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Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are attention whores to the max. They will say, and do, pretty much anything to get celebrity gossip websites to cover it.

And we do, time and again. We are suckers.

Because this is their whole schtick, and they are keenly self-aware of it as well as successful, it often seems pointless to call Speidi out on its absurdity.

Comparing Heidi to Michael Jackson, though?

In a new interview, Spencer Pratt told MTV’s The After Show that Heidi is a “new, modern day, 2010 Michael Jackson. Like Michael Jackson’s in heaven."

"The holy spirit now has Michael Jackson juice, so boom," the slimy one said, fresh off Heidi's epic Miss Universe crap-fest Sunday night in the Bahamas. "For all we know, Heidi gets possessed with Michael Jackson’s divine spirit.”

So basically, he is likening probably the worst performer in the history of music to the recently-deceased, most successful and revolutionary star in the history of entertainment for the sake of headlines. That's Spencer Pratt for you.

Just to prove he really said this, here's the video ...

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Reports of Jon Gosselin saying he's ready to pull out aren't true.

Pull out of his contract with TLC for Jon and Kate Plus 8, that is.

So says Jon Gosselin himself.

"I never said that," the father of eight said, clarifying a statement from earlier in the week in which he said he wished he were a normal working stiff.

"A fan asked me, 'Don't you sometimes wish you could go back to a 9-to-5 job?' And my reply was, 'Yeah, because this is 24-7 and 9-to-5ers punch in and punch out and you have no responsibilities.'" Dude just wants down time!

Pointing to the paparazzi outside his family home, Gosselin said, "Here ... you have to watch what you say so it doesn't contradict something else."

It's not just a celebrity gossip thing, of course. He does a solid amount of contradicting himself with his own quotes, too, like the time he said he was "single," then "in a relationship" with Kate Major, then "exclusive" with Hailey Glassman.

In about a 12-hour period, no less.

Jon the Player

Jon wants to set the record straight. [Photo:]

Still, clearing up other "misinformation," Jon Gosselin said, "Another one was that the kids didn't want to film anymore. They just didn't want to film that day."

"It's 96 degrees outside and they just said they wanted to go in the pool. So guess what? They took their clothes off, put their swimsuits on and jumped in the pool ... I just looked at my producer and said, 'What are you going to do?'"

Um, not pimp out your kids and scar them for life once they learn what Google is?

As for his literal fashion statement the other day (he wore a t-shirt that said "Lies, Lies, Lies") Gosselin says: "I thought it was funny, because people can write anything about me ... How can you say something about me without asking me?"

Um, because you comment to People magazine that you're in a relationship with Kate Major while you're on a double date with Michael Lohan and Jill Zarin?

Just a thought. Perhaps putting a lid on it might help his cause at times.

No comment on whether Jon is really seeking his own reality show.

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Take note, Kourtney Kardashian. This is how you talk about pregnancy!

While one E! reality star is boring the public to death with mundane details about her knocked up state (the latest: Kourtney might live in the suburbs!), another is letting fans in on the exciting details of impending motherhood.

Give us an example, Kendra Wilkinson:

"I've been hornier! We'll be off-roading, and we'll go at it in the bushes somewhere! Or we'll be driving, and he'll pull over. Quickies are the best! If he lasts any more than a couple of minutes, I'm like, I'm done!"

Expecting Couple

Even when it comes to delivering her son in December, all Kendra can think about is intercourse. She told Us Weekly that husband Hank Baskett is unsure about what to do on the big day.

"At first he said, 'I'll be there next to you but won't watch.' But now he says, 'I want to see the crowning moment.' I'm like, 'Will you have sex with me after seeing this?'"

As for visiting the Playboy Mansion with her little one, Kendra makes it clear she'll be walking through those doors, Crystal Harris and company be damned!

"Hef is a huge part of my life, and I don't care about any other whore there. I care about Hef. He's a good dad, a great person, and I want my child to be around him a little bit."

Follow this article's jump watch a video of Kendra and Kourtney dishing on their pregnancies and taking pictures for a recent photo shoot.

Continue Reading...

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Ryan Jenkins killed himself Sunday in Hope, B.C. But before that, he was on the run for allegedly murdering wife Jasmine Fiore - and police are still trying to determine who aided him after he fled the U.S. into his native Canada.

The new theory? Ryan's 19-year-old half-sister Alena Jenkins helped hide the fugitive. The Canadian Broadcast Corporation and CTV are reporting that the woman police are now focusing on is Alena, a Vancouver photographer and model.

A woman answering Alena Jenkins' cellphone had no comment on the matter, and said only that Alena is busy with family, making funeral arrangements.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police are reportedly talking to Alena.

A PT Cruiser parked at her Vancouver condo matched the description of a car that took Ryan Jenkins to the Thunderbird Motel where he committed suicide.

The media is reporting that police were at the condo on Tuesday, and that the car spotted at the motel is registered to Ryan Jenkins' father, Dan Jenkins.

A RCMP spokesman said police are talking to a woman to determine how Jenkins was helped not only to reach the motel but also get across the border. Canadian laws prevent him from identifying anyone not charged with a crime.

Ryan Alexander Jenkins Photo

Was sister Alena Jenkins the accomplice of fugitive Ryan?

Detectives are trying to determine "what role that person played, and the extent of the role they played." Criminal charges would have to be filed in the U.S.

Police said Jasmine Fiore was strangled, and that Ryan Jenkins, who reported her missing August 15, was the last person she was seen with before her death.

Fiore's missing 2007 white Mercedes was found on Wednesday a mile just west of her W. Hollywood home. Police towed the car to the Orange County Crime Lab.

Last week, after Fiore's body turned up in a Dumpster in Buena Park, Calif., Jenkins split across the border into Canada as prosecutors charged him with murder.

After Jenkins was found dead in the hotel, police began searching for the blonde who drove him to the hotel, checked in, paid cash for three days and bolted.

Originally, they focused on Paulina Chmielecka, his ex-fiancee. But it wasn't her.

Ryan Jenkins was a contestant on two VH1 reality shows, Megan Wants a Millionaire and I Love Money 3, both of which were later axed by the network.

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A 24-year-old man that has came forward this week claiming to be a long lost love child of Michael Jackson isn't motivated by money, his attorney said.

The alleged son's name? Prince Michael Malachi Jet Jackson.

"Malachi has been told his entire life that he is Michael Jackson's son. His primary goal is to have closure on whether or not Michael was his father, and he wants a DNA test to prove it. Malachi's motivation isn't money," LaRue Grim said.

Prince Michael Malachi Jet Jackson, who goes by Malachi (helpful to keep him separate from the other Prince Michaels), turns 25 in September, and he is currently enrolled in "a special needs college at an undisclosed location."

Wonder how Omer Bhatti feels about Malachi stealing his love child thunder.

Michael Jackson at the peak of his career in the 1980s, when he may or may not have fathered one or more love children, according to various celebrity news reports.

Grim says Malachi's mother, Zerline Lavette Dixon, had trouble with drugs so Malachi's grandmother raised him. But, you know who his long-lost dad is.

"Malachi looks exactly like Michael Jackson," Grim added.

"I'm seeking a DNA test and I'm very concerned that it be reliable and that no one slips in DNA from a stranger. Malachi never met Michael ... from what I understand Michael Jackson was very private about his personal life."

When asked about the alleged relationship between Zerline and Michael, Grim replied: "I don't know about that now. I'm gathering that information."

It is Grim's understanding that back in the 1980s Zerline was a fashion designer and had a fashion line under the company name of Michael Jackson.

"Michael seemed to be a very smart businessman. I don't think he would have let anybody run a company with his name on it without his approval."

Not sure we're supposed to believe MJ fathered these secret kids at the same time it's rumored he's not the biological father of the kids he raised (Mark Lester and/or Dr. Arnold Klein may have done the honors), but it's good gossip.

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We know, fellas: Ashley Greene looks best naked.

But because her mean lawyers made us remove those nude images, you'll have to settle on the next best thing:

This Twilight Saga star with longer hair than usual! (Okay, the next, next, next, next best thing.)

Greene has ditched the sleek, summer look for longer, flowing waves. Like the new look? Hate it? Just wanna stare at Robert Pattinson pictures all day?

Chime in below.

  • Ashley Greene in Teen Vogue
  • Greene in Nylon

Which Ashley Greene hairstyle do you prefer?


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If Oksana Grigorieva wants to be known as a respected singer, she might wanna stop taking a page out of Spencer Pratt's notebook.

For now, the Russian is known solely for getting knocked up by Mel Gibson.

Instead of just focusing on her music, however, Oksana is making headlines again for acts that took place when she was undressed.

Yesterday, Grigorieva filed a lawsuit against Samuel Oriti , a photographer she claims sold pictures of the singer in lingerie. The suit refers to Oksana as "an internationally renowned model, pianist and musical composer and performer," which is hilarious.

Octomom Lookalike

Double Whammy: Oksana Grigorieva is carrying Mel Gibson's seed and resembles Octomom.

Documents allege that Oriti met Oksana in 2004 and told her he would negotiate a deal for her with a major lingerie company. She agreed to the pics, paid for them to be taken and is now dismayed that they've been leaked online. (Check them out NOW!)

The suit does not claim there is any contract agreement between Oriti and Oksana; nor does it provide evidence that she paid for the photo session.

Oksana is seeking at least $100,000. She should be seeking psychiatric treatment instead.

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Chris Brown went from courthouse to club Tuesday, dropping by a popular L.A. lounge just a few hours after being sentenced to probation and community labor.

Hey, might as well blow off some steam after a felony sentence.

The 20-year-old R&B star enjoyed a night out with a group of friends and bodyguards at Guys & Dolls, where he stood up on a booth and got the crowd excited as he danced along to Michael Jackson's "Dirty Diana," a source reported.

"He didn't seem to care at all that everyone was watching him," says the source.

"He was in a totally good mood, just hanging out with his buddies. Then all of a sudden he decided to put on a little show. Everyone went wild."

A Man on Probation

Chris Brown is enjoying himself post-felony assault sentencing.

Earlier that day, a solemn Chris Brown stood in a Los Angeles courtroom as a judge sentenced him to six months of community labor in Virginia (removing graffiti and washing cars), five years probation and a year of domestic violence classes.

He was also ordered not to have any communication with Rihanna until 2014 - including by phone or through a third party. The judge was serious about this.

Given the graphic assault details that were just released, we see why.

Rihanna also went dancing after the hearing - just not with Chris.

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You've been watching Jon Minus 9 Plus 4 Mediocre Girls.

Now, get ready for Kate Plus 8 and 4 Loud Windbags!

Continuing her recent media tour, Kate Gosselin is going from celebrity gossip fodder to celebrity pundit, joining the growing list of surprisingly topical guest co-hosts for the upcoming season of popular current events gab-fest The View.

Kate will throw in her grating two cents September 14-15, when she sits in for Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who is on maternity leave until October sometime.

Kate Gosselin, Steve Neild

TALK SHOW QUEEN: Kate Gosselin (with her bodyguard and rumored lover Steve Neild) departs CNN studios after a lonely appearance last night on Larry King Live.

The irony for Elisabeth Hasselbeck is that the conservative host offered this unsolicited (and typically riled-up) advice to Kate back in June: "get a job!"

Looks like she did. Hers. It's hard to tell which of them is more annoying.

Mrs. Gosselin joins LaToya Jackson and Meghan McCain at the table.

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There has never been a Lindsay Lohan sex tape. That we know of.

But there is a tape of people violating her ... home security system.

The LAPD has released some photos of these three people captured on surveillance tape breaking into her house - entering, they believe, through an unlocked door and taking personal items belonging to the alleged star.

All the suspects are described by the LAPD as being between ages 18-25 - a white male and two white females. The women are estimated around 120 lbs.

Lindsay Tweeted of the break-in: "i know it was not a ROBBERY. electronics weren't taken... just things that a certain old friend knew meant a lot to me."

Hmm. Wonder who that old friend is. Samantha Ronson, is that you?

Lohan Robbers

This implies that if she does not know who ransacked her, LiLo is more or less convinced that the person or persons responsible are familiar with the place.

Meanwhile, law enforcement is looking at the possibility the burglar(s) who raided her pad also broke into Audrina Patridge's L.A. home a few months back.

Police note "striking similarities" between the male burglar in both break-ins and are looking into the possibility that the robbers are one and the same.

Their M.O. is also strikingly similar - entering through unlocked doors.

The Audrina Patridge break-in occurred in the early morning hours of Sunday, February 22, while the Lindsay ransacking took this past Sunday morning.

Here's a video of Lindsay Lohan getting robbed ...

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