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Here's a look at Miley Cyrus during a concert in St. Louis.


Billy Ray and Miley Cyrus

The singer who portrays Hannah Montana is more popular with teenagers than Tom Brady is with the ladies.


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They may deny any sort of romance, and Heroes co-stars James Kyson Lee, Masi Oka and Kristen Bell have all said on the record that they're not hitting it.

But Milo Ventimiglia and Hayden Panettiere are SO hitting it.

A Cute Girl

Deny it all you want, Halo and friends. You're not fooling The Hollywood Gossip. Remember, Heroes fans. Masi Oka is a time-traveler, not a fortune teller.

The latest Halo proof - evidence that Milo Ventimiglia has been showing Hayden Panettiere his affections in a manner not consistent with mere friendship?

He bought her a ring.

A ring from Tiffany & Co.

According to In Touch Weekly, Milo, 30, gave Hayden an 18-karat gold ring - one karat for each year she's been alive! The ring is worth $1,950 and is her belated birthday present.

The sultry Hayden Panettiere, of course, became able to legally have relations - with voting machines! - back in August.

The ring Milo bought Hayden, called Somerset Heart, features a woven band and a heart, and according to the magazine, is inscribed:

"Sweet like Hayden."

Awww. We think it's sweet. And sexy. Frankly, we're not sure what the scandal is here.

Co-workers date all the time. Hayden's an adult, and should be able to see Milo Ventimiglia shirtless all she wants. If Woody Allen can marry his adopted daughter, we don't see the problem in 18 and 30-year-olds tanging it.

Go Halo!

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We're young. We're fine. Let's do some damage.
- Brooke Davis

This One Tree Hill quote was uttered by Sophia Bush. She was playing a character on the series when she spouted it, of course, but we can now imagine her sharing a similar notion with Tony Romo.

That's right, folks, the actress and the Dallas Cowboys quarterback are rumored to be Hollywood's hottest new couple.

According to The Dallas Morning News, Bush and Romo dined together at N9NE Steakhouse following Dallas' triumph over Minnesota Sunday night. This would go along with stories that Romo's ex-girlfriend, Carrie Underwood, is currently dating Chace Crawford.

Sophia Bush has chosen to date Tony Romo instead of co-star Kevin Federline. Is she making the right call?

As for Bush, she was supposedly with actor Jon Foster as recently as August, but Hollywood romances move faster than Romo in the pocket these days. It's possible they've broken up.

Meanwhile, Romo's Cowboys were defeated by Tom Brady's Patriots two weeks ago. And while Sophia is very attractive, we'd have to give Brady another victory in any girlfriend comparison.

He is getting it on with Gisele Bundchen, after all.

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Lindsay Lohan knows how to pick her men.

After sleeping her way through half of Hollywood, Lohan has settled on rehabbing snowboarder Riley Giles. We've mentioned his run-ins with police in the past - as well as with ex-fiancee Bree Tierney - but TMZ reminded us today just how much this guy hates obeying the law.

Check out this collection of Riley Giles mug shots. They almost make OJ Simpson look like a solid citizen. Almost.

Riley Giles Mug Shot, Take Two

The first picture is from January, 2004. His first DUI arrest. Look at how innocent Giles looks, as if he'll never get in trouble again.

Riley Giles Mug Shot, Take Four

Seven months later, the moron was back in handcuffs, caught driving drunk once more. Gained a little weight this time, huh?

Riley Giles Mugshot

Fast forward two years, and our boy Riley Giles is pinched in Utah for forging Xanax prescriptions.

Riley Giles Mug Shot, Take Three

Finally, the third DUI arrest.

Now with longer hair, Riley Giles was soon headed to rehab, where he'd have sex with Lindsay Lohan in a staircase and become a random boyfriend thrust into the celebrity spotlight along with those such as Ben Lyons.


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Apparently, raking in tons of cash, killing two humans and being found liable for the deaths to the tune of $33.5 million aren't mutually exclusive.

TMZ reports that O.J. Simpson made nearly $400,000 in income from his NFL pensions every year from 2003 to 2005, for a total of $1.2 million.

David Cook, the attorney for Fred Goldman (father of victim Ron Goldman) says that what he's really interested in  $772,090 in "personal property" that the knife-wielding maniac claims on his 2005 return, because the pensions are exempt from the $33.5 million judgment against O.J. Simpson in 1997.

The Goldman family has been trying to collect that for 10 years. Cook says he's not sure what the "personal property" consists of, but he'll be going after it.

O.J. Simpson: Plenty of juice left in the ol' bank account. 

"He's a very wealthy man sitting on a lot of assets," David Cook says of O.J. Simpson. "Meanwhile, Mr. Goldman is a 67-year-old working man."

Cook says that they're attempting to seize the Florida house of Simpson, who along with girlfriend Christie Prody has been involved in a string of legal altercations long after his civil and criminal trials.

Just last week, the State of California Tax Board revealed O.J. owes $1.4 million in back taxes. His two co-defendants for the recent kidnapping and robbery he allegedly committed in Las Vegas have agreed to plea bargains.


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Anna Friel is an adorable British actress gaining notoriety in the States for her role in Pushing Daisies, the best new show on television.

With one touch, her character on the series was brought back to life by her childhood sweetheart.

Anna Friel Naked

And with one search for "Anna Friel nude," we've come across the following photo that fans of Pushing Daisies - or men in general - might enjoy:

In other news about British actresses that star in new shows and have posed in the buff: Take a look at Michelle Ryan nude pics now.


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Master illusionist David Copperfield is under the microscope of the law enforcement community after a woman accused him of sexual assault.

But why did the FBI go and raid his warehouse and seize his possessions - which included a digital camera equipment and a hard drive to a computer?

TMZ reports that Copperfield designed part of his magic shows around "a system for picking up women."

During shows, David goes into the audience and chooses women to come on stage.

If David likes a girl, he uses code words with assistants like "mama" and "secrecy."

The assistants then mark the women on a map of the inside of the Hollywood Theater at MGM Grand, where he frequently performs. After the show, the women are brought backstage, and that's where his profiling begins.

The women are told that David may use them in his show when he comes to their hometown. They are then photographed with a digital camera, asked questions like, "What is your favorite men's cologne?" and "Where do you like to vacation?"

One of those vacation spots mentioned by staff is the Bahamas, where David Copperfield's accuser claims she was assaulted. Copperfield owns a cluster of islands in the Bahamas, which he bought for $50 million.

This may explain the FBI's interest in David Copperfield's digital camera system and hard drive. If the accuser is a woman who was brought on stage - and who he met in this fashion - the FBI would surely be interested.

Copperfield's attorney re-issued his earlier statement in response to this story: "It is important these allegations be put into perspective. An unidentified woman has made serious allegations against David Copperfield. While authorities have not revealed her identity to us, we know these allegations are false because David Copperfield has never forced himself on anyone."


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Chace Crawford of Gossip Girl and Carrie Underwood of our dreams look like they are really enjoying each other's company these days!

In New York to promote her new album, Carrie Underwood took Tuesday night off to hang out with her new boyfriend, who she's quite fond of.

Carrie Underwood at the Golden Globes

"He's really cute," the American Idol winner recently said of Chace Crawford. "He's got cool hair, he's a nice height and he just has beautiful blue eyes."

Carrie Underwood and Chace Crawford: Very cute together.

The hot pair, first reported as a couple last week, was spotted on another dinner date. Chace Crawford and Carrie Underwood shared a romantic meal at upscale Italian restaurant "Destino" on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

Carrie's new album, Carnival, was released yesterday, making it the second biggest album to drop this month. Britney Spears' Blackout is due in stores October 30. On second thought, check that, Carnival is the biggest!

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While we are curious who on Earth would still want to take photos of the great Kevin Federline at this point, there's little doubt that the one-time aspiring rapper was posing for a shoot yesterday - and big pimpin' at that!

The ex-husband of Britney Spears and father of the year to Sean and Jayden was seen at a private house in Beverly Hills getting ready to take part in the shoot. Think Kevin might be shooting the cover for a new rap album?

K-Fed: At a photo shoot for some reason.

Either way, the One Tree Hill set, it was not. But there was no shortage of lovely ladies on set clamoring for this man's attention. A dream world.

If you want more, click here to see the photos of K-Fed from X17.


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Backup dancers from Britney Spears' infamous MTV VMA debacle likely can't get her new single, "Gimme More," out of their heads.

And not because the song is good. It's not!

A source tells Us Weekly that the dancers have yet to be fully compensated for their work leading up to the September 9 event - which went great.

"The dancers were paid for the actual show and some of the rehearsals, but not all of them," an industry insider says.

The problem may stem from Britney Spears being unceremoniously dropped by her own management agency, The Firm, back on September 17.

Not the same firm featured in the Tom Cruise movie The Firm, we're guessing.

"Her management usually pays the dancers," explains the source.

McDonald/Selznick Associates, which booked the dancers, had no comment on the matter. But it's just the latest bad news for Britney Spears.

Her family feud and bitter custody battle continue to dominate headlines, most recently yesterday when her "parenting coach" slammed her.

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