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As previously reported, Rihanna has not always been pleased with boyfriend Chris Brown's fashion sense.

In an effort to please his gorgeous girlfriend, as well as females everywhere, it looks like Brown has taken lessons from Matthew McConaughey. He can't go wrong by simply not wearing a shirt.

Right, ladies?

Chris Brown Shirtless

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Lindsay Lohan is dating Samantha Ronson.

This fact is no longer a secret, as awful mother Dina Lohan recently said "as long as my daughter is happy and healthy, it is what it is." She then spent the next three hours trying to think of the most efficient ways to make money off this relationship.

Such a Freakin' Mess

Reporedly, though, Ronson isn't Lohan's first foray into females (literally!).

Unfunny celebrity blogger, Perez Hilton, is stating that Courtenay Semel and Lindsay took part in a bit of girl-on-girl action back during their friendship days. The two are no longer closer, but Semel is rumored to be dating Johnson & Johnson heiress Casey Johnson, another former heterosexual.

Do you believe this report?

Here's proof that Lindsay Lohan and Courtenay Semel used to hang out. But did they have intercourse?

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Welcome to the second edition of the fastest growing, mysterious celebrity baby game on the Internet!

We're asking readers to guess to which set of famous parents the following toddler belongs. Today's version of the contest is so difficult, we're gonna give everyone a major clue:

Tiger Woods' Son

The name of the girl's mother is Sibi Blazic. Does that help you determine who her more famous father is?

CLICK ON THE PHOTO - and read the accompanying caption - to see which A-list actor spawned this cute kid.

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Amy Winehouse was out with friends last night. Why? Because that's what she does. She gets trashed. Whenever she can. But specifically this time, she may have been pre-gaming for the impending release of Blake Fielder-Civil.

It's not a guarantee. He receives his sentence today and given the charges against him, a judge could sentence him to five years or so in the slammer. However, he could also be let off with time served and probation.

Toweling Off

Blake's mom, Georgette Fielder-Civil, begged the judge to set him free - but to send him home with them and not A-Dubs, the News of the World reports:

"I'm dreading it because I don't want him to go straight back to Amy. If he goes it could be a death sentence for the two of them. Blake thinks he's going to be Amy's saviour and has every intention to try to stop the drugs. But Amy is completely unstable. Blake is a recovering drug addict and he's not strong enough to resist the temptation. If they are reunited, I know they will be back on drugs within days."

Well, that's a fair assessment.

Mrs. Fielder-Civil thinks that if he goes back to Winehouse, they will both overdose. She wants Amy to go back to rehab - and stay there - ASAP.

"She needs to prove that she loves him enough to stop. Then, once they are both drugs-free, they can have a real future together."

Amy's father, Mitch Winehouse, said that Blake Fielder-Civil needs to go straight into rehab after he's released. Blame game, anyone?

Will Blake be set free or stay in jail? Will he go back to Amy or to Melissa Goldstone? We can only wait and see. We can only wait and see.

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With her divorce settlement behind her, Britney Spears took time out on Saturday night to do something for the kids.

Not just Sean Preston and Jayden James, but all kids.

Britney Spears, Gun

Britney attended Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey's fundraiser for Generation Rescue, an organization dedicated to researching autism.

"She looked great and seemed really happy," says a partygoer of the shindig at the couple's home in Brentwood.

Though she kept close to her assistant Brett and didn't speak to other guests, "She smiled and clapped during the video about autism."

"She was very into the information and watched a little bit of the dancers from Dancing with the Stars, sneaking out during one of the performances."

Also at the bash were newlyweds Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller, but the real stars were hosts McCarthy and Carrey.

"Jenny and Jim were adorable," says the guest,

"She kept saying, 'I love you honey' to him when she thanked him from the stage." Not to be outdone by the Dancing With the Stars folks, Jim took to the dance floor, even challenging another guest to a playful dance-off."

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In the following showdown of Simpson sisters, we aren't asking readers which dim-witted sister they prefer. Instead, we wanna know:

Which Simpson sucks the least?

One is milking as much publicity from her pregnancy as possible, while the other has been riding the wave of her giant boobs for years now.

Below, Ashlee Simpson and Jessica Simpson each stick out the body part that best represents their moronic, soulless father. Let us know whose ass is less vomit-inducing...

All booty, no brains: Select your least sucky Simpson sister.

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As the third baseman for the New York Yankees, Alex Rodriguez has been involved in countless double plays over the years.

A new report in The New York Post, however, focuses on a December 2006 double team that A-Rod enjoyed in a Florida hotel room.

A Rod and C Diaz

According to TMZ, the controversial, soon-to-be-ex-husband of Cynthia Rodriguez was spotted entering a posh Coconut Grove hotel around the aforementioned date. The two women that shared a suite at that resort at the time?

Joslyn Morse and Alicia Marie.

Alicia Marie says she never had sex with Alex Rodriguez. But maybe she meant she never had sex with him without another woman around.

Both of these women have been linked to A-Rod's circus of adultery, as Morse is a veteran stripper and former Playboy model, while Marie is a fitness model that has denied any sort of romantic entanglement with the baseball star.

When asked by the Post about a late-night slumber party with the Morse and Rodriguez, she replied: "I really can't comment on that."

We sure can, though!

And the only thing that would make this story any more hilarious is if the Madonna song "Express Yourself" was playing in the background as Rodriguez padded his private home run total.

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There are now more DMX mug shots than there are Ashley Harkleroad nude photos in Playboy.

The rapper was arrested last week for allegedly giving a false name and Social Security number to Scottsdale's Mayo Clinic in April. DMX reportedly used the name "Troy Jones" to weasel out of paying for $7,500 in medical expenses. Of course he did.

For the obscenely long record, DMX was also arrested on July 2, June 27, June 23, May 9 and May 7 of this year.

Another DMX Mug Shot

Compare this DMX mug shot with numerous other ones now!

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Sorry, folks. You may never see Verne Troyer nude.

The small actor has dropped his $20 million suit against celebrity sex tape broker Kevin Blatt and an adult film distributor, after they agreed not to market a video of him getting it on with Ranae Shrider.

"We got what we wanted: a permanent injunction," attorney Edwin F. McPherson told The Los Angeles Times.

Verne Troyer Sex Tape Pics

Fortunately, for everyone that wanted to see people as random as Troyer or Shrider in the buff, there's always Susie Feldman in this month's Playboy issue.

Sorry, folks. This is the most action you'll get to see between Ranae Shrider and Verne Troyer.

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