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Proving that she doesn't need a disgraced, hockey-playing ex making lewd comments about her in order to make celebrity news headlines, the NHL's hottest neighborhood bicycle, Elisha Cuthbert, heats up the pages of Complex magazine.

The actress hasn't been in anything noteworthy in a while, but she's still the hottest export from Canada since ... well, Evangeline Lilly. Sorry, Elisha.

Complex Elisha Cuthbert

Yowza. We're pretty sure this sentence has never been spoken before in the history of the English language, but you are one lucky man, Dion Phaneuf. And we're not talking about the Calgary Flames' lead in the Northwest Division.

Click to enlarge more Elisha Cuthbert photos from Complex ...

  • Complex Cuthbert
  • Canadian Hottie
  • Elisha C.
  • A Complex Cutie

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It was play time for Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian last night.

The sisters hung out at the Pepsi Max Lounge in Tampa, a function room set up to hold pre-game parties prior to Sunday's Super Bowl.

Who is better looking: Kim Kardashian or Kourtney Kardashian?


Click on the pics below for more shots of the sisters at this event. Warning: one of them truly showcases Kim's enormous boobs...

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As we talked about at the end of last year, 2008 was a great year for plastic surgery. But there's plenty more where that came from - past and future!

Having said that, The Hollywood Gossip is pleased to announce its inaugural Celebrity Plastic Surgery Hall of Fame class of nine worthy inductees.

They aren't the first, nor will they be the last, to go under the knife and alter their looks unnecessarily. But they most certainly are a deserving bunch.

Without further ado, let's look at the Hall of Famers ...

The Hills' Heidi Montag was a cute girl, but decided that the stereotypical Hollywood bleach-blond tramp look worked better. At least she proudly admits it!

Nice lips, Brittany Murphy. They really look better now that they've quadrupled in size. Makes you wonder why more girls don't have this done as soon as they turn 12.

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If Jennifer Love Hewitt is in the market for a dorky white guy born on the east coast, there are a couple of staff members from The Hollywood Gossip she could call.

Instead, reports are linking the actress with The Ghost Whisperer co-star, ultra-geek Jamie Kennedy.

Side Shot

Witnesses spied the pair sharing an intimate dinner earlier this week at Los Angeles restaurant Pace. Two weeks prior to that, they we seen the partying together at West Hollywood's Apple Lounge.

Might Jamie Kennedy really be breaking off a piece of this?!? Someone pop in the DVD of Malibu's Most Wanted and show Jennifer Love Hewitt who she's mixed up with.

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In her first performance since celebrity gossip sites went buck wild over a series of fat Jessica Simpson pictures, the 28-year-old strutted her stuff across a Virginia stage - wearing some skin-tight leather pants! - on Thursday night.

She lamented the celeb news world's "completely pointless" focus and said "Thank you for your support," to the Charlottesville crowd at the end of her set.

"Just stay positive, and pray out loud! I love you guys!"

With a majority of public opinion believing that her new, fuller figure is healthy, not fat, she can certainly stand tall. Don't know about the pants, though...

Nails on a Chalkboard

Simpson never specifically mentioned the buzz over her thicker frame or rumors that Tony Romo nailed some chick in her bed while she was out of town.

But the alleged singer and actress took a no-nonsense approach with black pants, V-neck T-shirt and a hip-length black jacket, and was outspoken.

"Please remember, no matter what you go through in life, somebody else might have it harder," Jessica told the crowd. "So just appreciate."

Click to enlarge more Jessica Simpson pics from the concert ...

  • Wannabe Country Crooner
  • Live Jessica Simpson
  • Jessica Simpson, Leather Pants
  • For the Fans
  • With Leather
  • Jessica Simpson Live
  • Leather Pants

[Photo Credits: Splash News Online]

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Go on vacation long enough and the crooks start to figure out no one's home. This is why you get a timed flood light and have the post office hold your mail, people.

British train wreck Amy Winehouse, on "holiday" in the Caribbean for like a month now, found this out as her north London apartment was robbed last night.

A set of valuable guitars and recording equipment were taken.

The door of the singer's apartment was smashed in, and robbers made off with the belongings early Thursday, her rep confirms - adding that it appears a neighbor disturbed the burglars, who then escaped before the police could arrive.

It there's a silver lining to this, it's that at least Amy and Paris Hilton now have something in common. Besides whatever diseases they share, of course.

  • At Peace with the World
  • Upside Down Wino
  • Amy Winehouse Cleavage Picture

WHILE THE WINO'S AWAY: Peeps broke into Amy Winehouse's place in London as the singer continues her never-ending "holiday." [Photo Credits: Splash News Online]

"Amy is upset, of course. But everything can be replaced," her rep said. "From her point of view, her favorite guitar is with her on vacation in St. Lucia. It was a present, given to her by Universal for winning the Grammy awards last year."

A spokesman for London's Metropolitan Police said, "we are investigating a burglary at an address in Camden at 4 a.m. on Thursday. Inquiries are continuing."

The break-in marks yet another drama for Amy Winehouse, 25, who is stoically claiming she will not allow her incarcerated husband Blake Fielder-Civil to divorce her, despite his family's vow that a formal, legal split will proceed.

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Not only does DT magazine apparently exist, it's got Adriana Lima topless on the cover in its February 2009 issue. That should help move some copies of the thing.

Although, the Adriana Lima bikini photos we posted last week were so awesome, we're not sure this magazine cover can compete. It'll be tough, that's for sure.

Lovely Lima

Follow the jump and see if it does ...

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We love Rihanna.

When this singer isn't posing nude, she's strolling down the red carpet - or rocking out on stage - in outfits that test the boundaries of common sense.

The latest example? This unusual decision to combine a bathing suit with space boots, during a performance at a Pepsi-sponsored party in honor of Super Bowl XLIII:

Rihanna Performs

Rihanna's latest fashion choice...


Take a closer look at Rihanna's wardrobe below. Click on each pic to enlarge...

  • Space Boot Beauty
  • Rock On, Rihanna!
  • Tampa Temptress
  • A Foxy Flasher
  • Seeing Sparks

[Photos Credit: Splash News]

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After an unexpected twist in which Jason Mesnick withheld the final rose and sent four aspiring brides packing (when he was only obligated to axe three), Megan Parris found herself booted from The Bachelor, but her memory lingers.

Not necessarily in a good way, but it lingers, alright.

The 25-year-old lacrosse coach and single mom from Sewickley, Pa., made her presence felt from the moment she arrived on The Bachelor in this 13th season.

Still stinging from her ouster, the possibly unstable Megan Parris spoke with a reality TV site about her Bachelor experiences. Some of her observations ...

On Jason Mesnick comparing her experience to his on The Bachelorette: "[Jason] said, 'Don't be afraid that you haven't gotten to know me too well yet, there's plenty of time. I was one of the guys who got to know [DeAnna Pappas] last.'"

Megan Parris

On the twist in which she was voted off by the bachelorettes, only to earn an automatic rose as a result: "Rejection is always painful, especially among people you think you are having a good time with. So I was surprised and hurt."

On casting her vote for Melissa Rycroft that night: "I did, because she's so cute and fun! She was in my limo and I thought 'Wow, this girl and I have a lot in common. I mean, I love her. I was thinking she's probably my biggest competition. So that's how I voted, and she knows that and it's nothing but a compliment."

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