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Every year, the American Idol winner is forced to sing a cheesy ballad in celebration of his/her victory.

This season was no different, as David Cook took home the title and then serenaded his fans with "Time of My Life."

Katelyn Epperly Promo Pic

Here's a video of Cook winning and then celebrating with his fellow American Idol finalists:


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A few weeks ago, we asked if Selena Gomez would be the next Miley Cyrus. And she still may be.

But it appears as though Gomez will have a fight on her hands from a familiar foe: good friend Demi Lovato.

Dressed Up Demi

The 15-year old actress/singer is set to tour with The Jones Brothers this fall. From there, she'll be starring in her very own show titled "Welcome to Mollywood." Does this career path sound familiar?

Remember the name Demi Lovato, folks. You'll be hearing it a lot for years to come.

The series will center on Molly, who comes from a small town and wins a role on a teen comedy series after competing on a nationwide search.

Regarding the show and star he hopes will follow in the shoes of Cyrus and/or Vanessa Hudgens (in terms of popularity, not naked photos), Gary Marsh, president of entertainment at Disney Channels Worldwide, said:

"This series is rooted in one of the core thematic attributes that we stand for, which is following your dream."

Sounds like the dream of Demi Lovato is about to come true.

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Is Audrina Patridge ready to go wild - Ashley Dupre syle?

It doesn't look like it. Even though her modeling past includes racy nude pictures, it appears even a big money offer from Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis to model for his company isn't enough to entice The Hills star.

Audrina For Bongo

Joe Francis reportedly tried to talk business with Audrina Patridge at this night's five-year anniversary party for Dolce restaurant in Los Angeles.

He didn't get far.

"Tell her I'm legit," Francis was overheard repeating to mutual friends, trying to get Audrina to take him and his offer seriously.

As legit as a man who videotapes drunk, topless teen girls, and faces felony charges in multiple states at the same time can be, anyway.

On another note, the buzz over Patridge's arrival at the club matched the intensity of what much bigger stars usually generate. The paparazzi could not get enough shots of Audrina and boyfriend Justin-Bobby.

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Britney Spears is back in the recording studio with none other than J.R. Rotem, along with another producer, Sean Garrett, People reports.

"[Britney Spears] is doing great," he said at the BMI Pop Awards in Beverly Hills on Tuesday. "She's like a master at what she does. She's a lot more experienced than most people. She just has the 'it' factor."

"Not every artist has that," J.R. Rotem added. "So it's always nice to work with her."

Quote-unquote music producer J.R. Rotem: Always a classy individual.

Rotem, who briefly dated Spears and had sex wheelbarrow-style with her in 2007, would not reveal any details of the project.

However, a family source says that Britney is currently in the early stages of a follow-up to her last album, Blackout.

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Man, Shania Twain feels scorned by a woman.

Not only must the award-winning country singer deal with the divorce from her husband of 14 years, but reports have surfaced that the reason for the break-up between Twain and Mutt Lange is his affair with Marie-Anne Thiébaud, a former close friend of Shania.

Pictured on the right, Marie-Anne Thiébaud served as a secretary and house manager at Twain and Lange's estate in Switzerland for many years before deciding to allegedly get it on with the man called Mutt.

Christiane Plante would be proud.

Marie-Anne Thiébaud reportedly screwed over Shania Twain by screwing her husband.

According to a source, Lange, Twain and Thiebaud "would vacation and spend holidays together... Shania considered Marie-Anne one of her best friends."

This insider added that Shania is "devastated" by her split from Lange, but allow us to assure her: if this news is true, Shania, you're much better off without that cheating loser.

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After a dramatic, tension-filed few months, David Cook defeated David Archuleta by 12 million votes to capture the seventh season title on American Idol.

Ryan Seacrest made the announcement, and then his introduced the winner to the audience with the following words, causing Cook to break down in tears:

A bartender and now the winner of this competition, brought to us by his brother... David Cook!

Congratulations, David C. Here's a photo tribute to the winner. Click on each thumbnail below to be taken along on Cook's American Idol journey this season...

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  • The good news: Kristin Davis is clean and sober.
  • The bad news (for her): The sordid Kristin Davis sex tape in which that ass clown Eric Stapelman was going to town on her didn't involve any booze.

"I'm a recovering alcoholic," the actress, 43, tells Health. "I've been sober the whole time I've been famous, so it wasn't like I had to go to rehab publicly."

"It's caused a lot of confusion out in the world. I get sent many a Cosmo! I never drink them. I believe [alcoholism] is a disease. I don't think you can mess with it."

Sex and the City Actress

The Sex and the City: The Movie star says people used to say to her "'Couldn't you just have one glass of champagne?' And I would say, 'No,' I'm doing well. I still have occasional bad days. Why risk it?"

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Someone as famous - and insane - as Britney Spears can land a guest starring role on a hit sitcom such as How I Met Your Mother.

Other celebrities, however, have to start smaller. Or at least earlier in the day.

Hip hop sensation Ne-Yo, for example, will be appearing on All My Children on May 21 and May 22, performing a couple hits from his latest album on the soap opera. Here's a look at him on set:

Follow the jump on this article, meanwhile, to read about another rising star that will be appearing on a daytime drama...

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