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DeAnna Pappas wishes nothing but the best for The Bachelorette star Jillian Harris, who recently moved to Chicago to live with fiance Ed Swiderski.

She's just not sure it's gonna work out.

Ali Fedotowsky, Roberto Martinez

"I do hope it works out for them; the odds are against them," DeAnna told Us Weekly, though she did add that the couple is doing better than ever.

"Supposedly Jillan and Ed are still together, and head over heels in love. I haven't hung out with them, but we have mutual friends, and they say they are crazy about each other," Jillian's Bachelorette predecessor added.

"It seems to be working so far."

It was a difficult summer for Jillian and Ed, thanks to rumors that he slept with Lindsey Johnson a week after proposing to her on the reality show.

Another woman, Bethany Steffen, says he tried to get in her pants a week later. DeAnna Pappas' take? She wasn't that surprised by the report.

DeAnna Pappas, who famously chose the wrong guy on The Bachelorette finale, won't say if Ed was the wrong pick for Jillian. But she wasn't a big fan of Swiderski.

"I wasn't an Ed fan while [Jillian Harris] was filming the show," she said. "I think some people go on [The Bachelorette] with different intentions."

"Maybe they are not open in the beginning what their intentions are," she told Us Weekly, without elaborating. "So in the end, you get duped."

Another controversial reality couple from The Bachelor franchise's recent history, Jason Mesnick and Molly Malaney, also still on, Pappas reports.

"They are so happy, and I do think that they are going to get married," she said of the two. "They really just get each other, it works for them."

Will Jillian and Ed last?


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As recently as last week, Khole Kardashian and Lamar Odom were "talking about rings."

A couple days later, the pair were tying the knot "within two weeks," according to sources.

Now, the latest report indicates that the couple - which has been dating for approximately 27 minutes - is headed to the altar this weekend!

Khloe and Lamar

According to E! News, most guests have already received a phone call, inviting them to a wedding on Sunday; formal invites will reportedly arrive later this week. (The Hollywood Gossip will check its inbox frequently!)

Asked about the nuptials, Khloe - well-trained in the art of public relations - kept fans guessing. She simply said: "I cannot confirm or deny…"

Neither can our staff, but we can at least speculate. There are only one of two possibilities here:

  1. Khloe is pregnant and rushing to get married before her baby bump grows;
  2. This is all a publicity ploy.

What do you think? Will the wedding actually take place?


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We've got a double dose of American Idol talent and cuteness below.

First, David Archuleta performed "Contigo En La Distancia" at Friday night's ALMA Awards.

The former runner-up will release a Christmas album in October, as his career might be taking awhile to launch, but we still have little doubt it will be a massive success.

Said Archie of his performance: “It was my first performance on an awards ceremony, and my first time performing on TV in Spanish! I have to say I was pretty stinkin’ nervous... I’m definitely planning on doing more in Spanish, and I hope this will allow more opportunities."

Meanwhile, season eight champion Kris Allen is yet to title his debut CD, but he has announced its release date: November 17.


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Kim Kardashian has a message for girls across the country:

You can never be happy with yourself until a magazine recognizes that you have a nice body.

Kim - the same large-breasted reality TV star that once took pride in her curves and encouraged girls to do the same - is pimping herself out for QuickTrim, an unhealthy dietary supplement.

Having done a complete 180 on her body type stance, Kardashian is now showing off her svelte figure every chance she gets. Her publicist even ensured her a spot on a nationally-recognized list.

“I’m so thrilled I made PEOPLE magazine’s Top 10 Best Dressed! I was voted best bikini style,” Kardashian wrote on her blog. “This actually means a lot because it means all the effort I made to look good in those bikinis paid off! This year I feel more confident and comfortable in my own skin than I ever have, which is why you’ve seen a lot more photos of me in swimwear this year, hahaha!”

Best Bikini Style? Wow. Kim must have had tough competition from Heidi Montag and... Heidi Montag.

Bikini Made

We truly do find it disgraceful that Kim is no longer a role model for bigger-boned women. Instead, she's just like every other famous female that thinks the key to happiness is weight loss.

Does Kardashian really look so much better in the bikini photos below than she did last year? We don't think so.

  • Nice Bod
  • In the Bahamas
  • Nice Body
  • Look at my Ass
Great Breasts

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One of the first and most heart-wrenching of the year's celebrity deaths was Jett Travolta, the 16-year-old son of John Travolta and Kelly Preston.

Thanks to the alleged $25 million extortion plot against the Travolta family, the details of the teenager's tragic death will now be rehashed in court.

John Travolta at Katsuya

Former Bahamian Sen. Pleasant Bridgewater and ambulance driver Tarino Lightbourne will stand trial in proceedings expected to last 2-3 weeks.

John Travolta may also be making a cameo appearance, perhaps as soon as this week, as his name tops the 14-person list of potential witnesses.

Testimony in the Jett Travolta extortion case is expected to start tomorrow.

Bridgewater and Lightbourne have both pleaded not guilty to extortion counts after they allegedly threatened to release a refusal-to-transport document.

Such a document is typically signed when emergency medical services are refused by a person's legal guardian, thus clearing the responders of liability.

However, the Travoltas never signed such a document, making the alleged attempt at extorting the family all the weaker, not to mention straight up evil.

Lightbourne's attorneys say they've met with resistance from the attorney general since requesting access to materials and pieces of evidence last month.

Jett Travolta died suddenly on January 2 after suffering a seizure.

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This isn't the first time we've seen a star picking up trash in the past week. It's the first time it wasn't the result of a felony assault conviction, however.

Sorry, Chris Brown. Low blow there, buddy.

What a Natural Beauty

While her former co-stars gear up for the new season of The Hills, the lovely Lauren Conrad lent and hand and picked up trash at Santa Monica Beach.

The best-selling author and reality TV retiree took part in Kohl's Department Store's "Clean Up" this weekend. LC's working with Kohl's on a new line.

Community service never looked so cute ...

Lauren Conrad makes even the most unappealing task look fun.

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Ever since Jon and Kate Gosselin split up, a slew of scandalous accusations have surfaced, no small amount of which portray Jonny Boy as a bit of a womanizer.

Most recently, a celebrity gossip tabloid reported he had an affair with ex-nanny Stephanie Santoro, tapping that nine times in his home while his kids dozed.

Co-hosting The View last week, Kate Gosselin said she was "not surprised" by the reports. But it was another issue that sparked criticism from her View cohorts.

Whoopi Goldberg slammed Kate, bringing up the recent custody spat in which cops came to the Gosselins' home after Kate burst in on Jon's court-allotted time.

Kate is said to have by during Jon's time with the kids after she learned about Stephanie Santoro. She did not approve of him hiring her. He called the cops.

Whoopi chastised Kate pretty hard over this.

"When you go in to a custody thing, you have your specific time, [they have] specific time and you're not supposed to walk on [that]," Goldberg said.

"And I'm sorry, that's the law."

Over interjections from co-host Sherri Shepherd and Kate Gosselin herself, Goldberg continued slamming Kate, shouting, "And you could have gone to jail!"

Whoopi Goldberg slammed Kate Gosselin repeatedly on The View.

As the others eventually grew quiet, Goldberg repeated herself, looking straight at Gosselin and saying "You could have gone to jail, you realize that?"

Kate, who filmed a new TV pilot last week, eventually responded:

"I've learned my lesson and I have learned it was not a good thing. I realized that I was wrong and it was his custody and will I do it again? No, but it doesn't answer to me, like, a babysitter I've never met or approved of. That bothers me."

Despite her counterattack, Gosselin was unable to diffuse the tension set-up by Whoopi, who continued to play devil's advocate for Kate's estranged husband.

"You don't know what [Jon Gosselin] likes and what he doesn't. His attitude could be the same on something you feel is perfectly normal," Goldberg said.

Eventually, it was up to co-host Joy Behar to break up the cat-fight.

"The beauty of this story is that he was winning the PR wars when you were on the air, they were taking about how you picked on him and you were shrewish," Behar interjected, adding in Kate's direction, "You don't look shrewish."

Maybe not as much with the new hair. But still, what a banshee.

Who sucks more?


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Amy Winehouse is finally producing some new music. Just not hers.

The train wreck is starting her own label called Lioness Records. No word on whether all signed artists must instantly transform into heroin and sex fiends.

According to Wino's official site, "Amy wanted to create a label where she could sign and work with a small roster of artists that she really believed in."

"Lioness symbolises strength, pride and confidence, and will be a place where the artist is given time, space and opportunity to develop and flourish."

Not that she can finish her next album to save her life, but that's not the point. Amy's label's first signing? Her goddaughter, Dionne Bromfield, 13.

Run, Dionne Bromfield. Far, far away.

A Winehouse Pic

CE-OH, GOOD LORD: The face of a drug-addled record company executive.

"The first time I heard Dionne sing, I couldn't believe what I was hearing," says Amy, possibly hallucinating or experiencing a traumatizing acid flashback.

"Such an amazing voice. I'm just so proud of her. I'm very lucky to have a record label. I've got all these people I love, and Dionne is my number one."

Blake Fielder-Civil is probably #2. You know she just can't quit him.

We'd say this sounds like a cool endeavor for the troubled star, but we're talking about a person whose "rehab" involves kicking it on a Caribbean island for half a year and getting wasted on just booze and pot instead of crack.

Hopefully her attorney has already started bankruptcy proceedings.

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A week ago, we were treated to drama, controversy and egomaniacal outbursts at the MTV Video Music Awards. Last night's Emmy Awards? More low-key.

The Emmys, after all, actually honor creative arts, rather than just throwing a bunch of celebs together under the pretense of doling out made-up awards.

So while there was no Kanye West outburst (though host Neil Patrick Harris quipped that he hopes Kanye loves 30 Rock), there were plenty of highlights:

  • To the surprise of no one, 30 Rock and Mad Men repeated as Emmy winners for Best Comedy and Best Drama, the former winning its third straight.
  • While he did not win Outstanding Supporting Actor for How I Met Your Mother, Neil Patrick Harris was the best host in years. As Jon Stewart said, "You're doing a great job, Neil .. normally, these things really suck."
  • Quote of the night: "Amy and I are honored to be presenting on the last official year of network broadcast TV." - presenter Julia Louis-Dreyfus
  • She may not have taken home a trophy, but for our money, Sarah Silverman's moustache cemented her as the funniest of the ladies nominated.
  • Inspiration from Outstanding Reality TV Host, Survivor's Jeff Probst: "If you have a dream, dream big, pursue it with a passion. The adventure you're ready for is the one you get. Life is short. Go for it. Thank you."
Alec Baldwin Wins!

Alec Baldwin further cemented his place as the funniest dude on TV by winning Best Actor in a Comedy. He won't be winning any awards for Best Dance Moves, though.

  • Glenn Close (Damages) and Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) won top drama acting honors in the drama field, while Cherry Jones (24) and Michael Emerson (Lost) were recognized for their supporting, dramatic roles.
  • Alec Baldwin (30 Rock) won Best Actor in a Comedy, while Toni Collette (The United States of Tara) pulled a minor upset in winning Best Actress.
  • Shortly after accepting a well-deserved Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Emmy for her role on the now-axed Pushing Daisies, paramedics were called to tend to Kristin Chenoweth, who had a severe migraine.
  • Jon Cryer won Outstanding Supporting Actor for Two and a Half Men.
  • Justin Timberlake won another Emmy. Is there anything he can't do?
  • They weren't nominated for any awards, but Gossip Girl stars Blake Lively and Leighton Meester made some of our favorite fashion statements.
  • On the men's side? Wow, that Don Draper sure is a hunk, isn't he?
  • Sultry Dancing with the Stars duo Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Karina Smirnoff, who recently called off their engagement, performed an exciting number, but fought noisily behind the scenes. There had to be some drama.

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Below is a new, high-quality clip of Michael Jackson rehearsing in Los Angeles for his This Is It tour earlier this year. The superstar was to perform 50 concerts in London, England, before he tragically passed away at age 50 June 25.

Footage from Michael's final rehearsals is being compiled into a documentary to be released later this year. A tribute concert is also planned for mid-2010.

Here he is performing "Human Nature" ...

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