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Mischa Barton isn't setting a good example.

After all, her little sister, Hania Barton, just got out of rehab. Yes, you read that correctly.


It's got to feel good to go through such an ordeal and then see your sister vomiting all over the place after a night of insane partying.

But hey, we all know celebrity drug use is the name of the game these days.

Mischa Barton was reportedly with a group of friends the other night at the Anchor Bar in SoHo when she became "tired and emotional," witnesses say.

She may not be dating Cisco Adler anymore, but his pot-smoking, hard-partying ways have apparently stuck around.

The anorexic blonde was drinking and dancing to songs by Beyoncé, Nelly and Madonna, among others, seemingly having a grand old time.

That is, before she ran outside and tossed her cookies on several smokers' shoes, narrowly missing Jamie-Lynn Sigler. Good thing she's got decent aim.

Ever the trooper, the former star of The OC went back inside and drank and danced more. Hey, sometimes you have to boot and rally. We just hope she offered to clean it up.


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And this time, it's not because of any nude pics.

Rather, it's became Britney Spears, her short-lived BFF Paris Hilton and many others have been hitting the crack pipe pretty hard these days.

Lindsay Lohan Plastic Surgery?

Okay, so they're probably not on crack. Well, Pete Doherty is, but not the lovely ladies listed above. We think. Nonetheless, drug and alcohol abuse have become so commonplace among celebrities that it's almost become publicly accepted.

Just look at Tara Conner or Lindsay Lohan, a couple of cuties who have partied their brains out and weren't even of legal age to drink.

Not to mention all the drugs Lohan takes. Chick is seriously strung out.

An Us Weekly source recalls a wild, crazy New Year's party in Miami, Florida, frequented by more than a few notable celebrities:

"There were lines of coke on the table, weed everywhere. It was insane. It was a very free atmosphere. Coke is so not a big deal for young stars in Hollywood. It's like having a drink."

In short, drug arrests and problems aren't just for Snoop Dogg anymore.

Remember when a trip to rehab used to be a career-threatening PR nightmare? Well, nowadays, celebrities openly disclose their drug use in interviews - and not just the more notable party animals we've already discussed.

Fergie has been candid about her former crystal meth addiction, while John Mayer actually gave Rolling Stone an interview while puffing on a marijuana vaporizer. Justin Timberlake has also been up front about dabbling in many illegal substances.

Who will be the next star busted for drugs (and we're not talking about hGH, Sly Stallone)? What does this suggest about our infatuation with celebrities and their sub-culture? We have no clue. But we can promise you this, Gossip readers:

We will be here, at this address, reporting it ever step of the way.

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We thought it was crazy enough that Heather Mills was asked to appear on Dancing with the Stars. Why give publicity to a one-legged, former call girl that's trying to steal millions of dollars from a music legend?

But that was nothing compared to other recent television show news: Court TV has hired Star Jones to appear on screens across the country.

Far From a Star

The former co-host of The View makes Rosie O'Donnell seem tolerable. And Janice Dickinson look attractive.

Anway, here's a photo of the supposedly new, improved and smart Star compared to the glamorous one from 2006. We think they're both frightening. 

Here's a Matthew McConaughey picture to look at as you decide which image of Jones is scarier. We don't want you to forget that there are hot people out there, too.


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When you look like scrappy American Idol contestant Sanjaya Malakar, why would you change your appearance?

Such is the mindset of Halle Berry, who says she's avoided plastic surgery so far â€" though she's not against it down the line.

Berry, Berry Beautiful

"No, I haven't [had any]," the 40-year-old Oscar winner tells Reader's Digest for its April issue. "But that's one thing I'll never say never about, because I don't know."

Still, she does hope to "evolve as a person who realizes it's really not about my physical appearance and not be drawn to that seductive knife."

Sounds like something Ashlee Simpson could learn.

This is not the first time Berry has discussed the issue of appearance. At a London press conference back in 2004, she said:

"Being thought of as a beautiful woman has spared me nothing in life. No heartache, no trouble. Love has been difficult. Beauty is essentially meaningless and it is always transitory."

Well, sure. But tell that to Keeley Hazell.

Berry also revealed that she once didn't speak to her mother for a year-and-a-halt after her mom refused to send money when the actress was nearly broke.

"It was devastating because she had never said no to me for anything," says Berry. "I became totally self-sufficient. I vowed never to ask my mother or anybody for anything, ever. And I didn't."

She also didn't comment on our comparison of her and Kim Kardashian. But we just hope we didn't offend the lovely, talented star. Halle, not Kim. Obviously.

Finally, there is one thing Berry hasn't yet attained that she still hopes for â€" a child. Might she go the Angelina Jolie route? It's unclear, but ...

"I hope that happens," she says. "It's late; I've waited a little too long. But I want to have children. Absolutely."


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A year ago at this time, few people knew who Hayden Panettiere was, let alone how to pronounce her last name (pen-eh-TEER).

Yet the 17-year-old has become a certified Hollywood "it" girl, starring in NBC's smash hit, Heroes, as well as in various films and launching a singing career!

Hayden in Hawaii

She's even been spotted hanging with Paris Hilton - the true sign that you've hit the big time. Or need to check into rehab ASAP. Sorry. We're getting a little ahead of ourselves, we know.

In any event, here's timeline of the brief career of Hayden Panettiere, a star you'll surely be hearing a lot more from in the coming years ...

September 25, 2006: Makes one of the best debuts in TV history �" jumping off a building, snapping her body back together, then doing it all over again! That's right, Hayden Panettiere made heads turn (on many levels) as the indestructible cheerleader Claire Bennet on Heroes.

November 1: As her star rises, Hayden Panettiere officially moves from Palisades, N.Y., to L.A. along with her parents and younger brother.

November 3: Poses for the cover of Entertainment Weekly. Inside, she tells the mag she celebrated her hit show's success by buying a Porsche and nearly running over Kanye West. Now that would have been heroic.

November 14: Photographed at L.A. eatery and mandatory paparazzi stop, Koi, holding hands with J.R. Rotem. Yes, that J.R. Rotem. The music producer whose 15 minutes of fame felt like 15 seconds after he hooked up with Britney Spears one night last fall.


December 4: Hangs out with that skank Paris Hilton at VH1's Big in '06 Awards. Ick. And, in the creepiest pairing of the night, Panettiere presents an award with sleazy 44-year-old Tommy Lee, who tells her (no joke) to call him when she turns 18. The man is a class act.

THG NOTE: That's August 21, 2007.

December: Becomes the new Neutrogena cover girl!

December: Stars with Anthony LaPaglia in The Architect, one of her first dramatic leading roles in a feature film.

December 14: Adopts a cause �" online safety, in the 2 Smart 4U ad campaign. In the ads, Hayden warms teenagers of the dangers lurking on the Internets. Like Perez Hilton, we're guessing.

Jaunary 3, 2007: Photographed at LAX with a mountain of luggage and rocking a sweatshirt that exclaims "Little Miss Bad." We are liking this!

January 9: Celebrates with castmates when Heroes wins for Best New TV Drama at the People's Choice Awards.

February: Poses for Vanity Fair in a white bathing suit reminiscent of a 1950s-era Marilyn Monroe. It's attractive, yet it makes us feel dirty. You know, the usual.

February 6: While shopping, bumps into Kristin Cavallari, who used to date Stephen Colletti, who's reportedly dating Panettiere. DRAMA!

May: Her debut album, still untitled, is slated to hit stores. The producer? J.R. Rotem. We don't have high hopes for the record, but we guarantee it's better than anything Sanjaya Malakar will ever produce.


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What, no David Silver, Jr.?

Tori Spelling gave birth yesterday to a boy with husband actor Dean McDermott.

Tori Spelling Photograph

The couple christened the child Liam Aaron McDermott, disappointing those who had hoped it would be named in honor of Tori's Bevery Hills, 90210 boyfriend.

Liam weighed 6 lbs, 6 oz - or nearly as much as Keira Knightley - and was born at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

Spelling and McDermott were married in May 2006 and have been going broke ever since. This is the first child for Spelling and second child for McDermott, who has a son from a previous marriage.

The countdown is now on to see if we'll get pics of little Liam before actual photos of Jayden James Federline.

A source close to the couple says: "Everyone is happy and healthy."

With the exception of Dylan McKay, that is. We assume he's off brooding somewhere.


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Apparently Mario Vazquez doesn't have a monopoly on being accused of bizarre, sexually-based crimes this week.

A celebrity fashion designer to the stars, Anand Jon, was arrested and jailed after cops say he raped two people, TMZ reports this morning.

According to the felony complaint, Jon allegedly committed a variety of despicable acts on four separate victims between October of 2004 and March 5, 2007.

Along with two counts of forcible rape, Anand Jon is also facing charges of "sexual battery by restraint, attempted forcible oral copulation and two counts of committing a lewd act upon a child."

In the document, police claim that Anand, 30, used an accomplice during the alleged sexual battery and forcible copulation. The investigation into that person is ongoing.

Jon, who has been featured on MTV and is known for hanging out with Paris Hilton, American Idol judge Paula Abdul (pictured with Jon) and Michelle Rodriguez, was arrested by Beverly Hills Police on March 6.

The arrest came after one of his accusers came forward to authorities. An investigation uncovered three other potential victims, the youngest of whom is 15.

Jon is currently behind bars in Los Angeles County Jail, as reported earlier by New York Daily News, with bail set at $1,365,000. Jon is due back in court April 4.

His pal Paris Hilton was scheduled to attend a major launch of Anand Jon's new line in India in Fall 2007, where Jon was born. The New York based designer has appeared on America's Next Top Model. AJ Jeans were unveiled on Valentine's Day at MAGIC, a huge fashion industry convention in Las Vegas.

In 2004, Anand was featured in the "Power & Influence" list in Newsweek. He was also selected by then NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani for a 2000 showcase as one of the top seventy-five designers in the world.


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There weren't too many shocks on American Idol last night.

Ryan Seacrest and Simon Cowell exchanged their typical, inappropriate - albeit fairly quick-witted - accusatory banter over who was actually gay.

First Live Performance

Melinda Doolittle and Lakisha Jones sang very well.

And somehow, for some reason, the Halle Berry lookalike, Sanjaya Malakar, continued to draw applause from the crowd. We hope they were just being polite - and come to their senses tonight when it comes time to vote.

One pleasant surprise, however, was the emergence of Jordin Sparks as a contender. The 17-year old handled her Diana Ross song well, impressing the judges and perhaps proving that this won't be just the Melinda and Lakisha show all season long.

As for the guys, well, they weren't particularly noteworthy. With the exception of Chris Sligh - but that's just because we've got a piece of advice for this crooner: put your glasses back on. They help with your image.

And how else will you see Antonella Barba photos clearly?

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It's fitting that Heather Mills took this bicycle for a serious spin in Brighton, England, Tuesday. After all, she used to be a neighborhood bicycle herself, if you know what me mean.

We're saying the gold-digging ho was also once a high-priced, one-legged call girl. Or is. At least the latter. She still has one prosthetic leg.

Ugly Hair

In any case, Mills and estranged husband Paul McCartney have reportedly agreed to a settlement in their divorce case. The terms: Mills gets between $56-63M, various reports say, and joint custody of daughter Beatrice, 3, if she'll go the hell away.

Needless to say, she won't be giving back this hot 18-speed ...


That's a lot of money for someone so undeserving, but it's not too bad of a deal for Sir Paul, a billionaire who didn't think to make the gal sign a pre-nup.

Come on, Paul. We know you stand for peace, love, all of that. But that doesn't mean you should be so careless with your fortune. Britney Spears wouldn't be.

Okay, bad example. We mean, Tom Cruise wouldn't be!!!

Regardless, Mills has been prepping for her upcoming stint on ABC's Dancing With the Stars, which premieres March 19. The Gossip hopes you'll join it in hoping Mills' strap on (you know, for the fake leg) comes flying off during the season premiere.


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Now that Anna Nicole Smith is resting peacefully, it looks as though her daugher may finally do so in the arms of her real father.

After all, a smiling Larry Birkhead emerged from Los Angeles County Superior Court earlier today, where he asked a judge to make Howard K. Stern come to California and submit to DNA testing to determine exactly who Dannielynn Hope's papa truly is.

Larry and Dannielynn

Birkhead's lawyer, Debra Opri, said she was confident that Stern would be made to come to California, and she also said that Stern "can't hide behind a fake birth certificate" and that his "feet will be held to the fire."

Ron Rale, Stern's attorney, spoke just after Opri, and revealed that Stern, Birkhead, and South Carolina businessman Ford Shelley met privately in his hotel room (without him) but said that no deal resulted.

And Rale clarified that no deal has been made to exchange paternity for part of Dannielynn's future inheritance, saying that Birkhead isn't even named in the will.

Birkhead, for his part, said, "I'm just doing what I have to do for my daughter," and that for him, holding Dannielynn in the Bahamas "was like being in the delivery room."

In the end, Larry is obviously the father. This fact is more apparent to us than how popular Jason Wahler will be in the prison shower.

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