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Kellie Pickler had a whole new look when she sang for American Idol fans last week. But did it include more than just a different hairstyle?

While other stars, such as Jennifer Aniston, have denied rumored boob jobs, it may be difficult for Pickler to offer much of a defense. Just take a look at the images below.

There's nothing wrong with giant breasts, of course. Just ask Victoria Beckham. But we hope Kellie underwent a safe, healthy procedure.

As Tara Reid can attest to, boob jobs can be dangerous.


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We don't know what's weirder:

  1. The fact that Anne Heche and her co-star from Men In Trees are now dating
  2. The fact that Anne Heche was a lesbian at one point, but then got married to a guy and has a five-year-old son
  3. The fact that Anne Heche's husband's name is Coley Laffoon

In any case, it's all true. But Men In Trees hunk James Tupper insists he's no Jason Wahler. In the sense that he's not a cheating SOB. Nor does he get arrested a lot.

Whatever. According to Tupper, his off-screen romance with Heche didn't commence until they were both single, he tells People.

"The line," he says, "was never crossed."

Instead, James Tupper, who earned the on-set nickname McTreemy** because of his heartthrob status among viewers**, says he and Heche "really trusted each other almost right from the beginning and leaned on each other as their respective marriages were coming to an end."

** - Please note that this was a marketing attempt by ABC to capitalize on the popularity of Grey's Anatomy, and that no one actually calls him this. Or watches Men In Trees, for that matter.

Tupper separated from his wife, Kate, late last year, but "We remain very good friends," he says. Sure thing. In January, Heche announced that she was separating from Laffoon, her husband of five years. They have a five-year-old son, Homer.

Though their relationship did not begin immediately, the spark between the actors, which is not by any means a fake relationship staged generate interest in the show, was clear as soon as they started working together.

"Anne and I have wonderful on-screen chemistry," Tupper said. "I'm happy that people like to watch us. It's a beautiful thing. I adore her, and I'm hopeful for the future."

But does Tupper, who says he'd love kids one day, see himself settling down with Heche?

"I'm not ready to rush into marriage," he says, but "I've never met anyone like her. There's something really comforting when you can truly connect with someone and be understood. Isn't that what we all want?"

Amen, James. The Gossip and Anne Hathaway definitely feel that same sort of bond. Even if the latter is not aware of this whatsoever.

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Move over, Brangelina.

Take a seat, Bennifer.

Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard

Stop being insane, TomKat.

As adorable as these celebrity couples are with their babies, a new pair of contenders has emerged for the title of Cutest New Family.

We'll begin with Peter Sarsgaard and Maggie Gyllenhaal (right).

Please don't punish them - or their tyke, Ramona - just because they have difficult names to spell.

Does that make the couple any less in love? Think about it.

As you do, take a look at Spider-Man at play with his celebrity baby, Ruby.

She may not as well known as Suri Cruise, but the kid sure is a looker.

Tobey Maguire is having a lot of fun with her. Hopefully, he's teaching her all about the evil ways of the Green Goblin, as well.

Finally, Maguire's finacee, Jennifer Meyer, is looking away from the camera in this shot (below). That may be a good thing, though.

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Attention, anorexic waifs of the entertainment world: you're on notice.

No, Stephen Colbert is not involved. Someone a hell of a lot more attractive is calling you out. No offense, Steve.

Anne at the Oscars

In The Devil Wears Prada, the main character, fashion intern Andy Sachs, is told she is fat because she wears a size six.

But the awesome actress who played her, Anne Hathaway, is not about to get caught up in trying to be thinner.

"Obsessing about weight is a big old waste of time," the 24-year-old Anne tells the British edition of Glamour in its April issue.

"It's completely understandable as a teenager to fret about your body," she said. "It's scary because you don't know how it's going to wind up. But I'm not a teenager any more; my body's chosen its shape. I'd rather be strong than skinny for most roles."

We'd say we hope that Nicole Richie and Mischa Barton are reading this, but it's hard to peruse the Internet when your head's inside a toilet.

For her part, Hathaway, who has battled depression in the past, admits she's not a size zero and that she's gotten flak for it from directors. But it doesn't phase her.

"'I've had directors say to me, 'You're the best actress for the role, but you've put on weight recently.' If people can't understand you've put on five pounds, I don't want to deal with them."

THG NOTE: We would love to rip Kate Bosworth here, but recent evidence suggests she may have also come to this realization.

Hathaway last year had to lose weight for her Prada role, telling reporters at a press conference in Venice that not eating that extra croissant was "a question of how much you're willing to commit."

The actress, who is transformed from frump to fabulous in both Prada and The Princess Diaries, jokes to Glamour that she is "the makeover queen of my generation."

"My entire career's been dependent on my ability to look unattractive," she says.

When you look at these Anne Hathaway pictures, you realize what an amazing feat that is.


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Before we get to the actual talent behind this season's American Idol, let us say this: Antonella Barba did not suck last night.

And that's not even a reference to her infamous blowjob pictures. Seriously, it's not.

Chelsea Sorrell Photo

The New Jersey native sang a decent rendition on last night's show - but she's simply surrounded by too many talented artists to remain past this evening's vote off. At least that's what we assume. And it's what Simon Cowell pointedly said. But you never know.

Anyway, the two best women didn't disappoint - although one of them may have increased her lead by a sizeable margin. Melinda Doolittle was downright amazing as she sung "I'm a Woman" by Peggy Lee. The only thing more impressive than her vocal ability is her constantly grateful, embarrassed expression every time the judges throw a compliment her way.

Meanwhile, Lakisha Jones sang perfectly well. She chose a Whitney Houston song and actually sounded just like the diva on stage. The only drawback in that?

Somewhere, Bobby Brown is thinking about breaking parole in order to meet Lakisha. Look out, woman!

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Are Tom Cruise and his brainwashed, submissive, mute, formerly hot wife expecting yet another visit from the stork in the near future?

According to TMZ, a TomKat confidante went to trendy West Hollywood baby boutique Petit Tresor last week, looking for four "scenarios" for a boy's nursery.

Suri Scores Toys

The friend of Cruise and Katie Holmes was overheard saying:

"We want to be prepared for a baby boy."


We're told the interested themes for unnamed baby boy's room were: sports, nursery rhyme, Scientology, cartoon and the color blue.

Just kidding about the middle one. What would that consist of, though? A bunch of aliens landing and populating the planet and jumping on couches, probably.

Anyway. The estimated cost for an eggshell, blue-themed room alone is a steep $45,000 - but includes a custom-made blue and white antique crib, blue bedding and blue walls with floating clouds, so it's so worth it.

Well, if you're having an alien baby, anyway. Personally, we'd save our money for more important things. Like a Lauren Conrad-inspired wardrobe.

Moving on. The shop was also given a deadline of April 15, three days before little Asian cutie Suri Cruise's first birthday, to come up with the designs.

If the Cruises are expecting a little brother for Suri in the near future, the question is: Is Katie Holmes already preggers, or will said boy arrive via a Third World shopping spree?

Regardless of whether Katie is knocked up like Bridget Moynahan or hunting for an adopted child abroad like Brangelina, the bottom line remains the same:

TomKat is just plain strange.

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We know, we know. Didn't she already go wild when she took off her shirt for those Antonella Barba nude pictures?

The answer is:

Yes. But she didn't get paid for the experience.

Now, however, Joe Francis, the guy behind the Girls Gone Wild empire, has already offered the sexy American Idol singer a $250,000 contract to appear in a video as a celebrity host.

Francis tells TMZ:

"We have reached out to Antonella Barba through her family and are trying to reach her directly in order to offer her a hosting job for one of our upcoming video projects. Just like the American Idol judges, we at Girls Gone Wild are looking for a girl next door, with sexiness, attitude, a carefree spirit and a presence that will command the attention of the Nation."

Sounds like a great deal to us, Antonella. Talk to Kim Kardashian if you need to learn anything else about Francis. Or sex videos.


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It seems that the sexy co-stars of the new movie Rendition may have come away with a little more than just eight-figure paychecks.

Well, probably not. But T.H. Gossip can't help but speculate on two of its favorite stars potentially hooking up.

Reese Waves

No, not Katie Rees and Antonella Barba. Get your minds out of the gutter.

According to OK! Magazine, the adorable Reese Witherspoon and T.H. Gossip man crush Jake Gyllenhaal have been spotted hopping between each other's homes and hotel rooms!

Reese, who separated from husband Ryan Phillippe on October 30, after he possibly banged Abbie Cornish, has been seen laughing and cavorting with Gyllenhaal of late.

Maybe Witherspoon can answer the riddle of whether he wears boxers or briefs!

Jake was linked to Natalie Portman awhile back, but the only woman in his life right now is his adorable niece, Ramona. So maybe he and Reese have a future together! Or at the very least, more pics on our site!

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Move over, Jessica Simpson. You've got competition for worst celebrity hair dye job.

And it's from none other than Lindsay Lohan. We don't know if the Firecrotch was drunk again when she plopped into the salon, but fans of hers (both of you) should just be happy Lindsay didn't go all Britney Spears on her skull.

Got a Crack Pipe Handy?

Meanwhile, we'd ask if this new look affects Brody Jenner's desire to tang that piece - but do you think he even notices anything above her chest?


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Looks like Star Jones doesn't get killed during her upcoming stint on Law & Order.

After her famous exit from The View last June, the former legal prosecutor will re-surface on Court TV hosting a daily program that is expected to launch this summer. Seems like almost as good an idea as a Lauren Conrad fashion line.

A Shooting Star

The show, which has not yet been named, will connect the worlds of criminal justice with pop culture, the cable network said Wednesday. In other words: you're about to be a star again, Jason Wahler!

For Reynolds it's a homecoming: She began her TV career as a legal commentator on Court TV in 1991, before joining the ABC gabfeft when it started in 1997. She was then thrown away like a used tissue once Rosie O'Donnell was hired.

"The public is fascinated by the intersection of the legal world and the pop-culture world, and we hope to tap into that fascination as part of our overall strategy to broaden the appeal of the network's daytime lineup," Steve Koonin, president of Court TV's parent, Turner Entertainment Networks, said in a statement.

It's safe to assume that Lil Kim will be included somewhere in the opening credits.

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