McCain stealing some of her recipes. Then again, we all know Rachael Ray is a shameless media whore and bona fide megalomaniac good sport, so this probably makes her excited!

The wife of Republican presidential candidate John McCain, Cindy McCain cooked up some controversy when an intern shoplifted Rachael Ray's recipe for rosemary chicken, Ahi tuna and several other Food Network recipes.

The Arizona Senator's campaign site pawned them off as "Cindy's Recipes," only to have Recipe-Gate uncovered by a deft Huffington Post reporter (the next thing you know, they're gonna tell us The Hills re-shoots scenes for good angles).

Just the same, the wife of John Cusimano was unfazed, saying:

"All these recipes are supposed to be accessible to everyone. Interns, senators, students and families alike! I am flattered when anyone cooks my food."

Cindy McCain and Rachael Ray: Bonded by Ahi Tuna.

To further show she has no hard feelings, Ray wants to cash in big on this in every possible way John McCain and Cindy McCain to visit her show and "get in the kitchen to share with viewers some of their favorite recipes."

On Monday, after being outed, the campaign swiftly removed the recipes, and said the intern responsible was "dealt with," according to a campaign spokesperson. Joking, the rep told reporters, "We took away his zero pay."

Also exposed as a fraud this week? The McCain Girls! Sad.

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