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You may now exhale, celebrity gossip readers.

Spencer Pratt says he and Heidi Montag are as solid as ever.


In the world of Spencer and Heidi, we assume that to mean faking engagements for the purposes of The Hills, staging vacation photos in Cabo San Lucas, giving "exclusive" interviews to anyone, and laughing all the way to the bank.

Rumor has it that Speidi may be on the rocks, however.

A report in the New York Post surfaced late last week claiming Spencer Pratt "was eyeing other women" at the L.A. premiere of Cloverfield.

A source was quoted as saying Pratt left Montag's side "to ask for another girl's number ... and she turned him down... Heidi was clueless."

But Pratt set the record straight, telling Us Weekly: "It's completely false. Heidi and I didn't leave each other's side the entire night."

No word on whether Spencer peeped our Audrina Patridge crotch shot.

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As one of the very early favorites in the seventh season of American Idol, Kristy Lee Cook is not exactly an undiscovered talent.

The young country crooner was signed to a record deal in 2001 and released an album called "Devoted." Here's the title track's video from that CD:

Thia Megia Photograph


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While waiting for a flight to the Sundance Film Festival with her boyfriend - underachieving Saints running back, Reggie Bush - Kim Kardashian looks on in amazement.

What could Bush be showing her? Perhaps one of the following...

Uninteresting Event
  • A preview of the Jessica Sierra sex tape.
  • The latest Britney Spears crotch shot.
  • A photo of Jillian Grace, another hottie David Spade somehow bedded.
  • The damage of Hurricane Katrina.
  • A triumphant shot of Ray J giving it to her on tape.

Your guess is as good as ours. Leave us a comment. Let us know your thoughts on what would cause Kardashian to be so taken aback in this photo:

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Lucas Grabeel been cast in a major motion picture: he'll star alongside Sean Penn and James Franco in the Harvey Milk biopic, Milk.

The flick tells the tale of the slain San Franciso gay activist and politician.

Grabeel will portray Danny Nicoletta, a friend and supporter of Harvey Milk. Nicoletta worked at the camera store that Harvey owned, while also working on Harvey's political campaigns.

This marks yet another step up for a High School Musical star:

Zac Efron has signed on to star in a pair of big movies (Seventeen and Me and Orsen Welles), while Vanessa Hudgens will appear in Will.

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This story may change six times in the next 30 seconds.

But for now, Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon are getting divorced. Again.

As TMZ reports, however, this decision may be the one that sticks. How come? Because Anderson is no longer pregnant with Salomon's baby. If you get our abortive drift.

With a child out of the way, the two sex tapes stars are apparently set to join Eddie Murphy and Tracey Edmonds in splitsville.

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Christian Brando, the 49-year-old son of actor Marlon Brando, is in poor health at Hollywood Presbyterian hospital.

Sources told TMZ that Brando was admitted on January 11 and remains in ICU. We're unsure about the exact nature of his illness right now.

Brando was convicted of voluntary manslaughter in the 1990 death of his half-sister's boyfriend, Dag Drollet. He was released from prison in 1996.

In 2005, Christian Brando pled guilty to abusing his then-wife, Deborah Presley.

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Curious how The Sports Gal - wife of ESPN columnist Bill Simmons - feels about Katie Holmes? She's happy to tell you:

Katie Holmes is now a robot. I always liked her acting and enjoyed her work on Dawson's Creek, although that show is never on anymore because the Scientologists destroyed the tapes so we'd forget old Katie and embrace Jackie O. Model 3000 XT.

Cruisin' For Bad Hair

Three years ago, Bill called me from a Super Bowl party because he'd been waiting to use a locked Port-O-Potty and Katie was the one who came out of it. Bill was excited because it made her seem more "attainable" - I think this pissed me off and we ended up getting into a fight. (Why do guys say things like that?) Although I did admire her for using a port-o-potty.

Now, she'd never dare walk into a Port-O-Potty -- not because she's a snob, but because robots don't pee or poop.

She probably goes to a Scientology Jiffy Lube and gets her oil changed once a year and she's good to go.

Anyhoo, the [recent Good Morning America] interview bothered me because Katie once had a playful personality that I liked. Now she answers questions in a careful monotone and peppers her sentences with words like "lovely" and "wonderful" and "beautiful."

She's about 6 months away from developing a British accent like Madonna did. What really bothered me was when she talked about how "creative" [Suri Cruise] is. She's not even two! What does she create, dirty diapers? Nothing inspires creativity like having a mom who talks like a robot.

"That's a beautiful Playdoh lump you made, Suri. It's wonderful. It's so lovely."

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Zac Efron is planning life after High School Musical.

Already signed on to star in a movie called Seventeen, the young stud is now confirmed to star in Me and Orson Welles, according to Movie Fanatic.

Beautiful with a Beard?

The movie is set in 1937, centering on high school student Richard Samuels (Efron). While strolling the streets of New York, Samuels happens upon the yet-to-open Mercury Theatre and is noticed by its mercurial founder, Orson Welles (Christian McKay).

Me and Orson Welles will shoot mid-February; Disney's High School Musical 3: Senior Year will begin filming April 21.

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Forget Six Feet Under.

This is an example of two giant boobs under.

Put On Ya Boots

As part of her community service for drunk driving, Lindsay Lohan will spend two, four-hour days inside a morgue. From there, she'll try not to spread any STDs by working in an emergency room.

The idea is to show people the dangers of drinking and driving. Which we think Roger Avary has already done, to tragic consequences.

Lohan reached a plea agreement in August based on charges from two separate DUI incidents, one in May in Beverly Hills and one in July in Santa Monica.

She has sex with many men.

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