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Troubled Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez and wife Cynthia Rodriguez have settled their bitter divorce fight. Terms of the settlement were not released.

"Cynthia and Alex Rodriguez have amicably resolved their dissolution of marriage proceedings," lawyers for the former couple said in a statement.

Nose Picking By Alex Rodriguez

Both Alex and Cynthia Rodriguez have remained "deliberately engaged in these private negotiations. During the negotiations and resolution all decisions were made with the best interests of their children as the paramount concern."

Cynthia, 35, filed for divorce in July, saying her estranged husband – known to fans as A-Rod (or several more insulting names we can't print here) – "emotionally abandoned" her and their children and had a series of affairs.

With Joslyn Morse, Alicia Marie, Candice Houlihan, maybe Madonna and so on.

Cynthia Rodriguez had asked to keep their $12 million Coral Gables, Fla., mansion. The mother of his two children, Natasha, 3, and Ella, five months, also wanted a cut of his baseball earnings during the duration of their marriage.

Alex Rodriguez reportedly made $28 million during the 2008 season and is in the first year of a 10-year, $275 million contract with the New York Yankees.

The Rod argued that the settlement should be determined by their prenup, which Cynthia (maiden name Scurtis) signed a month before their 2002 wedding.

He admitted the marriage was "irretrievably broken," but noted Florida is a no-fault state for divorces and chastised her for mentioning "immaterial and impertinent" issues like his alleged "extra marital affairs and other marital misconduct."

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Kim Kardashian is more than a large-breasted sex tape star.

She's an advice columnist!

Boring Kim Kover

In a recent entry on her official website, Kim answered a question from a girl who asked how one can become famous:

I have a question: I am 13 and I want to be famous but my parents won't let me do anything that might put me in the spotlight. What should I do to get them to ease up?

Fortunately, Kim didn't pass on the phone number of Ray J to this young, impressionable girl. Instead, she hammered home the reality of fame to all who would listen:

why do you want to be famous? You have to want it for the right reasons. Certain people love the attention and the glamor of being famous and others wish they could just do their job and make the same amount of money but not be as famous as they are!

Believe it or not, fame is not as glamorous as it seems. I think it is much harder now with all of the media outlets, and people can be pretty nasty and harsh! To be famous in this day you have to be strong!!!!

How true. How profound.

Sadly, Kim Kardashian never had a choice when it came to fame. One second she was spreading her legs on a sex tape released to the public; the next second she was posing in Playboy; and the next second she found herself in the celebrity gossip spotlight!

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When you have cancer and your husband cheats on you with - and possibly knocks up - Rielle Hunter? Yeah, we can see trust being a problem after that.

Elizabeth Edwards, 59, is speaking out for the first time since her husband, John Edwards, a former U.S. Senator and candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, admitted he had an extramarital affair with the filmmaker.

"There's a lot of adjustment to make," she told the Detroit Free Press, adding that she remains in "an ongoing process of finding your feet again."

"Trust [is] probably the most difficult hurdle."

Elizabeth and John Edwards in May 2008.

The story of John Edwards' relationship with Hunter broke in December 2007, but he denied it until he got caught visiting her at a Beverly Hills hotel this July.

Edwards then admitted to the affair in August, but claims it ended in 2006 and he only engaged in relations with Hunter while Elizabeth's cancer was in remission.

Like that makes it okay. He also denies he is the father of Rielle Hunter's daughter, born this Februrary. His former aide Andrew Young has claimed paternity - yet has provided no financial assistance to Hunter, nor has he been heard from since.

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Hillary Clinton would be proud. The proverbial glass ceiling the former First Lady sought to break is about to receive another crack, courtesy of Jessica Simpson.

In fact, the whole thing may be shattered altogether as a result of her screeeching. We're talking nails-on-a-chalkboard meets noises-only-dogs-can-hear.

The alleged country singer plans to perform songs from her new record Do You Know (it hit #1 on the country chart, which says as much about the genre as it does Jessica Simpson) at the Nina's Night Out concert in Las Vegas Thursday night.

The benefit concert, which will be held to raise money for the Rape Crisis Center in Las Vegas, is taking place at The Palms' Pearl Theater.

Even Jessica Simpson winces at the sound of Jessica Simpson.

"This performance will be more serious than most... It's important to make a stand for women's rights. If I can get up there and be any inspiration to women, I am blessed to have that opportunity," Simpson told the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

This sounds like a great cause and everything, but we can't help but chuckle - could women's rights find a poorer example? She got famous for being dumb and has remained famous for having gigantic boobs and wearing a pink Cowboys jersey.

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Although Brody Jenner and 2008 Playmate of the Year Jayde Nicole were spotted getting hot and heavy at the 2008 MTV VMAs, he says they're not an item.

“She’s a great girl both inside and out, but she’s not my girlfriend - not at the moment,” The Hills regular and future reality TV Bromance seeker told E! Online.

The Hills in Hawaii

TRANSLATION: "Oh yeah, I so hit that one night - but that was about it."

Just kidding. Actually, Brody Jenner says he and Jayde Nicole have been good friends since her pre-Playmate days. He doesn’t rule out the possibility of taking it to the next level with the curvaceous bunny down the road, either. Who would?

Oh, and if and when that time comes, Brody Jenner says the fact Jayde Nicole has posed naked for Playboy several times would not cause any insecurity.

“I have no problem with knowing that people can see her nude pictures,” he said, “because anybody can look, but to actually be with that person is what counts.”

That said, we invite you to take look at Jayde Nicole nude right now. What are you waiting for? You have the blessing of Brody Jenner and The Hollywood Gossip!

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Now that he's likely dating Miley Cyrus, Justin Gaston should expect plenty of attention from entertainment news outlets.

And because his past is filled with nearly naked, drool-inducing photos, Gaston should also expect to see a lot of himself in underwear over the next few days. It's a tough job posting these scantily-clad pics of such a stud muffin, but we have to do it.

Miley, Justin and Tish

Take a close look at this Justin Gaston photo. What sticks - or bulges - out about the model? No wonder Miley Cyrus is dating him.

Sorry for forcing such pecs and six packs on you, guys. Go ogle Megan Fox nude images for a bit, while we give the ladies a few more Gaston thumbnails to click on. Enjoy!

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Just kidding about the sexism part. But you believed it, right?

Alaska Governor and Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin's personal email was hacked recently the John McCain campaign is seriously pissed.

Sarah Palin Looks On

Palin’s Yahoo! Mail was plundered late Tuesday night. Her personal emails, addresses, family photos and phone numbers were soon published on the Internets.

Taking a break from picking fights over more important issues such as Lindsay Lohan, John McCain's campaign chief fired off the following threat reply:

“This incident represents a shocking invasion of the governor’s privacy and a violation of law. The matter has been turned over to the appropriate authorities. We hope that anyone in possession of these e-mails will destroy them.”

Ooh. That'll work. The hacker community always heeds to "authority.”

Sarah Palin might want to think up a new password.

Aside from the obvious humor in this - what was her password, Trig? - Sarah Palin's use of a Yahoo! account for state business does raise issues.

The Anchorage Daily News even wrote two days ago:

"Even before the McCain campaign plucked Palin from Alaska, a controversy was brewing over e-mails in the governor’s office. Was the administration trying to get around the public records law through broad exemptions or private e-mail accounts?"

One other side note: Sarah's husband, snowmobile racer Todd Palin, uses the screen name FeK9Wnr – short for Iron Dog Winner. Get it?

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We'd like to wish a very happy birthday to Keeley Hazell.

The busty British model is only 22 years old. She's packed an impressive career into that short time on Earth.

An impressive career of posing naked for obscure magazines, that is.

In honor of her birthday, here's a photo tribute to Hazell and her enormous, bare breasts. Get a new pair of pants ready and click on each thumbnail below, fellas...

  • Keeley Hazell Nude Pic
  • Topless Keeley Hazell
  • Keeley Hazell Nude Picture
  • Keeley Hazell Naked Photo
  • Keeley Hazell Calendar
  • Keeley Hazell and Big Boobs
  • Keeley Hazell Topless
  • Keeley Hazell Naked
  • Half Nude Keeley Hazell
  • Keeley Hazell Nude

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Forget Sam Lutfi, Adnan Ghalib, Lynne Spears and the paparazzi. The latest bad influence in Britney Spears' life may be her label, Jive Records.

So Britney Spears is looking sort of hot again and is coming off three big "wins" at the MTV VMAs - which are arbitrary handouts, let's face it.

Now the big story in the celeb news media is Britney on the mend, looking great, ready to jump start her career and recapture her past glory.

But is that the best thing for her? Or even realistic?

Not only does Spears suffer from serious bipolar disorder (no small issue) she is less than nine months removed from a couple of psychotic incidents so ridiculous that the authorities had to hospitalize her involuntarily. Remember that?

Nine months free of court-ordered psych ward trips doesn't mean she's 100 percent okay, people. And with her next album, Circus, coming out December 2nd, some are wondering if she's being pushed too hard by the bigwigs at Jive.

Continue Reading...

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Note to kids out there: Who needs education? Just draw semen on photos of celebrities and one day, you too can be interviewed by Martha Stewart.

Yes, the celebrity gossip blogging god known as Perez Hilton talked all about his life and his burgeoning career with Stewart on her show this week.

Perez Hilton and Katy Perry

Whether you're a big fan or absolutely despise him, this is actually an interesting interview with the self-proclaimed "Michael Phelps of blogging."


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