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On The OC, Mischa Barton starred as Marissa Cooper, a spoiled teenager who fell from the high end of society to the low end of a rented apartment with her father.

These days, life is imitating art for the actress.

Allergic to Food

Formerly a beautiful, sought after star, Barton hasn't appeared in a major movie or television show since the character of Marissa was killed of the Fox series. So, where can you find the thin actress?

At Dollar Stores around the country, half-naked, appearing on packaging for underwear:

A reader found this topless photo of Mischa Barton selling herself out for a pair of cotton panties.

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So far, no Bachelor couple has made it to the altar (Bachelorette Trista Sutter has). But the show's latest lovebirds are determined to be first.

There is no wedding date set, she's a total basket case and he already moved out of her apartment in L.A., but a source close to Shayne Lamas (her dad, Lorenzo!) says she and Matt Grant remain on track for a wedding.

Will Matt and Shayne beat this season's newly-engaged Bachelorette stars, DeAnna Pappas and Jesse Csincsak, to the altar? For what it's worth, DeAnna and Jesse have already set a date: May 9, 2009. What do you think?

Shayne Lamas and Matt Grant

Who'll wed first: Matt Grant & Shayne Lamas? DeAnna Pappas & Jesse Csincsak?

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An exuberant-looking Christie Brinkley said she "can't really regret" her marriage to Peter Cook, noting that out of the union came daughter Sailor.

But she was still feeling triumphant after reaching a surprise settlement Thursday morning in her divorce trial from her cheating hubby.

Brinkley received sole custody of the couple's children, Jack, 13, and Sailor, 10, and gets to keep all 18 of their properties in the Hamptons.

She did agree to pay $2.1 million to Cook, who also gets "parenting time." Hopefully he also gets some therapy for his "issues."

Brinkley called the divorce settlement "a very bittersweet moment," adding that "It really is the death of this marriage, but it's also I think a new start for all of us and I'm very pleased with the results today."

"I was fighting for custody. A mother's greatest fear is somebody trying to take away her children, take custody of her children. That's what I was up against. I've won custody and decision-making. That's all I ever wanted."

When asked whether she has any regrets about the ugly trial going on as far as it did, she said she really didn't have a choice.

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Cynthia Rodriguez is speaking out publicly for the first time since filing for divorce on Monday from Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez.

She still loves her husband, Rodriguez told New York Post columnist Cindy Adams. But his alleged infidelities - Joslyn Morse, Candice Houlihan, possibly Alicia Marie, and so on - had simply caused her too much pain.

C-Rod, who is in Miami with her two small daughters while Alex remains in New York, revealed that her husband supported her leaving town when news of his alleged affair - of the heart, or otherwise - with Madonna.

A-Rod Photo

"My husband knew I was going. He encouraged it," says Cynthia Rodriguez.

"I needed to get away. With clear-headed friends. To breathe. To think how I'm going to handle my kids. I just needed a little time."

Scorned spouse Cynthia Rodriguez said that the couple's three-year-old daughter, Natasha, has been asking for her father and saying, "I miss my daddy," according to this morning's New York Post.

The All-Star's estranged wife also denied reports that she ran off to Paris with "pal" Lenny Kravitz and went on a $100,000 shopping spree just to punish her husband, leaving her girls, including 11-week-old baby Ella, at home.

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We've seen many interesting looks from the beautiful reality TV star and aspiring fashion designer Lauren Conrad, but this one ... wow!

Typically, The Hills star goes for conservative and classic fashions, but this week, she was at a West Hollywood club in a plunging white dress.

Scarlett Johansson, Nude Dress

It's a sexier look than we're used to from Lauren Conrad - not that we're complaining of course! Check it out and let us know what you think ...

Lauren Conrad's dress: Love it, shove it, or [whistle] ?

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... to do nothing! Man, and we thought Ashley Dupre was overpaid at $4,300 an hour. At least she had to service the Governor of New York State.

Turns out The Hills was just the beginning of Audrina's incredible fame for no real reason. Now the aspiring star is commanding huge hourly rates to well, show up at places and just stand there - and peeps are giving it up happily!

Frankie and Audrina unearthed a contract that shows Audrina will make $10,000 for just two hours worth of "work" at a nightclub in San Diego Saturday July 19 - effectively, she has appear, look reasonably hot and allow peeps to ogle her.

The contract also demands that Audrina Patridge gets:

  • A first-class suite (4-stars and up!)
  • Travel expenses comped
  • A secure VIP area
  • Unlimited free beer
  • Mixed drinks and bottle service
  • At least one security guard at all times

Man, no wonder Justin-Bobby keeps crawling back to this cash cow. The good life sure is easy. Although Spencer and Heidi supposedly get even more.

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Brian Austin Green is still seeing Megan Fox nude. Sorry, fellas.

Following rumors that the gorgeous actress had called off her engagement to Green, the former Beverly Hills 90210 star is speaking out.

Hottie and her Husband

"We're solid," Green says in the new issue of TV Guide. "We've lived together for three years. We have tattoos of each other's names.”

The actor added that the only problem facing he and Fox - aside, perhaps, from every warm-blooded male wanted to see her naked - is that "we have more time away from each other right now than we'd like."

Green - who has a son, Kassius, with ex fiancée and former General Hospital star Vanessa Marcil - says he "would love" to have more kids. Yes, guys, that would entail him having intercourse with his beautiful girlfriend.

First Donna Martin and now Megan Fox? How did Brian Austin Green get so lucky?!?

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Don't be discouraged, Linda Holliday.

As the companion of Bill Belichick, you really stood no chance to compete with Tom Brady's girlfriend for the award of Hottest Patriots Play Thing.

After all, Brady is dating a certain super model named Gisele Bundchen. Maybe you've heard of her. Maybe you'd like to spend a few hours drooling over her...

Gisele Bundchen, Lingerie Pic

Despite the best efforts of Linda Holliday, Gisele reigns supreme in the New England Patriots locker room. And pretty much everywhere else on the planet.

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Brooke Hogan is a believer. And we don't just mean in awful fashion.

Regarding her family's recent struggles - a divorce for her parents, an arrest for her brother and controversial new relationships for her mom and dad - Brooke recently said:

Shopping Spree

"I don't think our family is falling apart and getting destroyed. I just think it's rearranging itself in the way God meant it to be because it wasn't working how it was."

That may be true. But if a reality TV show couldn't fix the Hogans, what chance does God stand?

Sorry, Brooke Hogan. You can't run away from your problems.

What else does Brooke think about her family's struggles? Here are a few musings:

On her mother, Linda, who is currently dating a 19-year old: "It's kind of disappointing to me because she was always my hero when I was growing up. I feel like I have to be the mother now."

On her brother, Nick
: "He's in [prison] with hardened criminals…Nick got into an accident. These people have actually deliberately committed a crime."

On her dad, Hulk: Brooke says her dad's current girlfriend (Jennifer McDaniel), who is 20 years his junior, is "a great foundation for him right now."

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Following his stunning ouster Monday night, Jason Mesnick believes DeAnna Pappas altered what she was looking for during The Bachelorette.

"I could say that the one thing that I thought throughout the whole process was if she was ready for what she said she was ready from Day One, [DeAnna Pappas] would have picked me," Jason Mesnick said this week.

J.P. Rosenbaum Cover

"But if it turned out she wasn't or things changed throughout the process and she wasn't sure if she was ready for the family, then she'd go with [Jesse Csincsak] instead. We saw what she did."

That's exactly what she did.

To the surprise and dismay of some readers, DeAnna Pappas chose Jesse Csincsak over Jason Mesnick (above), a 31-year-old account executive and single father from Kirkland, Wash., during Monday evening's Bachelorette season finale.

"I know more than anybody that people can change and you can learn more about yourself through an experience," Mesnick said.

"Do I think she led me on? I don't know. Maybe a little bit. But I really don't fault her for it at all anymore."

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