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Trying to stay shaded from a celebrity news flashbulb storm, Britney Spears got a hand from actor, waiter and reported boyfriend, Michael Marchand, on Tuesday after dining at the Los Angeles restaurant Mirabelle, where he supposedly works ...

A Jason Trawick, Britney Spears Pic

Britney Spears: Possibly dating Michael Marchand (left).

Whether Britney has "totally fallen for" Michael Marchand as Life & Style reported on Wednesday remains to be seen. But they are definitely hanging out. Looks as though this guy has big time Isaac Cohen or maybe even J.R. Rotem potential!

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Move over, Reg Jones. You are so 1996. This is 2007.

Britney Spears reportedly went out for a late night dinner on Tuesday night to Mirabella restaurant in Los Angeles... to visit her (gasp!) new boyfriend!

Let Me Hear You!

His name, according to Life & Style: Michael Marchand.

The magazine claims the two have been quietly dating for a few weeks and are slowly going public. We're not sure when the last time Britney Spears did anything quietly was, but maybe this Michael Marchand story is legit.

An eyewitness tells Life & Style:

"Michael Marchand came a little after midnight, and Britney Spears came in right after. They were being discreet. Forty-five minutes later, they left the restaurant together. He was charming. He made Britney laugh and looked at her with this secret smile. They left in separate cars."

Is Michael Marchand Britney Spears' boy toy of the week?

Apparently Britney "instantly fell" for Marchand at Mirabella when she ate there in early November. Say the source close to the waiter: "Their chemistry was immediate. He's very turned on by her."

Aren't we all, Michael Marchand. Aren't we all.

Since then, the two have had at least one date at Britney Spears' mansion. "They're always texting each other," says the insider.

Maybe it was this guy she was texting last week ... while driving!

When Life & Style asked him about their romance, he said, smiling, "I can't talk about that right now." Your 15 minutes have begun, sir.

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Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at The Hollywood Gossip. What would this traditional holiday be without family, friends, food, football and reflection upon some of the things we most appreciate in our lives.

For this celebrity news site, that means expressing thanks to some of the biggest turkeys we've come to know this past year. Below is a look at our staff's Top 10 (take a wild guess who was voted our Biggest Turkey of the Year) ...

Conservator and Daughter

10. Riley Giles. Not only does he give Lindsay Lohan a good stuffing, this clown is a meathead to the max. See mug shots. Yeah. Prime turkey material.

9. John Mayer. Makes the list in spite (or perhaps because) of the fact that he dates Minka Kelly. Guy's dome is also roughly the size of Plymouth Rock.

8. Michael Vick. Oh, wait, he's a dog.

7. Jan Adams. Worst. Doctor. Ever.

6. Brad Womack. Worst. Bachelor. Ever.

5. Dancing with the Stars judges. These losers really dropped the ball this season with some dubious decisions. Sabrina Bryan was robbed worse than Native Americans by the New World's European settlers. Close, anyway.

4. Spencer Pratt. The Hills villain sure can gobble up publicity.

3. Heather Mills. Imagine the kind of Thanksgiving feast you could throw after gold-digging your way to more than $50M of your ex-husband's fortune!

2. Blake Fielder-Civil. Raging alcoholism. Massive quantities of hard ass drugs. The surprise wedding. The bloody melee. A barroom brawl. Some witness tampering. This holiday, Amy Winehouse's husband should be thankful he's alive.

Fnally, The Hollywood Gossip's Biggest Turkey of the Year award goes to ...

1. Britney Spears. Talk about a foregone conclusion. Like the New England Patriots of the NFL, it was Britney Spears in her own league and everyone else playing for second. We raise a turkey leg (and some pork rinds) to you, Brit.

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Just as Kelly Taylor came a long way over the years on Beverly Hills 90210, her portrayer came a long way this season on Dancing with the Stars.

Alas, the transformation of Jennie Garth from a shy beauty to a confident performer on the show wasn't enough to save her and partner Derek Hough: they were voted out last night.

"I feel like I've come so far in this," the actress. "And I'm so proud of myself â€" not that I'm gloating. But it was wonderful what Derek was able to do with me."

Hough said he thought they'd be exiting, pointing to the momentum Marie Osmond has been building over the last few weeks.

"We had an inkling that this was our week to go," he said after is became official. "You can't stop the juggernaut [Osmond], so we knew this was probably our time. But Jennie had two encore dances. She got a perfect score. She made it into the semifinals. You couldn't ask for a better run."

A highlight of the results show last night was a return to the dance floor of crowd favorites - and new love birds - Sabrina Bryan and Mark Ballas.

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Tila Tequila is no Brad Womack.

While that Bachelor has scorned women everywhere by selecting neither Deanna Pappas nor Jenni Croft, Tequila swears she has found the love of her life after one season of filming A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila.

Tila Tequila and Billy Corgan

"I feel like I found love and right now don't feel like doing another season," Tequila told TV Guide in the magazine's December 2 issue. "If this relationship doesn't work out, then I'll definitely go back and look for love again. But right now I'm happy where I am, sitting in my sweatpants and looking at the sun outside."

Tila wouldn't go as far to say whether this individual was a man or a woman, of course. Both genders are vying for her affection on the dating show.

"We finished wrapping, and I definitely found love," Tequila continued. "But we can't be seen out together, so we only talk on the phone. It's pretty hard."

In closing, Tequila took a direct shot at another reality TV star seeking love:

"Sometimes I just want to scream at everybody and say, 'Shut the f**k up! But I'm not [VH1's I Love New York star Tiffany Pollard]. I have a little more class than that. So I let the contestants speak their peace."

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Fans of High School Musical can fill up on all the turkey and stuffing they want this Thanksgiving - they won't be leaving their sofas very often this week anyway.

On Friday night, the Disney Channel will be showing the original movie that spawned the careers of Zac Efron, Vanesa Hudgens and company.

Then, at 8 p.m., the pop-up version of High School Musical 2 will premiere, complete with will on-screen trivia and secrets about the film (such as the lame original title of "You Are the Music in Me").

As for High School Musical 3, Ashley Tisdale recently said that rehearsals begin in February and filming starts in March.

Finally, High School Musical 2 will be released on DVD on December 11. Got all that, everyone?!?

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Britney Spears is "sort of our new Michael Jackson," says Drew Pinsky (a.k.a. Dr. Drew) in an interview with Us Weekly. The sex, mental health and drug addiction expert talks about the traumas in Britney's past â€" and how they may explain the precipitous mental decline happening before our eyes. Excerpts below ...

US: What in Britney Spears' childhood led her to where she is now?
Dr. Drew: It's how her father (Jamie Spears) treated her, it's the divorce (of her parents, and of herself and two husbands) and it's the genetics.

US: What about the fact that she became a star at such a young age?
Dr. Drew: Her mental health has almost nothing to do with her career. But fame hinders getting to her now. It is hard to get through those who are enabling her (Sam Lutfi, Alli Sims) and find the people willing to potentially sacrifice either a salary or access to her (Larry Rudolph) by bringing her into treatment. That is what is putting her in danger. That is what killed Anna Nicole Smith.

Britney is bonkers, but not beyond help, says Dr. Drew.

US: What about the effects from Britney Spears being sexually active from age 14, dressing provocatively, losing her virginity (to Reg Jones), and yet at the same time maintaining this image of purity and virginity?
Dr. Drew: I have seen many cases of young girls who have been prematurely sexualized in one fashion or another who try to recapture their virginity. They claim that the abuse doesn't count. I see that quite a bit.

US: What can be done for Britney Spears? Is she permanently damaged?
Dr. Drew: She is not an untreatable situation, but she needs to go away and drop out of sight and focus on sobriety for at least nine months.

US: Can she leave her kids?
Dr. Drew: [Sean Preston and Jayden James] can be brought into the process. But, for at least 30 days, she is going to be mostly away from them. Then, for six months, she can be in an intensive environment. It's going to take a long time.

Continue reading Dr. Drew's Us interview regarding Britney's mental state ...

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Christina Applegate is following in the bare footsteps of Holly Madison nude, along with a slew of other celebrities that love animals.

The star of Samantha Who? apparently hates wearing fur almost as much as we enjoy gawking at her wearing nothing at all in the PETA ad below.

Christina Applegate Nude

A naked Christina Applegate poses for PETA.

As Kyla Ebbert poses naked in the name of fame and money, Applegate does so in the name of animals around the world. Hey, to each her (sexy) own!

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Now that Sophie Anderton has been caught on camera offering to trade penetration of her vagina for $20,000, the British model is afraid that her career may be in danger.

And for good reason: in the days since the scandal broke, Sophie has lost a $200,000 contract with Fake Bake.

Meanwhile, London's The Daily Mail reports that Anderton doesn't want to go to rehab because she can't afford it.

"Sophie is planning to go and stay with her mother for the moment. She's not convinced rehab is the best course of action," a source said. "She has said that she would rather save the money she would spend on rehab for her home and future, but pals think that they can change her mind."

They probably can. All it would take is a wad of cash and cocaine.

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Sandee Westgate is at it again.

While other porn stars such as Jenna Jameson and Mary Carey do nothing but lose weight and bare their huge breasts, respectively, this adult entertainer has a promising second career as a movie critic.

Check out her review of Ocean's 13:


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