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At least the Britney Spears stalker seemed harmless enough, albeit moronic. Tyler Perry's version appears to be straight up crazy and possibly homocidal.

According to a restraining order obtained against the woman accused of stalking the unfunny comedian, Perry is apparently a prime candidate for murder.

Dawne Wilson was arrested for aggravated stalking outside Perry's production studios in Atlanta ... a place she's paid unwanted visits many times before.

The restraining order claims in March 2008, Dawne Wilson began contacting Tyler Perry by computer and making threats "in a menacing manner."

He feared "apprehension of immediately receiving a violent injury."

  • Dawne Wilson Mug Shot
  • Tyler Perry Pic

According to court documents, in April, 2008, Wilson sent another e-mail saying "You need to check your heart condition because it is filled with murder... your love has been but costly and deadly.... Murder I say is the verdict."

Dawne Wilson rambled on, "Why do you insist on assisting the devil?"

This crazy chick was taken into custody after showing up at Perry's recording studio last Wednesday, in blatant violation of the restraining order.

She thus enters our insane stalker and celebrity mug shot Halls of Fame.

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Zac Efron has many reasons to smile today.

His most recent movie, 17 Again, opened at the top of the box office.

Keeping it Hood

His favorite basketball team, the Los Angeles Lakers, defeated the Utah Jazz in the opening game of the playoffs yesterday, 113-100, behind 24 points from Kobe Bryant and 21 points from Trevor Ariza.

And his girlfriend, Vanessa Hudgens, is downright beautiful.

The couple known as "Zanessa" took in the aforementioned game from the front row, yet another perk of being young, beautiful and rich in Hollywood...

Click on the Zanessa pics above for enlarged images of this adorable twosome.

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Conflicting reports emerged last week involving Chris Brown dating a former hometown girlfriend, Erica Jackson, and spending time with Girlicious singer Natalie Mejia.

Brown's people are now saying neither story is true.

An unidentified spokesperson for Chris Brown, 19, claimed that photos taken the previous weekend of the singer leaving the West Hollywood Tattoo Mania parlor in the company of Natalie Mejia, 20, and another man "don't mean anything."

"Chris was in a Hollywood tattoo parlor with a woman from the recording studio named Dean, who was getting a tattoo," Brown's rep reportedly told People.

"Natalie Mejia was there along with Dean," the source added. "[Reports in other media] that Natalie Mejia is now Chris' new girlfriend are also false."

According to E! News, Mejia confirmed that she is the woman seen leaving the tattoo parlor with Brown, but declined to comment on their relationship.

Natalie Mejia reportedly told Radar Online that "Things are going well between us, but I really do not want to comment much more than that right now."

Chris Brown's rep says he's not hitting it with Natalie Mejia.

The rep also said reports claiming Brown is back with a former hometown girlfriend, University of Mary Washington student Erica Jackson, are also false.

Brown was recently seen with the women's basketball team at the school's "White Ribbon Campaign" to raising awareness about violence toward women.

Adding to the confusion, E! also reported that after a night of partying on Saturday with Tyrese Gibson, Omarion and Keith Robinson at Los Angeles' Lucky Strike Lanes & Lounge, Brown "apparently noticed one of the female bartenders."

Also, while they have not been spotted together for weeks, an unidentified source told People that Brown and Rihanna, 21, spent time together over Easter weekend after deciding to take a break from their relationship last month.

Brown pleaded not guilty last week to two felony charges of assault and making criminal threats in connection with his alleged assault of her on February 8.

All very confusing, but one thing is clear: Whether or not he's found a new speedbag lover in Natalie Mejia, it's worth clicking on the photos of her below:

Natalie Mejia: Girlicious

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If anyone in this world can rightfully be called a twit, it's Spencer Pratt. So it's hardly a shock that The Hills star has, in the past couple of months, so passionately embraced the "social networking" phenomenon known as Twitter.

After all, it allows narcissistic celebs and regular people alike to stroke their own egos, kill time and score cheap publicity points. What's not to love?

Grabbing Some Heidi

Spencer Pratt's latest scheme is to challenge reigning Twitter king Ashton Kutcher to a 30-day duel to see who can add the most new followers.

Pratt has 201,565, while Kutcher has a shocking 1,241,941, having ousted CNN in their first-to-a-million followers challenge, in which the winner pledged to donate thousands anti-malaria mosquito-netting beds for a life-saving cause.

NI-TWITS: Speidi, like many other celebs in this golden age of technology, are all about sharing their innermost thoughts 24-7-365. How lucky are celeb gossip lovers?!

As part of his challenge, Spencer says, "If I win, Ashton and Demi [Moore] have to wash my car." If he loses, "[Heidi Montag] and I will clean their house."

Don't hold your breath, Spence.

First of all, that's the lamest bet ever. Washing cars? Cleaning houses? Give us a break. Second, everyone knows you don't play down to your opponent. Ashton has already knocked off CNN. Your Twitter challenge likely isn't even on his radar.

Just stick to planning fake weddings, okay?

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When Amy Winehouse discovered that soon-to-be-ex husband Blake Fielder-Civil knocked up heroin addict Gilleen Morris, her reaction was not what you'd expect.

Or maybe exactly what you'd expect. It is Amy Winehouse.

In St. Lucia, Wino managed to combine a fit of rage (beating her chest repeatedly) with happy, incomprehensible gushing how it’s all she ever wanted for him.

Yes, you read that correctly.

The drug-addled crooner distressed staff and patrons of a St. Lucia resort with a bizarre outburst after hearing the report that Blake Fielder-Civil got a fellow rehab patient pregnant, thus denting his bid to win half Amy's $15 million fortune in a divorce.

At first, Amy wrongly assumed Blake's underage girlfriend, Francesca Morralee, was the mom-to-be. Sipping champagne at the resort bar, she started off gleefully babbling: "I knew he'd got her pregnant. I had this feeling Blake was having a kid."

Devastated Amy Winehouse

"That is so amazing! I'm not sad you know, I'm excited," she said. "I knew Blake and his new girlfriend Francesca would be able to have a normal life."

Winehouse was then far from thrilled to hear that Blake's child was conceived in rehab with heroin addict Gilleen Morris, 31, and not Francesca Morralee.

The singer barked: "That better be a mistake or I'll beat his head in. Oh great, he's had it with some ... I don't wanna know - don't tell me any more."

After pounding her chest repeatedly, convulsing and grabbing her stomach in pain, Amy eventually calmed down and expressed how happy she is for Blake.

“All I wanna know and all I need to know is that my baby is having a baby. I never talk to him, I’m never going to see him again but we’re like best friends."

"I have to cut him out of my life because he has to cut me out... so me and Blake can’t be friends but you know what? He’s having a kid and that is amazing.”

Amy later added that she wants a kid herself soon - twins, if possible. Hopefully, natural selection will step up and prohibit this wish from ever coming true.

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Rubina Ali, a child actress that starred in Slumdog Millionaire as a young version of Latikia, is reportedly for sale.

Yes, for sale.

The nine-year old's father, Rafiq Qureshi, told Great's Britain's News of the World that he listed his daughter for $300,000, a figure he increased after initially asking for just $75,000.

"I have to consider what's best for me, my family and Rubina's future," said Rubina's dad, who claims to be broke.

Rubina Ali is actually for sale. Hear that, Madonna?

This story has been confirmed by Reuters, as Deputy Commissioner of Police Nisar Tamboli told the news service:

"On Sunday, Rubina's mother Khurshid complained to us that her ex-husband was trying to sell her daughter, saying she saw some reports on television to that effect."

According to News of the World, Rubina's uncle confirmed the family upped the asking price following the success of Slumdog Millionaire. Disgustingly, he said:

"The child is special now. This is an Oscar child!"

As appalled as we are by this story, we can't help but ask: How much would you pay for Rubina Ali?


** Update: Qureshi has told People that this story is a "lie made up by foreign journalists playing games with me."

We'll keep readers apprived as more news breaks.

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As Britney Spears continues her Circus tour (at least for now), the crazy chick arrested for sneaking onto the pop star's property last week is speaking out.

Miranda Tozier-Robbins believes things have been blown out of proportion.

Tozier-Robbins, 26, is a former American Idol hopeful who has been in Los Angeles for about a month and a half and is pursing her "career" in numerous entertainment fields, one being paparazzi-like documentary film making.

She says Britney Spears' house was simply chosen because of its convenient location as well as perfect timing - she knew that Spears would be in L.A. for her tour dates during the week and apparently her address is available online.

"The documentary is more or less just, [me] on the way to Britney's house, going on the bicycle ride, the camping out in the woods," she told E! News.

Oh, and getting immediately caught by one of Spears' team of security guards, and arrested for trespassing, booked, issued a citation and released.

Miranda Tozier-Robbins Mug Shot

While she confesses to being a big fan of the notorious Circus ring leader, Miranda Tozier-Robbins claims she meant no harm and is in no way a stalker.

"There's no obsession with Britney. Somebody else can go ahead and claim the title of Britney's stalker, because I sure as heck don't want it, you know!"

Hmm, sneaking onto her property kind of gives you a stalker vibe, Miranda. Still, sorry for the misunderstanding and good luck with the "documentary."

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For all the controversy over gay marriage, abortion and the death penalty, few acts are as antithetical to the teachings of the Catholicism as divorce.

(To say nothing of cheating on your wife with a young Russian pop singer.)

Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva Image

Therefore, all eyes were on Mel Gibson yesterday as he attended Church of the Holy Family in Malibu.

The actor had spent the prior week in Costa Rica, following news of his pending divorce and rumors of an affair with Oksana Grigorieva. How did the congregation treat its most famous member? Very well, reportedly.

"He was drinking coffee with church guests and seemed very relaxed," a witness told People about Gibson, who socialized with friends for an hour after Mass.

Considering his upcoming divorce, would you welcome Gibson back to your church?

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The celebrity gossip photographer who claims he was the only member of the paparazzi around when Madonna took a spill Saturday says he isn't to blame - and he claims her camp's story about what went down is ... well, horse $h!t.

The lensman told TMZ that he shot Madonna before and after she fell - but was not there for the actual fall. He says he took pics of her riding and left.

Madonna, Cleavage

Unfortunately, no photos of her riding Jesus Luz have yet surfaced.

A half hour after he departed the scene, the photographer says he got a tip about an ambulance being sent out for a 50-year-old woman - so he put two and two together and went back to snap some pictures of her being tended to.

He says all photos were taken from a public road and the only other photographer anywhere nearby was Stephen Klein - whose house Madonna was at.

As he put it, "If I had startled the horse, I would have gotten pictures!"

The star's longtime spokesperson, Liz Rosenberg, made the contrary assertion after the fall that "The accident occurred when the horse Madonna was riding was startled by paparazzi who jumped out of the bushes to photograph the singer."

Madonna was treated and released with minor injuries.

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Last night, Kristen Dalton was crowned Miss USA.

While the hopeful motivational speaker clearly earned the crown on her own merit, it didn't hurt when Carrie Prejean (Miss California) lost the support of one judge following her response to his question in the interview round.

Celebrity gossip blogger Perez Hilton asked Prejean for her opinion on the legalization of gay marriage.

After stumbling through an answer that included how great it is for America to give its citizens the choice of same-sex unions versus those involving the opposite sex, Prejean said she was raised to believe marriage is only between a man and a woman.

Our staff is as pro-gay marriage as we are anti-Perez Hilton, so we're equally disappointed by Miss California's reply.

How do you feel about it? Leave a comment. Let us know!

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