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After a year as Miss USA, Tara Conner is no longer under the watchful eye of Donald Trump.

But given who the former cocaine addict is hanging out with these days, The Donald probably wishes he could get an up close seat of their interactions. Girl-on-girl action, anyone?

We only pose the question because Conner was spotted at Spike TV's "Guy's Choice" Awards over the weekend posing with porn star Tera Patrick. An up and comer in the business, she's challenging Jenna Jameson for most well-known naked actress in the world.

Does this mean Conner may soon be entering the adult film world? It's hard to say. Katie Rees, another troubled beauty queen, has been taking advantage of her sex symbol status. What's to stop Tara from milking her reputation for all the money it's worth?

It's something that Antonella Barba is also struggling with these days.

If these beauties are really looking for career advice, The Hollywood Gossip staff has a suggestion: stay away from Simon Monjack. That dude will steal all your money.

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What happens in Vegas magazine stays in Vegas magazine... and across the pages of The Hollywood Gossip.

Millions of American Idol fans know that Katharine McPhee can sing, but now those unfamiliar with that show are aware that this former contestant can also pose for pictures.

Very sexy pictures.

While Blake Lewis and Jordin Sparks have been receiving the bulk of Idol attention these days, it's about time McPhee made her beautiful presence felt again. We'll never understand why anyone voted for Taylor Hicks over Kat in the first place.

A recent FHM poll in which McPhee - and Tricia Helfer, Jenna Jameson and others - was voted one of the sexiest women in the world made far more sense to this celebrity gossip blog.

So, with all due respect to Antonella Barba nude photos, we're glad to see Katharine receiving some mainstream attention for her looks these days.

Anything to get our focus away from a shriveled up Sharon Stone topless.


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A lot has changed for Heidi Montag between the 2006 MTV Music Awards and then 2007 MTV Movie Awards. Well, basically, two things have changed:

  1. The Hills got even bigger.
  2. Her hills got even bigger.

Montag, the former BFF of Lauren Conrad, made headlines during the second season of the MTV reality hit by essentially severing ties with her best pal and shacking up with the vile, repugnant, greasy, evil, loathsome Spencer Pratt.


Then, in the off-season, her skin was severed on several occasions as Heidi decided she needed a boob job and nose job in a needless attempt to boost her image.

Which Heidi Montag do you prefer?

The picture on the left is post-plastic surgery... and is far uglier than the more natural version on the right, in the opinion of this celebrity gossip site, at least.


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Readers of The Hollywood Gossip believe Simon Monjack to be an "incredible" con-artist, cheater, pathological liar and all sorts of other nice things.

But as far as his new wife, Brittany Murphy, is concerned, either she has no idea or does not care about Monjack's allegedly checkered past.

Monjack, who secretly wed Murphy this spring, has also had myriad financial problems and reportedly was facing deportation when he and the Clueless star tied the knot.

Con man or not, Simon Monjack sure looks happy in these pictures, with Murphy at the Rock & Republic City Of Hope Event. Aww. Don't they just tug at your heartstrings, these two?

We can only pray that Usher and Tameka Foster find such lasting happiness.

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We'd be more surprised at this point if most people had NOT seen Sharon Stone nude on more than one occasion. After all, there was Basic Instinct... The Specialist... Sliver... Basic Instinct 2...

These movies were pretty much made to help Stone set the record for most career sex scenes. It's one we all hope Keira Knightley will eventually break.

Despite the frequency of her giant boobs appearing before the public's eyes, we thought it was necessary to post this image of Stone on a beach.

We assume our male readers don't mind...

Female fans, meanwhile, can enjoy the nearly nude Paul Sculfor photos that we came across recently. Jennifer Aniston's possible new man isn't too hard on the eyes.

But back to Stone: she's almost 50. So while the actress may not exactly be as attractive as Tonya Cooley nude, she's not bad for a senior citizen.


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Aww. Jayden James Federline is tired. Probably sick of hearing about that stupid whiner Paris Hilton and whether or not she's locked up. And we're not blaming him.

On that note, it's time for some completely unrelated celebrity gossip. It isn't even gossip, really, just a good, old-fashioned comparison of some ridiculous, back dat ass up booty!

These two gals have some junk in the trunk. No doubt about that. But who's got the best booty in all of Hollywood? Is it Jayden James' MILF, Britney Spears, seen carrying the sleepy, mysterious little tyke on the left?

Or is it the venerable Kim Kardashian, a young woman with a rear end that may require its own ZIP code and definitely defies comprehension?

Large Buttocks

It is hard to say. But these two have more than big butts in common.

Britney used to be married to Kevin Federline, who used to bone Shar Jackson, who used to be on Moesha with Brandy, the brother of Ray J - who filmed a sex tape with Kim Kardashian.

Not that this is in any way relevant to this post. Anyway. You tell us, Hollywood Gossip readers. Which posterior is superior?

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Not every Hollywood couple is as beloved as Francois-Henri Pinault and Salma Hayek.

Some pairings generate a great deal of controversy among celebrity gossip followers. Perhaps none more so than Usher and Tameka Foster.

Recently, the engaged twosome were shopping for sunglasses at the Solstice Sunglass Boutique in Beachwood, Ohio. The sexy singer bought five new pairs of aviator shades, all of which he had the chance to model at the recent 30th birthday party for good friend Kanye West.

Usher and Tameka were just two of the numerous guests in attendance, as West and fiancee Alexis Phifer actually performed together.

Also appearing as a united front in public last week? Isaiah Washington and his wife, Jenisa.

Days before the actor was dropped from Grey's Anatomy, People magazine reports that he and his lady dined at Santa Monica's One Pico restaurant at the Shutters on the Beach hotel, enjoying an ocean view at their table as they talked passionately over red wine and Pellegrino.

Maybe they were even talking about another celebrity couple that's hated on by the public.

After all, if Isaiah can go off on T.R. Knight, it's easy to see him bashing the heck out of Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag, isn't it?

Let's just hope he left Ellen Pompeo and Chris Ivery alone. Those two have enough to deal with as they battle her anorexia rumors.

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Get a driver.

Those were the sage words of Hayden Panettiere last month, when it was first learned that Paris Hilton would do time for her repeated disregard for DUI and other traffic laws.

Wladimir Klitschko Pic

Such simple advice, yet so profound. It's no surprise, then, that other night, the 17-year-old Panettiere had more choice words for the horrible HO-tel heiress / crybaby.

Well, sort of.

With Hilton back in the slammer after her brief release, the Heroes star hit the town last night and couldn't avoid the inevitable "What do you think about Paris?" question from reporters.

As Hayden Panettiere slipped into Parc under the radar last night with co-star Zachary Quinto, she avoided the barrage of paparazzi.

But on the way to her car, the paps found her and flashbulbs went flying.

As Hayden made her way around to the front of her SUV, she got the question about Stavros Niarchos' loser girlfriend - and simply giggled in response!

Yes. She is wise beyond her years. No word on whether Rumer Willis was with Hayden or what she thinks about the whole Paris Hilton situation.

However, we're guessing if she ever hung out with Paris, Bruce Willis would kill her.

On a side note, while Hayden can operate a motor vehicle at 17, there are some things she can't legally do until August. What are we talking about? Ask Stephen Colletti.

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Two people who have seen Paris Hilton nude paid the jailbird a visit over the weekend.

And both Nicky Hilton and Stavros Niarchos came away with hope for their sister/friend, as well as bitterness directed at them by others at the correctional facility.

"She's being strong," Nicky told reporters after the 30-minute visit.

Her boyfriend David Katzenberg drove the pair to the downtown Los Angeles jail unit that treats inmates for physical and mental ailments. They entered through a slew of photographers, filled out visitation forms, and were whisked upstairs.

In response, other visitors grumbled like Tom Cruise when he doesn't know the exact whereabouts of Katie Holmes; these people were pissed that Nicky and Niarchos jumped the line.

"We don't care about no Paris Hilton," said one upset mother. "We're here for our families."

Said another relative: "Why did they get to go up first, that's what I want to know?"

Sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore denied the pair got special treatment. Of course, that's pretty much as believable as any guy saying he doesn't wish to see Amanda Beard nude.

Hilton and Stavros were the first family or friends admitted as visitors since Hilton was sent to the locked-down ward Friday after a brief reassignment to home confinement because of an unidentified medical condition. Hilton was visited Saturday by her immoral psychiatrist.

She'll be behind bars for at least another three weeks, a sentencing that's grown to be almost as controversial as anything since Asia Nitollano sort of joined The Pussycat Dolls.

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Granted, it's a $35 million prison without bars.

Not an actual correctional facility like that crybaby skank Paris Hilton is once again confined to (and thankfully so).

But the shackles of Scientology are formidable nonetheless.

The once-lovely Katie Holmes wrapped filming on her new movie, Mad Money in Louisiana last week, theretofore returning to her cell mansion.

But at least the sweet-toothed actress didn't leave town empty-handed. And no, we're not talking about her stuffing Adam Rothenberg into a suitcase. Sadly.

Before heading home, she ordered eight dozen cupcakes and several pies from Cush's Grocery and Market in Shreveport, La. She also lavished the cast and crew with desserts from the store.

"She wanted some cupcakes for the road," a source tells People.

Truly stop-the-presses style news, we know.

In the last two months, Holmes has made a tradition of treating her Mad Money colleagues to everything from snow cones to cupcakes and pizza.

Reports state that her husband, Tom Cruise, has been jumping up and down a lot and yelling "woohoo! woohoo!" a la Daffy Duck.

The submissive mother of Suri Cruise has placed more than a dozen orders to the bakery at Cush's, including requests for red velvet and peanut butter and chocolate cupcakes.

For Mother's Day, Holmes had 28 dozen of the sweet treats delivered to everyone on the set, and she and Cruise would also order meat pies and chicken salad from Cush's deli.

Looks like Katee Holmes was about the only one didn't receive any treats from her namesake.

"Katie's assistant started coming in and bought a couple of dozen cupcakes," the source says.

"She loved them and it just took off from there."

All we have to say is this: Don't let Britney Spears near the set. Girl loves to eat sweets and junk food. And have nervous breakdowns.

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