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Here's a shocker: Paris Hilton's latest film, The Hottie and the Nottie, isn't good.

In fact, the ridiculous romantic comedy has ranked been ranked as the worst movie of all-timed by users of

Yes, The Hottie and the Nottie â€" with 2,190 low-star votes â€" now rests at the bottom of the charts, even below the American Idol movie, From Justin to Kelly: With Love and Daddy Day Camp.

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It's tough having a mentally ill daughter in L.A. and a second, pregnant one at home in Louisiana, but such is life for Lynne Spears these days.

Here's Lynne Spears getting ready to fly back to her hometown of Kentwood, La., where she's been taking care of her youngest child ever since Casey Aldridge got Jamie Lynn Spears pregnant at the age of 16.

Looks like she's having some trouble with her suitcase, but at least Lynne is lookin' good these days. Who would know she's in her 50s?

Just don't steal anything from the gift shop, Lynne. Even if your flight is late and you're real bored. That did not work out so well for Bai Ling, after all.

The mother of Jamie Lynn and Britney Spears will be laying low in the coming months, we're guessing, as JLS begins to show that baby bump.

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Take a look at this Bai Ling mug shot from Wednesday. Wow. The supposed actress sure does look sultry in photos. Booking photos, that is.

Bai Ling Mug Shot

Just when you thought Josh Booty had the craziest celebrity arrest story of the week locked up, you gotta hear how the Lost star got popped.

Turns out Bai Ling was busted by LAX Airport police yesterday after allegedly stealing two magazines and a pack of batteries from a gift shop.

Winona Ryder and Stephanie Pratt would be proud, at least.

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... and from Heidi and Spencer! You knew it was coming!

Really, who better to feature on a Valentine's Day post than The Hills couple. It's not just a day for flowers and candy. For us, it's about showing gratitude to our awesome readers. Thank you for visiting our celebrity gossip site every day!

We really appreciate it, and with the kind of love and devotion usually only found in TV couples like Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, we raise a proverbial glass of champagne to you today, celebrity news fans. You've earned it.

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Nelly Furtado may be like a bird, but the star will find it difficult to fly away in her current state: the singer is pregnant.

Star magazine is reporting that Furtado is expecting her second child, this one courtesy of fiancé Demacio Castellon.

She has a four-year-old daughter, Nevis, with ex-boyfriend, DJ Jasper Gahunia.

"She's not very far along yet, so she's trying to keep the pregnancy under wraps," a source close to Nelly Furtado and Demo Castellon said.

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A commissioner will consider extending Jamie Spears' temporary control over his daughter's estate in a hearing Thursday afternoon, amid signs that his approach is keeping Britney Spears both safe and out of trouble.

Britney's somewhat-estranged father has been overseeing her well-being and her enormous fortune since February 1, when L.A. Superior Court Commissioner Reva Goetz named him and attorney Andrew Wallet as co-conservators.

This temporarily gives them the right to control her finances, as well as hire bodyguards who protect Britney Spears and restrict her visitors.

So far, the co-conservators have done what they can to keep the pop star on a tight leash, forcing Britney to keep a (relatively) low profile - no pink wig, 4:30 a.m. Starbucks runs, twice weekly stays at the Four Seasons, etc.

Jamie Spears and Britney Spears have had a strained relationship for many years, but he seems to be genuinely trying to help his daughter get back on track.

Since taking over as co-conservator, Jamie has gotten a restraining order against Sam Lutfi, attempted to sack Britney's lawyers, and kept the star at home, save for some dance sessions and a shopping trip with mom Lynne.

While Britney Spears has been on her best behavior, sources say she's been texting friends from inside her house, complaining of boredom.

"She's getting proper medical care and has professional security. The chaos has been removed from the situation," says one insider, who anticipates that Goetz will prolong the temporary conservatorship at the hearing.

It is possible Spears could appear, but don't count on it. The 26-year-old will be represented by her court-appointed attorney, Samuel Ingham. Jamie Spears and Andrew Wallet will almost certainly be on hand today.

The hearing is set for 1:30 PST / 4:30 EST.

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While Lauren Conrad and Brody Jenner have had their fair share of moments when they've been a lot more than friends, they "did not sit next to each other or talk much" at Las Vegas club LAX last night and this morning.

The event? A launch party for ... the Paris Hilton Collection! Oooh!

LC in Stripes!

Wearing a gray strapless dress with her hair pulled back in a ponytail, Lauren Conrad arrived around midnight, joining Brody Jenner and some pals.

"They hugged once, but it looked innocent," an onlooker said.

Lauren Conrad sipped on Grey Goose cocktails through the night.

Guest of honor Paris Hilton who turns 27 this Sunday, February 17 was considerably less low-key than The Hills star and her crew.

At one point, Hilton grabbed a microphone and sang a few of her own tunes. When her songs were over, she held on to the microphone and lip-synched to Britney Spears' recent single, "Gimme More," says a witness.

Throughout the night, Hilton, whose new flick The Hottie and the Nottie was recently voted the "worst film of all time" by IMDB was chugging water and chasing it with shots of vodka and Red Bull. Now that's hot.

Paris Hilton was also "holding hands and kissing an unidentified tall, bald man," (ruling out Stavros Niarchos) but after she left, mystery man was spotted getting cozy with another woman in a leopard-print dress.

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We didn't need another reason to express affection for Jennifer Love Hewitt.

We've been huge fans of this actress since her days of Party of Five.

Side Shot

Her proud, straightforward reaction to recent media grumblings about her weight have only enhanced our feelings for Hewitt.

But now, we're thrilled to discover that this star is also a fan of our favorite basketball team, the Boston Celtics! Swoon...

Jennifer Love Hewiit cheers on the Celtics in public... and Ross McCall in private. If you know what we mean!

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