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This week's American Idol results show lacked the drama and surprise of last Wednesday's installment, when Alexis Grace was shockingly sent home.

Instead, Michael Sarver received the lowest-number of viewer votes - and everyone in the building knew that the judges would not save the nice oil rigger, as he sang another rendition of "Ain't Too Proud to Beg" last night.

The only surprise of the evening was that Matt Giraud found himself in the bottom two, alongside Sarver.

Did Michael Sarver deserve to go home last night?

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Octomom, a.k.a. Nadya Suleman, continued to soak up attention downplayed her stripper past during an interview with nationally syndicated radio host Big Boy.

"The only thing I'm going to say is we all have a past," Suleman said, "and I don't want to resurrect that. It's dead... but no, not like a career or job."

The National Enquirer reported Suleman quit exotic dancing after one night when she learned she had to give customers lap dances. Sorry if you've just gotten sick from envisioning Octomom grinding up in your business right now.

Nadya Suleman also slammed Angels in Waiting - the charity providing free childcare for her 14 children until she fired them earlier this week.

She called them spies and said "it was a scam. There was no money. They had no resources. They were placed in the house to try to set me up for failure."

Suleman says her home is "peaceful," these days, albeit challenging.

"It's harder for me to to really discipline and maintain that consistence with the older kids," lamented Octomom. "The babies are amazingly easy."

Octomom on the Horn

Seen here taking an important work call - just kidding, she doesn't work! - Octomom says she's not bothered by people's criticism of her lifestyle.

"Five years ago, it would be really hard because I'd be emotionally reacting to people's judgments, but because of the counseling I've been through, I've learned to become mindful... separate yourself from your body and what's happening."

She plans on being a single parent, and wouldn't introduce a man "to my kids ever," Suleman said. "I really don't see marriage in my future. "I've never believed in the institution of marriage. I'm a mom, 100 percent."

The insane mom, who has made money from selling her photos and story but is not currently employed, said she's "not capitalizing" on her kids.

"I'm using every resource I can secure to provide for my children. What else am I gonna do?" she said. "I'm not a burden on any taxpayer."

Whatever you say, Octomom. Click to enlarge more photos ...

  • Off Target
  • You Da Mom!
  • Nauseating Nadya Suleman
  • Octomom at Starbucks
  • Mother of 14

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Chalk another up on the list of crazy Circus tour stories.

Jamie Spears may have daughter Britney on a tight leash (and seeing a whole team of shrinks), but it's good to see she's the same insane gal deep down.

This Tuesday night, the pop star was rockin’ out to her song "Do Sometin'" so hard in Washington D.C. that she inexplicably screamed, “Merry Christmas!”

Guess it's better than "my pu$$y is falling out."

In the simple, yet profound words of one of the girls who filmed the incident and is overheard talking post-Santa shout out: “that was weird.” It sure was.

Watch the clip below and listen close around 45 seconds ...

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Twitter is an incomprehensible, pathetic tool used by self-centered, insecure individuals that believe the world actually cares about their every move.

That being said, Dina Lohan almost makes the invention worthwhile!

Amanda Bynes Twit Pic

The pathetic mother recently took to the Tweet to defend her daughter, following an interview in which Lindsay Lohan blamed coverage of her personal life for her lack of employment.

Two things stand out regarding these hilarious postings:

  1. Dina can't grasp the fact that Twitter only allows for 140 characters at a time;
  2. Even Dina can't bring herself to complete the thought that Lindsay is "one of the greatest actresses of her generation."

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Four years later!

Former Grey's Anatomy guest star Jeffrey Dean Morgan recently found out that he has a child with actress-producer Sherrie Rose, according to Us Weekly.

"Yes, I have a 4-year-old son with Jeffrey," Rose confirmed to Us.

The actor reportedly had no clue until this celeb gossip report broke today. Kind of a d!ck move by Sherrie Rose in that case, no? What gives, lady?

A source said the Watchmen star learned of the boy a few weeks ago and has since met him: "He's shocked and surprised, but he wants to be in the child's life."

Rose is an ex-girlfriend of Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who is also known, gossip-wise, for his longtime relationship with his former fiancee, Mary-Louise Parker.

They began dating in 2006 after meeting on her hit Showtime series, Weeds, where he played her late husband, but she called off their engagement in 2008.

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Shawn Johnson may be short, but stalking the gymnast will get one in trouble with the long arm of the law!

The man that allegedly stalked the current Dancing with the Stars contestant, Robert O'Ryan, has been charged with one felony count of stalking and two misdemeanor counts of carrying a loaded firearm in a vehicle.

According to TMZ, the psychotic O'Ryan is being held on $35,000 bail. Once charges are officially in the system, prosecutors will ask bail to be increased to $220,000.

In the charges, the district attorney claims O'Ryan "willfully and maliciously" harassed Johnson, making "a credible threat with the intent that SHE be placed in reasonable fear for HER safety..."

It's okay, Shawn. Robert O'Ryan won't harm you ever again.

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It’s been nearly a month since Jason Mesnick and Molly Malaney sparked both shock and outrage by rekindling their romance from on national TV - at the expense of Jason’s jilted fiancée from The Bachelor season finale, Melissa Rycroft.

So how are Jason and Molly doing now?

“Molly and I are happy,” Jason says.

In a remarkable move, the Bachelor couple spent a few days this month getting to know each other without cameras. Novel concept. In one of the few chances they have had to see each other, Jason flew to Milwaukee to visit Molly at her home.

They kept busy meeting her friends for drinks (“They gave him the stamp of approval!” says Molly), taking romantic strolls along Lake Michigan, and “grilling out.”

“I’ve learned new terminology,” Jason Mesnick says, laughing at the Midwestern word for barbecuing. “It’s normal, right, to say ‘grilling out’?” Molly insists with a laugh as the two snuggled up on a sofa in Molly’s living room.

Molly Malaney has been doing some cooking for Jason, who loves her signature recipe for Cheesy Chicken. And Jason has been trying to tempt Molly, the meat-and-potatoes all-American girl from Michigan, to try some new foods at restaurants.

Continue Reading...

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On last night's Motown edition of American Idol, fans were treated to a new side of Adam Lambert.

He was the same, talented singer as always - but gone were the theatrics, the over-the-top performances and even the leather-jacketed, crazed look of a rock star.

Lambert simply chilled on a stool, hair slicked back and sang an acoustic version of "Tracks of My Tears." It was a tremendous audition.

It also got us thinking: Which of these Lambert looks do you prefer? Let's compare below:

Acoustic Adam

Which Adam Lambert style do you prefer?


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One of these celebrities drinks his own urine. The other is kind of useless but also harmless, reasonably pretty and seemingly everywhere these days.

They're both in Sydney, Australia, for the MTV Australia Awards, which take place tomorrow night. Pete Wentz (hosting) and Audrina Patridge (handling red carpet responsibilities) met up with another star – the MTV Moonman (see below)!

The Moonman first became famous as the network's unofficial icon when MTV actually played music videos and not just repeats of From G's to Gents and T.I.'s Road To Redemption all day. Anyway, here are smiling Audrina and Pete:

Audrina Patridge was actually looking remarkably normal and pretty in this photo before it was ruined by Ashlee Simpson's husband butting his ass in there. What a jerk.

Okay, that's enough of Pete Wentz. But click to enlarge more Audrina Patridge pictures below - she looked casual and beautiful as she stepped off her plane in Sydney:

  • Audrina: MTV Host
  • Making An Arrival
  • A Natural Beauty?
  • Audrina's Baggage
  • Audrina in Sunglasses
  • Call Security
  • Australian Audrina

[Photo Credits: Splash News Online]

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Either Anna Faris just figured out she was hot and could make a lot of money posing for magazines read by dudes, or we just figured out Anna Faris was hot and making money posing in magazines ready by dudes. Whichever it is, nice work, Anna!

Yesterday, we posted sexy GQ pictures of the actress, most famous for The House Bunny and the upcoming Observe and Report. Today, she's stepping into the Arena.

Arena magazine, that is. This publication is noteworthy for, well, posting pictures of Anna Faris and her ilk. Hey, we're not complaining if they crank out pics like this:

Granted, there was some ridiculous, over-the-top photoshop action going on here (almost Kim Kardashian-style in scope) but this girl is definitely a cutie.

Suffice it to say, she could smoke weed with us and be our house bunny any day. Click to enlarge more images of the lovely Anna Faris from Arena ...

  • Arena Girl
  • Awesome Anna Faris
  • Anna Faris in Arena
  • Anna Faris Cleavage Pic
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