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When sleazy and/or obese ursine specimens collide, look out, people!

Jason Davis, a.k.a. Gummi Bear, had zero problem ratting out his brother Brandon Davis, a.k.a. Greasy Bear, as a coke fiend to a drug dealer who called up looking for money ... except the guy wasn't really a drug dealer.

Trouble for Brandon Davis

It was a celebrity prank call - and the whole thing was recorded.

Jason and Brandon Davis: Such brotherly love.

During the phone call, Jason Davis cops to trying blow "once or twice" (he was busted for heroin possession fairly recently) and said it's really his brother who "does that stuff." Brandon Davis will surely love that.

Gummi Bear even gave the faux dealer Greasy's phone number. Sellout!

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A sympathetic Solange Knowles says knows the challenge of being a famous teen mother. Or at least a teen mother.

Solange, 21, welcomed son Daniel in 2004 at the age of 18 (she split with husband, former football player Daniel Smith, after the baby was born).

A Jamie Lynn Pic!

"I'm sure a lot of people perceived that I was gonna be a young, irresponsible mom," Beyonce's sister told Us Weekly recently.

"I think that there are moms who are 35 who are just as irresponsible."

What advice does Solange have for the 17-year-old pregnant Jamie Lynn Spears (whose baby bump is really starting to show)?

"You just have to make the best decisions for you," Knowles said. "You have to decide what's best for you. Who are we to say what's right and wrong for a person?"

To focus on raising her son, Solange Knowles said she "moved to the country for a year" without any nannies or babysitters.

"My parents lived on a whole opposite part of the world," she said. "My son has been my focus ever since the day he was born. He's been the light of my life," she added, "the inspiration behind everything."

Sounds like good advice from another star's younger sister who has been there. At least Jamie Lynn has Casey Aldridge around to help out, as well.

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We can't believe we've reached a point where we are defending Spencer Pratt for any reason, but the spring episodes of The Hills leave us no choice.

The Lauren Conrad-Heidi Montag feud has been peripheral, with the animosity between Heidi and Spencer taking center stage. Take Monday for example.

Cool Speidi Picture

After Heidi planned girls night out at S Bar with Audrina Patridge and Stephanie Pratt, Steph spilled the beans to Spencer, who shows up later and starts chatting with other girls and taking shots - clearly trying to prove some kind of point.

Heidi Montag freaked, Spencer got defensive, harsh words were exchanged, and you know the rest. It was a bitter fight and classic Hills drama.

Who do you side with, Team Spencer or Team Heidi? Did Spencer go too far and push Heidi's buttons? Or is she being beyond ridiculous with her demands?

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In stunning news, Brody Jenner is apparently single again.

From his on-again, off-again romance with The Hills star Lauren Conrad, to his most recent relationship to lingerie model Cora Skinner, Jenner never struck us (or anyone else) as the one-woman type. We're saying he gets around!

Today, People reported that Brody and Cora Skinner recently split, and we can't say we're surprised. Although they did make a nice pairing ...

This past weekend, Brody Jenner showed up with some hot woman (one not named Cora Skinner) at the NBA Entertainment League Season Wrap party in L.A.

Says an eyewitness:

"[Brody Jenner] was holding hands with a cute blonde. They rushed inside but he held her hand on the carpet and when they were waiting to get in. They were cute, and she was definitely his date for the day."

Jenner's boyfriend pal Frankie Delgado wasn't very shy about sharing his buddies new single status: "He was shouting, ‘Brody's single,'" says a an onlooker.

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We all know Kristy Lee Cook can't sing too well... but we just learned she's singing the praises of Andrew Dobner.

Indeed, the recently eliminated American Idol contestant is engaged to Dobner, who proposed on March 17. The couple had kept the news "on the down-low" because "I just wanted to be focused on Idol," Cook said.

Kristy Lee Cook is engaged to Andrew Dobner.

Cook said they're planning to tie the knot "next June sometime" and we couldn't be happier for Kristy Lee. Lord knows she needs love in her life after the beating she's received at the hands of Simon Cowell over the last few weeks.

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It's been years since Aaron Sorkin penned the words that came out of Rob Lowe's mouth on The West Wing, but the creator of that classic series has still rushed to the defense of the actor in light of recent allegations laid on him by Jessica Gibson.

"I've only known him to be a gentleman who cares first and most for his family," Sorkin told People, expressing shock over any penis exposing accusations leveled by Gibson.

Rob Lowe Picture

In an e-mail, Sorkin added: "I've worked with Rob twice â€" for three years on The West Wing and for another six months when he starred in the [London] West End revival of A Few Good Men."

Fellow actor Dulé Hill, who starred alonside Lowe on the Sorkin drama, said: "I've known him strictly as a family man. What comes first is his children and his wife. That's always been his focus."

Do you think Rob Lowe showed Jessica Gibson his flaccid penis? What about an erect version? 

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A surprisingly upbeat (and pretty darn svelte) Britney Spears was seriously pumped up Wednesday at a Bally Total Fitness gym in Studio City, Calif.

It's great to see her smile, but you gotta wonder, what is Britney Spears so psyched about? Our interns came up with their Top 10 theories ...

  1. Got invited out to In-N-Out Burger later.
  2. She heard hair extensions were back in style.
  3. Found an extra cigarette in her g-string drawer.
  4. Kristy Lee Cook finally got voted off American Idol.
  5. Heard pal Lucy Walsh is doing well on Rock the Cradle.
  6. Remembered Jamie Lynn Spears' birthday (she's a tad slow).
  7. Learned that her lawyers are currently giving K-Fed a hard time over his spending habits and trying to get her out of paying his legal bills.
  8. Papa Jamie forgot to do his daily underwear check this morning.
  9. Just remembered that she earns like $700,000 a month in royalties and no longer does any actual work.
  10. Just realized that she is responsible for far more celebrity photos than any other star on The Hollywood Gossip dot com!

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Kathy Hilton, who has made her and her family's life into a soap opera, will play herself on the May 13 episode of The Young and the Restless.

In the episode, the misguided mother of Paris Hilton will find a magazine cover model for her friend Jack Abbott, but then take over the photo shoot, infuriating magazine staffers. Sounds great, we guess.

Just Paris

Hilton starred in her own NBC reality show in 2005, I Want to Be a Hilton, in which contestants competed for a chance to live like a socialite for a 12 months.

It set humanity back by years.

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And you thought she was a celebrity fashion train wreck already.

The mother ship should be coming soon to retrieve Mary-Kate Olsen, so take a long look and appreciate the former Full House actress while you can.

Kylie Jenner Fashion

Soon enough, Mary-Kate - along with her burlap sack, bile-colored bag and that retired Ukrainian socialite's aerobics headband - will be taken back to her home planet. Let us pause to commemorate this moment in celebrity fashion history.

  Love it or hate it? Tell us what you think of Mary-Kate Olsen's "style."

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