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Yesterday, we reported that Miley Cyrus and Adam Sevani might be dating.

The cause for such speculation? A bicycle ride the young stars took together through Hollywood last week.

Young Lovers

We can't prove the couple is going steady as a result of said outing. But we can prove it took place!

Check out the supposed love birds below, riding bikes, pumping their legs and possibly thinking about pumping each other later that night:

Miley Cyrus and Adam Sevani might be dating - but they are definitely riding dangerously. Put on a helmet, guys!

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This booking photo of DMX - the first take in what appears to be an entire week - shows the once-prominent rapper in all his glory.

Just look at that turned-up collar with a white undershirt. This upstanding citizen is where celebrity mug shots and fashion collide!

DMX, a.k.a. Earl Simmons, was arrested Thursday in Miami after missing a court date in Arizona. These things happen when you're DMX.

A Mug Shot of DMX

He was arrested by Miami P.D. outside a WalMart in Miami after police got a warrant for his arrest for missing a court date earlier this week - where the rapper was supposed to appear before a judge over drug charges.

We assume it was for this arrest, but how can we be sure?

DMX's lawyer, Charles Kozelka, said he was "literally in the process of working out a self-surrender" when he got nabbed. Literally.

Again, these things happen when you're DMX. See below:

  • DMX Mug Shot
  • Another DMX Mug Shot
  • Earl Simmons Mug Shot
  • Mug Shot, DMX
  • DMX Mug Shot (Yawn)
  • DMX: The Mug Shot
  • DMX Mug Shot (Again)

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High School Musical 3: Senior Year doesn't come out until October.

But you needn't wait that long in order to enjoy a clip of the movie.

The clip below features a first listen at “Right Here Right Now”, a song performed by Troy (Zac Efron) and Gabriella (Vanessa Hudgens).

As for the plot of the movie? Ashley Tisdale - who reprises her role of super snob Sharpay Evans - provides a simple summation: “Graduation, prom, everybody wants to see the senior year, so it’s gonna be really cool."

Watch and enjoy!


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According to reports, Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi will get married this weekend in California.

Us Weekly was the first to run the story, stating that the couple is planning an intimate ceremony with only a few close friends and family.

Luisana Loreley Lopilato de la Torre and Michael Buble

Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres are on track to be pronounced wife and wife.

Following the California Supreme Court's historic ruling that same sex couple's have the "right to marry," DeGeneres announced she planned to wed the former Arrested Development actress on a taping of her show in May.

"It's something that we've wanted to do and we want it to be legal and we are very, very excited," DeGeneres said.

de Rossi and DeGeneres may have company at the altar this weekend. Other reports have said Beth Ostrosky and Howard Stern were set to tie the knot on Saturday.

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Jo Miller, whose daughter Sienna has been involved in a number of high profile relationships, is asking celebrity gossip outlets for a ceasefire on their "feeding frenzy," referring to coverage of the actress' affair with married actor Balthazar Getty.

"You can't understand how a woman seeing a man who has been separated from his wife [Rosetta Getty] for months can cause such a scandal," Mrs. Miller told the U.K.'s Daily Express. "It's awful, I can't tell you. You wonder when it's all going to stop."

Then again, acquaintances of Rosetta Getty have said her and her husband were "in no way separated" when the Brothers & Sisters star began dating Miller. One friend said:

"Any implication otherwise is an absolute lie. Balthazar's affair has been utterly devastating to Rosetta and her family."

On July 21, Getty released a statement announcing he and Rosetta are separated.

"Yes, they're living separate lives at the moment – because of his shenanigans," said another friend. "It's disappointing that [Getty and Miller] are flaunting this so publicly. There are four children involved. Their oldest, Cassius, is mature enough to understand something's not right."

It's hard to find fault with that statement. After all, Mrs. Miller, it's our job to report on celebrity news - and when your daughter goes topless for all to see, laying a smooch on her new man, that's a newsworthy story.

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Kim Kardashian and Carmen Electra recently sat down for an interview about their upcoming comedy, Disaster Movie.

In the clip, Kardashian praises directors Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer - the geniuses behind Scary Movie, Epic Movie and Date Movie - for being the absolute best to work with. Sorry, Steven Spielberg.

Outside Letterman Studio


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Adam Sevani starred in the movie Step Up 2 the Streets.

But, if certain rumors are true, he'll soon be stepping up to A-list status as far as celebrity gossip tabloids are concerned.

Doing a Lot of Good

Reports are linking Sevani with Miley Cyrus. Sources say the pair was spotted together on a bike ride in Hollywood together last week. An insider told Us Weekly: "It's the early stages of dating. She is a little boy-crazy over him."

Do you think this is true?!?

Adam Sevani is an actor and a dancer. He's supposedly shaking his way into the heart of Miley Cyrus.

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Rush Limbaugh has opined that John Edwards' affair with Rielle Hunter is the fault of Elizabeth Edwards ... for misusing her mouth. Yes, really.

We'll let you sound off on that. In the meantime, People has a found out more on the back story of Rielle Hunter, Edwards' mysterious mistress.

The 44-year-old videographer and former campaign aide has gone through many personal transformations - almost as many as she has names.

Rielle Hunter went from an NYC party girl to an aspiring actress in LA, to a New-Age spiritualist of sorts, then to a political operative.

  • Hunter, Rielle
  • Rielle Hunter Picture (John Edwards' Mistress)
  • Rielle

Rielle Hunter (a.k.a. Lisa Hunter, a.k.a. Lisa Druck) then and now.

The hilariously-named Pigeon O'Brien, a music publicist who's known Rielle for 20 years, says she's most puzzled by her latest role.

O'Brien was especially upset by the recent negative comments Rielle Hunter made about John's wife, Elizabeth Edwards, in Newsweek.

"The person I'm seeing now confuses me," O'Brien lamented. "Where is the Buddhist Rielle? She was a very grounded, spiritual, beautiful person."

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Gossip Girl has a fan in Lauren Conrad.

In fact, the 22-year-old star of The Hills says that she’d love to guest star on the show's upcoming sophomore season!

Movin' Out

“I love Gossip Girl,” Conrad told E! Online. “I absolutely love it. It’s so gossipy and superficial. It’s amazing.”

Then again, LC says she’d rather watch than be on it, saying: “I probably wouldn’t want to see myself on there because it would ruin it for me. I like watching other people get gossiped about. It makes me feel better.”

Lauren Conrad would love to appear on Gossip Girl opposite star Blake Lively. She's experienced - on MTV's The Hills, LC is certainly no stranger to gossip.

MTV chronicled her high school life on Laguna Beach. Now she’s entering Season Four of The Hills, which returns Monday, August 18.

While Lauren’s love life is always a constant topic of debate — she’s been seen ith My Boys' Kyle Howard of late – she says she’s single.

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