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Well, not in the literal sense. Barack Obama is quite content with his wife, Michelle, and their two young daughters.

But Scarlett Johansson, asked after her recent USO Tour of the Persian Gulf if she is engaged to Ryan Reynolds, responded in this fashion:

"I am engaged ... to Barack Obama. My heart belongs to Barack, and that is who I am currently, finally, engaged to. Yes."

Johansson has been a vocal proponent of the Illinois senator's campaign for the White House. No word on whether Reynolds is jealous of Barack Obama.

Her adoration for Obama aside, rumors were flying today that Scarlett and Ryan Reynolds, who have been going out for awhile now, are in fact engaged.

They are not engaged.

The New York Post reported early this morning that Scarlett Johansson, 23, was seen shopping for wedding dresses at a Monique Lhuillier boutique in L.A. with her mother and sister recently, triggering big-time celebrity rumors.

But her rep spoke with Us Weekly this afternoon that "a family member is getting married, not her. She is not engaged."

Ryan Reynolds is, presumably, still hittin' that though.

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Since entering the celebrity news business in June 2006, we've seen a lot. But somehow, the antics of Sam Lutfi continue to surprise us.

Britney Spears' estranged pal and self-proclaimed manager made his first public appearance since a restraining order was issued against him at ... Paris Hilton's 27th birthday party at the L.A. club Area Saturday.

What's more, he was spotted with Spears "cousin" Alli Sims. These two are really trying to milk their 15th minute of fame for all it's worth.

Wearing a black and white sweater dress, black leggings and hot pink pumps, Sims, Britney Spears' former assistant, arrived around midnight.

Sam Lutfi and Britney Spears before her second hospital stint.

Shortly after she began singing the Eurythmics' "Sweet Dreams," Sam Lutfi tapped Alli on the shoulder at 12:40 a.m. and said, "Come say hi."

Sitting at Paris Hilton's table, Lufti, in a black cap, tan-colored jacket, jeans and loafers was heard asking All Sims to go fetch him a drink.

"We're dry over here. Can you get me a drink?" Lufti said.

What a d!ck.

Osama later cornered blogger Perez Hilton. "I wonder what he's gonna write tomorrow," he was overheard saying. All Sims replied, "I know."

Meanwhile, Sam Lutfi is denying having any contact with Britney Spears since the restraining order was issued against him.

"Not true!" he told E! News when asked if he's spoken to the pop star.

However, she was on the mind of Sam Lutfi. During Hilton's party "at one point, they all toasted and cheered Britney," a party-goer told E! News.

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Rachel Bilson is featured in the March 2008 issue of Lucky Magazine and The Hollywood Gossip feels lucky to have gotten ahold of some pics from it!

Currently starring in the sci-fi flick Jumper with beau Hayden Christensen, the 26-year-old Bilson has always been a celebrity gossip favorite.

Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson

While these photos below may not compare to the Rachel Bilson pictures we recently came across in GQ, goodness, this girl is a cutie.

Here are some excerpts from Rachel Bilson's Lucky interview:

On Jumper's impact on her style: "I had to surrender control and let go of a lot of fears; it had a big impact on my life. I've noticed even with clothes, I'm more experimental and trying to take risks, but still feel like myself. I'm constantly evolving, figuring out what works in my wardrobe. My favorite thing about fashion is creative expression and keeping everything a little unexpected."

On moving past her role on The OC: "I'm definitely grateful for my role as Summer, but I must admit that I'm looking forward to becoming more than Summer. I'm excited to finally play a character who is my real age."

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No offense to Beyonce, Kanye West or any other sharp-dressed star, but in the opinion of The Hollywood Gossip, Carrie Underwood owned the Grammys.

In terms of celebrity fashion, that is. Although she also won a real award - Best Female Country Vocal Performance for "Before He Cheats." Hooray!

Haley Reinhart Pic

But from the moment she arrived at the Pre-Grammy Party held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel Saturday (left) to when she took the stage at Staples Center for the awards show Sunday in Los Angeles (right), Carrie looked great.

That's certainly no surprise to American Idol followers such as ourselves or any of Carrie Underwood's country fans. Here are some photos of our girl ...

Carrie Underwood's Grammy fashion gets an A+ both Saturday and Sunday.

The 24-year-old, who has already sold more than 11 million albums, has also been offered some acting roles of late, but nothing she's taken.

"I'm not going to say what I turned down," she said Saturday. "We have had some offers for different things, but nothing has really felt right."

Her dream movie: A light-hearted comedy.

"I know I am not going to be the lead roles in some drama," Carrie Underwood said, "but if a small fun part comes open, than yes."

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The long-anticipated divorce between former Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker and former beauty queen Shanna Moakler is now officially final.

According to online records obtained by TMZ, a judgment was filed in the couple's 2006 divorce case - which means they are now single and ready to ... probably have sex with each other and sort of be together anyway.

Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler Picture

The divorce comes a shock to our staff, which truly believed Shanna Moakler and Travis Barker were a match made in heaven. Or reality TV. Or something.

Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler, whose marriage was featured on MTV's Meet the Barkers, married in 2004 but broke up in mid-2006.

At that point, Travis Barker maybe boned ho-tel heiress Paris Hilton, and definitely became engaged in a bitter MySpace feud with Moakler.

They eventually made up, however, and have been on and off (and on again) since their official split. The couple have two children, Landon and Alabama.

Shanna Moakler has another daughter, Atiana, with her ex-fiance, Oscar de la Hoya, who she was with from 1997-2000. The former Miss USA and Playboy model also dated Dennis Quaid and Billy Idol.

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Because we know you just want to hear and talk about Heidi Montag's music video / new song "Higher" every single day, we thought we'd share excerpts from Yahoo! music / reality TV expert Lyndsey Parker's "review" of it ...

The name "Higher" is certainly appropriate, as The Hills' Montag strives to reach new heights of pop stardom. Or starlet-dom, more specifically.

High Rollers

The music video features the California media whore on familiar territory - a beach - the ideal sun-drenched setting for her to rock her usual pink bikini and thus flaunt her new, surgically enhanced "hills."

"Higher" brings to mind beach-babe videos like Madonna's "Cherish," Janet Jackson's "Love Would Never Do Without You," and Chris Isaak's "Wicked Game."

However, while each of those videos was directed by the late photography great Herb Ritts, "Higher" was in fact shot by Heidi Montag's Hills boyfriend, pimp, possible fiance, and amateur cameraman, Spencer Pratt.

Heidi Montag: On all fours, and the "set" of her music video.

To state the obvious, let's just say while Spencer Pratt may have shot a Heidi Montag sex tape or two in his day, he's not exactly Herb Ritts.

As for Heidi Montag's actual song? Compared to recent tunes by other reality TV babes, it's not quite as memorable as Paris Hilton's "Stars Are Blind," but not as forgettable as Paula Abdul's "Dance Like There's No Tomorrow."

But let's face it, the only entity currently selling singles more cheesy and processed than the ones by these lovely ladies is Kraft.

In the end, "Higher" is what it is. You already assume the music video is terrible and the song even worse, but you still wanna watch. And you know this.

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Kim Kardashian knows all about the glare of entertainment news reporters.

The mammoth-breasted socialite has been among these photographers' favorite targets since she bent over for Ray J on video.

Fuzzy Hat

As such, Kim feels like she can relate with another celebrity that wears little clothing and is the object of the media's affection: Britney Spears.

"I definitely do sympathize with Britney [Spears]," Kardashian said. "I think when you step outside of the house you know what you're getting yourself into if you live in that world. So, I think that to a certain extent she can do things a little bit differently, but I think at some point you just give up and don't care because it's following you so much anyways, that you just don't know how to get away from it."

Kim Kardashian might suggest fewer late-night Starbucks trips for Britney Spears. Still, the girlfriend of Reggie Bush thinks reporters need to leave Brit alone.

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Britney Spears was not present to watch Amy Winehouse rake in the honors or to see Kanye West's moving tribute to his mom at the Grammy Awards last night.

That doesn't mean she hesitated to tell photographers what she thought of the ceremony while at Millennium Dance Studios in N. Hollywood Sunday.

Clad in ripped fishnet tights, a frumpy shirt and brown boots, Britney Spears took two smoke breaks and spoke in her trademark British accent briefly.

Heckled by celebrity news media, the train wreck was asked if she was going to the Grammys, to which she replied that, well, they can "kiss her a$$."

Britney Spears actually won a Grammy in 2005 for "Toxic."

Her father, Jamie Spears, wearing a classy Corona t-shirt, checked up on Britney around 5:45 p.m. He is the co-conservator of her estate while she recovers.

The singer left solo in a chauffeured Escalade at 6:30 p.m. No sign of Sam Lutfi, Adnan Ghalib or any of her various hangers-on at Millennium.

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We're off to Hollywood!

As American Idol enters its fifth week of auditions, the show truly begins: contestants are judged in Hollywood and only the best of the best move one. Before they do, however, let's rank the top hopefuls so far in our third Power Poll of the season...

1. Kristy Lee Cook (last week: #1, pictured): Beautiful Oregonian's "Amazing Grace" was highlight of the initial American Idol audition shows - but will fans revolt against her one-time record deal with Arista Nashville? Then again, she certainly isn't alone in having a professional background.

2. Michael Johns (last week: #2): Also referred to as "Michael Lee Johns," the former band member once had a deal with Madonna's music label. The Aussie made a strong impression with a tight T-shirt, toned biceps, and a solid Otis Redding cover.

3. David Cook (last week: #6): Rocker with his sights set on the moniker of "this year's Chris Daughtry," Cook impressed viewers with his vocal range on Bon Jovi's "Livin on a Prayer."

4. David Archuleta (last week: #3): Former Star Search winner has the sympathy vote locked up: he struggled with a paralyzed vocal chord as a child. Might he be this year's Sanjaya Malakar… with talent?

5. Amanda Overmyer (new this week): She's a nurse! She's a gothic rocker! She's a talented singer with a unique look, sound and personality.

6. Chikezie Eze (new this week, pictured): Tried out for the show last year. Approved for Hollywood this time around with a rendition of "All the Woman I Need." Handsome, talented.

Continue Reading...

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While Amy Winehouse won the most awards, Kanye West may have captured the most hearts last night at the 50th annual Grammy Awards.

Following a pyrotechnic and effects-filled performance of "Stronger," with Daft Punk accompanying him, West sang a more low-key version of "Hey Mama" in honor of late mother, Donda West, who died in November.

A Kanye West Photo

In the Grammy Awards' most poignant moment, West slowly sang the words, his voice breaking at points. The rapper's eyes were full of tears by the end. Fiancee Alexis Phifer and numerous other musicians bordered on the same.

Kanye West, who later won beest rap album for Graduation, also had the word "Mama" shaved into his hair. Here's his performance from last night ...


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