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Richard Gere has already been burned in effigy.

These things happen when you embrace and kiss hot Bollywood actresses in front of live, Indian television audiences.

But now, Gere's problems are worsening, as he's become the target of three legal complaints in Indian courts regarding his antics with Shilpa Shetty Monday.

Lawyers accused Richard Gere and Shetty of committing "an obscene act" in a public place, says the Associated Press, an act that shocked the conservative sensibilities of the Indian population.

We're not huge Richard Gere fans (neither are some other, rumor-spreading actors), but come on. An obscene act? He's lame, but not a criminal.

All we can say is that it's a good thing the Indian public wasn't broadcast a live feed of the infamous Britney Spears crotch shot last winter.

Residents of several Indian cities burned effigies of Gere after he took Shetty into his arms and kissed her several times (on the cheek, mind you) during an AIDS awareness event in Mumbai.

We suggest they burn Howard K. Stern next. Just a recommendation.

On a completely note, did you know Richard Gere's middle name is Tiffany? Tiffany! How bizarre. It's like a man named Brian Warner deciding he will heretofore call himself Marilyn.


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Just when you thought it didn't get more exciting than going behind the scenes of American Idol ...

On April 13, newly single Prince William hit the town for a wild night out in London, racking up a nearly $10,000 bar tab and partying so hard that by 3:30 a.m. he "was struggling to stand up," a club source told Us Weekly.

William, Kate Pic

Of course, it was then revealed that the hunky prince had split from girlfriend Kate Middleton.

So, where did this relationship go wrong?

"Kate wanted an assurance that there was going to be a future for them, and William wasn't ready to give that," said a Middleton source.

"His family advised him not to rush into things, and so in the end, he couldn't give her what she wanted."

Sort of like Dita Von Teese and Marilyn Manson. We guess.

The strain only deepened when Prince William, now a second lieutenant in the British Army, was stationed in a training camp in Dorset, England â€" two hours away from Middleton's $1.6 million London apartment â€" yet he didn't make time to see "Babykins" (his pet name for Middleton, which is only slightly less obnoxious than anything Heather Mills says).

"Kate never felt like William put her in first place," said a former classmate. "To meet up for dinner, she would have to run four or five different dates by him before he would say he was available. Usually when you are in a relationship, you drop everything for your loved one, but William wasn't like that."

Indeed, he sounds more self-involved than Spencer Pratt.

Lastly, Us reports that one person is relieved the prince didn't rush into anything: his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth.

"The queen was fond of Kate, but wants William to take his time choosing a wife to avoid another royal divorce like the ones that damaged the monarchy in the '90s," royal correspondent Judy Wade said.

It's true that divorces are painful. Take note of that, Hulk Hogan.

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Harrison Ford apparently learned his lesson after a whopping $85 million divorce settlement from his ex-wife, Melissa Mathison.

Yes. That was just the money Harrison Ford lost in his divorce settlement. Which means he had (and has) a lot more than that. This guy's net worth is in the ballpark of Tom Cruise.

Calista Flockhart and Harrison Ford

It's perhaps not too surprising, then, that reps for Ford and his girlfriend, Calista Flockhart, are denying a recent report by Grazia magazine that the actor popped the question on April Fool's Day.

"They are not engaged," Flockhart's rep says.

"It's not true. They are not engaged," Ford's rep concurs.

We're not clear what their position is based on these quotes. But according to Grazia (via The Daily Mail), Ford allegedly had Flockhart's six-year-old son, Liam, help with the proposal.

A friend says, "He coached Liam to run up to [Calista Flockhart] and deliver to her a message - 'Mr. Ford is going to be my daddy.' Calista laughed but it was no joke. Harrison then told her he wanted to marry her. She's thrilled about the proposal and so is Liam."

The friend added:

"Harrison knows after five years that Calista is the last love of his life. He's been telling everyone that it felt like the right time."

That's sweet. Too bad this story is apparently about as real as Anna Nicole Smith's boobs, so there's no point in even discussing it anymore, really.

Can we just go back to the $85 million thing? Imagine if this is what you'd pay just to settle a divorce and move on. Even Kevin Federline only got $1 million (supposedly) in his recent settlement with Britney Spears.

Guess those Star Wars royalties have been awfully good to Ford.

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While rumors about the recent weight loss of Jenna Jameson have been ongoing, at least one unfortunate reason why this porn legend may be undergoing physical trauma has been revealed:

In November 2004, Jameson went to the dermatologist to treat some veins on her back - and was shocked when the doctor discovered a misshapen mole that turned out to be malignant melanoma.

Jenna Jameson Naked

Then, before the ex-wife of Jay Grdina could go into surgery, a blood test revealed that she was two months pregnant. However, her joy soon turned to sadness.

The day after she received the happy news, the porn star miscarried, probably due to the stress of the cancer.

The following month, Jameson had the mole excised and has been 100 percent cancer-free ever since. Hence, the subsequent partying with Paris Hilton and others.

The 33-year-old devout Catholic (and author of How to Make Love Like a Porn Star) told Us Weekly that she's made peace with her heartbreak.

"If the pregnancy would have lasted, I wouldn't have had the surgery," she said. "So it was all in God's plan."

We didn't know devout Catholics could be adult film actresses. That's sort of like Sanjaya Malakar being a talent scout.


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What the hell is Marilyn Manson thinking?

Yes, we realize this open-ended question could be applied to anything Marilyn Manson does. But in this case, we're referring to his divorcing the sultry Dita Von Teese (below), who's been known to show off her, um, assets… 

Sexy Dita Von Teese Pic

The shock rocker's ex-wife performed a jaw-dropping striptease at Crazy Horse Paris at the MGM Grand Monday night in Las Vegas, according to TMZ.

The routine involves the lovely Dita Von Teese hosing herself down on stage while wearing little more than a thong and pasties. Hot stuff!

Manson recently told Le Parisien newspaper that the they split up because Dita wanted him to "become more adult, more responsible," something he must have refused to do.

Perhaps she wanted to be the one to wear the makeup in the family. Or he couldn't handle the possibility of everyone seeing Dita Von Teese nude in Penthouse. Who the heck knows.

All we can say for sure here at The Hollywood Gossip is that if this is the act Dita performs for the masses, imagine what the private performances must be like.

Ooooga. Evan Rachel Wood, you've got some hot shoes to fill.


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If Vanessa Minnillo really wants to become a mommy, it helps to spend a lot of time around her man.

Hence, this exciting news: Vanessa is moving in with Nick Lachey!

Birthday Boy and Girl

The New York correspondent for Entertainment Tonight is moving into Lachey's Beverly Hills home, sticking it to Jessica Simpson and focusing on becoming an actress on the West coast, according to the New York Post.

Minnillo and Lachey have been dating for about a year, so the move is nowhere as shocking as the idea of Victoria Beckham and her huge breasts trying to bust a move on Dancing with the Stars next year.

But we hope Vanessa is careful about future career plans if she hopes to remain an on-air personality. To wit:

The Post also reports that Access Hollywood's Maria Menounous got canned from Entertainment Weekly after she focused too much energy on sitcom and movie roles.

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Several sources say that former Spice Girl and tabloid favorite Victoria Beckham is considering joining the future cast of Dancing With the Stars.

Beckham, formerly known as Posh Spice, will move to Los Angeles this summer as her soccer-star husband, David Beckham, begins his contract with L.A. Galaxy.

Ralph on Dancing With the Stars

Victoria Beckham is reportedly taking the proposal "very seriously" as the media exposure is said to have enhanced the reputation of another Brit, Heather Mills.

Although Victoria Beckham might not want to go too crazy with such comparisons, seeing as Heather Mills is a gold-digging, instructional sex tape star and former call girl with a fake leg.

An inside Dancing with the Stars source tells Britain's newspaper, The Sun, "We're halfway through the series and it has been massive. A lot is down to Heather... We really want Victoria. She's not very popular right now, like Heather Mills wasn't. That's why she'd be perfect."

"Also, she might get pals like Tom Cruise and Jennifer Lopez to watch her."

Now they're thinking. Beckham's former Spice Girl counterpart, Emma Bunton, also appeared on the original British show, Strictly Come Dancing, last year.

Who's next, Katie Price?

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Before you go bidding on the Kate Moss nude photos that are apparently going up for auction next month, keep this in mind:

There's a good chance shots of this train wreck naked will hit the Web pretty much any time she goes out with drug-ridden boyfriend, Pete Doherty. So you may wanna save your money.

Moss Baby Bump Watch

But two prints of the model that makes Britney Spears look put together will go under the auction hammer at London's Christie's auction house in May.

These certainly aren't the craziest things ever sold - spending money on a Dannielynn domain name ain't exactly normal, either - but they may be among the most unnecessary.

After all, photos of Moss with clothes on may be harder to come by than any birthday suit shots. What's next, a picture of David Weintraub in a designer suit going on sale?


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Certain actresses might as well go to work in their birthday suites. Eva Mendes nude, for example, is not exactly an uncommon sighting.

But Zooey Deschanel? Her most well-known movie role is the Will Ferrell vehicle, Elf. Not exactly a bastion of pornography.

Zooey Deschanel Pic

Which is not to say that Deschanel is going all Jenna Jameson on us in the near future, either. But the rising star recently talked about taking her clothes off for the first - and probably only - time when she portrays music legend Janis Joplin in the the film Gospel According to Janis.

"There's a famous series of photos of Janis wearing nothing but beads and we're recreating that for the movie," Zooey Deschanel explains. "I've never taken off my clothes for a role before and I doubt I'll do it again, but to really become who Janis was I have to get into the mindset that says there's nothing to be ashamed about."

So there's a reason to check out this movie, fellas. Like pictures of an almost nude Hilary Swank, Deschanel in the buff may never come around again.


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He's already been named girl of the day.

But even we didn't expect Sanjaya Malakar to take it this far.

Katie Heigl Pic

The American Idol annoyance was recently seen performing in a snazzy white number... that was also sported by another Hollywood star... Grey's Anatomy actress Katherine Heigl.

That's right. The kid is officially cross-dressing. Hopefully, he got this outfit from sister Shyamali Malakar. Although we wouldn't bank on it, since she prefers life in the nude.

Bless her heart. Anyway, here's the evidence ... Who wins this fashion face-off?


We'll give the edge to the Grey's Anatomy star. The benefit of the doubt on this one goes to whomever brings talent to his or her craft. Oh yeah, and Heigl is much better looking (possibly even hotter than Haley Scarnato). Sorry, Sanjaya.

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