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In order for Brody Jenner to garner a new best pal via his new reality show, Bromance, the aspiring bros must first pass the all-important BFF test.

Enter Lauren Conrad.

In tonight's episode of Jenner's new series his old flame quizzes his potential "bros" on crucial topics such as one-night stands and pickup lines.

The guy who Conrad deems the best fit for Jenner wins "alone time" with him to bond later in the episode. Yes, this show is evidently serious.

While some of the guys are honest, others try to say what they think Lauren Conrad wants to hear. Take Jared's thoughts on one-night stands:

He's "not for 'em or against 'em." While Conrad seems impressed, Jared later admits off-camera that he was "just feeding her bulls--t to win."

Luke, on the other hand, clearly just goes for a laugh when recounting his favorite pick-up line: "You wanna go halves... on a baby?!"

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Barack Obama's inauguration won't be the most exciting event to take place on a Tuesday in January.

A week prior to this ceremony, American Idol premieres its eighth season.

The show will have a new judge (Kara DioGuardi) and a new format (36 contestants, as opposed to the typical 24, will move on to the finals), but the same weekly excitement of trying to find the next Carrie Underwood or Jordin Sparks.

In an earlier spoiler post, we announced the names of a few contestants rumored to move on to the Hollywood round.

Since then, our research team has uncovered even more names and pictures of these aspiring singers. Click on the following photos to read more about various season eight contestants, any one of which might be our next American Idol...

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The Jonas Brothers go from the stage to the small screen this September.

The most talented, best looking siblings on the planet will star in the Disney Channel sitcom, JONAS.

In these still shots from the show, Nick and Kevin Jonas pose with their TV dad, played by John Ducey.

The brothers portray Nick, Joe and Kevin Lucas on the program, making up the band JONAS. They attempt to lead normal lives by attending private school along with BFF Stella Malone (Chelsea Staub, also pictured below).

Will you watch JONAS?

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The Black Eyed Peas officially merged with Transformers this weekend.

Singer Fergie and actor Josh Duhamel got married Saturday last night.

Luisana Loreley Lopilato de la Torre and Michael Buble

The long-time couple tied the knot at the Church Estates Vineyards in Malibu, as Fergie carried a bouquet and the couple exchanged H. Stern rings engraved with personal messages.

Fergalicious and married: Fergie and actor Josh Duhamel!

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Here's a celebrity birthday tribute to one of our favorite celebrity babies: Harlow Madden! Not that all babies aren't wonderful, but we have a soft spot for Harlow.

The one-year-old daughter of Joel Madden and Nicole Richie not only made Nicole eat again (and look better in bikini photos), but she's just so darn cute.

Don't believe us? Click to enlarge these Harlow pics below!

Also celebrating a birthday on this 11th day of January? Former Laguna Beach and The Hills star Jason Wahler. What a jackass! Pics below:

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After months of planning and publicizing, KayCee Stroh and Ben Higginson have gotten married!

The private Mormon ceremony took place in Salt Lake City, Utah last night.

Following the nuptials, the couple exchanged wedding bands at a ring ceremony attended by family and friends, one that included Stroh's High School Musical costars Monique Coleman, Ryne Sanborn and Bart Johnson.

"I am such a romantic and this is the wedding I have dreamed of having since I was a little girl," said Stroh.

Congratulations to KayCee Stroh and Ben Higginson!

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Kim Kardashian first rose to fame thanks to a sex tape with Ray J.

The reality TV star hopes her next appearance on the small screen is a tad less controversial.

Kardashian will portray herself on an episode of How I Met Your Mother later this month. She'll star as a cover girl for Them Weekly, a tabloid that serves as the preferred bathroom reading material for Marshall (portrayed by Jason Segel).

"I had so much fun on the set of the show," Kardashian said. "Everyone is absolutely hilarious!"

Here's a clip of her guest-starring stint:

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In this economy, no job is safe.

Fortunately, Zac Efron appears to recognize that fact, as the High School Musical hottie is making sure to save every last penny these days.

The frugal actor was recently spotted at Target, hoisting himself up by his shopping cart and looking as adorable as ever...

Assuming you can't get enough of Efron, click on the following images for larger photos...

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If you watched The City last week, you may remember Olivia Palermo's (and oddly-named) cousin, Nevan, who she was hanging out with and venting about Whitney to.

Well, it turns out "Nevan" has quite the interesting past.

On a Monday afternoon in 2007, 28-year-old James Nevan Donahue was driving around in Florida, looking for some ho. We mean an actual prostitute, Ashley Dupre style.

Turns out he approached the wrong woman and ended up propositioning an undercover officer, who Nevan offered her some prescription painkillers in return for oral sex.

Undercover officer Lori Colombino reported that when he approached her, his belt was unbuckled and his pants were already undone, exposing "shiny black underwear."

  • Nevan From The City
  • James Nevan Donahue
  • Nevan Donahue

He pled guilty and was fined and ordered to perform community service. Then he violated the terms of his probation and another warrant for his arrest was issued.

The mug shot on the right of this series is for the prostitution incident. The other lovely booking photos are for drug possession (left) and a traffic stop (right).

Whitney Port should totally ask Olivia Palermo about this loser on the next episode. Maybe he can even hook them up with some prescrips at a low price.

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