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She's not revealing many details about it, but Lauren Conrad says she makes a "life-changing" decision in the season-three finale of MTV's The Hills, which airs Monday, December 10, and she is very happy with her choice.

"I gotta be honest, I haven't seen the finale yet," LC revealed to People magazine at the magazine's 50th Grammy Awards Kick-Off Party on Thursday. "I know that something happens in our lives, but I don't know what they're showing."

Lauren added that "Something very exciting happens in my life. I can't tell you what, obviously, because it has to air, but it was life-changing."

Lauren Conrad will make a decision that will, like, change her life. OMG!

Conrad reportedly is offered a second chance at living in Paris â€" something she turned down at the end of Season One to be with Jason Wahler. Whitney Port ended up going in her place and fast-tracking herself to a full-time job at Teen Vogue.

Lauren won't confirm that (though it was also hinted at in The Hills season finale promo), but does say she had a choice to make, and is happy with her decision.

Could it have something to do with Brody Jenner?

"I mean, a little bit, but mostly do to with me," Conrad says. "I have to make a very big decision â€" which I made, which I'm very happy with now."

So, what she's saying is that she's happy! Everybody get that? We are curious to learn what this decision being made on The Hills might be ... and glad its lovely leading lady and friends will reportedly be running it back for a Season 4!

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If you've ever seen Friday Night Lights, you are familiar with Adrianne Palicki. If not, you are missing out. It's a great show. And a naked Adrianne Palicki is seriously hot. Don't believe us? Well, check out the photos below ...

Nude Adrianne Palicki

Behold: A naked Adrianne Palicki of Friday Night Lights fame.

Wow, that's hot stuff! We sort of showed you Adrianne Palicki nude a few months back, but here she is for real... and did we mention she's attractive?

Nude or not, it's nice to see someone else from Friday Night Lights finally get a little publicity, which Minka Kelly usually hogs. No offense to Minka of course. Follow the jump for more hot pics of a nude / topless Adrianne Palicki!

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And we're not talking about Sam Lutfi!

No, we're referring to her annoying-ass little Yorkie pup, named London for some reason. It's hard to tell which of the creatures below is more intelligent ...

The Circus

Blissfully unaware that Halloween was like five weeks ago, train wreck Britney Spears stepped out in a hot pink wig with London in Los Angeles earlier this week.

Looking as professional as ever, Britney Spears and Robert Edie - her Realtor and possibly more - went looking for a new house for her in the upscale Brentwood section of L.A. (which we're sure would welcome her). Brit already owns homes in Malibu and Beverly Hills, but that's so far from downtown, you know?

Think Robert Edie can write a contingency into her purchase of sale agreement that stipulates he will get to third base with her on or before the closing date?

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The New York Daily News has compiled the list of the dumbest people in Hollywood. Before we unveil the results, it's important to remember that:

  • "Dumb doesn't necessarily correspond to a low IQ. There are poor life choices, style slip-ups and mishaps under the influence to take into account," as the newspaper explained;
  • The survey was completed before news of a Jessica Sierra sex tape broke. We assume this development, coupled with run-ins with the law, along with an offer to orally pleasure the arresting officer, would have landed her on the list.

Ultimately, Lindsay Lohan captured the top spot due to her "poor movie choices, delinquent behavior and bad taste in men," which seems like an unnecessary bashing of Stavros Niarchos, Heath Ledger, Criss Angel, Harry Morton, Riley Giles, AJ Lamas and many more.

We object to second place, however, as the newspaper awarded the dishonor to Kim Kardashian because "it is sad when you leak your sex tape and nobody cares."

Kim may be many things, but the tape in question has certainly helped vault her to the center of the celebrity gossip world.

Naked Kim Kardashian

Getting naked on film and in Playboy, Kim Kardashian made a name for herself.

Spencer Pratt came in third, even though his exploits on The Hills have made himself and Heidi Montag very, very rich. Here are the rest of the rankings:

  • Jeff Kwatinetz, CEO of Beverly Hills management team The Firm and the guy that gave the go-ahead for Britney Spears' infamously horrendous MTV Video Music Awards performance.
  • Shia LaBeouf
  • Heidi Montag
  • Jessica Simpson
  • Kiefer Sutherland
  • Tori Spelling
  • Rumer Willis

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It just keeps getting worse - or maybe better - for Jessica Sierra.

The former American Idol finalist - who has been arrested numerous times over the last couple months, most recently this past weekend - shot a sex tape some time this year... and it's about to be released!

We'll post more images from Sierra's attempt to make like Jennifer Toof as they come in, but for now, enjoy this hot shot!

The attention-seeking singer is holding a cigarette, naked in a cesspool of water. The pose is almost as arousing as the latest round of Heather Mills nude pictures.

Rumor has it that the Jessica Sierra sex tape will be released before the end of the year, just in time for the seventh season of American Idol. Expect a scathing critique from Simon Cowell.

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Great news. Although the third season of the hit MTV reality show "The Hills" is coming to a close December 10, new reports say the lovely Lauren Conrad and her SoCal cohorts will indeed be back for a fourth season!

LC was quoted earlier this year saying the third season would likely be her last, but it appears she's reconsidered ... fame and money go a long way?

The Hills in Hawaii

So will Season 4 be when Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag finally bury the hatchet? When she and Spencer Pratt get married? Or will Heidi even return?

"I have some friends on [the show], some friends off," Lauren Conrad told In Touch, while supposedly confirming that a fourth season is upcoming.

The Hills cast: Heidi Montag, Lauren Conrad, Audrina Patridge and Whitney Port.

One thing is for sure - if The Hills comes back, there will be no shortage of laughs, shopping clubbing, fashion events, cat fights, and discussions of feelings.

NOTE: The return of The Hills for Season 4 was reported by In Touch Weekly, the incredible celebrity news source that either totally made up or was hilariously conned into printing the Britney Spears pregnancy story. So be advised.

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When Daniel Radcliffe went naked for a play a few months ago, he pretty much signified the end of Harry Potter's youth.

Now, it appears as though the actress that portrays Hermione Granger is following her friend's grown up lead.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Premiere Pic

Take a look at Emma Watson, donning more make up than her beloved Harry Potter character has ever seen in her life.

Emma Watson is going for a more mature image. Like Lacey Chabert nude in Maxim, the young actress is pulling it off.

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Victoria Beckham sleeps in the nude.

This doesn't exactly come as a shock, given her propensity for displaying her large breasts in public. And besides, she's married to David Beckham.

Vic Becks

"You don't sleep with David Beckham," the 33-year-old Posh Spice tells Elle magazine. "I'm going to be naked if I'm getting in bed with him every night!"

Amen to that, Posh. Heck, if we got into bed with a nude David Beckham every night, we would probably feel the same way. Okay, moving on now.

If anyone can pull off sleeping naked, Victoria Beckham is that person. Seriously, those are some big breasts. Wow. They are surprisingly covered up here, however.

The Beckhams and their three young sons moved to Los Angeles this summer when her soccer superstar husband signed a big contract to play with the L.A. Galaxy, which is apparently a professional soccer team in the United States.

She is now enjoying her time with on newly reunited Spice Girls tour.

"I wanted my children to see that Mummy was a pop star," she says. "It was the last opportunity for them to stand in a crowd full of people Girls."

Despite her love for sleeping in the nude, Victoria Beckham says she was never a "natural" when it comes to singing or performing.

"It became very obvious from the beginning that I was never going to be the best singer or the best dancer or the best actress," she says. "You know, I've never been that good at anything, to be completely honest."

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While her ex, Joel Madden, preps for a new baby with Nicole Richie, singer Hilary Duff is delaying her own plans to start a family. She's 20.

"I'm definitely not ready to get married," Duff tells Cosmopolitan in its January issue, which features the adorable signer-actress on the cover.

"I think a reason that people in this business get married young is that they feel like everything comes to them sooner in life. It's normal to be like, 'Okay, what's next?'"

Hilary Duff is quite cute. And quite grounded for her age.

Having famously dated Good Charlotte's Madden for 18 months - before they broke up a year ago - Duff is currently dating NHL player Mike Comrie.

Her sister, Haylie Duff, approves of the pairing. Which is good news for Mike Comrie. Those two are so close, you don't stand a chance if Haylie's not a fan!

On the heels of this week's controversy about body image - people now for some reason think Jennifer Love Hewitt nude isn't that hot because she put on a few pounds or something - Hilary Duff said that as a scrutinized starlet herself, she has fretted about her weight in the past, but doesn't sweat it any longer.

"You lose happiness when that's all you think about," Duff said. "There was a time, a year and a half ago, when I was pretty obsessed with my body and my weight, but I'm better not stressing about my body all the time... It's not attractive when girls get super-skinny. Guys don't like it. Girls don't like you as much."

You go, Hilary! Duff will be tackling her first serious movie role, in War, Inc., next year. This year she released her latest CD, Dignity, in April.

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Carrie Underwood may have relied on her natural singing talent to win American Idol, but the blonde bombshell has to work hard in order to maintain her figure.

"I'm slightly obsessive-compulsive about what I eat, more than I should be. I write down everything I eat," Underwood says in the latest issue of Glamour. "I started doing it last year. And in the last year is when I've gotten more healthy and lost weight."

She's also gained a pair of men in that time: Tony Romo, with whom Underwood had a brief affair; and now Gossip Girl star, Chace Crawford. It doesn't sound like either ate any meat while on dates with the singer:

"I don't think I could kiss someone after they ate a hamburger 'cause they would probably taste like it, and that would gross me out," she said.

Meanwhile, Carrie will join Keith Urban on a 24-city tour that kicks off in January. She'll be packing her talent - and a whole lot of luggage!

"I have a giant makeup case, more makeup than any girl should have in her lifetime."

Amy Winehouse might wanna borrow some of that.

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