Her former Mickey Mouse Club buddy, Britney Spears, used to be very, very hot. As she's transformed herself into a perpetually pregant airhead with REALLY awful taste in men, however, Brit's looks have gone down the toilet faster than post-meal food from the stomach of Lindsay Lohan.

Christina Aguilera has had the opposite fate, fortunately for men across the world. As shown here in our second instance of Classic Celebrity Pictures, X-tina has changed with the times - but managed to maintain that beautiful, sexy, my-goodness-we-need-new-pants look:

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We don't know for sure what happened between Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson.

But while Lachey has settled on Vanessa Minnillo - after dating every set of mammary glands in Hollywood - Jessica has only been linked to one lucky guy: Dane Cook. Are these Teen Choice Award co-hosts actually an item?

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Hasn't President Bush been humilated enough these past few days years?

Evidently not. How else to explain the president's choice to host someone who actually received more votes than he did? Yes, Bush will entertain Taylor Hicks and other American Idols when they stop by Washington, D.C. on tour net week.

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