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Jessica Stroup has officially made it.

Sure, the 90210 star has become a fairly big name by starring on The CW series and joining the group of actresses that rarely eats a full meal.

Mya Fashion Choice

But now that she's been spotted out in the same outfit as A-lister Eva Longoria, Stroup can finally be judged for her fashion sense. And isn't that what being a celebrity is truly all about?

Who looks better in this dress?


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After treating fans to a stellar performance, the ring leader Britney Spears enjoyed a temporary furlough from her conservatorship prison and went out dancing!

Britney and some Circus friends went out to local hot spot Lotus to let loose after the sizzling show in Dallas. No word on whether Chase Benz was present at da club.

Here's a shot of Britney performing in full stripper mode ...

Britney Spears: S&M Style

Britney Spears prepares for a future career in burlesque dancing.

The Circus Starring Britney Spears tour is certainly aptly named, given some of the crazy rumors surrounding the singer that have been popping up recently. We're just glad that she's back and kicking ass - and treating us to pics like these.

Click to enlarge pictures of Brit performing live, then clubbing after ...

  • One More Time!
  • Best Seat in the House
  • Officer Spears
  • Ringleader
  • Britney Arching Her Back
  • Trippin' Out
  • She Be Clubbing
  • Lotus Clubbin'
  • Clubbing With Circus Peeps

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Just like the Oceanic Six learned on Lost, life off the Island is not what it's cracked up to be. And when destiny beckons, one has no choice but to heed its call.

Such is the case for Amy Winehouse, who recently returned to the UK after a 71-day St. Lucia vacation, but grew burned out and went back to the island today.

Here's Amy at the airport en route to the Caribbean paradise, where she'll likely be stripping down and resembling the mess on the right in a matter of hours ...

  • Back to the Island
  • Amy in St. Lucia

Supposedly, it's not just a pleasure-seeking trip, and she’s set to actually "do some work" and "record new tracks" for her "much-anticipated new album" this time.

We'll believe that when we see it.

What's more likely is that Wino's "work" will be interspersed with crawling on all fours begging for drinks, contorting herself into various dirty-looking positions, shagging Josh Bowman (or new boy toy equivalent) and smoking weed every day.

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Madonna's application to adopt Chifundo "Mercy" James, 3, was turned down by a Malawi judge Friday morning in court. The judge cited requirements that adoptive parents reside in the African country for 18 to 24 months.

"I must have to decline to grant the application to Madonna," judge Esmie Chondo, who was widely expected to sign off on the adoption, said in a closed-door ruling.

Madonna and Lourdes Picture

The icon arrived in Malawi last week to visit her orphanage, see Mercy, and take David to see his biological father to keep him in touch with his Malawi roots.

The star's 2006 adoption of Banda was granted despite her not meeting the residency requirements, which caused outrage among some non-governmental groups that believes she was using her celebrity status to bend the law.

Madonna with David Banda on March 30 in Malawi.

In his ruling, the judge expressed concern that by allowing Madonna or others to bypass their requirements, the courts could actually facilitate the trafficking of children by some unscrupulous individuals instead of safeguarding them.

Chombo also argued that Madonna's good works with Malawi's orphanages - she is now supporting more than 25,000 orphans in the country - will still benefit Mercy since she currently resides in a facility sponsored by the singer.

Madonna will be allowed to file an appeal against the order. Fortunately, she still has one adopted child in David Banda, and another in Jesus Luz.

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Genlux Magazine describes itself as "the only luxury fashion and beauty magazine created expressly for today's affluent Southern California woman."

In other words: Kim Kardashian is the ideal kover girl for this publication.

Having kome a long way since koming on kamera with Ray J, Kardashian has established herself as the embodiment of opulence.

Her photo shoot for the magazine, which took place this week on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, depicts Kim in a delicious, decadent light. See for yourself:

In the Spotlight

Click on the photos below to enlarge more beautiful images of Kim Kardashian...

  • Kim for Genlux
  • Questionable Fashion
  • Big Glasses, Lips
  • Clicking Away
  • On Rodeo Drive
  • Epitome of Luxury

[Photos: Splash News]

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If this is the future of fashion, we may need to lock ourselves in a closet for the next 20 years.

Paris Hilton was spotted out this week in a bikini more appropriate for Star Trek than Beverly Hills.

Rihanna in Vogue

Check out the mirrored glasses below. The multi-strapped top. The random apparatus around her mid-section.

We'd rather watch a reality show starring brother Barron Hilton than Paris trying to be fashionable. Blech!

What do you think of Paris Hilton's outfit?


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Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Hank Baskett went to the NFC Championship Game last year. We can't relate to that experience.

But the professional football player has also gone to the promised land with fiancee Kendra Wilkinson - and we can sort of relate to that adventure now!

The model has posed for a series of new pictures, all in bed, all in lingerie.

On her official website, Kenda writes about the shoot: "My faves are the ones where I'm laughing!"

Male readers might disagree. Their faves are likely... every single one. Take a look:

Click on the photos above to enlarge shots of Kendra Wilkinson in bed.

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It's not the most common situation, but David Foster doesn't find anything strange about his sister, Jaymes Foster, having Clay Aiken's baby last year.

"She's very close with Clay - they're best friends," the famed composer and music producer told the Associated Press on Thursday.

"It made perfect sense to me that he'd want to have a child with his best friend."

Jaymes Foster, who is reportedly in her late 40s (some accounts say she is already 50) gave birth to Parker Foster Aiken last August 8 after conceiving the baby with Clay Aiken, 30, through in-vitro fertilization.

David Foster - who has worked with the likes of Whitney Houston and Madonna and is writing about Jaymes Foster's relationship with Clay Aiken in his autobiography, Hitmaker - considers it "a very normal situation."

The American Idol runner-up is a "spectacular father," David adds.

A month and a half after Parker was born, Aiken finally came out of the closet publicly and admitted he is gay, which many fans suspected for years. The private Clay said he could not live a lie while raising his young son. Admirable guy.

He and Reed Kelly are still together, we believe.

David Foster said that in addition to Clay's parenting skills, Jaymes, also a music producer who worked with Aiken on his last album, is "a natural mother."

Clay Aiken, who lives with Jaymes Foster when he is in L.A., has said he planned to help raise the baby, but David doesn't know their plan yet.

"They're working it out," he says. "It's a bicoastal thing."

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As a guest on Ryan Seacrest's radio show this week, Miley Cyrus revealed more about boyfriend Justin Gaston, while also painting an interesting picture of herself 10 years from now.

Here are excerpts from the interview:

On meeting Justin Gaston:: “Actually, my dad introduced us.”

More on her boyfriend: “I love him, he is a very good man. He’s older but he is so nice, he’s a gentlemen and he’s a good Christian boy.”

On who she wants to be in 10 years: “A soccer mom slash Posh Spice.”

On the rumors that she dated co-star Lucas Till: “[We] hung out, but we’re too good of friends [to have taken things any further]."

Miley Cyrus wants to be the next Victoria Beckham. She'll need much bigger boobs and a much worse sense of fashion to accomplish this goal.

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A lawyer for NFL star Michael Vick told a bankruptcy court that the former  quarterback has lined up a construction job for when he gets out of prison.

Vick, 28, appeared in court for the first time in his bankruptcy case to explain to a judge how he plans to emerge from his severe financial problems.

Before the hearing began, he turned to wave at family members sitting in the courtroom. He is expected to testify before the proceeding wraps up Friday.

“You will hear from Mr. Vick his future intentions, how he’s going to change the way he lives his life,” lawyer Michael Blumenthal told Judge Frank J. Santoro.

Michael Vick Booking Photo

Vick is serving a 23-month sentence for bankrolling a dogfighting ring, and his bankruptcy plan is based on the goal of returning to a pro football career.

He believes he will earn $10 million a year ... if reinstated to the league, of course. The NFL has suspended him indefinitely and would have to allow him back.

There's also no way he would get a guaranteed contract that big, at least not right away. Sources say a short-term, incentive-based deal is much more likely.

He briefly left federal prison in Kansas to attend the hearing and is set to be released from custody in July, but could be placed under house arrest in late May.

Blumenthal said when Vick is released, he plans to work 40 hours a week for a construction company. He did not disclose the wage or give any other details.

His reported book deal could pay some of the bills as well, presumably.

Vick was the NFL’s highest-paid player and among its most popular, but details about the brutality of Vick’s dogfighting enterprise enraged the public and helped destroy his finances, which court records show were already in disarray.

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