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Someone not named Tommy Lee is reportedly seeing Pamela Anderson nude these days.

According to E! Online, the mystery man is from the United Arab Emirates and is a member of Abu Dhabi's royal family. Here's what else the network reports about the relationship:

  • Anderson only revealed his name to a few friends; she usually refers to him by a pet name: Milk-Sheik, or Milk for short;
  • The couple was spotted hanging out with friends this weekend at the Abbey, a gay bar in West Hollywood;
  • Anderson met her new man when she visited Abu Dhabi in June with the Make a Wish Foundation.

We're really sorry, Tommy Lee.

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We have an update on one of the more grisly crimes to come out of Hollywood in many years.

According to TMZ, the woman who actor Shelley Malil allegedly stabbed, Kendra Beebe was the victim of three life threatening stabs (out of more than 202 total); one to each lung and one to the throat.

Authorities report Beebe nearly bled to death, as there was "a lot of blood" on the back patio, across the kitchen and all the way to the front patio.

Shelley Malil is being held on $10 million bail for his alleged attack on Kendra Beebe (pictured, left)

Moreover, a male visitor initially disarmed Malil... but he found another knife. A neighbor then showed up and disarmed Malil for the second time. At last, The 40-Year Old Virgin star supposedly fled once he heard sirens.

Atorneys say Kendra's children were upstairs at the time of the attack. It's gruesome stuff.

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Lindsay Lohan must read The Hollywood Gossip.

Mere hours after we posed the question of whether or not Ali Lohan has underdone a boob job, her sister published the following blog on her MySpace account:

I was raised with a wonderful family surrounding me. Of course we have our ups and downs, but all in all my mother taught us to appreciate what we have been given. Nor would she ever encourage, or allow a 14 year old child to alter her body.

I am not judging people that do, but I am just saying that its not something that my family finds necessary to do, especially when you’re not even fully developed yet! It is hard enough being 14 years old and you have enough insecurities to begin with, then add being in the public eye…

Everyone, Look!

Ali Lohan breast enhancement rumors aren't a laughing matter to her sister.

I just find it really disconcerting that people have to focus on the negative and that some people are sooooo bored with their own lives that they need to manifest lies to hurt another person.

In a more positive light, I got some great clothes from Alexander Wang and I miss Samantha Ronson cuz she’s out of town.

Do you believe Lindsay? Or is she sounding a bit defensive about the whole thing?

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It really is - and not just because he seems to be photographed on a beach like every day. Seriously, does this guy actually work? Or just work it?

See below - mismatched bikini and all, Brown's girlfriend Rihanna looks poised to begin providing Chris with some hot, dirty ... cuddling.

A Rihanna and Chris Brown Picture

No male has had it this good at sea since Raffaello Follieri. But we don't recommend following in his footsteps business-wise, Chris Brown.

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Ali Lohan really wants to be famous.

Almost half the world's population is made up of men.

Men love boobs.

Therefore, it's not unrealistic to ask if the younger sister of Lindsay has followed the lead of Heidi Montag, another untalented fame whore that admittedly enhanced her breasts last year.

We present the following photos - taken in early and mid-2008, respectively - as evidence that Ali's boobs may be as real as any claim Dina Lohan makes about being a good mother:

Ali Lohan: Boob Job?

Did Ali Lohan get a boob job? Examine the pictures. Let us know your thoughts.

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John Edwards admitting his affair with Rielle Hunter on ABC's Nightline last Friday confirmed the National Enquirer's nearly year-long investigation of his unethical conduct - which Edwards still says is "99 percent" false.

Well, now the Enquirer has uncovered more information that suggests its reporting is anything but - and Edwards' story is shaky at best.

"John Edwards is still lying!" a close source to the former candidate said. "He lied to his wife, to Rielle, and through his TV interview!"

Videographer Rielle Hunter was paid big bucks - over $100,000 - to film just four short web videos of then-candidate John Edwards in 2006.

Other potential John Edwards-Rielle Hunter revelations today:

  • It appears Edwards secretly visited Rielle Hunter and their alleged love child three separate times at the Beverly Hilton hotel in L.A. this year - two more than he claims. He was caught red-handed July 21.
  • Edwards did confess the affair to his wife, as he claimed on TV, in 2006. But he then restarted it, and depending on who you believe, was still sexually involved with Rielle when she became pregnant.
  • Despite Edwards' heartfelt offers to take a paternity test (which Rielle Hunter conveniently said she's not going to allow), he has apparently refused several offers to submit his DNA to one in the past.
  • Despite his denials, Edwards was very much aware that his former finance committee chairman, Fred Baron, was funneling money to Rielle.
  • Moreover, Edwards operatives are still paying off Rielle Hunter, who was whisked away on a private jet two days before he confessed!
  • Federal investigators are considering launching an investigation into John Edwards' use of campaign funds.

Amazing stuff. Stay tuned, we have a hunch this isn't over yet.

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A slew of celebrities came out last night for the premiere of The Cheetah Girls new Disney Channel movie, The Cheetah Girls One World. The event was held at the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood.

Let's take a look at some of the stars that showed up and critique their fashion choices. Click on the following thumbnails now for larger versions...

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We already knew that Beth Ostrosky and Howard Stern were set to get married.

But earlier reports had scheduled the ceremony for October.

Tamera Mowry, Adam Housley

Now, however, we're receiving word that the beauty will tie the knot with the radio host in a civil ceremony this weekend in the Hamptons.

Former All My Children star - and current Kelly Ripa husband - Mark Consuelos will marry the couple, as he's actually an ordained minister. We'll have more on these nuptials after they take place.

Yes, Howard Stern somehow managed to land Beth Ostrosky. It's unclear how.

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KayCee Stroh can't wait to marry Ben Highinson. But that doesn't mean she's acting too insane about the impending nuptials.

"I have an absolutely wonderful wedding planner who's [stopping] me from being a Bridezilla," the High School Musical Star told People. "I'm so excited. It's great. It's going to be a January wedding. A lot of red, white and silver – and cranberries."

Higginson proposed to Stroh in May. Since then, he's actually been a significant help to his soon-to-be bride.

"He helped me pick the flowers – most guys don't do that," said Stroh, who wrapped High School Musical 3: Senior Year earlier this summer. "He's great. Surprisingly, he's been there every step of the way when I've needed him ... He is perfect!"

Stroh also made it clear that Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens and the entire gang would be invited to the event

"Of course!" she said. "Everyone is invited. It's going to be a big wedding."

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