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When The Wonder Years' Danica McKellar first started planning her wedding to composer Mike Verta, she had one wish: "I didn't want a huge event," she said. "I wanted to be able to talk to everyone and I wanted it to be intimate."

At her recent wedding in La Jolla, Calif., McKellar's wish came true.

Luisana Loreley Lopilato de la Torre and Michael Buble

The couple, who have dated for seven and a half years years, tied the knot in a church in front of 150 family members and friends, including her maid of honor, the bride's sister, Crystal McKellar, who played Becky Slater on The Wonder Years.

At the black tie reception, the two newlyweds danced their first dance to a love song composed by Mike Verta himself before cutting the wedding cake.

Danica McKellar, 34, who went on to study mathematics, and Mike Verta, 36, got engaged last August in Chicago, where he surprised her with a platinum and diamond ring during a promotional tour for her second book, Kiss My Math.

Between Bruce Willis and Emma Heming, Ryan Adams and Mandy Moore, Natasha Bedingfield and Matt Robinson, and David Letterman and Regina Lasko, the celebrity wedding bells are definitely a-ringin' these days.

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Kim Kardashian Saves the World.

So reads the feature story inside the April/May issue of Complex. A tad exaggerated? Perhaps.

But the sexy photo shoot inside is actually one of the coolest things Kim has ever done.

Kardashian is the focus of a spread that represents the magazine's annual Green edition. For the occasion, she was shot in front of a series of backgrounds that highlights our planet’s problems. To wit:

Kardashian also spoke about herself in a featured interview. She said that her reality show has given fans new insight into her life:

"I do think that I’ve grown and I base it all on my show. People can make up any story to go along with a picture, but when you see someone’s real life, it just opens up a whole different perception of me - and it’s totally who I am."

Get a closer look at who Kim Kardashian is below. Click on each picture for a larger image:

Going Green
A Cool Pose

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Last week, it was reported that The Hills star Audrina Patridge is trying to secure her own reality TV spin-off with the help of producer guru Mark Burnett.

The reality show, which is being pitched to networks, will follow the next phase of Audrina's life, both personally and professionally. Whatever that means.

A Little Lost in Thought

Presumably, it will track the aspiring actress' movie roles, such as the one she landed in Sorority Row. That looks like an awesome film if we ever saw one.

Perhaps it'll also touch upon her modeling career. Here's Audrina topless in the latest Spring-Summer 2009 ad campaign for Divine Rights of Denim jeans:

Man, the editors did some great retouching on these. She's an attractive girl, but they really worked wonders on her body and face here. Kudos, guys.

Click to enlarge more Audrina Patridge pics from her campaign for Divine Rights of Denim jeans, which Justin-Bobby can't wait to get her out of ...

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Courtenay Semel has gone from munching Tila Tequila's carpet to vomiting all over that of her living room.

As a result, the daughter of former Yahoo! CEO Terry Semel has checked into rehab.

Over the past few months, Semel has broken up with Tequila, assaulted a security guard and allegedly beat up new girlfriend Casey Johnson, setting her hair on fire. Looks like she's a bit late getting help for herself.

"Courtenay has indeed checked into rehab... She’s emotionally, physically and mentally exhausted. She is now taking responsibility for her actions and is excited for her chance to start over," said Semel's rep.

This begs two questions:

  1. Is she going to rehab for drugs or drinking?
  2. What the heck does the representative of Courtenay Semel do?!?

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Miley Cyrus is excited about Hannah Montana: The Movie, which hits theaters on April 10.

The actress hopes it won't be the last time people see her as the beloved Disney character, however.

"This movie was never meant to be the end of Hannah Montana," Cyrus says in April's Billboard magazine. "The thing is, a lot of people put where the show's future lays in my hands — and it's not up to me. It's up to Disney and whether they want more episodes, and we hope that they do."

While Miley is at least saying the right things for the moment, she does admit that her run as Hannah will come to an end eventually.


"It's just an honor for people to be able to relate to me and my music — and not so much the character anymore," Cyrus said. "I can't be Hannah Montana forever. I have to have something after this. I can't do this when I'm 30."

For now, the actress is content to spend her time making fun of Asians and seeking attention wherever she goes.

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When Britney Spears sings "Piece of Me," maybe she isn't talking about celeb gossip media after all. Perhaps she means the $2.7 million piece her lawyers took.

According to court documents obtained by the Los Angeles Times, the singer's estate has shelled out at least that in fees from February-December 2008 alone.

That's how long the conservatorship headed by father Jamie has been in effect. She may be the ringleader who calls the shots in the Circus, but not in real life.

Attempting to single-handedly keep the legal profession afloat during these difficult times, Britney is currently paying fees to a whopping 17 lawyers and firms.

Ten Hut!

How can one individual who is not charged with any crimes possibly rack up those kind of charges? Here are just some of Britney Spears' recent legal expenses:

  • Cost of divorce / custody proceedings with dumbass K-Fed: $460,000
  • Cost of a civil suit brought Spears by her former manager: $113,000
  • Cost of Spears' driving without a valid license trial: $26,000
  • Cost of dispute over mold in Spears' leased Malibu property: $7,000
  • Cost of Jamie Spears' attorneys for first six months: $102,000
  • Cost of a private messenger service to deliver legal docs: $4,600

Cost of sanity: priceless? After all, the pop star is doing better: "Since the initiation of the conservatorship, all aspects of Ms. Spears' life have been stabilized and continue to improve," attorney Geraldine Wyle said. No argument there.

It could get worse, though. Her legal fees from this year, considerable to say the least thanks to litigation with Sam Lutfi and Adnan Ghalib, have yet to be submitted.

But what's another few hundred grand at this point. With shows like hers, she'll earn that in no time. Click to enlarge some Britney Spears pictures from last night ...

  • Skimpy Spears
  • Family Friendly Show
  • Britney Gets to Second
  • Hot Caged Britney
  • Ready to Spank Something
  • Britney Spears in the Circle
  • Sergeant Spears

[Photo Credits: Splash News Online]

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The Doug in Paris Celebrity Gossip Tour 2009 returned from a sexy stint in Hawaii recently back to their native Los Angeles. But the two are no less hot and heavy.

Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt partied at My House in Hollywood over the weekend, then moved on to another Hollywood nightspot accompanied by her sis Nicky.

By our account, they've been together at least six weeks now, beating expectations by about five and a half weeks. Here's the pair on the way to a club ...

Doug Reinhardt and Paris Pic

Crazy as it sounds, Doug Reinhardt has now dated Paris Hilton longer than he did Lauren Conrad. Guess slumming it was even more fun than imagined.

Click to enlarge more pictures of the rich, useless couple en route to various hot clubs you would never be allowed into in the greater Los Angeles area ...

  • Hilton Pic
  • Gripping Paris Hilton
  • Paris and Doug Reinhardt
  • Paris and Doug Photo
  • Doug Behind Paris
  • Mr. Doug Reinhardt
  • My Eyes Are Up Here

[Photo Credits: Splash News Online]

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Last week, Lindsay Lohan lamented the fact that top directors in Hollywood didn't wanna work with her, while also whining about how the recession has affected her mortgage payments.

But the unemployed actress wants the celebrity gossip world to a) understand that she's not spoiled; and b) leave her the heck alone.

Stripped and Bloody

In a wide-ranging, self-serving interview with E! Online, Lohan complained about the attention given to her personal life. She also insisted that she's a good person. You have to read these quotes to believe them...

On what kind of human being she is: I'm really a good person and I have a good heart and just want to work.

On her passions in life: I don't drink, I don't do drugs and I don't lie. I love to act and write and be creative, and I want to help people by playing characters that can send a positive message out to whomever may need it. *

* THG Note: In the 2007 film, I Know Who Killed Me, Lohan portrayed a stripper.

On moving on: My past is my past and it's been a long one, but I'm growing more and learning more day by day. I'm not the same person and I don't make the same mistakes... I move forward and I change... If people would just leave my personal life alone - because it's really not that interesting - then I could land a great role.

On her goals: I'd like to have my own charity, do work overseas, be in Oscar-nominated films, write movies, produce movies/shows/videos, design clothes, make music, write books, etc. It's all possible if people would just stop judging me and accusing me and making me out to be this aloof, spoiled, ungrateful and unprofessional person that I am not and could never be.

On learning from mistakes
: You have to make mistakes to learn so that you can grow up and live your life the right way. Things happen, and you have to move on, be strong and believe in yourself. It would be really nice if people would believe in me.

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David Letterman's surprise marriage to Regina Lasko, which took place in Montana last week, created quite a buzz when it was revealed yesterday. The 61-year-old Late Show host officially spilled the beans at the Monday taping of his CBS program.

The happy couple, who are the parents of a five-year-old son, Harry, have been together for many years. Here's what Dave had to say about tying the knot with Regina Lasko after all that time, and what happened en route to the courthouse ...

"On Thursday, at 3 PM, March 19, 2009 at the Teton County Courthouse in Choteau, Montana, I was married to Regina Lasko. Regina and I began dating in February of 1986, and I said, ‘Well, things are going pretty good, let’s just see what happens in about ten years.’ I had avoided getting married pretty good for, like, 23 years, and I - honestly, whether this happened or not - I secretly felt that men who were married admired me ... like I was the last of the real gunslingers, you know what I’m saying?"

Follow the jump for the rest of Dave's funny wedding story, as well as some more pictures of him with Regina Lasko ...

Continue Reading...

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Jillian Harris may or may not be the hottest Canadian on TV, but she made her mark on The Bachelor - and will do so again as Canada's first star of The Bachelorette!

When it comes time for her starring turn this spring, will we see the same Jillian who lost out to Molly Malaney and Melissa Rycroft, or a new, edgier version?

An insider tells OK! that Jillian is “getting her edge on” before filming starts later this month and that we may see a naughty side we haven't seen before.

“Everyone who saw Jillian got the idea that she is a goody-two-shoes,” the source says. “They will reveal that she’s capable of creating controversy. The producers would love it if The Bachelorette ends as dramatically as The Bachelor.

Jillian Harris, Jason Mesnick

TURNING THE TABLES: Having finished as Jason Mesnick's third-favorite girl on The Bachelor, Jillian Harris will be doling out roses and heartbreak on The Bachelorette.

Jillian Harris, 29, an interior designer from Alberta now living in British Columbia, was a fan favorite on The Bachelor and will hand out her first rose May 17.

On The Bachelorette, she’ll be pitting guys against each other, and “You’ll see her manipulating them in ways previous Bachelorettes haven’t,” the insider says.

“You may see her lying about what she’s really looking for. She may not be a fan favorite by the time she’s down to her final choice, but it’s all about ratings.”

Yes, it is. Who are we kidding, we'd love to see Jillian drop some sap for another on live TV while pimp-host Chris Harrison mediates in an "intimate" setting.

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