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Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz are tying the knot, apparently. A rep for Simpson told Us Weekly, "Yes, they are happily engaged."

Earlier yesterday, the alleged singer said, "I'm really happy!"

Ashlee Simpson, Pete Wentz Pic

One possible cause for the quickie engagement - Ashlee Simpson is pregnant, or at least that's what the celebrity gossip on the street is today.

Her rep did not comment on the pregnancy rumor but referred to the website, where the singer posted the following Wednesday:

"We know there has been a lot of speculation recently about Pete and I," Ashlee Simpson wrote, "We wanted our fans to be the first to know, because you guys are the best. Yes, we are thrilled to share that we are happily engaged."

Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz began dating in late 2006.

He denied it for awhile, in part because she is likely the worst singer ever and he plays in a, Fall Out Boy, that at least plays actual music. Not good for his cred.

That said, one wonders if this is even a stunt to promote her latest, terrible CD, which just dropped recently. Still, they appear happy together.

"They are ecstatic and can't wait to be man and wife," a source said. "They will be getting married before the end of the year."

Congratulations to the happy couple!

Maybe they can get a two-for-one discount on a venue with another knocked-up, wedding-planning couple, Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge!

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Natalie Portman currently stars in the movie My Blueberry Nights.

From the looks of the photo below, and the celebrity gossip rumors traveling around the Internet, however, it appears as though Portman could make a new documentary entitled My Ban-berry Nights.

Indeed, Portman has been spotted around New York City, canoodling with little-known folk singer Devendra Banhart. People Magazine capture the new couple below:

Natalie Portman, Devendra Banhart

Kinda cute new couple alert: Devendra Banhart and Natalie Portman.

Portman - who previously had dated Nathan Bogle - will also be making a guest appearance in Banhart's upcoming music video, "Carmensita."

Overall, we're impressed by Devendra Banhart. Portman is a quality catch for a guy that looks like Cisco Adler.

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Forget Britney Spears and Amy Winehouse. One celebrity we know and sort of love is withering away to nothing before our eyes. It's bad, people.

Seriously. Take a look at the photos of Mary-Kate Olsen only a year ago and then last month. Talk about skin and bones! Where did she frickin' go?!

Mary-Kate Olsen of Weeds

Granted she was kinda waifish all along, but she at least has some skin color left in the first shot. Man. This girl makes Kate Bosworth look enormous.

Mary-Kate Olsen then and now: thin and thinner. 

The situation may appear dire, but the good news is that Mary-Kate herself can rectify it. We beg of you, Olsen Twin #1, to use some of your vast fortune and do the unthinkable. Eat. Eat some more. Shovel it down. Go back for seconds. Enjoy the American rite of passage and pack on the pounds until you become obese.

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A $1,100 tip at an L.A. restaurant, a $2,000 tip at a Vegas strip club, and on and on and on. Kevin Federline's spending, detailed in court documents, certainly has his critics buzzing over his apparently lavish lifestyle.

Enter Mark Vincent Kaplan.

K-Fed's attorney and confidant says, basically, that the haters need to look at the bigger picture before passing judgment on his client.

"He's totally getting a bad rap here," says Kaplan, who says that the "court of public opinion" is focusing on "a few expenditures." "It seems like an unnecessary attempt to knock him when there's really no basis to do so."

Kaplan claims that even the most ridiculed charge on the list of K-Fed's business expenses - a $2,000 Scores strip club tip - has an explanation.

"That was for a group of people for a friend's bachelor party," he said, adding that it wasn't even a tip at all: "That's just how the club categorized it."

Many of Federline's tips are certainly far from extravagant. During a September trip to Fat Tony's Italian Restaurant, he tipped $10 on a $41.69 bill.

The papers - used by Britney Spears' legal team to try to prove he, not Britney, should pay his own damn legal bills, show two sides to K-Fed, however.

Last August, he spent $304.30 to fly to Las Vegas on low-cost Southwest Airlines. But once he was there, he did not hold back, dropping $3,038.69 at the Hard Rock Beach Club, $3,863.50 at the hot club Tao, and $10,220.65 at The Venetian.

Some of his spending is less rock star and more average dad. Charges at Target ($115.10), IKEA ($246.66) and Albertson's grocery store ($405.75) fill his statements, with occasional shopping sprees ... at toy stores.

Mark Vincent Kaplan disagrees with Britney Spears' lawyers, who claim that the larger expenses suggest Federline should foot some of the massive fees she has been ordered to pay as a result of their custody battle.

"Don't focus on whether he spent too much money going on a vacation or going to a restaurant," says Kaplan. "Focus â€" as the court does â€" on was he reasonable having to incur these [court] fees? The answer is a resounding yes."

Kaplan says that the fees were "built up quite frankly by the conduct of [Britney Spears]" during some her court-delaying, widely-public antics.

"I don't think the court should be distracted by the fact that he went to Las Vegas and spent $1,000 or $5,000," says Kaplan. "It's not relevant."

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Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have the support of their spouses. That is obvious to anyone who knows about them. But what's less expected are their first-person pieces arguing for the candidates they know best in the latest issue of Us Weekly.

"I tell people I am married to the answer," Michelle Obama, 44, wrote to the celebrity news magazine. "If I weren't married to him, I'd still want a Barack Obama presidency right now �" not in four or eight years, but now."

As the spousal counterpart of Michelle Obama, Bill Clinton wrote his own column.

"I'm really proud of Hillary's campaign - the big goals she's setting for America and the plans she has to achieve them. For most of her adult life, Hillary Clinton was a public servant without a public office," the former President of the U.S. said.

The full columns? We'll have to wait for those.

We enjoy both Bill Clinton and Michelle Obama and think it's very cool they did this. We also like Cindy McCain, who was for some reason not profiled by the publication for this feature. Oh well, maybe next time, Cindy.

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With the exceptions of Lauren "Lo" Bosworth and Whitney Port, the stars of The Hills have all been causing serious drama on the show this spring.

Lauren Conrad befriended Stephanie Pratt in class, then invited her to her birthday party, ticking off and Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt.

Staples Center Action

Later, Audrina Patridge invited Heidi to her apartment after a run-in at Vice so she can pick up a few items she left behind when she lived with LC.

LC was not pleased, of course. Heidi and Spencer, meanwhile, have been feuding with each other in addition to their beef with Stephanie Pratt.

Tell us, which of the stars of The Hills is going too far?

Is it Lauren Conrad (hangin' with Steph, caring too much about everyone else's actions), Audrina Patridge (re-befriending Heidi), Stephanie Pratt (meddling, not being loyal to her brother), or Heidi Montag (crossing Lauren again)?

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Katie Rees, the dethroned Nevada beauty queen, won't have to worry about dropping the soap in any prison showers in the future: she's pleaded no contest to a list of traffic violations in exchange for no jail time.

The police busted Rees after she allegedly assaulted an officer in Las Vegas on February 6. She admitted to speeding, operating a motor vehicle without proof of insurance and driving with an expired registration, a suspended license and suspended registration.

For old times/libido's sake, Katie Rees is seen here fondling a friend.

Rees was ordered to pay more than $1,000 in fines.

She had been facing up to six months in the slammer, before she copped to the charges like some sort of drunken pageant winner copping a feel of her friends on the dance floor.

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Bouncing here, there and everywhere, it's.... Gummi Bear!! 

Entering a plea in court after being arrested for drug possession and DUI in early March, Jason Davis, a.k.a. Gummi Bear, is in the clear for now.

Jason Davis Mug Shot

But the enormous ursine being was dogged by different accusations as he left the building - those involving his racist, homophobic brother.

We're talking about Greasy Bear, a.k.a. Brandon Davis, and his tirade last week against celebrity news photographers in which he went ballistic.

Not surprisingly, Jason Davis had little to say on that matter.

Jason Davis: Such an upstanding, clean-cut citizen.

A slim (well, at least by his standards) Gummi Bear will be back in court May 12, when the results of a blood test taken the day of his arrest will be ready.

The glasses and lack of pink hair certainly don't hurt Jason Davis' case, but they probably won't help too much. Fool was allegedly on heroin.

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David Archuleta is the most popular finalist among this season's American Idols, at least among the young, female demographic.

Here's disturbing proof of Archuleta's main fan base, as a 10-year old pleads for David's luscious lips to be licked - and her father (we presume) sits idly by, smiling at the adorable, sex-laden yearning of his child:

Meanwhile, take a look and listen at Archuleta's rendition of "Angels" from last night's show now. Did you enjoy it?

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Great news, American women: you no longer need to be jealous of British females who have seen Daniel Radcliffe nude.

The Harry Potter star set to make his Broadway debut in Equus later this year.

Get Up, Harry!

The show will have a limited 22-week run, but the young star will bare it all in every performance. Here's a preview of what's to come:

"It will be amazing, but I will be terrified because I was talking to Richard Griffiths about playing New York and he said the most stupid thing that you can do is underestimate New York audiences," Radcliffe said of moving to Broadway.

"I would be very nervous because I think (the audiences are) even more discerning than in London."

Equus will is set to debut on September 5 at the Broadhurst Theatre.

In news of an uglier Brit getting naked, check out Heather Mills now.

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