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No opponent has been able to stop Randy Moss all season.

But Rachelle Washington is giving it her best shot.

Having accused the Patriots wide receiver of assault, and filed for a restraining order, Washington is now responding to Moss' claims that this is a "situation of extortion."

"Ms. Washington has been unfairly characterized as someone simply seeking financial gain. In fact, it was Mr. Moss' representatives who first contacted our office to offer a 'six figure' settlement with hopes of not having this incident become public record," a statement by Washington's lawyer reads.

"It has never been her intention to hurt Mr. Moss in any way. However, she has suffered mental and physical harm as a result of his actions. She simply wants him to take responsibility for what he has done. As a battery victim, she has shown great strength throughout this entire ordeal.

Which side do you believe?

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Listen closely and you'll be able to hear the screams of millions of teenagers.

What's their excitement over? Just look at the photo below, pitting a pair of their favorite people in the world side by side: Miley Cyrus and Ashley Tisdale.

Peace, I Guess

Miley, meanwhile, recently said she thought Britney Spears needed serious help.

"I think it's so crazy and I think that she [Britney] needs help," she told Extra. "If I didn't have [my family], I'd probably be in the same position.

"You just got to know who your true friends are, and I think for me, is my mom. If you have sisters, I mean any girls that are in your family, that can understand and relate to you, I think is the best."

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Chess prodigy and formed world champion Bobby Fischer has passed away.

The recluse - who became an unlikely Cold War hero after defeating Soviet grandmaster Boris Spassky in 1972 - died in Reykjavik yesterday. He was 64.

Fischer - who was the subject of Searching for Bobby Fischer, a surprisingly great film about chess - actually renounced his U.S. citizenship later in life.

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As previously reported, American Idol producers are receiving a bit of flak this season for allowing so many singers with professional backgrounds to audition for the show.

One early favorite, Kristy Lee Cook, and another who has been rumored to advance to Hollywood (Carly Hennessy) were each signed to recording contracts a few years ago.

Now, we've received word that Kady Malloy - our favorite singer so far - actually released an album awhile back. Unfortunately, songs from the CD have been whitewashed from the Internet, likely by American Idol higher-ups.

But a post on the MySpace blog of indie music store Amie Street reads: "Kady Malloy's powerful voice and Hip Hop-influenced pop songs bring to mind a cross between Christina Aguilera, Kelly Clarkson, and The Pussycat Dolls.

Kady's been working with Nick Trevisick, a producer and writer for artists like Mandy Moore and Natalie Imbruglia, so remember: you heard her on Amie Street first!"

Does this bother you, folks? Are you okay with the fact that Kady Malloy and so many others are not the type of undiscovered talent that American Idol has claimed to promote?

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Possibly being divorced by Blake Fielder-Civil is taking its toll on Amy Winehouse.

Following a visit to her jailed husband this week, the deranged singer absolutely snapped at a celebrity gossip photographer, as described by a witness to the event:

Trapeze Artist

"(Miss Winehouse) ended up punching a photographer and being escorted away by passing police."

No word yet on whether the reporter will file charges.

We know life in the spotlight can suck, Amy. But take a lesson from Vanessa Hudgens and just go with it. It's the price of fame and money.

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We're extremely sad to report that Lily Allen as suffered a miscarriage.

A source as The Sun says that the British singer and boyfriend Ed Simons are "in a state of shock," while Allen's publicist has confirmed the news:

Lily Allen Image

"We can confirm that Lily Allen has suffered a miscarriage," said the rep. "She and her partner Ed Simons will be making no further comment and we ask that their privacy be respected during this difficult time."

Our thoughts are with them.

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Ever wanna be a celebrity? Here's the price of fame:

High School Musical sweetheart Vanessa Hudgens just wants to fill up her gas tank. It's as mundane an act as there is in life, really.

100% Clothed

But it's earth-shattering to a gaggle of entertainment news reporters, all of whom make a pathetic living following around celebrities and catching them in exciting acts such as taking out the garbage and pumping gas.

Hey, we might reports on celebs after they make news. But you'll never catch us interrupting their day-to-day lives.

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According to reports - and one damning photo - Brody Jenner rung in 2008 in as disgusting a way as possible: he made out with Paris Hilton.

But the former star of The Hills is somehow denying these rumors.

Brody Jenner Tattoo

"I've never made out with Paris Hilton so that's false. False rumors!" Jenner declared earlier this week.

There's just one problem, however: there's a photo of the alleged hookup, which took place at a New Year's Eve party at LAX in Las Vegas.

Despite this seemingly insurmountable evidence, Jenner maintains a Roger Clemens-like plea of innocence: "I swear to God I've never kissed Paris ever in my life.

Hey, Brody, we don't blame you for wanting to erase such an unpleasant memory, but come on.

Controversy aside, Jenner was asked if he had a girlfriend and replied: "I'm not allowed to talk about it, but yes I do have a girlfriend and no her name is not Lauren Conrad!"

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Nothing like starting your day off with a pair of disturbing news items about Britney Spears.

First, TMZ makes a strong claim without citing its sources. The celebrity gossip sites reports that Britney has multiple personalities, including "the British girl." Therefore, when Spears loses the English persona, she has absolutely no idea what she did during the time she assumed that side of herself.

For example, the day Spears didn't show for her deposition? She has no recollection of it.

Considering the sources also cite personalities that include "the weepy girl, the diva [and] the incoherent girl," this sounds like too broad of a diagnosis to us. Aren't all women suffering from these issues?

This must be the personality of Britney Spears that really hates pants.

Secondly, the Associated Press has admitted that it's actually preparing a obituary for Spears. While she's alive!

"We are not wishing it, but if Britney passed away, it's easily one of the biggest stories in a long time," AP entertainment editor Jesse Washington said.

Well, sure. A Megan Fox sex tape would be a big deal, too, but you don't see us writing a press release for it.

"I think one would agree that Britney seems at risk right now," Washington added. "Of course, we would never wish any type of misfortune on anybody and hope that we would never have to use it until 50 years from now… but if something were to happen, we would have to be prepared."

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