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Raffaello Follieri is having a worse week than John McCain's poll numbers.

Following his arrest for fraud and conspiracy and subsequent court hearing, Anne Hathaway's ex-boyfriend was hospitalized for a severe sinus infection.

Raffaello Follieri Photograph

"He had an episode in the courtroom which lead to him being transported to a nearby hospital for evaluation," rep Melanie A. Bonvicino said.

Raffaello Follieri used to get blow jobs from Anne Hathaway; now he gets $21 million bail set for him by a New York judge.

People reports that the Italian liar/businessman is in stable condition and undergoing treatment.

"I do not have the specifics on what type of treatment at this time but [it's] for a severe sinus infection," said Bonvicino.

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Vanessa Hudgens is only 19.

But the High School Musical star has spent enough time in the spotlight and in a relationship (with Zac Efron, perhaps you've heard of him?) to offer advice on love and dating.

Pump, Pump, Pump

"If you really love someone, you shouldn't have to work at it," the actress tells Cosmo Girl! for its July/August issue. "You finish each others' sentences and have the same sense of humor."

Give it up for Zanessa!!!

Following the release of Vanessa Hudgens nude pictures last year, the actress also cautions young girls who may be thinking of growing more intimate with their boyfriends.

"You have to think it through, not just do something spur of the moment," she said. "So that after it happens you won't regret it. I think girls can be infatuated with their boyfriends and they have to remember [to put themselves] first."

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Miley Cyrus is typically described as talented, cute and hard-working.

But might we need to add hateful to that list?

When asked about the anger-filled words that comprise new song "7 Things," Cyrus told Ryan Seacrest that "the word 'hate' could describe how angry I am."

What could possibly cause such a reaction from the 15-year old, who ticks off a list of things she hates in a boy she loves throughout the aforementioned song?

"[It goes] through all the different stages of what's been going on the past couple years," Miley said. "It was like a little therapy moment for me."

Cyrus denied that the ex-boyfriend in question is Nick Jonas, but added that she wants those that have burned her to be "upset. That was my point."

Might Miley be referring to celebrity gossip reporters that slammed her recently for explicit MySpace photos? Selena Gomez or Demi Lovato for trying to steal her spotlight? The back-up dancer she's rumored to be dating?

Listen to "7 Things" right NOW and let us know your thoughts on it.

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Jessica Simpson was asked on The View this morning if she was gonna marry Tony Romo.

To the horror of Dallas Cowboys fans everywhere, the giant-breasted singer didn't rule out the possibility:

"We're still together ... we've been together for about seven months â€" almost eight," Simpson said. "I don't know about wedding bells... but I'm still with him, so that's a good sign."

We're assuming Jessica meant she wasn't sure if she and Romo would get married; not that she literally didn't know about the concept of wedding bells.

But you never know with her.

Are we looking at the future Mrs. Tony Romo?

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Charlie Sheen may be a moronic racist.

But he still has a long way to go until he's as awful and self-involved as a parent as ex-wife Denise Richards.

Denise Richards and Daughters

The star of Denise Richards: It's Complicated has exploited her children further (we didn't think it was possible, either!), by telling In Touch Weekly that little Lola, 3, and little Sam, 4, are in therapy.

"My kids are in therapy. It's very sad that they need to be there, but they do for now. On the other hand, it's good they have an outlet to deal with their feelings and someone who is just their advocate."

Wait, Denise? Do you mean to say that appearing on a reality show isn't an outlet to deal with their feelings?

Kids, you can go back to your nanny as soon as Mommy cashes in on your cuteness.

Richards, ever the humanitarian, added:

"If I can help anyone feel better about their kids being in therapy, then something else good has come of this."

Got that, concerned parents of the world? If your children are in need of psychiatric help, don't worry: someone as normal and as grounded as Denise Richards has been through this.

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Is there any moment more prosperous precious for a family than the entrance of a baby into the world?

Just ask Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott, who celebrated the money-making momentous occasion by selling photos of newborn Stella to celebrity gossip tabloid OK!

As the magazine's cover teases, you get two tykes for the price of one in this issue: Stella and Jamie Lynn Spears' baby, Maddie Briann. What a exploitive happy time for all involved!

Tori Spelling Baby

If 90210 fails, Spelling can have another child and sell the rights to its first photos.

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Remember the whipped cream bikini Ali Larter sported in Varsity Blues? Of course you do.

Well, the following photo - courtesy of a spread in the most recent issue of Allure - may not top that image... but it comes mighty close!

Holy Larter!

Ali Larter stars in Heroes... and in the fantasies of guys everywhere!

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Philadelphia news anchor Larry Mendte was fired by CBS amid an FBI probe into allegations he hacked into the computer of his former co-anchor.

That being The Hollywood Gossip's favorite news mess, Alycia Lane!

According to The Philadelphia Inquirer, Larry Mendte accessed Lane's computer and proceeded to leak embarrassing stories about her to Page Six.

As a result, KYW-TV booted Mendte a few days after Alycia Lane, who was canned earlier this year, filed a lawsuit against the station over his actions.

Alycia Lane keeps popping up in the tabloids ... sometimes she even makes the cover! But this time wasn't really her fault - Larry Mendte was just stalking her.

Lane claimed that keeping Larry Mendte on the payroll at the TV station amounted to discrimination. Mendte's lawyer, Michael Schwartz, said the newsman is cooperating with the FBI and expects to resume his career.

Don't hold your breath, Larry.

Alycia Lane, who was fired after a tirade against a New York City cop, who she called a dyke b!tch, first raised eyebrows when she sent some bikini pics of herself to a "platonic friend" named Rich Eisen (yes, the Rich Eisen of ESPN fame) ... only to have his wife, Suzy Shuster, find them and freak out. Natch.

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Anne Hathaway's ex, Raffaello Follieri, appeared in federal court Tuesday after his arrest on a dozen counts of money laundering, conspiracy and fraud.

Looking a little shabby in jeans, a blue sweater, a white collared shirt and disheveled hair, the hot shot real estate developer was placed under home detention until he can post bail, which is set at $21 million.

Raffaello Follieri Photograph

The 29-year-old appeared angry as prosecutors argued he had allegedly spent hundreds of thousands he bilked from investors to live a lavish lifestyle.

He constantly shook his head no, chuckled and made faces.

Raffaello Follieri isn't wearing any Italian suits (or smiles) now.

At one point, Follieri even spoke out, saying, "We paid that," when the prosecutor said he owed American Express more than $500,000.

The prosecution argued Raffaello Follieri is a con man and flight risk who would likely flee the country and had the means to do so. The prosecutor recommended that Follieri, who is not a U.S. citizen, should be deported ASAP.

Continue Reading...

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Ashley Harkleroad may have lost her first round match at Wimbledon this year, but don't worry, fellas: she'll still be losing her clothes in Playboy later this year.

Harkleroad fell to a formidable foe, too. Former Wimbledon and French Open champion Amelie Mauresmo defeated our favorite tennis player 6-4, 6-3. There's no shame in that score.

Keep your head up, Ashley! And take your clothes off!

Ashley Harkleroad won't be taking home her first Grand Slam trophy at Wimbledon this year.

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