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Sandra Oh, 36, one of the most talented members of a great Grey's Anatomy cast, takes a stroll with her musician boyfriend Andrew Featherson through the streets of Los Feliz, Calif., on Sunday afternoon. See below ...

Sandra Oh and Andrew Featherston: Blinded by love... and sun glare.

Andrew Featherson is a percussionist in the independent band The Hereafter. No word on how long Sandra Oh and Featherson have been together, but it looks like they had a nice day, riding mountain bikes and enjoying the great outdoors.

Sandra Oh officially divorced her ex-husband, Sideways writer-director Alexander Payne, just last week, although they had been separated since 2005.

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In a recent interview with Us Weekly, Kim Kardashian said her upcoming Playboy pictorial was "classy" and that she doesn't drink alcohol.

So she wore the outfit below while completely sober? You might wanna change your story, Kim.

Naked Kim Kardashian

Here's what else the star of Keeping Up with the Kardashians had to say...

Us: How revealing is your Playboy shoot?
Kim Kardashian: It is not as revealing as some people might want. I keep it classy and covered up. I do bare my whole butt. And a little bit of my chest. But that's it. It was something that I was really nervous about doing at first and this is the first time I am talking about it. I consulted the whole family and I decided this is the way I would have wanted it to come out.

Us: What's it like having cameras around you 24-7 while filming your reality show?
KK: I think we are used to it now. I am really excited because I feel like there are so many misconceptions of what us Hollywood girls are really like. We are so different from what people would think and I think everyone is going to be shocked.

Us: What are some of the misconceptions?
KK: Everyone thinks that I am this wild party girl and that I get drunk and dance on tables, but I don't even drink alcohol. We [she and sisters Khloe and Kourtney] own businesses and we work every single day and we have 10 kids in the family and we did not grow up with nannies.

Us: Are you dating [NFL running back] Reggie Bush?
KK: We're really close friends. He's such an amazing guy! But between me being busy with the new show, and his being in the middle of the football season, it's not like I have time to dedicate myself to a relationship right now anyway [so we just have loads and loads of wild sex]

Us: Why don't you and Paris Hilton hang out anymore?
KK: I love Paris. We grew up together, but friends drift apart and we just don't hang out like we used to. Maybe someday we will again.

Us: You briefly dated Nick Lachey in 2006. Have you seen him since he met Vanessa Minnillo?
KK: I ran into him once earlier this year at a club. He's always a gentleman. We only went on a few dates a long time ago. It's not like we have to be uncomfortable.

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Through some miracle and/or loophole, Britney Spears regained visitation rights of her sons, Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1, over the weekend.

Saturday, the quote-unquote star was spotted driving with her two young children in Studio City, Calif., in her white Mercedes convertible.

The car, which she recently used to run over the foot of a celebrity news photographer, was decorated with pumpkins on the dashboard. Cute.

A presumed court-appointed monitor was seated in the front seat, with her sons in the rear. Here's a picture of Jayden James looking happy as ever ...

Jayden James Federline wears a familiar look of confusion and despair.

On Wednesday, L.A. Superior Court Commissioner Scott Gordon had temporarily suspended her visitation rights. A source close to Spears and the custody case said he removed her visitation rights after the pop "singer" was unreachable by a cell phone designated for court-related scheduling.

Thursday, Kevin Federline's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, said he expected Britney Spears would get visitation reinstated soon because "she has now complied with the part of the order [causing the suspension]."

Lawyers for both sides did not respond to calls for comment. Spears and K-Fed are both required to show up for their next hearing October 26.

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We wish this were just another story line on The Bold and the Beautiful, but the 19-year-old son of actress Hunter Tylo died over the weekend.

Michael Tylo, Jr. drowned and was pronounced dead at 11:55 p.m. on Thursday in Henderson, Nevada.

"It has already been determined that this was an accident," Clark County Coroner Michael Murphy said. "Looking at the report, it appears that he fell in the pool after having some sort of medical event. It says on the report that he had a seizure disorder.

"We are doing a toxicology report, but that is standard with all bodies that come to us. That information won't be available for several weeks. With this already having a cause of death, like a medical condition, it appears pretty evident that this is reason for him falling in the pool."

A representative for The Bold and the Beautiful told People magazine that "Hunter is not commenting at this time. But I can confirm that her son Michael, who is 19, died yesterday in Henderson, Nevada."

We wish her family the best.

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Malibu, Calif., officials have now doubled their initial damage estimate and now report that more than 1,000 acres have burned in this weekend's brush fire. The massive blaze has put celebrities' homes at risk.

The fire is believed to have started when arcing power lines, downed by fierce Santa Ana winds, ignited dry brush around 5:00 AM Sunday.

California has had one of the worst droughts in years, leaving hillsides especially vulnerable to brushfires. Numerous structures and residences have already been lost. More than 500 firefighters from all over the area are fighting the flames - still being fanned by gusting winds, which are expected to continue for days.

Roughly 200 homes have already been evacuated, some of which are owned by celebrities in the popular beach community north of Los Angeles.

The Malibu County and Carbon Beach residents potentially affected by the blaze include Jennifer Aniston, Sting, Bill Murray, Nick Nolte, Robin Wright Penn, Mel Brooks, Howie Mandel, Tatum O'Neal, Rob Reiner, Goldie Hawn, Linda Ronstadt, Jeff Bridges, David Arquette and Courteney Cox, David Geffen, Mel Gibson, Jeffrey Katzenberg (father of David Katzenberg) and Tom Hanks.

TMZ reports that the LG House Malibu, which was home to several Hollywood parties this summer, is on fire. The fire is approximately one mile from Paris Hilton's house, but a ways away from where Britney Spears lives.

Here's hoping that all of these celebrities and everyone else in the area is unharmed as the area's finest continue to battle this potentially deadly fire.

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Kid Rock Mug ShotHearing that Kid Rock was in a fight at a waffle house is as surprising as learning that Britney Spears upskirt photos have popped up.

Yes, the singer (Rock, not Spears) was arrested in Atlanta in connection with a fight at a waffle house, the city's FOX 5 News is reporting.

Kid Rock (real name Bob Ritchie), 36, who played a sold-out show Saturday night in Atlanta, and five members of his crew were taken into custody by authorities, facing a misdemeanor charge of simple battery.

Police say Kid Rock stopped by a restaurant early Sunday after their show, and a male customer recognized a female in Rock's entourage.

Words were exchanged between the pair, and a fight ensued, the station reports. No word on whether Tommy Lee was the male customer in question.

After police were called, the singer's tour bus was pulled over, and Kid Rock and the members of his entourage were arrested.

In addition to the Kid Rock arrest, the male customer also has been charged with a felony for allegedly smashing a window of the restaurant.

According to FOX News, Kid Rock posted $1,000 bail and was released Sunday evening from DeKalb County jail, signing autographs on his way out.

Hopefully, possible girlfriends Alyssa Lipsky and Krista Ayne were there to comfort him. The guy has had a difficult couple of months.

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We think TomKat is bonkers just like everyone else, but we have to admit, we love us some Suri Cruise. She's one of our favorite celebrity babies!

We also love (or at least respect) the fact that Suri Cruise pics come up relatively infrequently compared to, say, Jayden James. People love bashing the beliefs of this Hollywood family, but its priorities definitely seem to be in line when it comes to Suri Cruise and whatever privacy they can give her.

That Hat Sucks

After spending four months in Berlin, where Tom Cruise was shooting his new movie Valkyrie, the TomKat clan returned to the states late last week. Peep it...

TomKat: Back in the United States of Scientology America and loving it.

Sources say that Tom Cruise is planning on returning to Berlin on October 24, possibly along with Katie Holmes, for a screening of the Robert Redford drama Lions for Lambs, in which he stars along with Redford and Meryl Streep.

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The boy-toy of Hollywood glamor girl Anne Hathaway, Raffaello Follieri, is entangled in another lawsuit, according to the New York Post.

This is potentially worse than those rather sexual photos in which Anne Hathaway apparently went to town on Raffaello Follieri while on a yacht.

Oscars Promo Pic

According to the N.Y. Post, the D.C.-based media firm the Carmen Group is suing Follieri for $300,000, reports the Legal Times, after the Italian real estate mogul hired the company to handle his public relations in the wake of a suit brought against him by L.A.-based Yucaipa Companies in May.

The Carmen Group claims the boyfriend of Anne Hathaway never paid a $25,000 per month fee. Follieri's rep denied the accusation, stating "The Carmen Group worked with the Follieri Group for one month and were paid for one month."

Either way, it looks like Raffaello Follieri is up to no good... and we're not just talking about getting serviced by Anne Hathaway on board a ship this time.

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Wow, you don't say! It's really a toss-up whether there are more Heidi Montag bikini photos than Britney Spears upskirt pics floating around out there.

Seriously, we've never anything like seen this before! The Hills' Heidi Montag is seen here reportedly films the music video to her new single Wednesday on a Malibu beach - with "fiance" Spencer Pratt doing the filming.

The couple supposedly wanted to save a little money on having a real music video produced, so Spencer Pratt took control of the camera. If nothing else, Spencer and Heidi had a fun afternoon filming scenes at the beach. How nice.

As usual, a celebrity photo agency was on hand to make sure dozens upon dozens of pics of Heidi Montag's body and large mouth made their way online.

Follow this link for many, many, many more photos of Heidi Montag posing (with her mouth WIDE open as usual) on the beaches of Southern California.

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We've seen Rumer Willis blonde, Rumer Willis with short, straight hair and a nude Rumer Willis wearing nothing but a dunce cap. So believe us when we tell you that it takes a lot to catch our staff members off guard.

This Rumer Willis photo did the trick, though.

Don't get us wrong. We like that Rumer shows off her natural looks instead of getting plastic surgery like Heidi Montag, drowning her insecurities in alcohol like Lindsay Lohan or wearing no pants like Britney Spears.

But you have got to do something about this hair, girl ...

Rumer Willis poses for the camera after sticking a fork in a toaster.

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