Being the mother or father of Michael Jackson would be difficult under any circumstances. Throw possible foreclosure into the picture, however, and we're not sure how the Jackos cope.

The beleaguered King of Crazy Pop has received yet another notice of pending default on the $7 million home where Joe and Katherine Jackson live after he missed recent mortgage payments.

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Evidently, winning Survivor doesn't equip you for every life situation. Just ask Richard Hatch.

The first ever winner of everyone's favorite reality show was convicted by a federal jury in January of failing to pay taxes on the prize and other income. He was sentenced in May to 51 months in prison by a judge who said the reality TV star had repeatedly lied on the witness stand.

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We always knew someone gave love a bad name for Jon Bon Jovi. You could feel the pain in the rock 'n roll god's voice every time he mentioned an angel's smile being up for sale.

But Diane Lane was responsible for such heartbreak?!? Who knew? (That these two were an item ... that Bon Jovi was suave enough to bag such a beautiful actress ... that the repercussions of that affair would be etched in Best of the 80s CDs forever ...)

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It's a good thing Paris Hilton is making friends with a certain famous kitty - because he dog frickin hates her!

We don't know if she was bribed by Nicole Richie, Lindsay Lohan, or simply expressing the sentiments shared by human beings around the universe, but Hilton's pet kinkajou, Baby Luv, bit Paris on the arm early Tuesday morning.

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Hey, Shakira will be there, so we already planned on tuning in. Now, a host has been named, though, and he promises that the show will be a "rip-snortin' humdinger"

"I am Jables, hear me roar," said Jack Black, tapped to lead the ceremony and referring to his nickname when he performs with his two-man band, Tenacious D.

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This edition of Celebrity Look-Alikes goes outside the box... or spider-hole, if you will. And we will.

While it may seem crass to liken Mel Gibson to notorious former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, and it is, consider that these upstanding gentlemen have something in common. They both hate Jews! A lot! Plus, there's just something about their mutually scraggly appearance that made this photo comparison inevitable.

We're sorry to report, Heath Ledger, but The Joker doesn't have a beard.

We know you enjoy your scruff, what real man doesn't? And with a beautiful wife and baby at home, you don't really need to keep up appearances too well. (Unless you're angling to win back to back Best Kiss awards).

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If Britney Spears is looking for husband Kevin Federline to start pulling his weight around the house, she might want to consider a different approach. You see, the pop starlet has, according to a report, given her aspiring rapper and former backup dancer husband one gift that he won't leave home without.

That being a a high-rolling Black American Express card. You know, just in case the freeloading assclown needs to go buy something. Like his own airplane.

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