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... For some dinner. Hey, even movie stars gotta eat. While filming his movie Valkyrie (which has already suffered a few notable setbacks) in Berlin, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes look comfort in another adults-only dinner.

As much as we ridicule these two, they don't provide much celebrity gossip news, regularly leaving Suri Cruise at home (as they really should) as is the case here, on Saturday, as they hit up Vietnamese restaurant Si An.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes: Not too interesting.

Sure, we love celebrities we can make fun of for doing stupid things. But it's also nice to see that not everyone with a young child acts like Britney Spears.

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You know, despite different appearances, Andy Samberg and Kevin Federline are very much the same in the end. Both are blessed with impressive talents - Andy Samberg at comedy, K-Fed at making kids. To each their own.

Perhaps it is fitting, then, that Andy Samberg opened up the most recent episode of Saturday Night Live with a funny impersonation of the great FedEx man. It's no "Iran So Far," but Samberg once again proves he's the star of SNL.

Kevin Federline and Britney Spears Photo


No matter what they say... kids gotta eat, yo! That's right. You heard it here. Kevin Federline is slightly more responsible than Britney Spears! Word up.

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Given the company she hangs out with, might we be seeing Ashley Tisdale naked in pictures in the near future?

After all, consider the co-star who Tisdale considers her best friend: Vanessa Hudgens.

Speer and Tisdale Stroll

"I'm always with her," Tisdale told People magazine at the High School Musical: The Ice Tour premiere in Los Angeles recently. "We go shopping, hang out, sleepovers, all that."

Occasionally nude friends aside, Tisdale's most recent album, Headstrong, enjoyed strong sales upon its release in February. And the actress/singer now has a new music video: He Said She Said, which stars Desperate Housivewives actor and former Paris Hilton play thing, Josh Henderson.

"They're so much different from movies," Tisdale said of music videos. "You look at the camera, and usually you never look at the camera. With music videos, you get to perform, and I love to perform. I always bring ideas to the director â€" it's something that when I hear a song, I always think of it visually."

Meanwhile, the High School Musical star is busy shooting a new movie called Picture This.

"The director [Stephen Herek] is so much fun to work with, he's done so many movies with Angelina Jolie, Kiefer Sutherland, Keanu Reeves," Tisdale said. "[But] I do a couple kiss scenes. I was really uncomfortable, not used to it... I was like, 'This is so weird.' "

Sounds like she needs to barter for boyfriend Jared Murillo to join her on camera next time.


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Brad Womack, Chad WomackThat's right. The sexiest season of in the history of The Bachelor just got a lot sexier. Twice as sexy, even. Brad Womack has cloned himself!

Well, not really. He's always had a twin brother.

But when Chad Womack visits the women of The Bachelor tonight, there's no telling what kind of drama is gonna go down.

Until tonight, none of the women on the series knew that Brad Womack has an identical twin brother.

They also have no idea that Andy Baldwin has an estranged, gay twin named Randy Baldwin with whom he no longer speaks. Just kidding. That's not true at all. Well, at least we don't think it is. It's highly unlikely.

Brad Womack calls on Chad Womack to test the 12 remaining women.

So, Chad poses as Brad - asking the ladies lots of questions to help his bro decide who is serious and, of course, deserves a rose to continue on the show.

"Brad actually brought it up to see ... if I could meet some of the girls and form my own opinion," says Chad, who, unlike single Brad, is married.

"He wanted to see if I could help him out and have some fun."

"I wanted to know who wasn't only there to win, but who was there to really get to know me," says Brad Womack, a 34-year-old entrepreneur who runs a chain of bars with Chad and another brother, Wesley.

"And who better than my twin brother? I was hoping he could tell [which girls were serious] right away, and I think the episode is very telling.

"Chad knew right off the bat which girls were into me, and which girls I already had doubts about. It helped seal the deal."

The brothers said only a few of the women caught on to the ruse.

"Every single one of them doubled over in laughter [after they were told]," says Brad. "Not a single one of them was offended ... although a couple of the ladies looked like a deer in the headlights."

And how did Chad's wife react to her hubby flirting with other women?

"She said, 'Go for it,'" says Chad. "Have fun ... but come back in one piece."

Tune into The Bachelor tonight on ABC and watch the drama unfold with Brad, Chad and the slew of gold-digging wannabe trophy wives. Or TiVo it if you'd rather watch The Hills. Heroes is at 9, fortunately - no conflicts there!

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The fun won't stop for Britney Spears and sister Jamie Lynn Spears!

Sunday, the pair stopped at a gas station in Malibu so Britney could get a large candy bar, bottled water and some Marlboro Menthol Ultra Lights. Standard.

Spears Steps Out

Then, Britney reportedly asked some paparazzi members to buy them coffee from the local Starbucks so they wouldn't have to face photographers. Also standard.

It got a little nasty later on, though, when Britney, 25, and Jamie Lynn Spears, 16, decided to visit a nearby sushi restaurant. On the way to the restaurant, a local passerby had some words for the pop princess... and her little sis fired back!

This rude resident soon got an earful from Jamie Lynn Spears, who is showing off some serious rack (even more than her frequently boob-baring big sis):

Random Loser on the Street: "Hey, Britney! Move the f**k out of this neighborhood! Nobody wants you in this neighborhood!"
Celebrity News Reporters: (booing) "Hey, shut up! Shut up!"
Jamie Lynn Spears: "Then move the f**k out!"
Celebrity News Reporters: (cheering) "Yeah! Yeah!"

We can't really do it justice. Here's a video of it from Hollywood TV.


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You've got company, Shiloh Nouvel!

Elin Woods (formerly Elin Nordegren), wife of superstar golfer Tiger Woods, was spotted in her hometown of Stockholm, Sweden, on Sunday with the pair's 15-week-old daughter, Sam Alexis Woods. Man, oh man, is she cute!

And little Sam Alexis Woods isn't un-cute, herself! Take a look

Elin, 27, was accompanied by her twin sister, Josefin. Both had been working as nannies for Swedish golf star Jesper Parnevik before Elin was introduced to Tiger Woods during the 2001 British Open. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Tiger Woods, 31, was in the United States while this pic of Sam Alexis Woods was taken, running the show at a charity event - the Tiger Woods Learning Center Block Party, held at The Grove in Anaheim, Calif.

He was spotted with musician John Mayer (no sign of girlfriend Minka Kelly), actress Teri Hatcher and chef Giada De Laurentiis, among others.


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Knowing the players involved, getting "inside" anything that involves Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon might get a bit lewd.

But we're simply referring to details of the wedding ceremony below, not anything that may have gone on under the sheets - or on top of the mini bar - later that night.

Awful Anderson

According to E! Online, the nuptials took place in one of the private villas at the Mirage Hotel & Casino. White roses decorated the 3,000-foot room for the 90-minute affair, which took place between the Hans Klok magic shows that Anderson has been assisting the last couple weeks.

Despite video evidence that she's anything close to Jordin Sparks when it comes to purity, Anderson wore a white minidress. Salomon donned a black suit and one of his signature black beanies.

The couple's first dance took place to to Alicia Keys' "No One," while catering from the hotel included pigs in a blanket, macaroni and cheese, tuna and lobster tacos and about 10 bottles of Cristal champagne.

Finally, there was a fake four-tier wedding cake about as real as Pamela's boobs, made from cardboard because planners weren't able to find a real one in time.

We just hope Katharine McPhee and Nick Cokas are taking notes. You can never order your cardboard cake too soon.

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Take a listen to what Halle Berry has to say about pregnancy, Jennifer Lopez - and then please come clean about the bun Marc Anthony has obviously placed in your oven.

"There's no bad," Berry said Sunday at a press gathering for her new movie, Things We Lost in the Fire, which opens October 19.

"There is nothing bad about it. The morning sickness and the vomiting and the hot sweats. Nothing's been bad about it. I've loved every second of it," the Oscar winner added to People magazine.

In fact, there may be just one thing - or person - that Halle loves more han her baby bump: the man responsible for it.

"He's a wonderful person, and I happened to find someone really special to have a baby with," she said of Gabriel Aubry.

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On MTV's reality TV show The Hills, gorgeous Teen Vogue intern Lauren Conrad and her well-heeled friends laugh, bicker, wear fabulous clothes and hang out in L.A. hot spots, all with the cameras following them.

The girls themselves â€" and the show's executive producer â€" recently dished to TV Guide on how the heck they afford those awesome digs, how often they get a break from the cameras and just how real the reality TV series is.

Whitney Port and Lauren Conrad

Q: Once and for all, is the show staged?
A: Yes and no. "Who I am on the show is who I am in real life," Audrina Patridge says. "What you see is what you get." But it wasn't a coincidence that enemies Lauren and Heidi Montag went to the trendy restaurant Ketchup on the same night. "Lauren and Jason Wahler were going there, and Heidi and Spencer Pratt wanted to celebrate their anniversary," says executive producer Adam DiVello. "Ketchup was one of the spots Spencer wanted to go to, so it just sort of worked out... it is a little fake."

Q: How do Lauren Conrad and Audrina Patridge afford that apartment?
A: We have no idea. MTV won't name the complex (it's not really Hillside Villas) because if people find out, they camp out waiting to see Audrina and LC. But a two-bedroom pad in that area costs about $3,000 a month. Audrina works part-time at Epic Records and Lauren is an intern at Teen Vogue. Do the math.

Q: Do Lauren and Audrina have a standing reservation at Les Deux?
A: No, but they're friends with the promoters and owners, so they know they will always be whisked past the velvet rope. Plus, the other clubgoers seem to have gotten used to seeing the cast there all the time, so the camera crews can go about their business pretty much unbothered. "It's like a home away from home," Audrina says. If your home always has a fully stocked bar, that is.

Q: How long do the girls have cameras with them each day?
A: Sometimes hours, sometimes not at all. Monday and Tuesday are their days off. "We don't have a set schedule," Audrina says. "It depends on what's going on." At the beginning of each week, the girls speak with producers about their plans. "I hate to say we schedule their lives, but we schedule what we want to cover," DiVello says. So if they are going on a date or to Les Deux, the MTV crews tag along. But if they're bumming around the house solo, the cameras probably skip it.

Q: The girls are always dressed to the nines and look as though they just stepped out of the salon. Does the show provide wardrobe, hair and makeup?
A: Nope, the girls are responsible for how they look. "That's partly why it's reality," Audrina Patridge says. But she does admit she always wears makeup and tries to dress "halfway decent" when the cameras are rolling.

Q: Is Heidi and Spencer's relationship a sham?
A: Not according to DiVello. "They're very much in love when I see them," he says. "They're a real couple and definitely engaged. It's not staged for the sake of our show. If they've got something else going on, we've yet to see it."

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