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Mel Gibson had his rights violated after his infamous DUI arrest last year - and the celebrity gossip gurus at TMZ are responsible.

That's according to California State Assemblywoman Julia Brownley.


The misguided lawmaker seems to think TMZ may have actually bribed someone to get the critical pages of the arrest report detailing Mel Gibson's anti-Semitic tirade.

The Hollywood Gossip must second TMZ's assessment on this one: Brownley is an idiot.

The Assemblywoman, inspired by the Mel Gibson rant, which TMZ was the first to report last year, introduced a bill, which was unanimously passed by the California State Assembly, banning the exchange of money or other compensation for information in criminal investigations.

TMZ didn't pay anything, of course. Brownley's statement:

"Mel Gibson was one of those cases where information was given out before his due process was executed."

As we reported, the L.A. County Sheriff's officials lied to the media the entire day following the arrest, claiming it occurred "without incident."

Officials ordered the arresting deputy to rewrite his report, eliminating all references to the "f**king Jews," "Sugar Tits" and other bad behavior.

Still, this elected official feels compelled to waste time and taxpayers' money by pushing a pointless bill with a totally bogus premise.

And you wonder why people hate politicians. Forget Perez Hilton or Kevin Federline, this woman may be the new America's Most hated.

Instead of defending Gibson, who accepted a plea bargain and is paying his debt to society already, why not pass a bill barring police officials from lying to the people they serve and manipulated evidence? Oh, because it's already illegal!

Bet Brownley gets some fat donations from her constituents - she represents a district where many celebs live - come next election cycle.


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Before American Idol fans hear the soothing voices of Blake Lewis and Jordin Sparks tonight, let's listen to the cranky judge everyone loves to hate.

What does Simon Cowell have to say about this week's season finale, along with the futures of various past and present Idols?

American Idol Top Nine

On Finale Predictions
"I think they will both chose their favorite song from what they've done over the past 11 weeks â€" and I'm hoping [Blake Lewis] will do the Bon Jovi song because I thought it was his best performance. And I don't know what Jordin will do."

On Fighting with Ryan Seacrest
"It's rather like having a silly little dog who wants to jump up on your lap and you just swat the dog off. Occasionally in a very stern voice you have to say 'no.' And that's how I deal with Ryan."

On Melinda's Next Stop
"I don't think she should try and compete with too many of the R&B artists out there at the moment. I think she's more of a throwback to people like Gladys Knight and Tina Turner. And I think [Melinda Doolittle] should play to her strengths."

On Contestants Talking Back
"I encourage it. I don't think they do it enough because I think they all think they're going to be voted off if they're rude to me. I think it's the opposite. I think the more rude they are to me, the more votes they'll get. I think off camera they're going completely nuts complaining about me. Then on camera they're just smiling and I don't understand that. I think it should be two-way. If I'm rude to them, they're more than entitled to be rude to me back."

On Sanjaya Malakar Fever
"I would never want to be in a situation where we cast the 12 as just normal people because I think it would be boring. The panel is wacky enough and therefore I think the contestants should be a bit strange as well. And I thought the whole Sanjaya Malakar thing was hysterical. I'm happy now because he's out. I don't think I'd be happy if he was in the finals, so I can now be quite smug about it."

On Kelly Clarkson's New Record
Kelly Clarkson is not an artist who's in it for the money. She has a lot of integrity and this is a record she wanted to make. And I admire her for that. ... It's not as commercial as her last record, but any Kelly Clarkson record at the moment is a pretty good record compared to the competition because she's an incredible artist.

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Eat your heart out, Mary Carey.

A blond-haired, blue-eyed fashion student, who claims to be a virgin, has changed her name to Katee Holmes and is launching a porn career in which she'll be deflowered in her first movie.

Celebrity Mom and Daughter

And that, according to the New York Post, has the real Katie Holmes in a tizzy.

"It's a really cheap shot," a rep for the actress, who's married to Tom Cruise, told the paper.

But Shy Love, an adult film veteran who manages the 5-foot-9, 122-pound Katee - a small-town girl from Illinois - insisted:

"Katee is using the name as a tribute to Katie Holmes, who has always portrayed an innocence in everything she's done, beginning with Dawson's Creek."

Well, not quite everything - Holmes did go topless in the 2000 movie The Gift, but she's shunned any on-screen nudity since tying the knot with Tom Cruise, who it is believed got her sex scene with Aaron Eckhart nixed from Thank You for Smoking.

Katee, 18, is now a student at the Fashion Institute of Design in Orange County, Calif., and has no such qualms. She wrote to Shy Love, who runs Adult Talent Managers and has a MySpace profile, and the two discussed having her "first" sexual encounter filmed.

"I know it's pretty extreme to lose my virginity on camera, but I like the fulfillment and excitement I get from watching porn, so I figured [a movie] was the best place for me to lose it," Katee said.

"How many people wished they could relive their first experience, if not to remember it but to learn from it, right?"

You said it, Katee Holmes. You said it.

Love said she'll start slow with her improbable virgin, however, having Katee try some girl-on-girl action first.

"She comes to the porn world completely natural - with a perky pair of A-cup breasts that are far, far too perfect to have been constructed by any doctor. And she's not just a porn virgin, but an actual never-been-kissed virgin," Love gushed.

In other words, she's no Ashlee Simpson.

No word on whether the virginal Katee will become impregnated with an Asian baby that she will call Suree Cruise (as a tribute to Suri Cruise, of course).

Katie Holmes' camp is weighing her possible recourse. A friend of the Scientology slave told the Post, "It's really kind of sleazy, using her name like that."

A spokeswoman for TomKat said, "Obviously, Tom would support Katie in anything she decides to do about it."


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Which couple on Dancing with the Stars came through when it mattered most? Let's not waste any time in getting to last night's recap...

J.R. Martinez Pic

Laila Ali and Maksim Chmerkovskiy (Pasa Doble) - This was an improvement over earlier in the season - and Laila had much more difficult choreography to do. She was impressive, but there were a couple moments where she seemed to lose the rhythm. The theatrics of the performance were top notch at least. Len thought it was fantastic. Bruno called it a tidal wave of passion and drama. Carrie Ann agreed with them and loved it as well. Score: 29 (10, 9, 10)

Apolo Anton Ohno and Julianne Hough (Rumba) - The rumba was an interesting choice. They looked great together and had great chemistry. The dance lacked some of the flash we have seen in other numbers, but the more subdued steps were beautiful. This has been a fantastic debut on the show for Hough, too. Bruno compared it to American Gigolo somehow, and that was a good thing. Carrie Ann said it was over-performed. Len agreed with Carrie Ann, saying that the performance lacked romance. Score: 28 (9, 9, 10)

Joey Fatone and Kym Johnson (Cha Cha) - Now, if you have been playing along at home for the past ten weeks, you had to cringe at that marionette opening. They got past that and went on to have a very fun performance. Unfortunately, it was a little too fun, and not really enough cha cha. Carrie Ann thought it lacked content. Len called it too theatrical, with too many tricks. Bruno said it was just not quite there. Score: 26 (9, 8, 9)

Wanna continue reading the Dancing with the Stars recap? Follow our link...


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It turns out Paris Hilton's pussy might be in relatively good shape - and The Gossip doesn't make remarks like this lightly, because that poor thing gets straight up abused.

But compared to the maligned, adorable feline below - held against its will, in the clutches of hard core junkie and Babyshambles "singer" Pete Doherty - everything is hunky dory...

The boyfriend of Kate Moss can't free his mind of drugs for one second. We suggest he follow the lead of troubled Creed singer Scott Stapp and try some Orangina.

Can't some PETA freaks jump in here? Holly Madison, we're talking to you. Please, show up and rescue this poor kitty? Preferably in the nude? Nice.


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Scott Stapp's wife, Jaclyn Nesheiwat, claims that she was "in fear for her life" when the rocker flung a glass bottle of Orangina at her face during an alleged incident Sunday morning.

Jaclyn Nesheiwat Stapp, claims she called 911 after Scott stumbled into their mansion around 8:00 AM and got "very angry" when asked if he was "using drugs."

Jaclyn Nesheiwat Stapp told police that Scott Stapp began yelling at her to "leave him alone," before he grabbed an Orangina bottle and launched it at her face, nearly hitting her.

When cops arrived, they found the shattered bottle ... and several handguns locked in a safe. According to the report, "Scott was very cooperative" about handing over the firearms, which were immediately confiscated.

One of the responding officers claims that Stapp did admit to throwing the bottle, but the former Creed frontman also said that "Jaclyn was no where in the area."

That's what Naomi Campbell said when she hurled a phone at her assistant. Come on, Scott. There's no point in lying.

Stapp was busted on suspicion of domestic assault with intent to commit a felony. However, as the Executive Editor of our celebrity gossip department notes, if he were a real hardass, he would have made her drink the Orangina instead - that $h!t is horrible.

Orangina is also four letters away from vagina. Just saying.

After spending a night behind bars, a judge lowered the original booking charge to a misdemeanor. The case is in the hands of the State Attorney, who has 30 days to charge the rock star or reject the case.

According to several published reports, Jaclyn Nesheiwat has dealt with Stapp's demons before. The lame singer was arrested at LAX in 2006 for being publicly intoxicated while waiting to board a plane to Hawaii - for their honeymoon - but no charges were filed.

Britney Spears is probably feeling better about her own airplane theatrics about now... at least she wasn't drunk. On her way to her honeymoon. Though she may have been at one point.

Jaclyn Nesheiwat was Miss New York 2004, but lost out in the Miss USA 2004 pageant to the lovely Shandi Finnessey, who went on to compete on Dancing with the Stars this season.


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For someone so hot, Elisha Cuthbert is dressed like she's freezing in the photo below.

Did she learn nothing about fashion from hanging out with Paris Hilton? Call Paris spoiled, a skank, soon-to-be jail bait and an awful human being - but she'd at least never be caught dead in a giant hot pink scarf.

Minka Kelly Emmys Dress

Combine that with the leopard-print shoes and you've got a look that makes Molly Sims and her French maid outfit look hip.

Our advice to Elisha? Follow the lead of a nearly nude Pamela Anderson and ditch the clothing altogether.

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Grey's Anatomy's Katherine Heigl has words of caution for Isaiah Washington, the actor star who brought scandal to the set last year after referring to their costar, T.R. Knight, as a "f-ggot." Twice. Essentially forcing him out of the closet.

In a new interview with USA Today, Katherine Heigl discusses the fallout from the feud and whether she thinks Washington (whose character is now hanging in the balance after last week's season finale) should return to work next season.

The actress, who's new film, Knocked Up, opens June 1, also opens up about her own past pregnancy scares and her hopes to adopt a child one day.

Q: Ever thought you were knocked up?
A: "No, I've never had a real pregnancy scare. I've had paranoid panic attacks. I've always been very, very careful because for me, it's not something I'd want to have just happen. I would like it to be planned. But there have been those moments where, if I'm just even half a day late, I'm like, ' What's going on?? Noooo!'"

THG NOTE: Britney Spears knows the feeling well.

Q: Your Knocked Up character has a truly gruesome birthing scene. And you were in the delivery room with your older sister, Meg. That at all impact your decision to have kids of your own?
A: "Oh, yeah. I've always planned to adopt anyway, but that definitely reinforced my want to. I'm done with the whole idea of having my own children. (It) doesn't seem like any fun. I don't think it's necessary to go through all of that."

Q: What has been the fallout of all the drama over that homophobic slur used by Isaiah Washington and you coming to the defense of T.R. Knight?
A: "I was ultimately grateful that it opened up a dialogue. To me, I wasn't making a political stand. I was making a stand about hurting people's feelings. It's very simple in my mind. You do not actively seek to hurt other people's feelings. I don't care what their sexual orientation, race or gender. You don't do that. We are all human beings, part of the human race, and we need to be compassionate and giving and kind with one another. Enough with the Michael Richards. Enough with the Mel Gibson. Enough with this. It's disgusting. The world is still very bigoted. Go see Borat. I didn't laugh during that movie. I cried. I was horrified."

Q: What do you think of Washington's PSA?
A: "What PSA?"

Continue Reading...


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Some actresses attend the Cannes Film Festival and promote a movie that a) hasn't even begun filming yet and b) will most likely suck.

These people are named Jessica Simpson.

Awful Anderson

Other stars know where their famous bread is buttered. Or, in the case of Pamela Anderson, what their best poses look like.

The 40-year old drew plenty of attention overseas by eschewing any sort of movie publicity and simply posing for pictures of the assets that have made her such a well-known name in the first place. That's right: Victoria Beckham's boobs have nothing on Pam's!

If Keira Knightley is really looking to grow some breasts, Anderson would be the best example to follow.

The same can be said for anyone hoping to marry a white trash rock star and then get divorced a couple months later.


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Britney Spears sparked outrage with fellow passengers on a packed plane after she demanded to get off the jet minutes before take off ... because the seats were not leather.

The 25-year-old singer jumped up and told a stunned cabin crew she couldn't make the four-hour flight from Los Angeles to Florida.

Britney Spears' Children

The captain was left with no choice but to delay the United Airlines flight 272 to Orlando on Friday for almost an hour so the cabin doors could be re-opened while Britney disembarked.

Passengers were furious that Jayden James' diva mama left it until shortly before take-off before deciding her accommodations were not up to snuff.

Angry passenger Tony Sanchez said:

"It was quite astonishing. The doors had been closed for 10 minutes, everyone was strapped in and the plane was about to taxi to the runway when Britney Spears got up and said she had to get off.

"She just said ‘I don't want to fly on this plane. It hasn't got leather seats.' "I heard everything but most people were left wondering what was going on, so the captain was forced to make an apology to all the other passengers over the [loudspeaker].

"He said a passenger wanted to get off so he had to respect their wishes. He didn't say it was Britney Spears but I guess he couldn't really.

"Some people were getting really annoyed because of the delay.

"Eventually the walk-on tunnel was brought back, the doors re-opened and Britney and her entourage - another girl (possibly her cousin Allie) and two men - all got off.

"Then there was a further delay because their bags had to be found and taken off too. It was a fiasco but she didn't seem to care about anything except getting off that plane. All the passengers were furious."

Sanchez even captured the moment Britney left the plane on his video camera.

"It's not something you see every day," he added.

The ex-Mrs. Kevin Federline, wearing a white top, jeans and blue shoes, was heard saying she would charter a private jet to fly her to Orlando, where she was due to perform the latest in a series of small live "concerts."

Maybe she was tired from a long night of clubbing. In any case, tickets for the show at the House of Blues sold out within five minutes of going on sale. One can only wonder why.

As the "secret" comeback mini-tour rolled into Orlando, Fla., Brit's lip-synching was even more exposed as a backing track faltered, leaving Spears in the lurch.

According to witnesses, Britney had to turn her head away from the audience when the music for a medley of older hits started skipping - making it more obvious she wasn't singing.

MTV UK says that the mishap repeated itself four more times during the concert. Still, the audience ate up the 14-minute "set" at the House of Blues Orlando (see picture of Britney, sporting new hair extensions, performing below), and reviews from concertgoers were more good than bad.

Then again, Lindsay Lohan went to one of the previous shows, so that tells you a thing or 20 about the relative intelligence level of the audience.

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