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Because our standard weekly recaps are clearly not enough to quench your thirst for The Bachelor gossip, commentary and insight, The Hollywood Gossip's own Bachelor Babe will be sharing her thoughts on each exciting episode with us, as well.

Here's her take on Jason Mesnick and his exciting/interesting/overwhelmingly weird hometown visits with the remaining contestants...

Very excited to turn on the TV tonight and see what I can only assume is our next bachelor: Barack Obama! Actually, quite disappointed - I wanted to see Jason and my girls like I do every Monday night!

Obama already found a smart, sassy darling and has some adorable children to show for it – give Jason his chance in the spotlight, Prez!

Recap, recap, and then they spend twenty minutes telling us what will happen in the next two hours (Producers, can’t you film more real stuff?) 

Meanwhile, I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THE PART ABOUT THE DEAD DOVE!!!! How hilarious is that?? I feel like it’s something that should be in a Ben Stiller movie… I can’t wait ICantWaiticantwait!! But alas, more recap….

Finally, it’s 9:12 and the episode is actually starting. That felt longer than 12 minutes. But wait, commercial first.

Jason Mesnick: The Bachelor Star

It took ABC the length of a sitcom to show it, but Jason finally made it to meet Jillian in Canada on this week's installment of The Bachelor.

Ok, 9:15 and we’re back and Jason is off to Canada, with Jillian! Jillian takes Jason to a lake in Alberta where she tells him a story about how she touched feet with a monster in the lake named Ogopogo. In the past Ty was the only person in Jason’s life that believed in monsters…way to make Jason feel like he’s gonna have another kid to take care of Jill. That’s the key to a man’s heart.

I asked both of my roommates to make monster noises, and Nicole did a pretty good job. She took note of the fact that the monster lived underwater, so that helped.

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Rapper T.I. says he spoke to pal Chris Brown on Monday - one day after the R&B singer, 19, was arrested for assault and making criminal threats.

The upstanding citizen said that Brown - who is currently under investigation for his alleged battery of girlfriend Rihanna, who was reportedly left badly hurt with horrific injuries following their ugly altercation - is doing OK.

Hit Rihanna Style

"Yeah, I spoke to him today," T.I. said on Monday's Last Call With Carson Daly. "He cool, you know. He's still the same Chris."

T.I. told Daly he didn't know the details of Chris Brown and Rihanna's bloody altercation, but had a helpful tip for the star: "This too shall pass."

"We're celebrities, we're entertainers, but we're still human - all of us," he went on. "Don't expect us not to make mistakes, because we will."

NOTE: T.I. is scheduled to begin a year-long prison sentence in March after pleading guilty to possession of three unregistered machine guns and two silencers.

He was already a convicted felon at the time of the offenses, of course, making the charges even worse. Just the spokesman Chris Brown needs right now.

Chris Brown, who will be arraigned March 5, boarded a private plane leaving L.A. on Monday. Rihanna is expected to leave L.A. soon if she has not already.

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Our staff is torn on Danica Patrick.

On one hand, perhaps a professional athlete that wants to be taken seriously should not be a scantily-clad spokeswomen for and/or often pose in a bikini.

On the other hand, Danica Patrick is really good looking!

The racecar driver poses seductively for a number of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition photos in the issue that comes out this week.

And while Patrick can't match the beauty of cover girl Bar Refaeli, we'd go for a ride with Danica any time... if you know what we mean!

  • Danica Patrick Pic
  • Danica Patrick, Sports Illustrated Pic
  • Danica Patrick, Bikini Photo
  • Sports Illustrated Beauty

Click on the Danica Patrick photos above for larger versions.

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Grey's Anatomy spoiler alert! After months of rumors that stars Katherine Heigl and T.R. Knight may be leaving the show, their co-star James Pickens, Jr., a.k.a. The Chief, has added fuel to the fire by sort of confirming they are:

"Yes, she is," he said when asked by Us Weekly if Heigl will exit the show that made them famous. "Wherever Katherine goes, I wish her nothing but the best."

Heigl on Today

As for Knight, Pickens said, "He's going too."

The network and studio say they cannot confirm anything, and Katherine Heigl's and T.R. Knight's personal reps have declined to comment on the subject.

However, an ABC source says, "There's no way [James Pickens] could know that, because nothing has been decided yet. Nothing has been written and [Heigl and Knight] are still working out what will happen next season with the network."

T.R. Knight and Katherine Heigl want out of Grey's Anatomy.

According to inside sources who work closely with Grey's Anatomy, it is likely that Heigl and T.R. Knight will make an exit at the end of the current fifth season.

Both have asked to leave. However, ABC needs to sign off on letting them out of their contracts, which extend six years, and that hasn't been done.

So why did Pickens say they are leaving?

"I don't think James meant to say what he did," one insider said. "I think he was thrown by the line of questioning and didn't realize what he was saying."

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Note to readers considering plastic surgery: conduct in-depth research on your doctor!

While Tameka Foster appears to be recovering from a medical emergency suffered during a liposuction operation Sao Paolo, the road hasn't been easy.

According to media outlets in Brazil, Usher's controversial wife underwent cardiac and respiratory arrest as she was being anesthetized for the procedure.

Foster, Tameka

Scary stuff. We hope Lisa Rinna and Sharon Stone are paying attention.

Get well soon, Tameka Foster!

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Want to head for The Hills?

The glamorous, semi-scripted life can be yours for only $11,000 a month.

That's the going price for Lauren Conrad's two-story, 3,000 square foot home in West Hollywood, which is now available for rent after the reality star moved out.

It boasts 4 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, a swimming pool, two fireplaces and a guest house that once saw Justin-Bobby and Audrina Patridge naked a lot.

Here's a photo of movers at LC's place (in case you didn't believe it) ...

Movin' Out

Since vacating Hollywood with BFF Lo Bosworth, LC is now residing in a high-rise condo in the L.A. neighborhood of Westwood. Click below to enlarge some Lauren Conrad pics taken when she arrived at her condo the other day.

The look on her face says it all. Either she was grossed out by the sight of celebrity gossip media crowding her car, or she smelled Spencer Pratt lurking nearby ...

  • Gross!
  • LC is Home

[Photo Credits: Splash News Online]

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Forget Denise Richards: It's Complicated.

This attention-starved thespian is embarking on another reality show this spring, Denise Richards: It's Another Opportunity to Exploit My Children.

"My biggest fear is just forgetting everything right before going on live, that’s what I’m scared of,” the actress told People Magazine of her new role as contestant on the eighth season of Dancing With the Stars. “All I hope is that I don’t embarrass my girls!"

Wow. It took all the way until her second sentence for Richards to mention the adorable children she created with Charlie Sheen and has tried to make money off ever since.

Daughters Sam, 4, and Lola, 3, will be forced to stay up late and cheer cheering on their mother, the actress said.

"I let the girls stay up a bit later when the show is on. It’s popcorn night at our house."


The unofficial odds for Richards, who is partnered with Maksim Chmerkovskiy, to win the competition stand at 15-1. The odds of her kids showing up in the first row every night? 1-3.

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Warning, Dollhouse spoilers ahead:

Eliza Dushku is hot!

The actress stars in the new Fox drama, which premieres this Friday night. As part of a publicity blitz for the show, Dushku has been accepting any and all photos ops, whether they include clothing or not. Score!

First, the actress simply posed nude as part of an ad campaign sponsored by the network. Now, she's baring almost all in the latest issue of Maxim...

Eliza Dushku in Maxim
  • Underwear Alert!
  • Dushku, Eliza

Eliza Dushku has made it official: all warm-blooded males will be watching Dollhouse! Click on the pics above now!

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The Hollywood Gossip's recap of The Bachelor is a rundown of our favorite (and least favorite) moments, with points awarded or deducted as we see fit. Last night, the four women took Jason to their hometowns. Let's get to it ...

Plus 5 for ABC subtly plugging Dancing with the Stars via Jillian Harris' mom's take on relationships: "Life is a dance and you learn as you go."

Minus 4 for Jillian literally mixing her cliches: "I literally catapulted off the couch. It was like a total cherry on the top of a perfect day."

In Michigan, Molly Malaney's dad offered her the best Guns n' Roses-themed advice of the evening: don't cry. Simple, yet profound. Plus 11. (Jillian's mom blew a chance to warn her about getting caught in November Rain... again.)

The Malaney hat box was great, too, leaving both Jason and Molly momentarily mortified. Plus 4. And Plus 3 more for Molly's adorable argyle sweater!

Minus 4 for mimosas in a Thermos. It's just weird, Naomi. But not as much as referring to Jason Mesnick as her "potential future husband" three times in 90 seconds.

Hector: There's just one God. Joanne: There are multiple lifetimes. Mmm. Minus 12 because this awkwardness sealed Naomi's fate long before the Rose Ceremony.

  • Jason and Jillian on The Bachelor
  • Jason and Melissa on The Bachelor

Canada's Jillian Harris was the big winner of the night, while Jason Mesnick received a bit of a surprise when Melissa Rycroft said her parents would not be participating.

A surprising Plus 13 for Melissa Rycroft's parents declining to participate on the show. No offense to Melissa for her decision to go on The Bachelor - thank goodness she did! - but you have to admire her folks' stance in a way.

Minus 5 at the same time, though, because they could support their daughter a little. They didn't even go to games when she was a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader? Her surprisingly low self-esteem for a girl so gorgeous makes sense now.

Plus 6 for Jason Mesnick keeping Melissa around in spite of this setback. Besides, her family's no-show still leaves them light years ahead of Naomi's family. Let's hear it for victory by omission! You wonder if Melissa Rycroft heard how Naomi's date went, decided she already had a rose in the bag and told her parents not to bother.

Obligatory Plus 3 for Chris Harrison and his dashing good looks.

A brief discussion of next week's previews: New Zealand? Really? Jealous. Plus 4. OMG, is there some doubt about Jason and Molly's chemistry? Minus 7. Okay, did Melissa not tell her folks she was even going on the show? Minus 2. Finally, re: DeAnna Pappas' return - if we're supposed to believe what we saw (and it's not ABC having a field day with us), DeAnna tells Jason she made a mistake - and he still has a chance with her?! Minus 13, because we don't buy it ... but totally Plus 35 because that would be, as Chris Harrison's voiceover says, "the most shocking twist in Bachelor history."

TOTAL: +36! A quick list of who's in and out on The Bachelor...

Roses received at ceremony: Molly, Melissa, Jillian.

Given the Heave-Ho By Jason Mesnick: Naomi.

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Hugh Hefner might have the Shannon Twins and Crystal Harris, but his ex-girlfriends aren't sitting at home, pining over wrinkles lost.

A day after Bridget Marquardt was photographed leaving a Grammy Awards party with Nicholas Carpenter, the former Playmate has confirmed her relationship with the small-time movie director.

"He's funny and sincere and really sweet," Marquardt said to E! of Marsi Tomei's ex-boyfriend. "He's so cute!"

Marquardt met Carpenter after he directed Holly Madison in the random, indie horror flick The Telling. They look very happy together, don't they?

Bridget Marquardt , Boyfriend

[Photo Credit: Splash News]

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