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The Hollywood Gossip would like to wish a very happy birthday to a trio of stars on this 18th of December: Brad Pitt, Katie Holmes and Christina Aguilera!

Brad Pitt was born in Shawnee, Oklamoma, back in 1963, while Katie Holmes came into this cruel world in Toledo, Ohio, in 1978, and Christina Aguilera was welcomed by her Staten Island, N.Y., parents on this day in 1980.

Christina Aguilera Nude for W

These three beautiful celebrities have enjoyed enormous success in the arenas of movies, TV and music, but in the past year, each has become known as much for their role as parents - or parents-to-be - as for their respective careers!

Katie Holmes gave birth to daughter Suri Cruise in 2006, while Aguilera and her husband, Jordan Bratman (pictured), will welcome their first child in January.

Which a biological daughter in Shiloh and three adopted youngsters in Pax Thien, Maddox and Zahara, the Brangelina Brood is a formidable one.

Happy birthday to Katie, X-tina and Brad! We know the latter won't don his birthday suit on film anymore, but Angelina Jolie will be seein' Brad Pitt nude tonight!

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As 2007 draws to a close, it's time to reflect and pay tribute to the stars who made this a year to remember. On that note, The Hollywood Gossip is announcing its 10 finalists for its first annual Celebrity of the Year award.

They've given us their best, their worst and, in a more than a few cases, their naked pictures. Now it is time for us to give a little something back with this special feature, because without these celebrities, we are nothing.

We previously profiled attention-starved rich people from The Hills at #6. Now, without further delay, we present Celebrity of the Year finalist #5 … A slew of celebrity sex tape stars!

While many may remember 2007 as the year the war in Iraq raged on and on, those in the entertainment news world will mark it down as an era during which we were taken from camping out on the front lawns of celebrities... to receiving an up close and personal view of what goes on in their bedrooms.

Indeed, sex tapes came from the likeliest of sources (Keeley Hazell) to the nerdiest (Dustin Diamond) and most enterprising (Ray J, below).

Ray J, Kim Kardashian, Sex Tape

With that in mind, we present the 2007 Celebrity Sex Tape Awards:

  • Most Career Enhancing: Kim Kardashian. Paris Hilton's former BFF learned from the master. Getting reamed by Ray J has led to a reality TV show and a spot atop the celebrity gossip world for this socialite.
  • Least Surprising: Amy Fisher. She shot her former lover's wife in the face. After that, nothing could really surprise us.
  • Most Explicit: Olivia Mojica. The former American Idol contestant didn't possess the singing ability to go far on the country's most popular reality show. So Mojica chose to show us her other, more hard core talents as punishment for not voting for her.
  • Sex Tape Featuring Least Famous and Least Attractive Girl: Jennifer Toof. Or Toastee Toof. This former Flavor of Love girl was so unknown at the time of her video's release that we still aren't sure what to call her.
  • Best Attempt at a Sex Tape: Vanessa Hudgens and Katie Rees (tie). Sorry, ladies, but it takes more than naked photos to be counted in this group.
  • Most Exciting, Untrue Sex Tape Rumors: Lauren Conrad and Britney Spears (tie). Maybe next year we'll experience the real thing. Speaking of which...
  • Sex Tape Star We Most Hope to Write About in 2008: Hayden Panettiere. What? She's 18 now. It's okay if we admit this.

Behind Those Hazell Eyes
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Remember Kristin Cavallari, the original Laguna Beach alpha girl? Well, she has become a thing of the past as Lauren Conrad and her Laguna spin-off, The Hills, became a sensation. But it looks like we haven't seen the last of Kristin yet.

This morning, E! Online reports that Cavallari was spotted entering the NBC Universal building today for a casting meeting for Lipstick Jungle (the new drama / comedy starring Lindsay Price, Brooke Shields and Kim Raver).

Oh, and wait, it gets even better. According to inside sources close to The Hills, the show's producers are looking into the possibility of bringing Kristin on board to reunite with Lauren Conrad. Take a minute to let that sink in.

Will Kristin Cavallari appear on The Hills with Lauren Conrad ?

Not surprisingly, according to insiders, Lauren is less than thrilled with the idea of Kristin coming onto her show, possibly due to their previous high school love triangle involving that two-timing punk (and hottie) Stephen Colletti.

Of course, as Heidi Montag can attest, a scuffle with Lauren can also make for very good TV - scripted or not - and seriously high ratings.

But Kristin Cavallari even want to be on The Hills? After Laguna Beach, she said she was leaving reality TV behind in order to focus on a real acting career. But with The Hills' huge success in the past year, perhaps she would reconsider.

Tell us, fans: Team Lauren or Team Kristin? And do you want KC to be back together with LC for some old-fashioned, Laguna-style drama on The Hills?

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Due to her recent impression of Ashlee Simpson (i.e. getting a nose job), Ashley Tisdale was forced to cancel a couple of concerts last week.

The High School Musical star apologized for that in the following message to her fans:

To my fans and friends in Miami and Philadelphia,

I'm so sorry I wasn't able to be at the holiday shows this weekend. I haven't fully recovered from my surgery and had to make the difficult decision to cancel the appearances.

When my surgery was scheduled, we didn't think it would be necessary to cancel the shows because my doctor thought I would heal in time. Unfortunately, the deviated septum was more significant than we originally thought so the healing process is taking longer.

The last thing I ever want to do is disappoint my fans.

Now, if only Alycia Lane would apologize to the police, we could all have a merry holiday season...


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Although Lauren Conrad had a heart-to-heart with Brody Jenner and admitted romantic feelings for him before leaving for Paris on The Hills season 3 finale, the 21-year-old reality star may have found a new love interest in France?

According to the New York Post, Lauren Conrad reportedly "hooked up" with a member from the popular band Rock & Roll while she was in Paris, where she and Teen Vogue counterpart Whitney Port were working at the Crillon Ball.

LC Cover

Eight bonus episodes of The Hills will chronicle this next spring.

"Lauren was filmed riding off with the guitar player, Matthias, on the back of his bike," a source told the Post. "They hooked up."

For those who are unfamiliar with the new rock band, their biggest hit so far is the song "Loser, Boozer, Jacuzzi-User."

Did The Hills' Lauren Conrad find love in Paris?

Of course, as you might expect, nothing is quite what it seems in The Hills - the New York Post reports that producers had actually arranged for both LC and Whitney to be set up with the band even before the two girls flew to Paris.

"[The producers] were frantically calling publicists to see if anyone knew any guys to set the girls up with in Paris," the Post reports. "They felt that if they had some sort of love affair there, then it would look better."

While The Hills producers have previously admitted to re-filming certain scenes, a show rep declined to comment on the Paris trip.

Speculations that The Hills is scripted have surrounded the show, and creator Adam Divello admitted that some scenarios a "a little fake." However, Divello clarified that "all the relationships and dramas are the characters' own making."

The Hills cast members have also come to the show's defense. Before the finale, Whitney Port told the New York Daily News that "it's completely real."

"All the drama and mishaps that happen between everybody is what's going on in their lives today," Whitney Port said. "At certain points, maybe our mics get messed up or, you know, we don't have confessionals, so at certain points we might say something, but the story and everything is completely true to life."

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Kevin Federline's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, is going to court today to send a message to Britney Spears - there are going to be serious consequences when you party the same night you say you're "too sick" and "anxious" for court.

If you recall, last week Spears did not show for her mandatory court deposition but later that night, she cruised around (in no pants), hitting up two gas stations and her home away from home, the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills.

Today's hearing in the custody case is all about that night. From what TMZ and other sources are reporting, Mark Vincent Kaplan may ask the judge to prevent Brit from regaining any custody until she gives her deposition.

Mark Vincent Kaplan is seriously pissed at Britney Spears.

In the ongoing battle over Sean Preston and Jayden James, Mark Vincent Kaplan and K-Fed may also try and block Britney Spears' lawyers from taking depositions on the Federline side of the aisle until their client actually takes the oath.

In our opinion, Kaplan should also consider subpoenaing Sam Lutfi. Not sure if that has any sort of relevance to the custody case, but that dude is real sketchy.

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Jennifer Love Hewitt is not fat, nor is she pregnant.

Perhaps confusing her for Tiffany Pollard or Jessica Alba, a series of celebrity gossip sites were buzzing over the past week that Hewitt and fiancé Ross McCall were expecting their first child in June.

Jennifer Lovw Hewitt and Ellen DeGeneres

However, the actress' representative shot down these pregnancy rumors with one simple sentence: "Jennifer is not pregnant."

Is Jennifer Love Hewitt naked a thing of beauty? Yes. Does that mean this actress is pregnant? No.


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The incomparable Brody Jenner nearly missed a scheduled appearance at Chicago nightclub Enclave Saturday night - yes, he gets paid to appear at nightclubs - after he got booted from a flight shortly before takeoff in Dallas.

An A.A. spokesperson said several passengers, including Brody Jenner, did not comply with flight attendant's requests to turn off electronic devices

They became verbally abusive toward the flight attendants and were removed from the plane by airport police. Where are The Hills cameras when you need 'em!

Playboy and Playboy Model

American Airlines to Brody Jenner: Turn off the damn iPhone!

No charges were filed against Jenner and his pals, which surely included Brody's "manager" Frankie Delgado. The gang later got an ATA flight to the Windy City, where Brody told partygoers, "I guess I won't be flying American Again!"

His powers of deductive reasoning are amazing. The young Jenner has always been a smart one. Lauren Conrad had no comment. That we know of.


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We don't know for sure if Tiffany Pollard is pregnant.

But after the season finale of I Love New York 2 last night, we can make a safe assumption about who the father of the baby would be: Tailor Made. In the end, Pollard chose him over Buddha.

Covering Bleed

What prompted this controversial selection? The woman known as "New York" answered a couple of questions from VH-1 about it after the finale aired:

What was it that finally helped you break out of Buddha's uncontrollable pull?
I finally realized that he'd never bend at all. He was so strong and I just knew if I picked somebody like that, we would've fought a lot. I don't think it would've been a healthy relationship, and I think we woulda broke up before the reunion show could have even aired. I just knew that tussling back and forth with him over and over again was just gonna end in disaster.

But you said you loved him. I mean, you said you loved both of them.
Looking back on it six months later, I loved Tailor Made and I lusted for Buddha. I think I got caught up on his looks so and certain things he would say and gun picking me up and all of that sort of stuff. I definitely think it was a lust thing.

We understand, Tiffany. That's the reason we asked a certain Megan Fox naked picture to marry us.


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Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon are made for each other. Multiple divorce filings aside, these two sex tape stars are a perfect match.

But our dream celebrity couple is actually posing together below. At the 2007 Breakthrough of the Year Awards last week, Kim Kardashian and J.R. Rotem somehow ended up in a picture, side by side, STD by STD.

Getting Nails Done

Rotem, of course, has seen Britney Spears nude and is now rumored to be producing Lindsay Lohan's new album by day, as he most likely bends her over at night.

Wouldn't Kardshian be the natural, next step in Rotem's progression through the skanks of Hollywood? As you can see, the two already have met - and that's pretty much all it takes for either one to hop into bed with someone.

Supposed music producer J.R. Rotem is doing his best Stavros Niarchos impression these days, jumping from the bed of one quasi, promiscuous celebrity to the next.

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