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Mel Gibson mug shotHe may be an egomaniac and anti-Semitic loon with a bad driving record - not to mention a penchant for blowing his top.

But in the spirit of rehabilitation and second chances, a Malibu, Calif., judge has just given Mel Gibson two thumbs up!

Apparently, the star of The Passion of the Christ, Lethal Weapon, Signs and many other films is making good progress following his embarrassing DUI arrest in the summer of 2006.

TMZ was in the courtroom for Mel Gibson's progress hearing this morning, and while Mel was a no-show (Gibson is not required to be there), his lawyer, Blair Berk, was on hand.

Berk filed paperwork today proving that Mel Gibson completed four and a half months of AA meetings and has paid all fines resulting from the drunken tirade and arrest.

No word on whether he has seen Britney Spears at any meetings.

The judge announced that Mel's attendance at AA meetings is now voluntary, and that Mel must appear at the next hearing date, scheduled for February 15.

Check out our gallery of celebrity mug shots. It's a photo collection that has grown a lot in the last 14 months, but Mel's remains one of the best.


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It's our duty as television fans - nay, as human being fans - to extol the virtues of Friday Night Lights.

The NBC show deserves the Emmy Award for Best Drama, yet was not even nominated in the category. This is akin to a mental institution not even considering Britney Spears for admission, or Playboy turning down the chance to print Heidi Klum nude photos.

Therefore, it's the job of The Hollywood Gossip to inform viewers of just how great a program Friday Night Lights truly is. And a major reason for this praise? Kyle Chandler.

Fans may recognize this actor from his stints on Grey's Anatomy and One Life to Live. But he's truly making a name for himself by portraying Coach Eric Taylor, a man oozing with both compassion and intensity. It's a nuanced role - and it's one Chandler excels in.

So tune in Friday nights (see, it's easy to remember!) this fall to watch the most underrated actor and show on TV.

If you don't, we'll send a drunk and disorderly Jason Wahler to track you down.


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TV watchers love to hate the slimy Spencer Pratt so much that you'd think he were on The Bold and the Beautiful instead of MTV's reality hit, The Hills.

We know. Spencer Pratt is neither bold, nor beautiful. That's not the point.

Paparazzi Mobs Perez, Speidi

The privileged son of a dentist and a stay-at-home mom, Spencer is the scheming foil to Lauren Conrad's All-American girl - and he isn't shy about it, on or off the show.

"Spencer is enthralled with being in magazines," an Us Weekly source reports in the celebrity gossip rag's new issue.

"He literally has a shrine in his room at his parents' house of all the magazines he's been in."

Even Pratt's carefully orchestrated proposal to girlfriend Heidi Montag on a Santa Barbara beach was beyond shady.

They denied the engagement to Entertainment Weekly, after telling Us August 8 they were, in fact, getting hitched. And the "engagement ring" Pratt purchased at an L.A. mall?

Price estimates from those familiar with the store range from $250 to $2,500. Hardly the bling ol' Spence made it out to be.

Another source confirms the question was not popped: "Spencer didn't propose to Heidi. It's a promise ring. He just knows what people what to see on The Hills."

Episode two of The Hills' Season 3 corroborates this - there was no proposal, just an awkward thrusting of the bogus diamond ring in Heidi's general direction.

Meanwhile, Pratt's quest to dominate the D-list has taken a toll on his bros. Brody Jenner used to be one of his best pals, but now the two aren't speaking.

Some say - and we don't doubt - that it's because Jenner began hanging out with his ex-girlfriend, Lauren Conrad, again recently.

Brody Jenner says, on the subject: "It's unfortunate that Spencer and I aren't friends anymore, but I will always consider him family."

Cute. We'll always consider him a no-talent ass clown with an acne problem. But hey, Spencer Pratt sure makes each day more interesting here at The Hollywood Gossip.


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Hey, she's 18, alright? We can say that kind of thing now! Woooo!

Anyway, here's what this young star has to say about a certain beverage.

Paris Protege

"You don't have to be a hero to feel invincible," notes one of The Hollywood Gossip's favorite celebrities. "That's why I drink milk. The protein helps build muscle, and some studies suggest teenagers who choose it tend to be leaner. Cheers to that."

Of course, it's easy for Hayden Panettiere to sing the praises of the "Body By Milk" campaign, of which she is the newest spokeswoman. The girl can't even buy booze! Come on!

Hayden Panettiere has got milk. And has got it goin' on!

We love to joke about her, but it's nice to see that for all the celebrity gossip she generates, Hayden Panettiere continues to set a good example for her fans.

Now if we can just get Britney Spears to stay home and have a glass of milk with Jayden James Federline once in awhile, instead of staying up all night partying topless and guzzling margaritas in the pool with Matt Encinias. Just an idea.


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Here's the bad news: Pedro Andrade and Lance Bass have called it quits.

Here's the good news: The break-up has allowed us to use that witty *NSYNC pun in the headline above.

Lance Bass and Lacey Schwimmer Photo

So it's basically a wash of celebrity gossip.

The couple may have dated for just two months, but our offices were flooded with hate mail regarding Andrade. You'd think he was Simon Monjack or Tameka Foster, as fans wrote in to warn Bass about Pedro's supposed past as a male escort.

But that may have been what drove the singer to the model in the first place. It's hard to say.

Either way, we wish each half of this former couple nothing but the best.

In other sort of gay dating news: How insane is Anne Heche?!?

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Looks like Arizona Cardinals quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner Matt Leinart and oily heir Brandon "Greasy Bear" Davis have a lot in common.

And we're not even talking about the fact that Matt has likely hooked up with Brandon Davis' BFF, Paris Hilton. We're talking about sweating. Hard.

Seriously, anybody got a towel? Check out this pic of Matt Leinart (right) inside a club in Scottsdale, Ariz., last weekend, up against this file photo of Greasy Bear...

Matt Leinart and Brandon Davis: Kindred, greasy spirits?

We're going to have to go with Matt Leinart, although this image of him all sweaty in a club isn't likely to help in his nasty custody fight with Brynn Cameron. The USC basketball player and mother of his son, Cole, adamantly disapproves of his party-boy lifestyle.

As for Brandon Davis, well, he's gross. But at least this isn't a picture of brother Jason Davis, a.k.a. Gummi Bear. We're grateful that the latter bear is in no way part of a story on our site today. For once. Although that is subject to change if TMZ posts any pictures of him.

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There's more than one hot guy roaming the halls of High School Musical.

So if you can take your eyes off Zac Efron for one minute, ladies, let's hear from his co-star Corbin Bleu.

Corbin Photo

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Have you started working on your second album yet?
CORBIN BLEU: Right now I'm actually working on different songs and just trying to figure out where to go next. With the first album [Another Side, released earlier this year], I worked really hard. It was still a first album, though. Now I definitely feel very comfortable, and I want to take it to the next level.

EW: What do you hope to change from the first to the second?
Bleu: I want to have a lot more of my hand in the work of writing it. Just putting my own creative input when it comes to it.

EW: Does this mean you want pursue music more than acting right now?
Bleu: At the moment, because of the [Nextfest summer tour] and everything, I'm focusing on music. But after that's done, what would be ideal for me would be to go do a [big-screen] movie. The last time I did a feature it was called Catch That Kid, so that was a long time ago. There are a lot of different scripts and things that are coming in. We're trying to figure out what's next.

EW: Do you have a dream project or someone you would love to star with?
Bleu: Johnny Depp is one of my favorite actors. Meryl Streep â€" I absolutely love her work. Just working with people that are truly legends and who have been though it. That rubs off. You learn from them.

EW: Do you have a role model?
Bleu: I really, really respect Jamie Foxx... He's a beautiful singer, he plays the piano wonderfully, he's an incredible actor. He's just a very well-rounded person. I very much admire that.

EW: As far as High School Musical 3 goes, are you definitely going to sign on?
Bleu: Right now we're in the negotiation process. I would love to be able to see a script. I think all in all it would be really nice to have some closure to this whole HSM phenomenon.

Meanwhile, there's also a High School Musical leading lady not named Ashley Tisdale or Vanessa Hudgens. It's time to hear from Monique Coleman after the jump...

Continue Reading...

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Contrary to a report in yesterday's New York Post, train wreck Britney Spears has not nixed plans to record a duet with her ex-boyfriend, Justin Timberlake.

In fact, a source close to Britney tells Us Weekly that no such plan existed.

Jayden James, Britney Spears Picture

According to the source, "There have been absolutely no plans for Britney and Justin to record a duet together."

For once, we believe the Britney Spears source. There's no way Timberlake would risk his reputation as a serious musician by agreeing to record with this nut job.

Britney Spears. February 2007. Comment rendered unnecessary.

"There have been lots of discussions about who Britney is working with, and Justin has not been one of them," the source says. "Nothing with Justin Timberlake was ever even discussed. Justin has had no time to do it between planning his HBO special, his own Video Music Awards stuff and working with Madonna."

Meanwhile, a source also clarifies the Page Six claims about Spears' record label, Jive, and their concerns about Spears and her insane actions in recent months.

"Jive is still supportive of Britney and has no doubt she will deliver when the time comes. They are invested in her but obviously a little nervous for the performance because nobody exactly knows what she is going to do. She is working feverishly to pull it off. Jive just can't wait until they have music to play for people to show them what Britney has actually done."

Don't hold your breath, Jive.

We're curious as to how frolicking topless in the pool with Matt Encinias, possibly engaging in a lesbian romp with Shannon Funk or getting her freak on with Criss Angel signifies "working," but it's clear Spears is doing some things feverishly, at least.

Count this celebrity news site among those tuning in to the MTV VMAs September 9 to see the fallen star in action. Or to learn she bailed at the last second.


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Sorry, Pete Doherty.

While we're constantly impressed by your ability to take drugs, get arrested and avoid jail, the country has spoken - and Terry Fator possesses far more talent than your addicted shell of a body.

The 42-year old ventriloquist was voted the winner of America's Got Talent last night. And while anyone that has seen the Jennifer Toof sex tape may wish to hand that sex-crazed singer the award, take a look at Fator in action below. It's pretty cool:



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Move over, Cole Cameron Leinart.

There's another illegitimate, NFL celebrity baby ready to give you a run for your (cute) money.

Bridget Moynahan Nude

Actress Bridget Moynahan finally gave birth to her baby boy Wednesday in Los Angeles. A rep for the actress reports that "both mother and baby are doing well."

No word on the little guy's name, weight or whether he can evade a weak-side blitz.

The baby's father, of course, is New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, who Moynahan dated for three years prior to breaking up in late 2006.

Since the breakup, Brady has been seeing supermodel Gisele Bundchen.

Though it's unclear whether Brady, 30, was present at the birth, he was not at Patriots practice today, and was spotted at an L.A. hospital, carrying flowers. Aww.

In a recent interview with the AP, Tom Brady said he hoped he'd be able to take time off for the birth, though he suspected his schedule and coach might nix that.

"I wish I [knew when the baby will be born]," he told reporters. "That's God's decision. The good lord is making that call. So I think everybody's anxious. I'll put it that way."

Six Degrees star Bridget Moynahan, 36, announced she was pregnant back in February, allegedly surprising her three-time Super Bowl champion ex.

A friend of Tom Brady said at the time: "He's disappointed this is how she's decided to play it. She announced it to make him look like a jerk."

Meanwhile, his official statement read, "Tom and his family are excited about the pregnancy, and want to thank everyone who has shown support."

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