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A few days after the tragic suicide of former American Idol contestant Paula Goodspeed, new details have emerged about the troubled Paula Abdul fan.

According to People Magazine, the following incidents and facts sum up Goodspeed's obsession with the show's judge:

Pic of Paula Abdul
  • Last week, Abdul received flowers with a note signed: "Love, J.T." and the message, "Hope you're doing great. Here's my new cell number." The singer assumed they were from ex-boyfriend J.T. Torregiani,, but he denied knowledge of the gift.

"The flower thing was really scary – Paula [Abdul] really couldn't handle that. She was terrified," a source said of Abdul's reaction when she realized the bouquet came from Goodspeed.

  • Abdul had received over 100 letters, numerous phone calls and many visits from Goodspeed over the last three years.
  • Goodspeed changed her first name from Sandra to Paula.

Said Ed Faris, a producer/songwriter in Los Angeles, who worked with Goodspeed on her aspiring singing career around 2005:

"I was shocked to hear about her death, I never thought it would come to that," says Faris. "It's just a sad situation all around."

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Anand Jon, a former big name in the world of celebrity fashion, was found guilty on 16 of 23 counts of sexual abuse by a Los Angeles court this week.

Hey, at least he was cleared on seven! Woo!

The charges included multiple counts of forcible and statutory rape. Jon allegedly lured aspiring models, some as young as 14, to a Beverly Hills apartment.

Anand did so by promising the models "high profile work," then coercing them into his “sadistic fantasies.” Sounds like the kind of plot you see on Gossip Girl right before a brooding Chace Crawford emerges from nowhere, just in time to intervene.

Anand Jon Picture

Anand Jon potentially faces life in prison for his crimes. Which is probably for the best. Just look at this man. If that's not a skeezy pic, we don't know what is.

The designer, who created clothes for Paris Hilton and appeared on America’s Next Top Model, was originally arrested for this behavior back in March 2007.

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A certain celebrity was spotted in L.A. this week, getting some things out of her car (looks like a Prius) She was clad in blue jeans and a stylish jacket.

Who is this laid-back star? From this particular angle (not that we're complaining), it's kind of hard to tell. See if you can guess in our little survey below!

This celebrity is ...


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Justin Gaston doesn't know what all the fuss is about.

Sure, he's been spotted canoodling with the world's most famous 15-year old. But when asked what his relationship is with Miley Cyrus, Gaston played dumb. Then again, he might not have been playing.

"Just family friend, you know," he said.

Justin Gaston poses with him pimp friend, Billy Ray Cyrus, at this week's Country Music Awards.

The model did meet Billy Ray Cyrus prior to illegally sleeping with getting to know his daughter. Gaston was a contestant on Nashville Star, a reality show hosted by Billy Ray.

“I met Billy Ray on the show and just became friends with the whole family. And they’re such a great family," Justin said, adding that he moved to Los Angeles two years ago "and started a modeling career and that’s kind of just to break into the music business and everything.”

We're guessing Miley is included in that "everything."

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At this point, it's easier to list all the celebrities that are NOT appearing on an upcoming special episode of How I Met Your Mother.

Reports state that Kendra Wilkinson will portray a magazine cover-version of herself on the show, which will be centered around Marshall's (Jason Segel) search for a place to read while working.

The episode - which airs in January - will also feature a trio of The Hollywood Gossip staff favorites: Kim Kardashian, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt.

Get your DVR ready, folks!

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Joe Jonas is many things: a heart throb, a talented young singer, a loyal brother.

But the musician has updated his MySpace page to clear up a rumor started by ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift this week: he's not a cheater.

"Several things I will state with all my heart," writes Jonas in his blog, in response to Swift's accusation that he ended their relationship due to feelings for Camilla Belle. "I never cheated on a girlfriend. It might make someone feel better to assume or imply I have been unfaithful but it is simply not true. Maybe there were reasons for a breakup. Maybe the heart moved on. Perhaps feelings changed. I am truly saddened that anything would potentially cause you to think less of me."

Technically, Swift claims her and Jonas broke up because "he met" Belle, not because he bedded the actress behind Taylor's back.

Still, Joe felt the need to speak out to his fans.

"I wish the best for the other person, but could not sit back any longer and leave our fans with a wrong impression of the truth. Hope this helps enlighten a little."

Do you believe that Jonas remained loyal to Swift?

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The Bachelorette star DeAnna Pappas didn’t get her happily ever after (for the second straight time), but she’ll be helping other brides-to-be plan their dream weddings. Something she is well-versed in after the past year. Oh, wait ...

DeAnna, who recently called off her engagement to pro snowboarder Jesse Csincsak, will be co-hosting Lifetime network’s Get Married, a show that covers all things weddings. Something she is very knowledgeable about ... not having.

The second season premieres January 5 - not long before another of DeAnna's famous rejectees, Jason Mesnick, debuts on the new season of The Bachelor.

DeAnna Pappas announced her new gig on the show's blog.

“I am so happy to be co-hosting the new season of Get Married! Every weekday morning I will be bringing you the latest in wedding planning tips and trends, and weekly I will be blogging here at,” Pappas writes.

“Many of you may know me from seeing me on television looking for love ... The second show, many of you watched as I got down to one man ... he got down on one knee and proposed to me ... unfortunately we have since gone our separate ways but still remain very good friends. From my personal love experiences and sharing the ups and downs of love with my friends, I have become a go-to girl among my girlfriends who have become beautiful brides themselves.”

In light of her recent breakup with Jesse Csincsak - which even Bachelor host Chris Harrison says was sparked by her "going Hollywood" - some question if DeAnna really makes the best co-host of a wedding show. What a crazy notion.

But Get Married CEO Stacie Francombe, who hired Pappas after watching her on The Bachelorette’s fourth season, maintains DeAnna is the right person for the job.

“The truth is going to come out as to what really happened,” she says. “She’s very real and very honest about who she is and what she wants in life. She wants to talk to brides, she wants to help them and she wants to listen to them.”

As for DeAnna Pappas, she's very much in search of Mr. Just Right.

“[Jesse Csincsak] is a wonderful man and will make some woman very happy one day,” Pappas laments, but not for too long of course. “As for me, I still VERY much want to be in love, GET MARRIED, and start a family of my own!”

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Olga Kurylenko is the latest in a long line of gorgeous Bond girls, and stars in Quantum of Solace, which is released nationwide today. She also turns 29 today. Coincidence? Definitely. But you gotta love the free publicity we're giving it!

No one in America is happier to celebrate a birthday than Travis Barker, though. The rocker is lucky to be alive to see 33. Seriously. Dude almost died.

So whether you want to see Olga Kurylenko nude or Travis Barker's ... many tats, click to enlarge some pictures of today's celebrity birthday boy and girl!

  • Olga Kurylenko Image
  • Olga Kurylenko, Maxim
  • Olga Kurylenko Naked
  • Olga Kurylenko Picture

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Lauren Conrad has been rocking the glasses of late - and we're not talking about the old lady shades she loves so much - we mean real glasses!

If the beautiful star of The Hills keeps wearing these, it may spark a ton of requests for the frames. She'd be a regular Sarah Palin. Only smart.

Mya Fashion Choice

Check 'em (and her) out in the two photos below ... and we know it's hard, but try to ignore the plaid shirt on the right and focus on the specs:

What do you think: Do you like this new look from LC?


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Love Tila Tequila, or think she's a waste of clothing (the few times she chooses to wear any), you gotta hand it to this reality TV star: She knows how to stay in the news.

Following rumors that Tila hooked up with Justin Long in Las Vegas, this celebrity gossip guru proved adept at selling mystery over admission.

Book Reader

"What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, and it should just stay there," Tequila told Us Weekly about the supposed make out session. "I don't remember anything."

This could be due to diminished brain capacity, too much alcohol on the night in question or - most likely - both.

As for her romance with Courtenay Semel?

"Everything is cool," Tequila said. "We made a pact to not talk about our relationship anymore. It tends to cause a lot of strain in our relationship."

Okay then. What about choosing between men and women, Tila?

"I just go with my feelings. If one day you are into someone and the next day, you meet someone else that you are into, just go with what your heart wants. There is no rules. I follow my heart."

Not to mention the closest photographer.

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