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While the producers of The Hills keep leaving the door open for a new season even with Lauren Conrad retiring at the end of the upcoming bonus episodes (which commence April 6), here's another indicator that the show itself may end:

Audrina Patridge is saying goodbye.

And looking to star in her own show.

The aspiring actress and her fake boobs have signed on to star in a new series from producer Mark Burnett that will focus on her personal and professional life.

"We are truly pleased to have the chance to work with Audrina," Burnett, the creator or Survivor and The Apprentice, tells The Hollywood Reporter.

"She has already proved her star quality, and we can't wait to show her fans worldwide the next stage of her life and career."

Patridge and Burnett will pitch their still-untitled show to networks next week.

Audzo tried to break away from The Hills before, but that's proven about as effective as her efforts to ditch loser boyfriend Justin-Bobby. Her first film effort, Into The Blue 2, went straight to DVD (it's due out April 21).

Lauren Conrad recently confirmed she will leave the MTV reality show after five seasons (and two seasons of Laguna Beach prior to that), saying: "I'm excited to go back to having just one life, because there were times I got them confused."

Would you watch an Audrina Patridge reality show? Leave us comments, and click to enlarge recent pics of Audrina doing her thing (going to clubs):

  • Audzo Photo
  • Audrina Looks Out
  • Frankie and Audrina
  • Audrina and Frankie
  • Audrina and a Pal
  • New Reality Star

[Photo Credits: Splash News Online]

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Yes, we're serious. Last night was the genre-busting Grand Ole Opry night on American Idol, and some unexpected performers pleasantly rose to the occasion.

The biggest story? Anoop Desai, who sucked royally last week on Michael Jackson night, turned in a surprisingly sold rendition of Willie Nelson’s “Always on My Mind.”

Said Simon Cowell, “You’ve just managed to go from zero to hero.”

Similarly, Megan Joy Corkrey had a comeback triumph with “Walking After Midnight,” giving it a bluesy turn and maybe taking the heat off herself for a week.

Kris Allen also did a nice job with Garth Brooks’s “To Make You Feel My Love,” while Matt Giraud opted for Carrie Underwood’s “So Small” and came up big.

Here's how we see the field after last night:

The Top Performers
Matt Giraud
Kris Allen
Anoop Desai

Still Totally Safe

Adam Lambert
Danny Gokey
Allison Iraheta

Probably Alright
Alexis Grace
Lil Rounds
Megan Joy Corkrey

On the Chopping Block
Michael Sarver
Scott MacIntyre

Click to enlarge pictures of all 11 American Idol finalists on last night's episode and chime in with who you think should be going home this evening:

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This is one time Belinda Carlisle and partner Jonathan Roberts had hoped not to come in first: They became the first casualty of Dancing with the Stars' eighth season.

They landed in the bottom two alongside Steve Wozniak and his partner Karina Smirnoff, who were at the bottom of the leader board after two weeks of competition.

In a DWTS first, the two couples went toe-to-toe in a dance-off that the judges scored. The new scores were then combined with viewers’ votes - which account for 50 percent of the couples’ scores - from the first two weeks of dancing.

Their routine fell apart, and off they went.

Belinda Carlisle and Jonathan Roberts Pic

“I had a great time,” a disappointed Carlisle said in her farewell speech, adding, “I wish I could have done better for Jonathan, because he’s a great teacher.”

Oh well. Someone had to go first. This defied our official odds somewhat, but wasn't a huge shock. Next up for remaining couples: the fox trot or the samba.

Can an inept Steve Wozniak possibly last another week? Will Steve-O stay healthy? Can anyone stop Gilles Marini, Shawn Johnson and Melissa Rycroft?

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Baseball great Alex Rodriguez is not exactly pining away by his lonesome out in Vail, Colo., where he's on the mend from recent hip surgery, according to sources.

In addition to romancing and getting to second base with his favorite human being - himself - in those narcissistic Details photos, he's making time for the ladies.

A-Rod reportedly has been hosting a "revolving door" of gorgeous beauties at his rented condo - one sexy ski bunny after the next, the Chicago Sun-Times reports.

"I've never seen anything like it," a Vail observer laughed about Rodriguez. "His nickname [of A-Rod] is very appropriate." Yes it is. In so many ways, really.

GOTTA LIMBER UP: Alex Rodriguez may be rehabbing an injured hip, but the New York Yankees slugger is still playing the field and hitting plenty of home runs.

"'The guy's been busy day and night. I thought hip surgery meant you had to keep your hips immobile for a while." Well, it doesn't rule out ... forget it.

One thing's clear: He's over Madonna.

The superstar supposedly phoned the other night, but Alex Rodriguez ducked her call - claiming he was getting "treatment" for his healing hip when he was merely partying it up with several lovely ladies in the hot tub.

Ah, to be severely injured and overpaid.

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As actress Natasha Richardson remained in a New York hospital, her family and friends had all but given up hope that she'll recover from the severe head injury sustained in a skiing accident, according to People magazine.

"There is no chance," a family friend told the celebrity news publication on Tuesday night. "It is a fact that her heart is beating but she is brain dead."

Richardson's dire condition – doctors described it as "leakage of blood between the brain and skull," the friend says - has the actress' family coming to grips with potentially having to make an unthinkably difficult decision.

"It's not official yet," says a friend, "but they basically will detach her."

Natasha Richardson, 45, the daughter of famous actress Vanessa Redgrave, suffered a devastating head injury Monday while skiing on a beginner's slope outside Montreal during a trip with at least one of her two sons (ages 12 and 13).

Her husband, Liam Neeson, 56, raced from a Toronto movie set to be with her as she was hospitalized. A private jet brought them both to New York, where her family and friends gathered for a vigil. Reps for the family have declined to comment.

Additionally, Fox News is reporting this morning that Richardson was "being transported back to New York City before she is to be taken off life support."

We wish her family the best in this difficult time.

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We know this isn't exactly breaking news, but photos from the other day make it necessary to bring it up again. Hulk Hogan has some serious issues.

The Hulk and his girlfriend, Jennifer McDaniel, showed up at Calle Ocho 2009 to support his daughter Brooke Hogan, who was working the stripper pole, er, performing at the Miami music festival. It was a concert for the ages.

The odd thing - aside from people paying money to listen to Brooke Hogan - was Jennifer choosing to style herself exactly like her boyfriend's daughter.

Check out the pics below. That's Jen on the right, in case there's confusion.

  • Brooke and Hulk Hogan Photo
  • Jennifer McDaniel, Hulk Hogan Kiss

Brooke Hogan and Jennifer McDaniel are essentially identical twins, separated only by botox, booty shorts and tramp stamps. But that isn't their fault.

One has to wonder about a guy who seeks to get in the pants of chicks half is age AND who could be confused with his own daughter. Just sayin'.

Click to enlarge more photos of Hulk and his favorite pair of tall, young, blonde, not-too-attractive babes, from this recent concert and in the past:

  • Hulk and Brooke Photo
  • Hulk and Jennifer
  • Jennifer McDaniel Tramp Stamp
  • Hulk Hogan, Jennifer McDaniel Pic
  • Hulk Hogan, Girlfriend

[Photo Credits: Splash News Online]

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Us Weekly definitely stepped up to the plate this week.

Instead of the usual "stars are just like us" tripe, the celeb news tabloid has gone and apparently outed a celebrity extramarital affair. Nice work!

The offenders in question: LeAnn Rimes and her shocking affair with her TV movie costar, Eddie Cibrian, the magazine reveals in its newest issue.

Rimes, 26 - currently wed to former backup dancer Dean Sheremet - got cozy with Cirbian, 35, on the set of her Lifetime movie, Northern Lights.

Eddie Cibrian was recently seen in Ugly Betty, Invasion and Samantha Who?

Eddie Cibrian is supposedly banging LeAnn Rimes. Both are married. Not to each other.

"From the moment we rehearsed, LeAnn and Eddie honestly developed a really strong bond and a warm relationship," director Mike Robe said prior to news of the affair, and that rapport seems to have carried off the set as well.

New pictures (so grainy you cannot even see what's going on and are thus not shown here) are taken from a video security camera that show the two holding hands and kissing on a romantic dinner date in Laguna Beach, Calif., on March 7.

Additionally, the celebrity gossip publication reports that the new couple met for a three-hour tryst at the Malibu Beach Inn on March 14.

LeAnn Rimes married Sheremet in 2002, when she was just 19.

Cirbian tied the knot with model Brandi Glanville in 2001; they have two sons, ages 5 and 23 months. This whole thing is sort of shady!

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How's this for an American Idol spoiler: a staff member has allegedly been telling people that the show’s creators have already chosen this season’s top four.

There are still 11 contestants America gets to choose from.

Fox had no comment, and even with rumors of producers stacking the deck with strategic song-shuffling, it’s hard to believe anyone can guarantee who makes it.

Nevertheless, the New York Daily News claims that the American Idol brass is sweet on only a select few of the remaining hopefuls and doing everything it can.

Who's allegedly making the final four and who stands no chance, if this mole is to believed? Follow the link to reveal this potential American Idol spoiler ...

Continue Reading...

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A look behind the scenes of Dancing with the Stars last night and some odds for who we think is sticking around - and getting bounced - this evening:

Setting Boundaries: Belinda Carlisle imposed an 8 p.m. curfew for herself during the weeks leading up to the Dancing with the Stars premiere. But she's finding it hard to enforce. “It hasn’t worked out very well,” she joked.

Woz Up: Kathy Griffin, who once dated Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, was in the audience ... cheering on pal David Alan Grier. Good thing Wozniak’s ego isn’t easily bruised, as evidenced by his brushing off the judges' harsh critiques.

Melissa Rycroft Dancing Pic

Ty-Break: Following Melissa Rycroft's sexy salsa, she waltzed right over to her personal cheering section - her parents and boyfriend. She gave a quick kiss on the lips to her beau Ty. Before she walked away, he told her, “Good job.”

Unexpected Taste: Lil’ Kim continued to dazzle the audience and judges in week two with her quick step and her choice of song, “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend.”

“People are finding out a lot about me,” admitted Lil’ Kim. “I listen to classical music, rock, jazz. I even listen to landscapes sometimes - it relaxes me.”

So who's heading home tonight? We'd wager on someone named Steve.

For the first time, the bottom two couples have a chance to dance for their lives, which may seal someone's fate. Follow the jump for The Hollywood Gossip's official line on each competitor, and for some more pics from last night:

Continue Reading...

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Real life isn't much different than high school, says the new GQ feature story on Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush, cleverly titled "The Saint and the Sinner."

The football star still gets the girl. The difference is, as you get older, things get a bit more complicated. Take Reggie, the Heisman-winning tailback for the New Orleans Saints, and girlfriend Kim, the 2009 edition of the storybook princess.

Her father is the late O.J. Simpson attorney Robert Kardashian. Her stepdad is Olympic decathlete Bruce Jenner. Raised in L.A., Kim Kardashian has the beautiful face, a sexy body of comic-book proportions, even her own reality show.

A sexy shot of Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush from GQ.

Kim also got famous according to the Paris Hilton blueprint after Ray J tagged that booty feverishly on tape, but that's neither here nor there at this point. The bottom line is that Reggie and Kim are pretty much the perfect Hollywood couple.

It’s up to you whether to hate 'em or hate to love 'em - just like high school. Although it's worth noting that compared to most celebrity relationships out there, these two actually seem relatively stable and normal. Bizarre, indeed.

If you're having trouble deciding which side you come down on, click to enlarge the super hot photos below (we promise they're sexier than the A-Rod Details pics):

  • Kim Kardashian Riding Reggie Bush
  • Kim Kardashian, Reggie Bush Pic
  • Reggie Bush Shirtless
  • Kim Kardashian Bikini Shot
  • Kim Kardashian Kleavage
  • Reggie Takes in the View
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