Who knew that Simon Rex was still alive, let alone making celebrity gossip headlines?

The former MTV VJ was spotted out this week with Paris Hilton. Apparently, these two used to date. Now, having worn out Stavros Niarchos, Alex Vaggo and pretty much every other male in Hollywood, Hilton has come full circle.

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Okay, those two points aren't really related, but they are still facts. Have you heard any of Ashlee's supposed music? Just asking.

In any event, Tony Romo has gotten a lot of flak for his romance with the almost equally talentless Jessica Simpson, but at least her pimp (father Joe) approves. How, he's gotten the coveted endorsement of Ashlee, too.

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Might Amy Davis have competition for most beautiful American Idol contestant this season?

Cardin McKinney received a ticket to Hollywood this week, despite a less-than-enthusiastic response to her audition from Simon Cowell. He referred to her performance as "theatrical," but in a bad way, we guess.

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