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Amy Winehouse's husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, was scheduled to stand trial today for allegedly inflicting grievous bodily harm, but Fielder-Civil's impending trial has been postponed after his new arrest for witness tampering in that case.

Blake Fielder-Civil, 25, and a pal, Michael Brown, were booked for an alleged June 2006 assault on James King, owner of Macbeths pub in London, the BBC reports. The trial was to begin today but is now set for the 23rd of this month.

Blake and Amy

Last week, Blake Fielder-Civil (pictured below) was arrested in a police raid for allegedly attempting to manipulate a witness in the assault case against him.

Prosecutor Mark Williams informed the Snaresbrook Crown Court that it is believed that Blake Fielder-Civil and Brown committed witness tampering by offering King a large sum of money to withdraw his claims and leave England.

One newspaper report put the alleged figure at $400,000 U.S.

James King, who was also arrested last week and charged with conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, was due to appear at Thames Court Monday.

The judge in the case, however, declared that the trial "clearly can't go ahead today," given the recent developments with Blake Fielder-Civil, the BBC said.

A warrant for the arrest of Michael Brown has been issued. Blake Fielder-Civil remains in custody. It is believed that Amy Winehouse, 24, was not involved in - or even aware of - either of the cases against her husband.


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Somehow finding a way to fit a vacation into his hectic work schedule, the great Pauly Shore has been hanging out in Hawaii since late last week.

That alone is enough to grab the attention of The Hollywood Gossip. But what makes this story downright unbelievable is that Pauly Shore is frolicking on the beach with his new girlfriend - a hot, bikini-clad mystery blonde - in these pics.

Shore hasn't starred in a movie you've heard of since Bio-Dome in 1996 (or maybe prior to that), and with good reason. He must have an excellent financial advisor, because his new girlfriend ain't exactly bad looking ... and he's Pauly Shore.

Pauly Shore may not eat many salads, but he loves these melons.

At least Pauly Shore has a couple of floatation devices nearby in case his pasty, pudgy ass is ever in danger of drowning ... like his career in the early '90s.


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While Ashley Olsen and Lance Armstrong seem to be going strong, twin sister Mary-Kate Olsen had better watch her back with her new athletic star squeeze.

According to the New York Post, New York Rangers hockey standout Sean Avery, who met Mary-Kate Olsen through a mutual pal, Bungalow 8 owner Amy Sacco, is two-timing Mary-Kate and seeing his ex-flame, Lake Bell, behind her back!

Olsen Twins Look On

Sean Avery (right) sure is pumped up after scoring... with Lake Bell!

What will Mary-Kate Olsen think when she hears this news? Who knows. But there are plenty of other NHL players chasing celebrity tail if she's interested.

Sean Avery is not exactly known for his gentlemanly ways, of course. New York Post sources say after he split with Elisha Cuthbert, Sean Avery went around telling people he dumped The Girl Next Door star, not the other way around.

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Pretty, out-of-work actress Hayden Panettiere has the cure for the writers' strike blues - shop 'til you drop! The Heroes star arrives at home in Los Angeles Sunday with a handful of shopping bags ... hey, gotta do something with your free time.

Wladimir Klitschko, Hayden Panettiere

There has been very little progress in the negotiations between networks and TV writers, and the strike threatens to halt production of many shows before long.

There is an all-new episode of Heroes tonight on HBC at least. Get your Hayden Panettiere / Milo Ventimiglia / Masi Oka / Kirsten Bell fix while you can!


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Congratulations to Elisabeth Hasselbeck!

The co-host of The View gave birth to a son named Taylor Thomas on Friday morning. She called in to the show earlier today and told colleagues that big sister Grace "loves him. She has him on her lap this morning."

Elisabeth Hasselbeck at Fashion Week

In a statement, mediocre NFL quarterback Tim Hasselbeck said: "Elisabeth and I are happy to announce the arrival of our son and we're thrilled he arrived safely. Both mom and son are happy and healthy."

Known for her conservative views, Hasselbeck has probably already bought her son his first hand gun and Support the Troops bumper sticker.


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David Beckham has tapped a lot of Posh Spice booty.

Now the part-time soccer player been tapped by Giorgio Armani to launch their new underwear collection in the U.S. Wonder what kind of "package" David Beckham was given by Armani? Eh? We're talking about his contract, people. Come on.

The hunky husband of Victoria Beckham and father of Cruz, Brooklyn and Romeo Beckham shot the Armani underwear ad campaign in Los Angeles last week with a pair of celebrity fashion photographers, Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott.

The David Beckham underwear ads will hit magazines worldwide beginning in January issues. While it's no David Beckham nude pic, enjoy the photo below ...

David Beckham Underwear Photo

Special delivery: Expect a nice "package" in the mail next month in the form of hot David Beckham underwear photos. If that's not sexy, we don't know what is.


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We assume Heather Mills only listens to the voices in her head.

But let's hope the one-legged former call girl and Mrs. Paul McCartney at least heeds the advice of Mary Jo Eustace.

Heather Mills' Bad Hair

As the scorned ex-wife of Dean McDermott, who left her for Tori Spelling, Mary Jo Eustace speaks from experience when she offers advice to Mills.

"First rule of combat, Heather - if I can call you Heather - is to never, ever, let them see you sweat," Mary Jo recently said, in reference to Mills' public breakdown on British television.

"I really think it is time to stop trying so hard, because frankly even going on Dancing with the Stars again will not salvage this mess. Please listen carefully - no more TV interviews, or scrapbooking, or threatening to take a Beatle down, or saying you thought of suicide when you probably didn't, or asking for water at room temperature when nobody really know what that temperature is.

Now is the time to forget about the court of public opinion, because let's face it, even when you win that, what does it all mean in the end?"

Wow. Eustace sounds just like newswoman Melissa Theuriau, telling it like it is.

"A family has broken up," she continued. "There is a child involved and you will have to deal with that Sir Paul McCartney whether you like it or not. And for God's sake, look at the positives - financially, you will never have to worry about your daughter's well-being or your own.

As a matter of fact, you can probably enjoy a lovely quality of life and become anonymously involved with all the charities you so lovingly speak about. I can consider all of this a gift. Take it."

Amen, Mary Jo. We hope these words of wisdom prove to eligible bachelors out there that you're more of a catch than Mills and Spelling combined.

Hear that, Justin Brescia?

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We were just starting to wonder about this couple. Singer, songwriter and Grade A tool John Mayer hasn't been spotted in public with his new gal pal Minka Kelly in awhile. But they returned to the spotlight this weekend for some NBA action.

Seated at a New York Knicks game, Mayer was welcomed by the Madison Square Garden scoreboard, which read "Welcome John Mayer, Recording Artist."

Ellen and Chris Pic

We personally would have had it say "Welcome Minka Kelly, star of Friday Night Lights" but we don't make these kinds of decisions. Probably for good reason.

Here's another picture of John and Minka, along with two other celebrities they sat next to - Grey's Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo and her fiance, Chris Ivery!

Chris Ivery, Ellen Pompeo, John Mayer and Minka Kelly take in NBA action.

In anyone cares, the Miami Heat earned their first win of the season by beating the Isiah Thomas-led Knicks, 75-72, in what was surely a riveting contest. Not.

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Move over, Jill Nicolini.

You may be the best looking reporter America has to offer (no offense, Brian Williams and Matt Lauer), but France has the United States beaten for once...

Check out Melissa Theuriau. How gorgeous in this French anchorwoman? We'd watch highlights of soccer just to get a glimpse of her...

  Melissa Theuriau naked... a beautiful sight.

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