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Last week's Adrienne Bailon nude picture scandal has come back to bite the singer in her (bare, exposed) ass.

A source told Perez Hilton that Bailon and the rest of the Cheetah Girls have been axed from the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. It's not difficult to guess why.

Very Busty

"The Girls were scheduled to be in the parade and perform, but after Adrienne's recent photo incident, organizers didn't think it would be appropriate to have her at a family-oriented event," an insider said.

Does Adrienne Bailon's punishment fit her naked crime?

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I’m going to salute you. You came out tonight and danced two fabulous dances.

- Len Goodman to Lance Bass and Lacey Scwhimmer

Such praise sums up last night's season seven semi-final on Dancing with the Stars. One couple distinguished itself from the others, as Bass and Schwimmer are all but assured of a spot in next week's finale.

Here's a rundown of all four tandems, their dances and their combined scores on the night:

  • Brooke Burke & Derek Hough: 21 out of 30 for their jive; 28 out of 30 for their salsa. Total: 49 out of 60
  • Cody Linley & Julianne Hough: 22 out of 30 paso doble; 24 out of 30 for their salsa. Total: 46 out of 60
  • Warren Sapp & Kym Johnson: 24 out of 30 for their mambo; 25 out of 30 for their jitterbug. Total: 49 out of 60
  • Lance Bass & Lacey Schwimmer: 28 out of 30 for their mambo; 29 out of 30 for their jitterbug. Total: 57 out of 60
Lance Bass and Lacey Schwimmer Photo

Lacey Schwimmer and Lance Bass remain favorites to take home this season's Dancing with the Stars trophy.

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Fresh off a Hawaiian vacation and a "business" trip to South Beach (where he happened to run into step-sis Kim Kardashian), Brody Jenner is talking all about it on his new, official blog. Yes, so you can keep track of all things Brody Jenner at all times.

In addition to updating you on his whereabouts, Brody can't help but gush about his new girlfriend, Jayde Nicole, who he calls "beautiful inside and out."

Brody Photograph

Hey, you really can't blame the guy, cheesy as he's being lately. If you were lucky enough to see Jayde Nicole naked, there would be many a post written.

Here are some shots of Jayde and Brody from his site ...

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The earth-shaking comeback of Britney Spears rolls on.

Our girl's got a hit single, an album ready to drop in two weeks, a brand new website, a hot airbrushed body, a tour in the works and lots, lots more.

Today's announcement: Britney will be taking part in one the biggest annual holiday traditions: the lighting of the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree!

On December 3, the day after she turns 27 and her new album, Circus, hits record stores, Britney will be in the Big Apple for the tree-lighting extravaganza.

BACK ON TOP: Britney Spears' mega-comeback included some big wins at the MTV VMAs. Which are totally rigged and arbitrary, but that's neither here nor there.

What's still unclear is whether or not she'll be performing at the ceremony, or just hangin' around with host Al Roker for the NBC broadcast of the event.

We'd bet against her singing, since she sort of can't, whatsoever, in a live setting, but it's awesome that she's gonna be there in the heart of N.Y. City.

Speaking of Rockefeller Plaza, 30 Rock quotes are pretty funny. You should watch the show. It's actually pretty great even though it doesn't get much press.

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The season six winner of The Bachelor continued her losing streak with the law this weekend, unleashing a drunken and unprovoked attack on a police cruiser.

Mary Delgado - who was arrested late last year for allegedly punching her fiance, The Bachelor star Byron Velvick - was busted again Saturday night for public intoxication, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct at a bar in Del Rio, Texas.

The cantina called the cops because Mary Delgado refused to leave the bar, saying it was her "constitutional right" to stay there as long as she wanted.

Well, with an argument like that ...

Mary Delgado Picture

DRUNK AND DISORDERLY: Prone to violent tirades after drinking too much, the classy Mary Delgado is poised to join our celebrity mug shots gallery for a second time.

Mary became "loud and belligerent" while being transported to jail, and kicked the radio inside the squad car. That always endears one to the authorities.

The increasingly insane Delgado was released from the Val Verde County Correctional Facility after Byron Velvick posted her bail for reasons unknown.

A word to the wise: Just be careful, Jason Mesnick. You never know what kind of psychos you're going to get engaged to when you go on The Bachelor.

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No offense to Benji Madden. But we're excited about the latest Paris Hilton rumor!

According to celebrity gossip tabloid OK!, Madden's supposedly serious girlfriend and her ladies' man of an ex-boyfriend were caught cozying up to one another at Miami hot spot Mokai last night. That's right, folks, there's been a Stavros Niarchos sighting!

Stavros and Paris, Take 17!

"They slipped in secretly together holding hands very, very early in the morning," a witness told the magazine. "They were cuddling and whispering together all night. Stavros was making Paris laugh... She couldn't stop smiling when he was around and they were dancing together very closely."

Our staff is equally giddy over the fact that this anorexia-loving, STD-laden (he's gone home with both Mary-Kate Olsen and Lindsay Lohan, remember) shipping heir is back in the news.

"They looked like they were back to their old ways and you never would have thought she had a boyfriend," another source said. "She was all about Stavros. They left together and went back to their hotel."

Sounds like Niarchos spent another night in Paris. He's familiar with the local cuisine there.

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Here's a konundrum, fellas.

Three of the best looking K-named celebrities on the planet posed together in Miami last week, as Kourtney Kardashian, Kristin Cavallari (yes, she's still alive) and Kim Kardashian caused waves in Miami. Sort of literally!

Kourtney, Kristin Cavallari, Kim Kardashian

While it would be easy to simply drool over the lovely ladies, The Hollywood Gossip isn't about doing what's easy. Let us know which of these beauties you'd prefer to wake up next to in the morning (after having had sex with her)...

Who would you rather...


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On tonight's episode of The Hills, Holly Montag apparently moves in with Lauren Conrad and Lauren Bosworth (Lo). Heidi Montag was not happy when she learned of this - from none other than the instigator, Stephanie Pratt, of course.

Clearly humored by the news, Spencer Pratt was quick to opine on how the move came about, blaming Heidi's mother and saying that Lauren's karma has come around as it's now LC who must deal with the "world's biggest mooch."

He even disses Stephanie Pratt in the process. It's a rather amazing clip, even by Spencer's passive-aggressive, sarcastic standards. Check it out ...

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Publicity is inevitable when you're famous, but certain celebrities dress down or try to avoid garnering attention from the celeb gossip media when possible.

Jessica Simpson, on the other hand, can't get enough of it.

And who can blame her, really. She can't sing or act, nor is she ready to crank out a cash-generating kid like little sister Ashlee. So the next logical step is to milk her relationship with Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo for whatever it's worth.

Many cheesy pics and Cowboys playoff losses are sure to follow.

How 'Bout Them Cowboys

THE CURSE TAKES A WEEK OFF: Jessica Simpson wore her boyfriend's jersey in L.A., while Tony Romo led Dallas to a 14-10 win in Washington. [Photo Credit: X17 Online]

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When comparing photos of Zac Efron from then and now, not much has changed. The actor is always adorable, always the object of every teenage girl's affection.

The years haven't exactly been as kind to Shannen Doherty.

Shannen Doherty and Kurt Iswarienko

The actress, who returns to 90210 tomorrow night after a few weeks away, hasn't aged gracefully.

She may still portray Brenda Walsh on the small screen, but as these contrasting pictures of Doherty prove, Dylan McKay made the right long-term decision when he chose Kelly Taylor...

RIP, sweet, innocent and beautiful Brenda Walsh.

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