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Kelly Tilghman has company in the world of inappropriate announcers.

ESPN anchor Dana Jacobson was reportedly intoxicated at a celebrity roast in Atlantic City for colleague Mike Golic. As a Michigan alum who disliked Golic's university of choice, Notre Dame, it was only natural that Jacobson would rant:

F--- Notre Dame! F--- Touchdown Jesus! F--- Jesus!

That last part was especially harsh. It's resulted in a one-week suspension and the following statement from Dana Jacobson:

"I am sorry. My remarks about Notre Dame were foolish and insensitive. I respect all religions and did not mean anything derogatory by my poorly chosen words. I also deeply regret the embarrassment I've caused ESPN and Mike and Mike.

"My actions at the roast were inappropriate and in no way represent who I am. I won't make excuses, but I do hope I can be forgiven for a poor lack of judgment."

Somewhere, Valerie Begue doesn't see the big deal.


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Few can match Lil' Wayne in terms of pure mug shot production.

Snoop Dogg and Riley Giles. That's it. Kumari Fulbright may have the best single celebrity mug shot, but she's not as prolific as the aforementioned duo.

Derek Lowe Mug Shot

But that's another debate. Back to Lil' Wayne's most recent run-in with the law, which occurred last night and produced this pair of mug shot gems...

Law enforcement officials say that Wayne, whose real name is Dwayne Carter Jr., was arrested near Yuma, Arizona last night on three felony counts:

  1. Possession of dangerous drugs
  2. Possession of narcotics
  3. Possession of drug paraphernalia

No clue how exactly #1 differs from #2, but TMZ says the Drug Enforcement Agency was involved in the troubled rapper's arrest. That means it's not a Lil' Problem - which we hear is the name of Wayne's cousin.

The rapper is in the custody of the Yuma County Sheriff's Department, where he'll be held pending his arraignment at 9:00 a.m. PST.

UPDATE: Lil' Wayne has been hit with some big charges - namely possession of cocaine, ecstasy and drug paraphernalia. He could be in jail a lil' while.

Wayne was arrested with two others who have been charged with possession of marijuana. Cops say they found 105 grams of pot, 29 grams of cocaine and 41 grams of ecstasy on his tour bus - after it stopped at a Border Patrol checkpoint.

Police also found $22,000 in cash and a 40-caliber pistol, but Lil Wayne evidently does have a permit to carry a concealed weapon in Florida. They are checking to see if that carries over to Arizona. A judge set his bond at $10,000.

Lil Wayne was also arrested in Idaho last year for possession of drugs.

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The same day that his wife, AzLynn Berry, filed for divorce, Adnan Ghalib is insisting he and Britney Spears are still very much an item.

Despite claims that they broke up - and Spears had taken out a restraining order against him - Ghalib says the relationship is "far from over."

Lacy Britney Spears

Adnan says he didn't get involved with Spears as a way to sell pictures. "No, never," he said. "In time I think people will understand that."

Asked by Entertainment Tonight and The Insider if he wants to marry Britney Spears, the photographer responded, "I'd be lying if I said no." 

Adnan Ghalib - who said he and Britney Spears "turned romantic" before Christmas - also took the opportunity to weigh in on the series of scandals:

On Spears' hospitalization following the January 3 police standoff
: "She didn't understand why she was taken to the hospital... I think she was just afraid of what was going to happen. It doesn't mean you are crazy."

On Britney Spears being photographed buying a pregnancy test: "She has a very maternal instinct. She was feeling a lot of things she felt when she was pregnant. I think she was hoping she was pregnant with my child."

On losing visitation rights with Sean Preston and Jayden James: "Her primary focus is on re-establishing a relationship with them. She doesn't talk about a strategy to get them back. That's very private."

On Britney's mental state: "She is not crazy. She never has suicidal tendencies. You've got to understand the love she has for her kids outweighs anything else."

Regardless of whether he knows what he's saying, Adnan Ghalib and Britney Spears are not married, but are still together - they were seen last night.

The two then headed towards the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills, only to be hit by a wayward motorcyclist who reportedly was driving too close to Britney's car in an attempt to gain a sighting of the pair ...


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David Archuleta and Michael Johns were two of the top performers on American Idol last night. Each received tickets to Hollywood.

Like Carly Smithson and Kristy Lee Cook, however, each also has an extensive professional background. To wit:

Goodbye, Josh Ledet

Michael Johns was formerly the lead singer of two bands: The Rising and Film. He used to be known as Michael Lee and was actually signed to Maverick Records while leading Film. Things get even juicier:

The group was set to release a debut album in 2003, until - according to one of the group members - Michael allegedly screwed over Film by leaving the band and stealing their songs, claiming he wrote them.

While not evidence of that claim's validity, the MySpace profile for Fame is shown above - at least proving Johns was its lead singer.

Nothing about David Archuleta is as controversial, but his background isn't exactly amateur, either. The 16-year old singer won Star Search when he was 12 and has appeared on numerous programs ever since.

David Archuleta even sang once for an audience that included Kelly Clarkson. Check out the grainy video now:


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Several celebrities and producers have commented on the tragic passing of Heath Ledger, who was discovered dead in his apartment yesterday:

"What a tragedy. My heart goes out to his family." - Nicole Kidman

"I had such great hope for him. He was just taking off and to lose his life at such a young age is a tragic loss. My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family." - Mel Gibson, who starred with Ledger in The Patriot

"It was with great sadness that I have learned of the passing of Heath Ledger. It is tragic that we have lost one of our nation's finest actors in the prime of his life. Heath Ledger's diverse and challenging roles will be remembered as some of the great performances by an Australian actor." - Kevin Rudd, Prime Minister of Australia

"The studio is stunned and devastated by this tragic news. The entertainment community has lost an enormous talent. Heath was a brilliant actor and an exceptional person. Our hearts go out to his family and friends." - Warner Bros., producers of The Dark Knight, Heath's soon-to-be-released movie

"Heath Ledger was a courageous actor, and a great soul. He gave the gift of sharing his fearless and beautiful love â€" of his craft, and of all who worked with him â€" for which all of us will be eternally grateful." - James Schamus, CEO of Focus Features, producers of Brokeback Mountain, for which Heath earned an Oscar nomination

"This is an unimaginable tragedy. Heath Ledger was a true artist, a deeply sensitive man, an explorer, gifted and wise beyond his years. There is no finer person on this earth." - Todd Haynes, director of I'm Not There

Until the toxicology reports come in after the autopsy later today, no one will know for certain what killed Heath Ledger. But an NYPD source tells TMZ that the "operating theory" right now is that it was an accidental death, not suicide.

UPDATE: CNN reports that the autopsy findings where inconclusive Wednesday morning on Heath Ledger, and a cause-of-death determination will take 10 to 14 days, according to a spokesperson from the medical examiner's office.

Follow the jump for more actors' reflections on Heath Ledger ...

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We're sorry to report that Keeley Hazell is fully clothed in the photo below.

Or at least sporting a bikini, which is layers and layers more than this British model is typically seen wearing. Especially within the pages of Zoo.

If that publication isn't gonna publish pics of Gemma Atkinson and Lucy Pinder nude, well, we're not sure why it exists...

Keeley Hazell: Clothed!

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Now that Miley Cyrus has broken up with Nick Jonas, might she be moving on to an older man?

We're just kidding. While John Mayer might be a loser of a cheese ball, the singer isn't a pedaphile. He's just a fan.

Full of Glamour

That's why Mayer is seen here, posing backstage with 15-year-old Cyrus at the "Hannah Montana: Best of Both Worlds" Tour on Saturday during her Las Vegas stop.

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Remember when Mariah Carey was talented?

When she relied on her incredible vocal range to garner attention and didn't just use nudity to remain in the spotlight?

Carey and Cannon

Yeah. Neither do.

Here is Mariah Carey half-nude on the beach. We even see Mariah Carey nude on her new album cover. Can't she afford a shirt?


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Dressed in head-to-toe black, a sexy Lauren Conrad takes care of business in Hollywood this week, meeting with designers at her new house.

Lauren reportedly purchased a $2 million home earlier this month. She will no longer be living in The Hills of Hollywood... technically.

Game Show Contestant

But the New York Giants play in New Jersey, so we can cut her some slack. We're eagerly looking forward to the return of The Hills this spring.

Lauren Conrad: Reality star, fashion designer and certified cutie.


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This is getting really difficult to keep track of.

Amy Winehouse is apparently not in rehab now, despite various reports circulating on Tuesday that she's finally seeking treatment.

Devastated Amy Winehouse

"Amy is not in rehab," says a rep. "She was seeing a doctor who she regularly sees as part of her ongoing treatment. It was a regular appointment which she attends all the time. She has not checked in overnight."

The rep, who would not comment on the nature of the treatment, said Amy Winehouse is "under supervision for both physical and all health issues."

This is due to an incident last month in which the singer was photographed barefoot and wearing only a bra outside her London home.

Amy Winehouse canceled her tour in November.

"The tour was very hard on her ... there wasn't [a doctor] on the road with her or anything, but she was not sleeping, on a tour bus, up late, driving from city to city, and it was hard for her," according to the rep.

"She saw a doctor in London when she was here for the shows, and it was the doctor who said, 'You're not in a condition to continue touring.'"

The rehab reports followed the posting on its Web site by the U.K.'s The Sun of a shocking video allegedly showing the singer smoking crack.

Everyone close to Amy Winehouse agrees that she needs help.

"It's really sad. Everyone knows she needs help â€" even she knows she needs help," a music-business friend of Winehouse's told People Tuesday. "The video is horrible but I hope it forces her to do something."

Whether the tape will finally prompt the "Rehab" and "You Know I'm No Good" songstress to rehabilitate herself remains to be seen.

"I've lost count of how many times rehab has come up. You can't bring it up to her. She has to want to try and she doesn't seem to," the friend added.

The videotaped crack smoking incident was allegedly recorded hours before Amy Winehouse attended a court hearing for husband Blake Fielder-Civil, 25, who is awaiting trial on assault and conspiracy charges.

"People are tiptoeing around her because of [Blake Fielder-Civil]. It's like someone died," the friend said. "She's so crazy about him. When he first went to jail she couldn't function. She didn't know what to do with herself."

Amy Winehouse's label, Universal Records, said in a statement, "We are deeply disappointed and upset by these latest revelations and are doing everything we can to offer Amy our full support in dealing with her problems."

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