Decisons, decisions ...

Just because you're married to the most famous soccer player in England doesn't mean the only thing on your mind is red cards and penalty kicks. Victoria Beckham (aka Posh Spice; aka Mrs. David Beckham) reportedly has a difficult choice to make now that her husband has stepped down as British team captain:

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Talentless plastic surgery fiend Ashlee Simpson has made it clear that is saving herself for her boyfriend, citing that as the reason she turned down a recent offer to pose naked for Playboy.

The magazine reportedly was willing to cough up $4 million for pictures of a nude Ashlee. Despite the staggering size of the offer, the lip-syncher says she was reluctant to share her body with tens of millions of eager male readers. In her world, that body is only for her boyfriend, Braxton Olita.

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Brad Pitt appeared on the Today show this morning, sharing the revelation that having kids is more rewarding than painting a picture. He had more pressing, noteworthy thoughts, as well.

Pitt led Ann Curry around a tour of New Orleans on Monday's show to discuss the storm's aftermath, his new role as dad, and, of course, burping.

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Denise Richards will appear nude in the upcoming August issue of Jane magazine, but unlike her famous threesome scene in Wild Things, this is for a good cause.

The actress is bearing all to support the Clothes Off Our Back charitable foundation, which benefits various children's charities, such as UNICEF and Cure Autism Now, through online auctions of celebrity attire.

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The recovering Katharine McPhee is getting the royal treatment from boyfriend Nick Cokas in preparation for joining her fellow American Idol contestants on tour.

On the shelf with bronchitis and laryngitis, but looking to meet up with the tour group once it reaches Rochester, N.Y., on July 21, McPhee is resting in her native SoCal and being doted upon by the 41-year old actor. He's been taking her out for ice cream and even holding the door for her.

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Here's a natural chain of well-known beauties: Marilyn Monroe. Princess Di. Paris Hilton.

Referring to herself as the "iconic blonde" of this decade, none other than Paris herself made the above comparison in a recent interview with the Sunday Times of London. Would you expect anything less from the pampered pet lover?

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