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Thanks to People magazine for this backstage report on last night's Dancing with the Stars...

Mom's Still Standing: Stephen Craig said his mother, Marie Osmond, is okay. "She sometimes forgets to breathe when she's doing something," Craig said after the show."

Hines and Kym

Her asthma kicked in a little bit and this has happened before. But still, when you see your mom fall down on the stage - I instantly wanted to get over there and help her."

So did all of us, Stephen.

Dwindling Assets: He may be worth a few billion, but what Mark Cuban is most proud of is his losses: 34 pounds since late August. "My stomach!" marveled Cuban. "I've got abs now. Somebody came up to me and brushed up against my stomach and said, ‘Wow! What happened to you?' Forget Maksim Chmerkovskiy! He's almost 25 years younger than me. I'm 49-years-old and I feel great."

9021-Oh-My!: Jennie Garth shook "her fun stuff," Derek Hough told People. "I was in absolute awe tonight when she walked in with her dress on and all made up. I was like, ‘Wow, you look amazing.'"

And despite the shorter rehearsal time the couple had this week - one of Garth's kids "had to go to the emergency room. [Her daughter] fell and hit a table. It was pretty traumatic for Jennie this week," says Hough - their samba earned an admirable 25 points.

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Stud quarterback Tom Brady was involved in seven scores Sunday - six TD passes against the Miami Dolphins and one with a naked Gisele Bundchen!

We're here all day, every day, folks. After New England routed the 'phins and went to 6-0, Brady slipped into a wife beater and stayed in town to hang out in South Beach Monday with his girlfriend ... and starting tight end. Sorry, that was bad.

Gisele Topless

Gisele Bundchen looks happy to be kissing Tom Brady. Can you blame her?

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Saying Rendition failed to meet expectations at the box office is like stating Lindsay Lohan's box office has been seen by a lot of guys (sorry, Riley Giles).

Some facts are sad, but undeniable.

But it doesn't mean that the movie's co-stars, Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon, don't have some great chemistry. And are possibly dating.

On the Ellen DeGeneres Show, Reese Witherspoon finally spoke out about her off-again, on-again possible beau and definite Rendition co-star.

When Ellen DeGeneres told Reese Witherspoon, 31, that Jake Gyllenhaal, 26, was cute, the Oscar winner gushed, "He's great!"

Gyllenspoon: Probably a couple. Definitely a long-ass couple name.

The day before, new photos surfaced of Witherspoon and Gyllenhaal (dressed in matching black T-shirts and jeans) strolling hand-in-hand and smooching at Los Angeles International Airport October 22. Hot stuff!

The pair had been returning from Rome, where they were promoting their new film. On October 19, Reese Witherspoon was spotted resting her head on Jake's shoulder while walking in the street. It's like they're meant to be.

And while their buzzed-about CIA thriller has bombed at the bomb office, at least Reese has Jake to comfort her. And her Oscar from Walk the Line. Yeah. Take that Ryan Phillippe, you Abbie Cornish-banging sleaze.

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What's the second best thing after Petra Nemcova nude?

No, not Britney Spears upskirt pics, you idiots. Gosh. You people disgust us. What we were getting at is photos of Petra Nemcova in sexy lingerie.

Petra Nemcova and Jamie Belman

In the photos below, the 28-year-old supermodel takes it almost all off for the lingerie company La Senza's new autumn / winter collection. Hot...

Obviously, Petra Nemcova is hot in all pics. Just look at her and it's clear she's no Toastee Toof. But this Petra Nemcova photo is particularly pleasing to us... this stunner really needs to do more lingerie campaigns. And less James Blunt.

Petra Nemcova lingerie campaigns. Life is good at The Hollywood Gossip.

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Enough with the Lauren Conrad sex tape rumors, already.

It's time for out girl LC to get out there and date someone.

Assault Weapons Ban

That said, what better place to get started than at a male model casting event at Teen Vogue. Working with Whitney Port, that's where Lauren Conrad met at model named Gavin - a guy she remembers she actually met before, at a similar event, and tried to set up with Heidi Montag. It's, like, a small world.

He asks Lauren Conrad out and she accepts. OMG!

At LC's place, Lauren "Lo" Bosworth and Audrina Patridge are excited about meeting Gavin. Lo says: "How fun! I love passing judgement on people!"

There's your quote of the night on The Hills, people.

The scene of the meet-up? Gavin joins Lauren, Whitney, Audrina and Lo at a beach BBQ at Brody Jenner's pad. Brody grills Gavin as gavin grills up burgers. This guy is clearly a little jealous of the new guy taking LC out on dates.

On the beach, Brody tells Lauren Conrad that Gavin is a nice guy, but a little bit boring. For LC's part, she's having fun, yet doesn't act too interested in Gavin.

Think Lauren Conrad is still a little hung up on Brody Jenner perhaps?

Lauren and Gavin go on a date to a sushi restaurant and it goes, like, okay, but just okay. On her way home, Lauren Conrad calls Brody Jenner to tell him he's right - Gavin was a bit boring. LC asks if he wants to come over and watch a movie. He asks which one. She says, "Does it matter?" OMG!

In gigantic tool news, Spencer Pratt continues to struggle with time constraints thrust upon him by Heidi Montag having an actual job. Every time Heidi must leave for a work commitment, Spencer acts legitimately put out.

Watching this guy, you just want to laugh... and simultaneously bludgeon his face and all its mysterious disappearing facial hair.

He's gotta be completely making this $h!t up for the sake of ratings. No guy actually cares about anniversaries... especially when they can't even buy a real engagement - or tell their parents they're engaged. Good riddance.

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Illinois Senator Barack Obama may be criss-crossing the country campaigning for president, but he's not completely out of the pop culture loop.

When he spotted Kate Walsh at a fund raising event in Hancock Park, Calif., October 20, he couldn't help but make his way over to the actress to talk a little about her new ABC hit series, Private Practice.

Barack Obama at the UN

"So great to see you!" Barack Obama said. "How's the new show?"

"It's going really well," replied Kate Walsh, who was there with her husband of nearly two months, film producer Alex Young.

So what's Barack Obama's prognosis on Private Practice?

"I'm always out campaigning ... I haven't been able to watch it so I can't give you a review," he admitted, "but I'm sure it's great."

Ah, your classic non-answer answer. Spoken like a true politician. At least he's willing to go out on a limb and say he doesn't like Paris Hilton.

Barack Obama will have plenty of opportunities to check out the series: It was recently renewed for a full season. Hopefully he has TiVo.

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Neither Cash Warren or Brian Austin Green were anywhere in sight during the recent Spike TV Scream Fest.

Nevertheless, Jessica Alba and Megan Fox grabbed hold of something long and hard during the festivities.

The stunning pair of actresses are pictured below, each yielding looks that could kill. Along with a sharp spike that could probably at least injure badly. 

Which babe looks better with her weapon of choice? And are either as dangerous as the nipples on Victoria Beckham?

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Things aren't going all that well for L'il Wayne these days.

Two weeks after getting arrested after a show, the troubled rapper flaked on a show last night in North Carolina, according to TMZ.

Lil Weezy

Promoted as a "Stop the Violence" event, the concert was inspired by eight recent gang-related murders in the small community of Wilmington, N.C.

Lil' Wayne was supposed to be the main draw, as ministers and local celebrities took the stage and spoke out against violence.

They were expecting a crowd of around 3,000 people who had paid $40 for floor seats and $30 for balcony - but only about 1,000 kids showed up.

There were multiple reasons for the small crowd - including Lil' Wayne's legal troubles - and that the concert was canceled, then rescheduled.

As a result of the low turnout, Lil' Wayne, who had been paid a part of his fee up front, was now not going to receive a couple of thousand dollars.

The rapper then sat backstage for three hours waiting for a crowd to arrive. When the crowd didn't grow, about 80 sheriffs and officers offered to raise the money themselves to get L'il Wayne to perform - but no dice.

The extra dough couldn't be raised until Monday, unfortunately, which wasn't good enough for the great L'il Wayne, who bailed without appearing.

Mitchell Entertainment Group - who fought to make the concert happen and to have Lil' Wayne appear - now must deal with refunding tens of thousands of dollars to irate concertgoers. And we thought T.I. was public enemy #1.

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There was a whole different kind of Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon nude last week.

The actress gave birth to twin boys on October 18, according to People magazine. Her and husband Michael Nilon welcomed Jax Joseph Nilon and Jaid Thomas Nilon just a minute apart from one another.

"We're so in love with them," Beauvais-Nilon told the magazine. "They boys are just gorgeous."

The twins join Oliver, the actress's 15-year-old son from a previous marriage.

The boys already have been showered with presents, too, courtesy of famous friends such as Angie Harmon and Virginia Madsen.

"She wants to establish each twin's own identity," said a friend who attended the actress's baby shower last month. "She doesn't want to dress them up the same.

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