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Where art thou, Sam Lutfi?

Rumor has it that the seedy puppet master is hiding out somewhere in L.A. in an effort to avoid getting served with a court-issued restraining order - one that will formally block his access to Britney Spears.

And Britney Spears' money.

Of course, Sam is not so far underground that he can't play spin doctor, contacting E! News and defend his "good" name against allegations from Lynne Spears.

The restraining order against Lutfi was issued after testimony from Brit's mom that Spears' oddball confidant drugged and mentally abused her.

"I'm not worried about what [Lynne Spears] is saying," Britney's self-proclaimed manager declared via pay phone from an undisclosed location.

No way, Sam Lutfi claims, did he ever do anything such as:

  • Cut Britney's phone lines
  • Hide her cell phones and chargers
  • Hide, then miraculously "find" Britney's dog London
  • Tell her she'd never see her sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James, ever again unless she followed his commands
  • Try to convince her Adnan Ghalib is gay

"It's not true," Sam asserts.

Sam did cop to one of Lynne Spears' accusations in pushing pills on Brit: "These pills were working wonders â€" they are miracle pills," he said.

Still, Osama failed to fess up the exact prescription description, which allegedly helped Britney's strange and repeated mood swings.

He also neglected to mention to E! News when exactly Britney's period of "sane" behavior occurred ... we certainly weren't aware of it.

Sam Lutfi also reportedly hired "crisis manager" and PR guru Michael Sands to help repair his public image. This is quite ironic in that Sands was just hired by Mark Vincent Kaplan, K-Fed's laywer, to dig up dirt on ... Sam.

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As he gets ready to film both High School Musical 3 and a new movie called Seventeen Again, Zac Efron sat down with Access Hollywood. Here are interview snippets:

On how close he was to not doing High School Musical 3: Oh gosh. No, seriously I am not going to be the guy who takes High School Musical away from all the fans. We owe everyone too much. High School Musical is a project I hold very close to my heart and I am going to complete the franchise.

Tire Leaping

On why he chose to star in Seventeen Again: "It would have been really easy to go and play a kid. I could've done that in any movie. But playing a 37-year-old guy who is a kid is a little bit more interesting. It's great when you have personal experience playing a character. For instance, High School Musical. It was pretty easy. I was playing a high school kid in his first love. Everyone has been there â€" I had just been there.

On why he doesn't talk about his personal life: "I think specifically relationships, it's sacred ground. That's something that needs to be between two people. Everyone else can get their noses out."

Don't worry, Zac. We'll keep our noses out in order to let you freely stick something else in Vanessa Hudgens.

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In the age of Barry Bonds, Jessica Simpson, Tony Romo and Cynthia Rodriguez, we didn't think anything within the world of sports could surprise us anymore.

Then, Brian McNamee accused Debbie Clemens of taking HGH - and our jaws have yet to recover from hitting the floor so hard.

McNamee is the former trainer of Roger Clemens. The two are in the middle of a heated debate, during which the former is accusing the latter of using steroids and HGH to prolong - and improve - his career in Major League Baseball. The latter denies using any performance-enhancing drugs.

Instead of worrying about economic problems in the country, Congress will hear each side of the argument next week.

Now, however, McNamee has upped the muscle-bound ante by stating that he also provided Debbie Clemens with HGH in order to help her look better for the following Sports Illustrated photo shoot:

Debra Clemens

Did Debbie Clemens use HGH? If so, can we not trust the hotness factor of any athletes' wives? What about Elin Nordegren?

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Britney Spears' divorce lawyers, the firm of Trope and Trope, filed papers requesting to be removed as counsel. A hearing is scheduled for March 10.

Britney's parents, Lynne and Jamie, were not fans. Trope and Trope bad a good relationship with Sam Lutfi, so that's a big reason why.

Could this be the first step in the process to re-retain Laura Wasser, Britney's former attorney who quit, and who Jamie reportedly wants back?

We'll have to stay tuned, but TMZ reports that one of the things that went down in Thursday's hearing involving Britney's conversatorship is that the commissioner granted the conservators the power to fire her manager.

That being Howard Grossman.

Court documents show that Commissioner Reva Goetz ordered Grossman to turn over "all documents, records and assets relating to Britney Spears."

Jamie Spears, with his attorney Andrew Wallet, is the legal conservator of Britney and her estate. While she is receiving treatment for her mental problems, Jamie may regulate her legal, business and medical decisions.

Firing Howard Grossman apparently is first on his to-do list.

Although the firing hasn't gone down yet, it wasn't hard to see coming as Grossman has a cozy relationship with Sam Lutfi - something we all know makes Britney Spears' family (and us, for that matter) extremely uncomfortable.

After hearing startling testimony from Lynne Spears that Sam Lutfi drugged and abused Britney, a restraining order was issued against him. However, the seedy confidant has yet to be formally served with the legal papers.

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Many undecided voters are faced with a tough choice between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Count Hayden Panettiere among them.

The Heroes cutie said this week that she was "not yet prepared to say" which of the Democratic presidential hopefuls she supports.

"I had a conversation with Barack Obama," the 18-year-old girlfriend of Milo Ventimiglia said. "I'm waiting to hear from Hillary Clinton."

The big issue for the actress? Whales.

A source tells celebrity news sites that when Hayden attended a February 1 dinner with former First Daughter Chelsea Clinton, and "Hayden Panettiere made it clear to Chelsea she'll vote for whoever will help save the whales."

THG NOTE: If she already had a conversation with Obama, but is waiting on Hillary, does that mean Barack does not want to save the whales?

THG NOTE II: Both California and New York (Hayden's home state) held primaries February 5, so she may be out of luck until November!

THG NOTE III: Know who probably doesn't care about whales, but wants to service Hillary in the Oval Office? Holly Wellin!

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Welcome back, entertainment news and celebrity gossip fans around the world, to The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest, our Friday afternoon tradition.

Who won this week's edition of the contest, featuring Lauren Conrad (LC), Lauren Bosworth (Lo) and Stephen Colletti? Let's take a look!

LC in Blue

Honorable mention goes to jschmoke (great Brody Jenner / Frankie Delgado idea), but this week's champion is Kelly. Congratulations to the winner!

The winning entry appears beneath the photo below. Scroll down for the full list of captions we received! A lot of them are really quite good.

Thanks for playing and good luck again this week!

Announcer: "And now, the world premiere of Heidi Montag's video of 'Higher.'"
Lo, LC, Stephen (and the other 19,997 in attendance): HAHAHAHAHAHA!

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Looks like Mel Gibson may have some company.

Upon being fired from the TLC show Miami Ink last year, tattoo artist Kat Von D allegedly signed a photograph addressed to her former boss / co-star, Ami James, and drew a swastika and a flaming Star of David on it...

Kat Von D Anti-Semite Photo

As much as a lot of people wanna see Kat Von D nude, if she wrote this, that's messed up. We thought she was edgy, but laid back and cool! WTF, Kat!?

No one witnessed Kat Von D write the message, but Chris Garver, another tattoo artist on Miami Ink, said Kat personally handed him the anti-Semitic photo - which TMZ obtained and posted on its website earlier this afternoon.

Ami James, a native of Israel who served in the Israeli Special Forces prior to starting his career as a tattoo artist, reportedly went to TLC management when he received the photo, but sources say he was rebuffed.

After Ami had a lawyer intervene, a handwriting analyst concluded "there is a 99 percent probability that Kat Von D" wrote the message."

In early July 2007, Ami's lawyer went to TLC with the analysis. They simply sent him a letter back that acknowledged receiving the results and said, "We trust that this information will be kept strictly confidential."

Kat Von D's spinoff show, LA Ink, premiered a month later.

Continue Reading...

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Hey, if you've got blood-sucking leeches like Sam Lutfi trying to control your daughter's money and mind, Adnan Ghalib must seem downright normal.

After her release from UCLA and its psychiatric ward, Britney Spears spent her first night at home with her mom, dad and Adnan.

Word has it that it was civil and everyone got along nicely.

"From what I was told, everything was very civilized," a source close to Adnan Ghalib, a celebrity photographer, told People.

After Spears' unexpected release from UCLA Wednesday, "Britney called Adnan to meet her at the Beverly Hills Hotel. He had been talking with [parents] Lynne and Jamie Spears for the past few days," says the source.

Britney and Adnan had a meeting with lawyer Adam Streisand, who announced Thursday that he is off the case. The pair then met up with Jamie and Lynne.

Adnan Ghalib also confirmed in a posting on his celebrity photo agency's website ( that he had been in contact with her parents.

"As the day unraveled, they have all agreed to get Britney safely back to her home so she can get the medical care and love that she deserves," says a posting on about Spears and Ghalib.

"After spending most of the evening with The Spears [family] ... Adnan left and went back home at 2:30 a.m. to give the family some alone time."

Adnan Ghalib, who began seeing Britney in December, is married to AzLynn Berry, but has been separated for a year and was just served with divorce papers.

Lynne Spears left her daughter's home just after midnight Thursday, while Jamie Spears remained there through Thursday morning.

The folks were reportedly frustrated by Britney's early release and their lack of ability to enforce the court-ordered conservatorship that lets them control her medical treatment, as well as her legal and financial decisions.

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Despite reports that they were axed, The Hills stars Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port say they weren't given the pink slip by Teen Vogue.

"I just thought it was time for them to try something new," Editor-In-Chief Amy Astley told Us Weekly. "An internship is a short thing, and I just felt it was time for them to move on a little bit."

Lauren Conrad Curls

Women's Wear Daily previously reported that Teen Vogue decided to part ways with the MTV reality show because of The Hills' gal pals' wild (but entertaining!) lifestyles of clubbing at Les Deux, making out and feuding.

LC and Whitney left Teen Vogue, but weren't fired.

"I think that's really why Teen Vogue had had their moment with them â€" it went into another zone," their boss, editor Lisa Love, said.

So... is The Hills scripted?

"I think why they say all that is because there's so much editing," Love said. "They shoot reality and somehow it's changed in the editing room to appeal to things, I don't know. I've never watched the show."

Ouch! Love added that Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port were great interns and then like all interns, "it's time to go someplace else, right?"

Seems like LC has already moved on. She recently unveiled her new clothing line, the Lauren Conrad Collection!

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