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Today's two biggest celebrity birthdays have next to nothing in common.

Jordin Sparks won the sixth season of American Idol, and almost more significantly, is an idol American girls can actually look up to. Her down-to-earth nature, self-confidence and family-first values make this 19-year-old a rare star in this era.

Ali Lohan, who turns 37 15 today? She's a train wreck in training.

Not entirely of her own volition, of course. With mom Dina Lohan pimping her hard, Ali has no choice but to become a raging crack whore for the entertainment industry and follow in the twisted, drug-addled footsteps of big sis Lindsay.

Emancipate yourself, Ali. Do it soon. New York courts are so liberal, they might actually go for it. Then move in with Jordin. There's still time!!

Anyway. Here's a photo tribute to the birthday girls. Click to enlarge ...

  • Ali Lohan Image
  • I Won

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Zac Efron is a lot more than just a (VERY) pretty face.

The High School Musical star visited the Mattel Children’s Hospital at UCLA this week, handing out gifts and spending time with the patients there.

Ogle over Efron's handsome mug, and charitable ways, below...

We have even more of Zac giving back. Click on the following images to enlarge them...

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Starting to show the physical toll of maintaining a rigorous Broadway schedule, Katie Holmes looked pretty banged up this weekend as she headed off to two of her "All My Sons" gigs. Girl needs a cup of coffee or something. Take a look ...

Banged Up

Katie Holmes has seen better days. Namely all other days but this.

Despite dreadful hair and apparent, severe sleep deprivation, the mother of Suri Cruise fought through it and delivered two more powerhouse performances of the play this weekend. Click to enlarge more photos of this Broadway warrior ...

  • Zombie Style
  • Feeble
  • Somebody Help Her
  • Need... Sleep
  • Helping Her Along
  • Bad Katie Holmes Hair

[Photo Credits: Splash News Online]

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Many of us put on a lot of extra weight during the holidays. But Shenae Grimes isn't one of them. The dedicated gym rat will not fall victim to overeating.

The 90210 star worked out in the rain and then hit her local gym before getting a tan at Pacific Sun Tanning in Los Angeles. Here's the Canadian cutie:

Dont expect Shenae Grimes to balloon this holiday season. Or ever.

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The amazing KayCee Stroh plans to walk down the aisle in Utah in January, and the High School Musical star shared her engagement photo with People magazine!

Stroh, who plays Martha Cox in the series of movie-musicals, got engaged to her fiancé Ben Higginson in May when filming High School Musical 3: Senior Year.

Luisana Loreley Lopilato de la Torre and Michael Buble

"We shot from 6 p.m. until 6 a.m., and Ben was waiting for me in my trailer," Stroh said. "He was waiting for me with a single red rose. Then he took me up to H Rock, a place at the top of a little mountain that overlooks Salt Lake City, and we watched the sunrise. Then he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him."

*Sniff!* ... Here's the engagement photo of the lovebirds:

KayCee Stroh and Ben Higginson: Engaged and loving it.

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Welcome, celebrity gossip fans, to The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest, a Friday tradition, now in its 61st week. Who won this week's Caption Contest?

This week's photo, featuring young, whispering lovers Miley Cyrus and Justin Gaston, inspired many great caption submissions. The contest was won by cutieshortie2005. Congratulations! The winning entry appears below:

Justin Gaston and Miley Cyrus

Remember, I am a 21 year old singing super star. If saying that doesn't get me into the club then we will just tell them I am Hannah Montana. That's bound to work!

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In case you haven't heard, The Hills' resident career girl, Whitney Port, is heading to The City (also known as New York City) to take on life and the fashion industry on MTV’s spin-off series, which premieres December 29 at 10 p.m.

Along with Aussie boyfriend Jay Lyon, the show will feature a couple of her friends. Here are Olivia Palermo (left) and Erin Lucas (right) with Whitney (center) ...

Those sure are some pink heels that Erin Lucas is sporting...

Needless to say, we're excited for the premiere of the new Whitney Port series. Below are a bunch of promotional pics of Whit released by MTV. Click to enlarge!

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Has anyone been in the news more than Jennifer Aniston this month - and could she be any cooler? The former Friends star seems to be getting better with age. Today on CBS' The Early Show, the actress opened up on just that.

"It's my time," Aniston, 39, said. "I just feel like, you know, every woman that's ever said - or man - that's said it just gets better. I just agree."

She added, "You don't know as much as you know in your 20s as you do in your 30s as you do when you are... I'm startin' to live. And it's really good!"

That GQ cover of Jennifer Aniston nude could certainly be described as such. When asked about her naked turn in the magazine's January issue, Aniston said:

"It's funny. I mean, I honestly see it as a different person. It's just - well, because the headlines are outrageous, you usually get a kick out of that. But you just kind of go - you try to walk past it as fast as you possibly can, honestly."

Well, okay then.

Although she recently complained that her personal life is "none of people's "(expletive) business," Jennifer Aniston said she doesn't mind people ogling her.

Said the star, "It's amazing how you can sort of start to tune them out."

As for her new movie Marley & Me (out December 25), Jennifer said that it was "so nice not starring in your normal romantic comedy, where it's all about getting the guy or getting the girl... we get to actually tell the story."

As for that douchebag she dates, they're still going strong, apparently. Here are the two of them last night at dinner at La Esquina. Click to enlarge!

  • Ducking Out
  • Jen and John
  • A Hot Couple
  • John, Jen
  • Ayer
  • Jen and John in NYC

[Photo Credits: Splash News Online]

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We're talking about Paris Hilton, of course, not a Hilton hotel. Although one could easily get confused, as few individuals own $2 million worth of jewelry.

That, along with other belongings, was stolen last night from the home of Paris Hilton, Los Angeles Police Department sources told The Los Angles Times.

The robbery occurred at Hilton's Hollywood Hills home. The burglar or burglars got into the house through an unlocked door, according to the sources.

Hilton Robbed

LAPD detectives were at the home this morning conducting interviews. Hilton was not home at the time, and the house is equipped with security video equipment.

It remains unclear whether the Hilton case is connected to last year's series of serial burglaries that targeted various celebrities in Hollywood's Westside area.

What's undeniably true is that this is not the Paris Hilton has been ransacked and jewels were involved. We all saw what Rick Salomon did to her on tape.

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The strange, out-of-nowhere relationship of Amanda Bynes and Doug Reinhardt has apparently gone from supposed sleepovers to a romantic rendezvous in the Bahamas!

The Hairspray star and the former boyfriend of Lauren Conrad (as seen on The Hills) have been enjoying a vacation all week at the posh Cove Atlantis resort.

SIDE NOTE: Doesn't Amanda look just a little like LC? Think we know Doug's type.

According to sources there, they've spent most of their time in their suite because the weather has been largely overcast and windy. Don't you hate that?

"I only saw them one time at the pool," a fellow resort guest tells E! Online, adding, fortunately, that at that time, "She was in her bikini and looked great."

Here's wishing Amanda Bynes and Doug Reinhardt the best. Unless they go and pull a Speidi and get "married" in the Bahamas. Then all respect will be gone.

Doug Reinhardt and Amanda Bynes

LAYIN' LOW: The whirlwind, seemingly mismatched courtship of Amanda Bynes and Doug Reinhardt has taken the pretty pair to the Bahamas this week.

[Photo Credit: Flynet]

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