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Please, Chicago Cubs. Spare us next time?

We get it. Pete Wentz grew up in the Chicago area, played dive bars around the colleges before Fall Out Boy got huge, and so on.

But isn't there a better-looking celebrity with Windy City roots? We know not every star can look like DeAnna Pappas, but still ...

Ashlee Simpson's bitch throws out first pitch at Wrigley Field.

Not sure how Pete got this gig, but Joe Simpson was probably there trying to orchestrate it. That is, if he wasn't fixing Jessica Simpson's bra.

But we're getting off track here.

All we're saying is that we've had enough of this guy. Next time, Cubs, do us a favor and recruit Kendra Wilkinson for the first pitch duties.

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Before we answer the question posed in the headline, we probably need to respond to the inquiry on the minds of most readers:

Who the heck is Diana Bianchi?

Bianchi is the (very, very) young woman at the center of the nasty Christie Brinkley/Peter Cook divorce. The former model's lawyer has requested that the aspiring singer - who Cook admitted to having an affair with - take the stand during their upcoming divorce trial, set to begin July 2 in Long Island.

Diana Bianchi Picture

Diana Bianchi wanted to make it as a singer. Instead, she's making it as Peter Cook's mistress.

In response to a possible court appearance by Bianchi, Peter Cook's attorney, Norman Sheresky, told People Magazine:

"Since Peter admitted [to an] affair two years ago, dragging in Bianchi is just one more example of Ms. Brinkley's thirst for revenge. Peter has moved on with his life. She should do the same."

We disagree. For the sake of celebrity gossip followers everywhere, we think this battle should continue in public for many months to come.

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Jennifer Aniston and Cameron Diaz have each been labeled "America's Sweetheart" on more than one occasion.

It's starting to seem as though a more appropriate moniker would be "Paul Sculfor's Sweetheart," however.

Cameron Diaz Paries Late

Yesterday, Diaz was spotted on a romantic dinner date in West Hollywood with the British model and former Aniston flame. These two were first linked on June 1 when they dined at Il Ristorante di Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica.

"Cameron was laughing at everything he said â€" she didn't stop smiling," a witness told Us Weekly. "She was really flirty and had three or four of her buttons undone."

Paul Sculfor has likely seen Jennifer Aniston nude and Cameron Diaz nude. What's his secret?

Dating-wife, Diaz is best known for having been with Justin Timberlake for years. Based on a recent interview with In Style, she appears to be a well-grounded, totally awesome woman.

"I'm not going to bring some idiot into my world, and if I'm not sure about him, I'm cautious," the What Happens in Vegas star said. "My list is all about balance. You can have smart, but not funny. You can have funny, but not very smart. You can have intellectual, but not social.

"I want it all! I love big brains. I love to eat. I love to be outdoors. I love to have conversations! I love to make love... I don't do anything half-assed, and I want somebody who can keep up with all that."

Paul Sculfor, you're a lucky man.

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Veteran, controversial comedian George Carlin died of heart failure yesterday. He was 71.

Carlin was an unabashed liberal, critic of organized religion and occasional movie star (he appeared in Dogma and Scary Movie 3). He was also known, and appreciated, for pointing out flaws in the logic of conservatives.

For example, when asked about Janet Jackson's "wardrobe malfunction" at the 2004 Super Bowl halftime show, Carlin told the Associated Press:

"On that Super Bowl broadcast of Janet Jackson's, there was also a commercial about a four-hour erection. A lot of people were saying about Janet Jackson, 'How do I explain to my kids? We're a little family, we watched it together ...' And, well, what did you say about the other thing?"

The astute, humorous observer is survived by wife Sally Wade and daughter Kelly Carlin McCall.

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Proud mama Jamie Lynn Spears' baby Maddie Briann Aldridge returned to her new Mississippi home at 1:45 a.m. on Saturday morning.

That's the house she purchased last month to start a new life with fiancé Casey Aldridge and the baby - not the Spears' mansion in Louisiana.

Tom Brady, John Edward Thomas Moynahan

It was incorrectly reported by several celebrity gossip and news sources that baby Maddie Briann had been taken back to Kentwood, La.

This is where Jamie Lynn grew up and where Lynne Spears still resides.

PROUD PARENTS: Casey Aldridge and Jamie Lynn Spears in the pregnancy days.

However, what happened was a clever ploy in which Casey Aldridge and Lynne Spears drove back to Serenity (the mansion) with a Jamie Lynn look-alike in the back of the car, thus allowing mom and baby to make a private exit.

Later, Jamie Lynn Spears and Maddie Briann were then driven by private security guards and state troopers back to their home in Liberty, Miss.

Way to put one over on the celebrity gossip world, kids!

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Somewhat popular actress Kate Bosworth recently stepped out to attend a movie premiere in a revealing, form-fitting red dress.


Alexander Skarsgard and Kate Bosworth Photo

Can you be sure this is the real Kate Bosworth? The star's expression appears to be robotic, and she doesn't look that pale, which would be a change.

Could this be a wax statue of Kate, an attempt to fool readers into thinking they are ogling the real deal - or that the original has actually eaten a meal?

You decide in this edition of Real or Wax …

Follow this article's jump now to learn the answer…

Continue Reading...

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At The Hollywood Gossip, we often bring you the best excerpts we find from the exciting, often less-than-intelligent world of celebrity quotes.

These Jessica Simpson remarks below are certainly worthy of inclusion.

Jessica Simpson Covering Her Baby Bump

Doing the rounds to promote her new country album (trying in vain to compete with Carrie Underwood) Jessica wants to assure all 11 of her fans that the rumors surrounding her controlling father, Joe Simpson, are simply not true:

"There have been stories that are ridiculous. Like my father really fit me for a training bra. Like, who believes that kind of thing!?"

Personally, we never heard that one, but it would not surprise us in the least. Joe Simpson does have a reputation for being hands-on, right?


Anyway, Jessica later had another choice line regarding her new CD: "I really just wanted to showcase the talent that God has given me. I don't believe that, in pop music, I ever had the chance to stand on two feet and stand firm."

Umm, riiiight... Sorry, Jess, but the "God-given talent" reasoning only works in regards to your lingerie line, not your alleged singing or acting.

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When Young Jeezy was busted last week for driving with no license plates and having an open container (cops hate both of those things), we put up his mug shot along with the booking photos of some other celebrities.

The fan response to this via email was so overwhelming that we've been asked to post more - and we do as our readers demand, so here you go!

Click to enlarge some other classic booking photos below, and follow this link for The Hollywood Gossip's full gallery of celebrity mug shots!

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Welcome to the 10th edition of our Guess the Celebrity Quote game. Last time, the famous culprit trying to take over the world with his hustle was Spencer Pratt.

This week, we're asking readers to name the man that keeps himself nice and clean for the ladies. He recently said:

Men owe it to women to make sure they are well-groomed. I wax my privates.

Which hairless star said these words? Follow this article's jump right now to find out ...

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Three Lauren Conrad photos. One golden, sparkly bag.

Okay, we admit, we are sort of obsessed with The Hills and its stars' fashion. But you have to admit, she loves this one accessory!

Mugler Shot

As you can see, three times recently, Lauren Conrad glammed up her summery white dresses with a luxe Valentino gold metallic bag.

All while being seen (on the scene) in L.A., of course. See below...

Lauren Conrad's white dresses and gold bag: Love it or shove it?

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