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Jack Nicholson, who?

While that Oscar-winning actor originated the role of The Joker on the big screen many years ago, Heath Ledger takes it over for next summer's Dark Knight. By the look of the photo below, the Brokeback Mountain star can play both gay and homicidal quite well.

Also scheduled to appear in the movie? Christian Bale as Batman and Maggie Gyllenhall, who takes over the role of Rachel Dawes from Katie Holmes.

We'd like to see Dick Cheney portray The Penguin.


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Isaiah Washington has some anger management issues.

He claims they fired the wrong guy, but regardless of the nature of the gay slur he made on the Grey's Anatomy set, ABC decided it wasn't worth keeping the crazy one around for the upcoming season of the hit medical drama.

Since then, he hasn't exactly done much to prove this was a bad decision on the network's part, comparing himself to Malcolm X on the talk show circuit and showing general disdain for the press and former colleagues along the way.

It's only a matter of time until he snaps. We've already seen him lurking in the shadows, plotting revenge against Grey's creator Shonda Rhimes. Now it's a former co-star - so innocent and beautiful - who may find the wrath of Isaiah unleashed upon her …

As you can see, an angry Washington is looking to instill punishment and take out every one of his former Grey's Anatomy co-stars, one at a time. First up is Private Practice star Kate Walsh, who's about to get leveled by an uppercut. Somebody call a medic!

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You can see almost all of Avril Lavigne nude in the pages of Arena magazine.

But if you wanna check out the full monty, so to speak, just hand this rocker a few drinks.

Brody Jenner and Avril Lavigne Photo

The Canadian singer, who is married to Sum 41 member Deryck Whibley, admits she enjoys stripping it all following a handful of libations. This makes her similar to most fraternity brothers we know.

"I've been known to run around naked when I'm drunk," Lavigne said.

"One time I was drinking whiskey, and I was so loud, someone called the police."

Really? If the cops were called every time there was a Heidi Klum nude sighting, sirens would have blared twice in the last few weeks.

"I have a side to me that's a bit delinquent and I get myself in trouble. I like to drink and party and speak my mind. But when it comes down to it, I'm a good person and I wouldn't deliberately hurt anyone," Avril explained.

Someone sounds a bit defensive, huh?

However, just because this punk chick likes to get her drink on and her clothes off, don't expect her to use sexuality to sell records. She's no Britney Spears.

"Image is a personal choice. I'd rather be seen as me than for not wearing anything," Lavigne said, possibly dissing Gemma Atkinson, Lucy Pinder and every British model in the process.

"When I first started out in music I was 17. I didn't want to wear the clothes that everyone wanted me to wear. I wore my tank top and Doc Martens boots and I'm glad I did because I was so different from everyone else."


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Funny, we would say the same thing! Only he means it in a different way.

Heidi Montag talks about her "music" almost as much as she talks about her feud with Lauren Conrad. But unlike her very public cat fights, Montag and Pratt say they did not want a song she recently recorded to be played on the air.

Touting the "world premiere" of Montag's single, metrosexual host Ryan Seacrest played a song called "Body Language" on his KISS-FM radio show Thursday.

But the track, which sampes a beat from Yaz's "Situation" and features Spencer Pratt - Montag's fiancé / manager - rapping, wasn't supposed to be released, he claims.

"We did it as a joke," Pratt said. "That's not her single at all. It was never meant to be heard by anyone but us. Over my dead body would I rap on Heidi's first single. Heidi is really upset because this was not the first sound she wanted people to hear from her."

Riiiiiight. We're sure the release of the track (just like alllll those bikini photos) was accidental, and that Heidi's really a potential Grammy winner.

Montag's "sound," The Hills star says, is "dance, urban, rhythmical … I love a lot of rap and urban music at the same time, so I'm bringing a little of those elements in."

When it comes to the couple's nauseatingly fake engagement, well, Heidi Montag's music career obviously takes precedence.

"I'm shopping [for a dress]," she said recently. "But we haven't done anything else, we're so busy in the studio, and with my music, we don't have time to plan a wedding."

T.H. GOSSIP NOTE: In case you were unaware, these people are morons.

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Singer Amy Winehouse and her husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, have both checked into a "retreat" in Essex, England, Fielder-Civil confirmed to BBC Radio One.

"The main thing is me and Amy both are getting better," Fielder-Civil said from Winehouse's North London home Thursday. "Don't worry, she's being looked after. We're going back to this retreat. She's determined to get well."

Amy Winehouse Beats Blake Fielder-CivilBlake Fielder-Civil said the pair - who surprised many with their quick engagement and wedding in May - is focused on recovery.

"It's not as bad as everyone thinks, but she's fine, she's loved and looked after," he said.

The couple were interviewed outside Winehouse's home, where they went after visiting three pubs in Camden, spending 10 minutes in each.

THG NOTE: Did that just say Amy and Blake visited three pubs prior to being interviewed... about checking into rehab?

What are we missing here?

"We only came back to get a guitar," Blake Fielder-Civil, 23, said. "But of course, in the paper, that's interpreted that me and Amy are both so weak we left after three days."

Earlier in the day, Winehouse's rep refuted that the singer was, or is, in rehab, but announced the cancellation of all Amy's August shows.

Still, when Amy Winehouse was asked yesterday if reports of her drug abuse were true, she said casually: "I wouldn't say so, no."

The 23-year-old train wreck, who's been looking noticeably thinner lately, added: "I'm fine, I've put on half a stone [7 pounds] and I'm fine."

Before the couple made their getaway in a waiting car, Fielder-Civil said reports that Amy Winehouse is addicted to heroin and cocaine are trumped up.

"I wouldn't believe it, no," he said. "I would say there are a few problems there, but certainly not the magnitude that my mom was falsely quoted as saying."

On August 8, Amy Winehouse was admitted with exhaustion to London's University College London Hospital, before being treated and released.

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Once again, Shar Jackson finds herself caught up in the middle of hectic family drama.

This time, fortunately, it's fictional.

The mother of two of Kevin Federline's four children, who was pregnant when K-Fed dumped her abruptly for Britney Spears, will guest star on the CW's Everybody Hates Chris, Shar confirms to People.

"I am having a blast," Shar Jackson said. "The cast is absolutely amazing."

In the episode, Jackson's character, Alyson, is a young mother whose daughter uses Chris' sister as a cover to sneak into an R-rated movie and visit a boy.

Chris' mother, Rochelle, played by Tichina Arnold, takes Alyson aside to confront her about being a better role model.

Choreographer Debbie Allen, who may be familiar to So You Think You Can Dance fans, is directing the episode, which will air sometime after the Season 3 October 1 premiere.

Jackson, whose defining role was playing Brandy's best friend, Nicey Jackson, on UPN's Moesha, recently co-hosted Ex-Wives Club with Marla Maples and Angie Everhart.

Of course, Shar Jackson is not an ex-wife of anyone. Just a baby mama four times over. But who cares, really. It's Shar Jackson!


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With his ex-wife possibly still dating Jake Gyllenhaal, Ryan Phillippe is reportedly back together with his former mistress.

That's right, folks, there has been another Abbie Cornish sighting.

Pre Crazy Ryan Phillippe

This Australian actress and Reese Witherspoon's ex-husband supposedly starting having sex... while Ryan was still married.


According to that loser celebrity gossip source, Perez Hilton, the pair stopped seeing each other once the affair was made public - but were spotted together again on August 5th in LA's Franklin Canyon Park.

"They were laughing," said a witness, "and obviously enjoying themselves."

Despite the rekindling of this flame, Phillippe is reportedly peeved about the Gyllenhitherspoon romance.

"Ryan is pissed about Jake," an insider told Us Magazine. Ryan told Reese he "didn't want ‘that guy' around their kids and then made some crude Brokeback Mountain remark."

The actor really sounds mature and level-headed in every way, doesn't he? Who would've guessed that Ryan Phillippe would give Spencer Pratt a run for the title of Biggest Jerk in Hollywood?

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Uncle Kracker allegedly made R. Kelly proud early this morning.

The former Kid Rock DJ, and former platinum selling artist, was arrested and booked with a second-degree forcible sex offense outside Raleigh, North Carolina, TMZ reports.

The man whose real name is Matthew Shafer was busted by Raleigh police who responded to a call at an Embassy Suites hotel around 4:45 AM.

It's the sort of crime that makes Jason Wahler a goody goody by comparison.

Kracker, who had a huge hit with the song "Follow Me" in 2000, is currently being held in Wake County Jail on $5 million bond. He's scheduled to face a judge later today.

Uncle Kracker Mug Shot

For other celebrity mug shots, visit our gallery right now. Vote on your favorites.


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Zac Efron has almost every female under the age of 21 pining after him.

But the only two that seem to have a legitimate chance at winning over this young stud are his High School Musical co-stars: Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale.

For now, of course, Zac and Vanessa form one of Hollywood's most adorable couples. Indeed, Zanessa is the Brangelina of the next generation.

But don't count Ashley out. As she squares off against Hudgens on the red carpet of the High School Musical 2 premiere below, you can tell this actress - and her short dress - are trying to get Zac's attention.

Will it work? Who will Efron end up with? And, forget new Britney Spears topless photos, who looks better in the following image?

You tell us. 

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So, Sabra Johnson thinks she can dance?

Looks like this rising star was right all along, as she defeated Danny Tidwell and all other finalists last night to be crowned the 2007 So You Think You Can Dance champion.

Here's an interview with the reality show winner from the show's official site:

How old were you when you started to dance?

Do you have any formal dance training?
Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary, gymnastics, some experience in hip hop, modern, tap, and theater.

What other talents/hobbies do you have?

I can sew. I like to laugh, see movies, traveling, and languages (I don't know any, though). I have a talent of being pretty independent and being able to take care of myself.

* The Hollywood Gossip note: We wonder if laughing is a talent or a hobby of hers. Either way, she should watch Michael Cera more often to take advantage of it.

Who is your favorite professional dancer?
Roderick George

What would you like to see happen to you as a result of the show?
To have grown to be a better dancer in all aspects.

Where would you like to be in 10 years and what would you like to be doing?
Dancing professionally in a company or just dancing professionally period!

We wish Sabra the best of luck. She just better hope there are no nude photos of her from the past - such as there are of reality show contestant Jennifer Braff - to get in the way of her dreams.

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