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We think TomKat is bonkers just like everyone else, but we have to admit, we love us some Suri Cruise. She's one of our favorite celebrity babies!

We also love (or at least respect) the fact that Suri Cruise pics come up relatively infrequently compared to, say, Jayden James. People love bashing the beliefs of this Hollywood family, but its priorities definitely seem to be in line when it comes to Suri Cruise and whatever privacy they can give her.

That Hat Sucks

After spending four months in Berlin, where Tom Cruise was shooting his new movie Valkyrie, the TomKat clan returned to the states late last week. Peep it...

TomKat: Back in the United States of Scientology America and loving it.

Sources say that Tom Cruise is planning on returning to Berlin on October 24, possibly along with Katie Holmes, for a screening of the Robert Redford drama Lions for Lambs, in which he stars along with Redford and Meryl Streep.

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The boy-toy of Hollywood glamor girl Anne Hathaway, Raffaello Follieri, is entangled in another lawsuit, according to the New York Post.

This is potentially worse than those rather sexual photos in which Anne Hathaway apparently went to town on Raffaello Follieri while on a yacht.

Oscars Promo Pic

According to the N.Y. Post, the D.C.-based media firm the Carmen Group is suing Follieri for $300,000, reports the Legal Times, after the Italian real estate mogul hired the company to handle his public relations in the wake of a suit brought against him by L.A.-based Yucaipa Companies in May.

The Carmen Group claims the boyfriend of Anne Hathaway never paid a $25,000 per month fee. Follieri's rep denied the accusation, stating "The Carmen Group worked with the Follieri Group for one month and were paid for one month."

Either way, it looks like Raffaello Follieri is up to no good... and we're not just talking about getting serviced by Anne Hathaway on board a ship this time.

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Wow, you don't say! It's really a toss-up whether there are more Heidi Montag bikini photos than Britney Spears upskirt pics floating around out there.

Seriously, we've never anything like seen this before! The Hills' Heidi Montag is seen here reportedly films the music video to her new single Wednesday on a Malibu beach - with "fiance" Spencer Pratt doing the filming.

The couple supposedly wanted to save a little money on having a real music video produced, so Spencer Pratt took control of the camera. If nothing else, Spencer and Heidi had a fun afternoon filming scenes at the beach. How nice.

As usual, a celebrity photo agency was on hand to make sure dozens upon dozens of pics of Heidi Montag's body and large mouth made their way online.

Follow this link for many, many, many more photos of Heidi Montag posing (with her mouth WIDE open as usual) on the beaches of Southern California.

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We've seen Rumer Willis blonde, Rumer Willis with short, straight hair and a nude Rumer Willis wearing nothing but a dunce cap. So believe us when we tell you that it takes a lot to catch our staff members off guard.

This Rumer Willis photo did the trick, though.

Don't get us wrong. We like that Rumer shows off her natural looks instead of getting plastic surgery like Heidi Montag, drowning her insecurities in alcohol like Lindsay Lohan or wearing no pants like Britney Spears.

But you have got to do something about this hair, girl ...

Rumer Willis poses for the camera after sticking a fork in a toaster.

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So much for the demise of Zanessa.

Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron were spotted leaving Orso restaurant in West Hollywood last night, holding hands and celebrating the latter's 20th birthday.

Keeping it Hood

Celebrity gossip follows this couple everywhere, as columnists wonder if the pair is still together (obviously so) and/or if Hudgens will be replaced in High School Musical 3 by either Adrienne Bailon or Sabrina Bryan (it's unclear).

As far as we're concerned, though? It's just nice to see Vanessa and Zac smiling again. They've been through a lot.

Now, let's leave these two alone and let Efron have his way with that beautiful bare body we've all taken a peak at.

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In the last 48 hours, Britney Spears lost visitation privileges with her kids, was seen leaving a medical office in Beverly Hills with noticeably larger lips, and reportedly settled a hit-and-run case out of court.

None of these events are related to this post. That's the kind of week it's been for Britney Spears. You never know what comes next with her.

On her way out of the doctor's office (where she must have gotten collagen injections, as she was hiding her lips), Britney Spears ran over the foot of a celebrity gossip reporter as she drove away.

When she realized what she'd done, Britney Spears stopped her car for a second, in shock, then covered her face, started crying ... and went speeding off.

The photographer ended up breaking his foot. In this video segment captured by HollywoodTV, appropriately called "The Unfortunate Foot Incident," you can see Britney run over the dude's foot. Or at least hear it.

After she runs over his foot, a group of celebrity news personnel standing by erupt into chaos as Britney breaks into tears, a policeman attempts to contain the group on the sidewalk and general confusion ensues.

Check out the video of Britney Spears running over the guy's foot here:


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Jessica Seinfeld is the proud author behind "Deceptively Delicious," a cook book about hiding healthy ingredients in foods children will eat; it's the top-selling book in the country right now.

But is it also the most immoral?

Jerry Seinfeld and Wife

Rumors are circulating that Jerry Seinfeld's wife stole the content for this tome the same way Minka Kelly steals glances from every man in her vicinity.

See, chef and baby-products mogul Missy Chase Lapine came out in April with a book, "The Sneaky Chef: Simple Strategies for Hiding Healthy Foods in Kids' Favorite Meals."

Sounds similar, doesn't it? Now consider this fact:

Lapine baked spinach brownies with Al Roker on the "Today" show a few months ago; Seinfeld shared her spinach brownies with Oprah on her talk show last week.

Need more evidence that Jessica may be following in the dishonest footsteps of George Costanza?

She writes about having an epiphany that, "While I was cooking dinner, pureeing butternut squash for the baby and making mac and cheese for the rest of us, I had the crazy idea of stirring a little of the puree into the macaroni. ... The colors matched -you couldn't really see the squash in there -and the texture was perfect."

But in his book, Lapine opines: "If you want to hide something in macaroni and cheese, you have to match the color of the dish. You could easily introduce white bean puree in the mac and cheese."

We're not gonna come right out and accuse Mrs. Jerry Seinfeld of knowingly ganking recipes and content. But, to borrow one of many classic Seinfeld quotes, we are gonna tell her the stealing store called...

... and they're running out of her!

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Wonder if he can make this one disappear.

Magician David Copperfield is being investigated by the FBI, authorities say, although they won't comment about the nature of the investigation.

Agents raided the legendary magician's belongings Wednesday night. A search was conducted of a warehouse in Las Vegas where Copperfield stores items for his show. The raid reportedly stems from an ongoing case in Seattle.

The nature of the case? Federal authorities in Seattle apparently are involved in an investigation of David Copperfield for "possible sexual misconduct by the illusionist," according to a source in the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

According to the Las Vegas newspaper, David Copperfield's accuser said that the alleged misconduct occurred outside the U.S., but the case came under the FBI's jurisdiction because the accuser is a U.S. citizen.

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer called local authorities seeking comment but did not get far. A spokeswoman for the FBI's Seattle office declined to discuss aspects of the case on the grounds that the investigation is pending.

A separate TV news station reported that at a dozen federal agents "stormed" a warehouse connected to David Copperfield, seizing a computer hard drive, a digital camera system and nearly $2 million in cash.

David Chesnoff, Copperfield's lawyer, said: "There is an investigation, we are in touch with investigators, and respect the confidentiality of the investigation."

UPDATE: The FOX News Channel is reporting as of Friday afternoon that a Seattle woman is alleging that David Copperfield raped her.

The woman told Seattle police the magician committed rape while she was in the Bahamas in July. Because the alleged incident happened outside the country and the woman did not report the alleged incident until she returned to the United States, Seattle authorities turned the case over to the FBI.

Sources say that no rape kit was done on the alleged victim in the Bahamas, which could make prosecution of David Copperfield for rape difficult.

Regardless, David's situation sounds serious. It's enough to make the marital troubles faced by fellow illusionist, Criss Angel, seem tame by comparison.

More to come ...

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Britney Spears has settled her civil case with the owner of the car she hit in a parking lot last August, according to a source close to the case.

The L.A. City Attorney filed criminal hit and run charges against Britney. Several law enforcement sources now say Spears reached a civil settlement, so the hit and run case against her would probably be dropped shortly.

Sources say Spears has agreed to pay the owner of the parked car approximately $1,000 for damage to the vehicle plus ensuing rental car expenses.

Britney Spears has also been charged with driving without a license. That charge probably will not be dropped as a result of the civil settlement, sources say.

Recent reports claimed Spears was going to blame the celebrity news media for the incident. But it is not clear as to whether that excuse was used.

Spears still could lose the count of driving without a valid California license. A source said that Brit's attorney, Michael Flanagan, plans to present documents proving she now has a valid license, which may reduce the count to a citation.

Good thing Sam Lutfi took her to get that, finally. Here's hoping Britney can put this messy incident behind her and move on to better things: fighting helplessly for custody of her kids and wearing no pants to Starbucks.

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In an absolutely stunning celebrity news item, Amy Winehouse was arrested for marijuana possession Thursday in Norway, police in Bergen confirm.

Authorities, acting on a tip "from a good source," arrested the 24-year-old singer, husband Blake Fielder-Civil and a male member of her touring party at around 6 p.m. in Bergen's Radisson SAS Hotel, a police source says.

Wino at Court Hearing

They found .25 ounces of marijuana in the singer's room.

The three were held for about 12 hours in separate cells, fined and then released. Winehouse and Fielder-Civil paid a 500 euro ($714) fine.

The member of her touring party, Alexander Foden, who creates hairpieces for Amy Winehouse, paid a 350 euro ($500) penalty.

"She paid the fine and she was released," a police source was quoted as saying. She and Blake Fielder-Civil were "very cooperative. It's over."

The scandal-plagued singer was hospitalized back on August 8 and treated for exhaustion, the start of a roller-coaster ride of canceled commitments.

Heck, even her parents and in-laws have publicly told her to get off drugs.

All of her U.S. appearances have been postponed until 2008.

The arrest also comes after Amy Winehouse had a shaky start to her European tour October 15 in Berlin. She tripped and staggered on stage and forgot the first few lines of the cover she did of "Valerie," by British band The Zutons.

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